Best Playing Cards Review and Buying Guide

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Whether you are on a long hiking trip or camping vacation, hosting a party or just staying at home in 2023, tired of simply watching movies, or have no idea how to spend a quiet evening, having a deck of playing cards is a great thing that will help you entertain yourself, your partner, friends, guests, or family.

With just one deck, you can enjoy numerous card games; and the better your deck is, the more enjoyable all games will be. Among the most famous playing card activities are poker, spades, solitaire, hearts, rummy, and others. They have different rules and fit for different numbers of players (for instance, you can play solitaire alone). We will define the most popular games below.

Another vast sphere where playing cards are commonly used is card tricks performed by numerous magicians. If you are curious about different magic hacks and have quick hands, maybe it is time to buy your first deck and impress everybody around you with your new skills.

Advanced card players can boast a vast playing card collection with multiple decks of different designs. But where do they buy such decks? In our review, we will show you how diverse the playing card market right now is and how many fantastic products you can purchase to start your own collection and make your playing evening much fancier.

We will provide you with the info about the ten best playing cards available today. With them, you can play different games; however, some of them are quite specific, so be careful and read the info attentively before you select this or that product.

Best Playing Cards Available on the Market

Best Playing Cards Available On The Market We will offer you ten different options that can become the best entertainment for you and your friends or family. However, remember that some of the products below may not work for certain games (because of the design, the number of cards, the brand, and other parameters). Most decks will suit all possible games; some will work only for playing one thing (like the above-mentioned UNO).

1. Cards for Your Outside Leisure from Sumind

2 Decks Playing Card

Imagine that you are off the grid and on a trip in the woods without any internet or laptop you can use to watch movies. So, what can you do? Of course, use playing cards to have fun and spend an exciting night with your travel buddies. The Sumind simple yet fancy deck will be your perfect companion because it is made of durable PET material.

Cards are super waterproof and will not tear if the rain starts to fall. The beautiful laconic design will add chic to your game, whether you play poker with friends or card solitaire alone: cards are plain, without excess elements, in golden, red, and black colors.

2. Personalized Cards That Keep Your Memories

Count Photo Playing Cards

This deck is a perfect birthday gift (or a gift for any other occasion) to your beloved ones: you can select any photo and print it on each card’s face. Every time you play together, the deck itself and every card combination during the game will bring you the best memories of fantastic time spent together. If you know someone who plays cards often and plans to do it with you, do not hesitate to order a pack of individually made cards for them with a nice picture and box.

3. UNO Original Cards for Fans


If you are a big fan of the UNO game, this limited-edition deck is a must-have for you. If you have no idea what UNO is, we strongly recommend buying these playing cards because the game is so popular among both kids and adults not only in the USA but in many other countries.

This international game is an amazing activity for a party with your friends that will not leave anyone bored. The rules are simple and easy to understand right away. The cards themselves have an original design and great durability (because in UNO, you use cards over and over again, very actively).

3. Star Wars Cards

Star Wars Light Side

If you are a fan of the famous Star Wars universe and movie series, this thematically printed deck is the top option for you. Its playing cards are made of top-quality card stock and have characters from your favorite movies on each face. A beautifully designed box is another feature of this product. A wonderful addition to your Star Wars featured products collection, isn’t it?

5. Music Heroes Cards

Genius Music

Those who love music and listen to all the icons of the 20th century will appreciate these stylish cards that have illustrations of various musicians on their faces. Among the printed stars are Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Bjork, and many others. All suits are represented by various music genres: hearts are for pop, clubs are for soul and blues, spades are for rock, and diamonds are for country and folk.

6. Another Waterproof Option from Hoyle

Hoyle Waterproof

These playing cards from the Hoyle brand have an interesting transparent design, and a nice light-blue color palette, and they also perfectly fit if you play outside. They are waterproof and made of highly durable stock, so the deck will be hard to ruin, and it will probably serve you for many years.

7. Old-Fashioned Jumbo Cards

2 Decks Bee Jumbo

Jumbo is one of the largest card manufacturers, and here are its ultimate playing cards that we all know from our childhood. Their design is so familiar and so usual that these cards are very easy to use and play with. If you are looking for something retro yet stylish, simple, and with great quality, consider purchasing this durable and beautiful product.

8. Fancy Poker Cards from HEM

Kem Arrow Red

If you often host a poker night at your place and wish to impress all your guests, we strongly recommend you buy one of these HEM decks produced specifically for poker lovers. They have a classic design, a high-durability material, a great flexibility level, and many other features that make them more expensive yet more popular than many other playing cards you can find on the market. Magicians also prefer this product often because of its convenience and high durability.

9. Rick and Morty Themed Cards

Rick And Morty

Rick and Morty’s classic cartoon has won the hearts of adults and kids all over the USA and other countries. If you are a true fan, nothing can stop you from buying these amazing playing cards that have various cartoon scenes on their faces. Besides having a great design feature, these cards can boast great longevity. It is extremely convenient to play them.

