Best Sewing Kit Review and Buying Guide

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Buttons that have fallen off our favorite coats, pants, or shirts, tiny holes that have suddenly appeared here and there on our T-shirts — all of these are something that most of us face from our childhood, and this continues to be a common experience in 2023. In the same period of life, many of us learn how to sew — at least, just a little bit.

Time goes by, we start to wear sophisticated clothes like suits and sometimes an urgent need arises: we are camping, on a hunting trip, or on an important meeting, or elsewhere and we discover that we need to attach a button that has just ripped off or to fix a hole in our clothes as soon as possible to look fancy. For such cases, having a smart and lightweight sewing kit in your backpack or purse is a must.

Because the market today is so diverse and offers sustainable products that can fit all demands and budgets of survivalists and preppers, there are plenty of sewing supplies and sewing kits that you can purchase. But how to select your perfect option among tons of tools and goods you see online and in offline stores?

In this review, we have gathered the 10 best sewing kits you can find today — they combine different features and allow their owners to sew quickly and easily. But before we provide you with a rating, let us define the main thing you should consider before you buy a sewing kit that will probably serve you for years.

Best Sewing Kits Available Today

Best Sewing Kits Available Today We have analyzed dozens of products and defined the top options you can purchase nowadays. Most of them are multifunctional and can be used in different situations, not only for stitching; for example, many kits have useful tools like scissors (and needles, of course). Here is our list of sewing essentials: basics and ultimate options full of handy tools.

1. Singer Sewing Kit for Newbies

Singer Beginner's Sewing

As you can understand from the product’s full name, Singer Beginner’s Deluxe Kit fits beginners perfectly and is a must-have for those who have just started their path in sewing. Many beginners have no idea why some kits have so many items and how to use them properly; if you choose this product from Singer, you will never have such questions.

There are basics only: a nice small bag with scissors that are essential when you sew, a thimble to protect your fingers, thread rolls of different colors, a measuring tape, and other useful little things like a seam ripper, a pincushion, and various pins.

2. Singer Sewing Kit to Use at Home

Singer 07271

Singer is one of the best sewing supplies manufacturers, so having multiple sewing products in our rating should not be a surprise. This kit perfectly fits basic house needs. It comes in a beautifully looking box, and the box has extremely useful items like hand needles, a convenient needle threader, a measuring tape, a thimble for fingers’ protection, and other essentials. The product fits both newbies and those who just want to have a good kit at home.

3. Singer Mini Kit for Travelers

Travel Sewing Kit

Another sewing kit from Singer — this time, for those who are always on the road and are looking for a small yet smart kit for urgent stitching.

With the size of only 3,5 inches, somehow this tiny container holds the sewing essentials that you need: four buttons that can replace the lost ones, thread rolls of 10 different colors, a needle threader to speed up the process, small scissors, a couple of safety pins and needles, and a tape measure (25 inches).

4. Caydo Embroidery Kit

Caydo Embroidery Kit

If you are a fan of embroidery and sew wonderful art pieces on a daily basis, here is a great option for you: this Caydo kit. It comes with guidelines that will be much appreciated by those who practice embroidery for the first time and wish to develop this skill. Believe us, it is a whole new world with a hundred colorful thread rolls that can become your new hobby, and usually, it is more entertaining than fixing holes and sewing stitches!

5. Singer Organizer

Singer Sewing Case

Yet another kit made by Singer, this one is wonderful for organizing all your sewing accessories, especially if there are too many. You will get a transparent box with multiple compartments and small boxes where all the smallest items will fit. It is a very convenient product, and if you make a living with sewing, this might be the best organizer for all your stuff.

6. OKOM Multifunctional Kit

Sewing Kit

While the OKOM manufacturer declares that this kit is great for use everywhere, we consider that it would be best if you buy such a set for your long trips and put it in your large backpack or car trunk. It is not as tiny as the one from Singer we have mentioned above, so there are more items you can use and more space to add some new things.

All elements come in a black stylish bag that looks like a wallet and has a similar size. In this bag, you will find a couple of threaders to put a thread in a needle with ease and comfort, numerous needles, a thimble made of steel, buttons, 14 thread rolls (of different colors, of course), stainless steel scissors, and other crucial supplies.

Inside the bag, there are elastic holders that allow storing everything in its position; a zipper that stitches two parts of this kit lets you sew and move the bag without losing things.

7. Craftster’s Sewing Kits Set for Kids

Little Monsters

The Craftster’s Sewing Kits brand specializes in various sets that allow kids to create magnificent projects. This Little Monsters kit is an amazing product if you feel like your kids have a high interest in sewing and want to learn the basics.

