Best Lock Pick Kit Review and Buying Guide

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Having a good lock pick set can be truly life-saving in case of any emergency, a situation that remains as pertinent as ever in 2023. You never know when the lock of a door will suddenly stop working or you will lose your key. That is why it is important to have a back-up plan.

Once you buy lock pick sets and learn how to use them properly, you can save a lot of time in case something happens and you do not have a key by your side. Although many people think of lock pick tools in some negative way, there is nothing bad in having them. Homeowners should always have access to their own houses, and lock picks are just useful equipment that helps with it.

Best Lock Pick Sets

Best Lock Pick Sets So, let’s discuss some of the finest picks that one can buy. We have made a list based on the lock pick set reviews from satisfied customers. Here you will see both tools for a professional locksmith and for someone who is only developing skills in the art of lock picking.

1. SHULIN Simple Tools Lock Pick Set

Opening our list is one of the most affordable lock pick options. SHULIN’s Simple Tools Lock Pick Set has a great variability of the picking tools. It comes with 24 different picks, a practice lock, and a case for storage.

Simple Tools

A practice lock that comes with those lock pick sets is great for beginner practice in lock picking. It is properly made and can last for many openings. Its durability and quality makes this kit a perfect lock pick set that is beginner-friendly.

To store all the tools and keep them neatly organized, the seller provides you with a case. It opens like a book and gives you instant access to all the equipment stored in there. It is easy to lose 24 items if they are not organized properly, but this case is a great solution for preventing such problems.

Many lock pickers love this lock picking kit for its price. There are not too many lock pick sets of this size for such an affordable cost. It is a great starter set, but it will also be useful to any professional, as the variety of all the picks included will not leave anyone indifferent.

Each tool grips nicely and does not slip out of your hand when working with it. Although some professional locksmiths might say that the picks are not too sturdy, for such price this is a pretty nice set.

2. FFDDY Multi Tool Lock Pick Set

Another great lock pick set that has every lock picking tool you might need is FFDDY Multitool Lock Pick Set. It consists of 15 different tools, 12 of them being the picks themselves. The tool range and the possibility of different level lock picking makes this kit a perfect choice.

Ffddy Multi Tool

This lock picking tool set comes with nine rakes, three hooks, two tension wrenches, and auto-tension tools. Lock picking with this kit is easy, and you would not have any problems picking door locks. If something is unclear, you can always go to the instruction guide which comes in paper and electronic formats. The guide can really help you to understand how locks work and how to properly pick them.

After reading all the instructions you can apply your knowledge to practice and train your skills on a practice lock that comes with the kit. It is completely see-through, so you can observe what happens when you work with the picks. Try out different techniques with padlock picks and get ready for a real-life situation.

The entire set comes in a convenient case that allows you to store the tools properly. It takes very little space, and it will fit almost anywhere. In comparison to other lock pick set models, this one is more compact and easy to keep organized.


3. YUESUO Tool Lock Pick Set Kit

If you are looking for a pick lock set that can replace the key even for smaller locks, then YUESUO Tool Lock Pick Set Kit is the perfect option. This pick set comes with 24 tools that are made from stainless steel. Also, each kit element has a proper handle, which makes it a lot easier to do the lock picking job.

Yuesuo Tool Lock Pick Set Kit

You will not regret adding this pick lock set to your tool collection. Each lock pick can be used for wafer locks. It allows you to effortlessly open any cabinet or drawer without needing to use keys. Not all the lock picking sets are good for this kind of job, but YUESUO Tool Lock Pick Set Kit works quite well.

In combination with the automatic tension tool that comes with the set, the pick set can easily open even a car door. If you have left the keys inside your vehicle, just use one of the keys from your collection, and you can solve this problem without having to call for a locksmith.