10. Classic Cards from Bicycle

Dragon Playing Cards

We consider this the best option for playing due to its usual design and convenient material. One of this brand’s cards features an air cushion finish technology that makes them slide and shuffle with ease. Sophisticated figures and nice blue colors make the product even fancier. A great product to impress both connoisseurs and newbies.

Playing Cards: What Can You Play?

Playing Cards: What Can You Play? As we have mentioned above, there are many card games that suit different groups of people and have various levels of difficulty. Here are the five most popular activities with a brief description.

1. Poker

Probably one of the most popular card games that has many fans everywhere. Poker tournaments attract players from many countries who perform amazingly or poorly, winning or losing hundreds and thousands of dollars. There should be at least two players in the game, and normally, no more than 10 participate and sit at one table. A great number of movies have been released that are dedicated to this game (Molly’s Game and Maverick are probably the best we would recommend).

2. Card Solitaire

A game that brings you fun when you are alone and not expecting any company. A standard deck is used in different combinations (depending on the rules you choose before you start playing).

3. Spades

A truly American game that appeared in the USA in the 1930s. All you need is 52 playing cards and at least four people (because unlike poker and other popular activities, this game is played in pairs).

4. Hearts

For this game, you will need a standard 52 cards deck and four players. Every player gets 13 cards, and round by round, they exchange cards in certain directions. The winner is the one who has fewer points after all exchanges have occurred.

5. Rummy

A game that comes from three countries at a time: Mexico, India, and China. The rules depend on the country; usually, the point is to have a consecutive set of the same rank or suit. The minimum number of players is two; a maximum of five or six people can participate.

Besides, you should not forget about the games that are not played with regular playing cards but have their own brand and decks (for example, UNO). We will mention them in our rating below, too. Such games are popular all over the world because they are funny, easy to play, and a big group of gamblers can participate there.

Because the aim of our review is to display how marvelous playing cards can be nowadays, we will not dive into each game’s rules. If you are interested in more details regarding this or that game, you can always check numerous videos on the internet with informative instructions.

Now that you know what you can do if you have a deck of playing cards and a group of interested gamblers, check out the most stylish and exciting decks you can buy today.

To Sum Up

To Sum Up Generally, playing cards is a wonderful way to make your evening with friends, a meeting with family, or a date with your partner more interesting and intriguing; with the decks from our rating given above, the game will become even more entertaining.

We hope that you will easily find a product that will suit your needs and interests. However, here is a kind reminder: if you play cards with high stakes and invest real cash there, be careful with your funds and gambling activities. Also, try not to cheat because fair play is important, whoever you play with.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Those who still have questions about cards and related topics may search for the answers below, in our FAQ section.

What is a playing card?

A playing card is a part of a deck full of playing cards with different suits and characters. Cards are used for entertaining yourself and your companions with different table games. Such games involve up to 10 people, and you can even play solo. Cards are rather small (2,5-3,5 inches more or less) and are normally made of good-quality paper stock for great longevity.

Where are playing cards made?

Many countries in different parts of the world have factories that produce playing cards; however, there are three leaders with a huge number of decks made year by year. These leaders are companies in America, Asia (Hong Kong and other regions), and Belgium. Together, these entities produce millions of packs annually and sell them all over the world.

How to make an online card game?

If you want to play a card game online, you have to choose one of the online casinos where you can enjoy various card games in a virtual world. However, in some areas, gambling in online casinos is illegal. So, you can use numerous apps for iOS and Android to start the game.

Developers who are curious about making a card game on their own can check various lessons on YouTube and create new games that may interest users and investors.

How to play cards at home?

Playing at home is easy: all you have to do is to call some friends, set a table and chairs (their number should match the number of participants), prepare a pen and paper sheet to write down who wins and who loses, and, lastly, a great-quality card deck.

If you do not have any playing cards at home, it is time to choose your perfect deck from those we have recommended above. With them, you can enjoy numerous games and never get bored.

How to create a card game online?

Those who prefer playing cards virtually instead of having a physical pile, a table, and real people around can always turn to various online resources offering different card games on the internet. If you have enough developer skills, you can even try making a card game on your own and entertain yourself: visit YouTube for more instructions.

How much are Bicycle playing cards?

The Bicycle brand is one of the most famous card manufacturers, it produces cards of fantastic quality widely used among professionals. That is why the price for Bicycle products is higher than the average price for a pile of cards. For a standard deck made by Bicycle, the price may begin from 7 dollars. The more advanced cards you select, the higher the price will become.

Where can I buy a pack of playing cards?

Playing cards are a very popular product that you can purchase both online and offline. Among online platforms, Amazon will definitely help, with a great number of various card brands and goods. Speaking of physical stores, you always can try asking for a pile in your nearby store or in huge supermarkets.


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