With a set, your child will be able to complete their own sewing project that will include five different monsters; one of them will be a wallet or a case for your kid’s smartphone (if the child finishes their sewing project, of course). There are a hundred elements inside the kit that will guide users to the best result, including needle threaders and colorful thread rolls.

However, be careful: this product is recommended for those who are seven years old or more because there are small but dangerous details that can hurt smaller children.

8. Marcoon Kit for Experts

Premium Sewing Supplies

Probably, this is the ultimate sewing kit for professionals who constantly work with needles and threads (including those who use a sewing machine). It consists of almost 200 different instruments you can use while sewing.

Besides usual items like needles, thread rolls (here, we have almost all possible colors including different shades of blue, green, pink, and so on), a seam ripper, and a pincushion, there are more advanced things like hooks for knitting, a magnifying lens to see the smallest details, stitch markers, and many other versatile elements.

If someone you know loves sewing and is looking for a smart sewing kit, this can be one of the best gifts you can make.

9. Artika Kit for Everybody

Over 130 Diy Premium Sewing

This is the winner of our rating because it suits both newbies and experts who work in sewing crafts professionally. Whether you are looking for a kit that will help you fix simple clothes holes or stitch a missing button to your pants or work with fabric and different materials daily and complete various sewing projects, this mini kit from Artika has every single tool you should have at hand: from numerous pins to buttons and clips.

And what is more: with the price of 13 bucks, most buyers can afford it easily.

10. Bonus: a Kit for DIY Face Masks Production

June Tailor Kit

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people all over the world started wearing masks a couple of years ago; in some countries, they still do. If you are bored with these face accessories sold in a nearby shop, consider buying this June Tailor kit.

It consists of instructions that will help you to make your own mask that you can wash and reuse, colorful pieces of fabric, and a mini toolset for making a mask with ease.

As you can see, there are many fantastic options on the market that can assist in daily sewing tasks and more advanced jobs. Before you select a sewing kit for your needs, do not forget to read our rating again and think of your priorities and main goals to simplify your perfect kit search.

Sew Kit Selection: Main Criteria

Sew Kit Selection: Main Criteria Actually, choosing a sewing kit is no rocket science. All you have to do is determine whether you will use it only at home or you plan multiple trips where you might need it. After you understand the main aim of this product that is relevant to you, you can easily get yourself a smart sewing kit.

Another point to consider is your sewing skill. If you are one of the beginners who barely can sew and plan to do simple stitching without difficulty, then a small kit with limited and basic tools is your option. However, if you are a professional who uses a serious sewing machine and works on various sewing projects, a simple and small kit might not cover all your needs, and you can consider a kit with more items.

Also, nothing prevents you from buying two sets: one for home usage and another for your trips. We have gathered all options in our review and hope that you will be able to pick the top kits for your demands.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

The answers below will give you more useful info on the topic.

What do I need in my sewing kit?

Your sewing kit`s content depends on your needs and skills. If you are an expert, your set should contain plenty of various tools like needle threaders, pins, and many other details that a newbie might not need. However, if you stitch things occasionally and do not seek an advanced set, a pair of good scissors together with a couple of thread rolls and needles will probably be enough.

What comes in a sewing kit?

Because such kits vary and are made for different users with different aims, you can find plenty of items in one kit and almost nothing in another. The ultimate kit may include up to 200 elements for all possible needs: pins, threads, seam rippers, needles, and many other things.

If we speak about a tiny basic kit with essential items, most likely, you will get scissors, a pin or two, one needle, and some threads. Normally, this set is enough to repair something quickly.

How to use a sewing kit?

If you have never sewn in your life, we recommend you watch some guiding videos on YouTube because it is a pretty useful skill. There, you will find out the basic data on using an average sewing kit and all its instruments.

Do Walgreens sell sewing needles?

Yes, currently, you can find them in Walgreens. They are provided by the Singer brand, one of the best manufacturers that produce such goods. The price varies from 3 to 3,5 dollars. You can check these products` availability on Walgreens’ official site.

Where to buy a travel sewing kit?

You can easily buy it on various online platforms: sign in at the Amazon store and start searching. If you prefer offline shopping, consider going to large stores like Walmart. However, we recommend users to get such products online: the selection is much bigger than in offline shops, the price for these kits is very attractive if you buy on the internet, and shops organize shipping very well.

Where can I buy a small sewing kit?

The same applies here: small kits can be bought online and offline. We suggest you purchase one online because you will be able to do it without leaving your apartment or house — all you need is a laptop or smartphone. Shipping is normally ensured by the shop where you buy this or that product.

What is included in a sewing kit?

Various instruments that you may need for stitching a hole and attaching missing buttons to your clothing are included in such a kit: from threads and needles to more complicated items like seam rippers and tape measures.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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