Conveniently-made handles allow you to hold the picking tools easily and firmly. Your hands will not get tired while picking, as it often happens with other sets. Also, you can go to the instruction book that comes with the kit, if something seems difficult to you. The pouch that allows you to carry and store all the tools safely. Made of leather, the kit case looks nice and protects the equipment from getting wet.

The complete selection of picks and a great variety of locks that can be opened with the tools make this set one of the best choices for anyone who is interested in lock pick sets.

4. Amlgbed Professional Lock Pick Set

Want to know what world champion lock pickers use in their work? Well, they certainly do not spare money on a high-quality product. Amlgbed Professional Lock Pick Set is one of such top-tier pick sets. Just from the glance at it, you understand that the quality is exceptional.

Amlgbed Professional Lock Pick Set

The range of tools that this collection includes can impress even a professional locksmith. It has two-sided picks for a wafer lock, tension wrenches, hooks, rakes, and a tool for auto-tension. Lock picking with this kit can be done on any type and size of a lock.

This professional set will last you for a long time. Its quality and durability are just obvious. What is more, the set is comfortable to use because of its handles that are made to keep your arms relaxed.

If the price is not the problem for you, we highly recommend buying this kit with professional tools. It stands out from all the other lock pick sets, and you will not regret buying it. Although if you do, you can get use of a one-month warranty and return the product.

5. DIYS Household Lock Pick Set Kit

Getting something extra good and unique is not always the goal. Some homeowners prefer to have simpler lock pick sets that do their job just as good as the pricier ones. One of such sets is DIYS Household Lock Pick Set Kit.

Diys Household Lock Pick Set Kit

This is a standard kit that can be used as one of the starter sets or just an everyday set for any emergency. Tools made from stainless steel are durable and look quite nice as well. You can use them on different kinds of locks if you lose any keys.

Great addition to the tools is their case. It is a small leather pouch that can fit all 15 elements of the set without taking much space on your tool shelf or a toolbox. You can easily carry the picks around without losing any of them.

One small disadvantage that might not even be significant to some lock pickers is that the kit does not have any practice locks. So if you are a beginner and you want to purchase this set, you will have to buy a separate practice lock to learn how to use the picks.

6. Noylikio Household Lock Pick Tool Set

Whether you want a good set to practice or you are already an experienced locksmith, the Noylikio Household Lock Pick Tool Set is a great option when it comes to choosing a good picking kit. It has 17 different tools, all of them being made from stainless steel.

Noylikio Household Lock Pick Tool Set

The material that this set is made of allows you to keep the equipment intact for many years. The functionality of lock picks is improved by the ergonomic shapes and proper holders. Different kinds of tools allow you to easily open any lock in your house or even in a car.

You can practice your skills on not one but three different stainless steel lock variations. In addition to them, there are keys that allow you to close the lock each time you want to practice once again.

Also, the shipping around the United States is faster than for any other model. If you have some emergency that you need to quickly solve, try ordering Noylikio Household Lock Pick Tool Set. However, keep in mind that this set cannot be returned, as the seller does not provide any return policy.

How to Get a Proper Lock Pick

How To Get A Proper Lock Pick When choosing a new lock pick, you should pay attention to several criteria. Not each lock picking tool that is sold on the market is good, and you would not want to spend money on something that is going to break after one use.

So, to avoid any defective and low-quality lock pick sets, check each product for the following criteria:

  • Width. Do not get a lock pick that is bigger than 3/32 inches in width. They are not as wide-spread and will not fit any lock. Instead, choose the ones with 1/16 inches of the tip, as those will fit almost every type of lock.
  • Material. Go for the lock picks that are created from steel, either stainless or carbon one. When you pick locks, there is a lot of pressure on the tool, and it can break pretty easily. That is why stainless steel lock picking tools should be preferable, as they are more durable and resistant to any external damage.
  • Range. In your lock picking kit, it is better to have a couple of high-quality pickers, than many bad ones. Think about the locks you have in your house and what lock picks you might need. Choose the right tools without spending money on useless ones.
  • Package. Whether you have five lock picks or ten of them, you will need to store them somewhere. Having all the lock pick tools scattered around won’t help in case of an emergency, when you need to find the right tool quickly. We recommend opting for a lock picking kit that comes with a pouch or a box to store the little tools in.
  • Locks for practicing. Each beginner lock pick set usually goes with some practice locks. If you are not a professional locksmith, go for sets that come with locks for training. They show you how the lock picking works and make you ready for the real-life situations when you need to pick locks.
  • Handles. To prevent a lock pick slipping from your hands in the process of opening the lock, it is better to have tools that come with rubber or other non-slippery handles. They allow you to grip the lock pick properly and do the work faster.

Whether you are a dedicated lock picker or you only need an introductory lock pick set, it is important to consider these criteria every time you buy a new kit. Each small flaw makes all the difference in the process of picking, and during an emergency, each missed second can cost you something.

Kinds of Lock Picking Tools

Kinds Of Lock Picking Tools Of course, different locks require different picking locks for them. Knowing what type of a lock pick you need is important for successful lock opening. Let’s take a look at the kinds of lock picking tools you might see on the market.

Hook lock picks have a long body and a hook at the end. They are great for getting some single pin, even if it is deep down in the lock. Hooks can also be of different types, and you can purchase offset hooks, shorter ones, or deeper ones. To work with hook lock picks, you will need some tension wrenches.

Lock picks of half-diamond form are basically the hook picks, only with a different tip. They are bigger in size, and to open the lock, they lift all the pins inside. They might not get into narrower lock types, but they are perfectly fine for the bigger ones.

Rake lock picks resemble the real keys that are able to open locks that we are interested in. These tools work in combination with wafer locks and tumblers. Also, not all the tools will be suitable for each lock, so it will take time to find the fitting one.

Circular picks might not be as common as the other types, but they are good for opening wafer locks. Such lock picking sets also come in different types which differ in form.

Lock Picking Takeaway

Lock Picking Takeaway There are a lot of lock picking tools on the market. If you want to purchase one of them, pay attention to the quality and the content. If you are a beginner, look for the sets that have training locks and detailed manuals in them. If you want something more professional, choose the kits that have good variability of tools made of sturdy material.

Just remember, it is better to have a kit with a smaller number of picks but of good quality, than to have many tools that will let you down at the most important time.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Is it legal to buy lock pick sets?

It is not prohibited by the law of the United Stated to own a lock picking set. As long as you use it for personal purposes that are legal (opening your locked car or house), it is okay to buy a lock pick set. However, once you decide to do something illegal with it, you will be punished by the legal authorities. To make sure your actions are legal, check your local laws.

How does a lock pick work?

Basically, a lock pick substitutes an actual key to the lock, when you do not have access to it. Some picks take the form of the key, while others just push the pins inside the lock. Depending on the type and the size of your lock, different picking devices can be used. Sometimes, you might need not only the picks, but also the additional tools to make the picks work.

What are different lock picks for?

Rakes are used to move the pins inside the lock, just like the regular key does. There are different shapes of rakes and all of them resemble some kind of key. There are also hook picks, which are used to move pins inside the lock one by one. Circular picking tools are good for opening a wafer lock. Half-diamond picks work nice on bigger locks, but for the tighter ones they are helpless.

How to pick a padlock?

If you need to pick a padlock and you do not have any keys that fit the lock, use a lock picking kit. Depending on the type of kit, inside you will find several picks that work in different ways. Look at your padlock and decide which pick to choose. If you are not sure, go to the manual of your set and see what it says. Once you choose the right padlock picks, work your way through the lock and get it open.

How to hold a lock pick?

With different types of lock picking tools, you will have to implement different techniques. Some of them require special hand positions. If your lock picking kit comes with the instructions, see what you should do. We recommend training your technique on a spare lock which sometimes comes with the set. For better grip and easier hand movements, use picks with good handles.


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