Camping Hacks

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Want to learn new camping hacks? If you are about to embark on a camping trip, consider what you will definitely need to have at your campsite: a campfire, a bag, a bottle or two of water (the more, the better), cooking stuff, some coffee to keep active, warm clothes to keep warm, and robust shoes to walk off-road. Read this article and find more exciting and efficient camping tricks.

Camping hacks will open up a whole new world of comfortable and thoughtful spending time in nature. You will learn unique tips and tricks and start using your gear, not for 100, but 200%.

In our article, we will tell you not only about the most popular camping hacks but also about things that would never come to your mind. Now you can definitely impress your friends and make your camping trip more comfortable.

Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist

1. Waterbottle Cooler Ice

Waterbottle Cooler Ice

Coleman Xtreme 5 Cooler When camping, it is very important to save space and spread the weight of your bags and tools. But beyond that, it is also important to keep your food and drinks cold to avoid spoilage. For this, many camping lovers use ice and a cooler.

But this is not always convenient. The ice will melt, and all your food will float in the water. It is not very aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

So our first camping hack is to use frozen bottles instead of ice in the camping cooler.

Consider how much more useful this solution is. When the bottles are thawed, you will have extra drinking water. And when using ice, there will be only an unpleasant mess of food and meltwater.

Please check this video to see the hack:

Check out an Icy Breeze camping cooler. It is a good option to replenish your camping gear stock with a suitable tent air conditioner.

Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist

2. Easy Sleeping Bag Warmer

Easy Sleeping Bag Warmer

Klean Kanteen Wide Another hack for your next camping trip is using a hot water bottle. Have you noticed that it is more difficult to fall asleep in a cold bed (in this case, in a sleeping bag) than in a warm one? In warmth, our muscles relax faster and allow the body to fall asleep.

If you are not the proud owner of a tent stove, you can put a hot water bottle in your sleeping bag. Close the lid tightly and wrap the bottle with clothing. It is best to place your makeshift heater in the legroom and leave it there overnight. This way, you can keep warm in the camping tent even on a cool night. Check out Kelly Kettle review, best choice to have advanced teapot for camping and outdoor.


Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist

3. Use Foil to Cook Food

Use Foil To Cook Food

Reynolds Wrap Standard Aluminum Foil It is simple. It is delicious. It does not leave dirty dishes. Yes, you need to get used to this kind of cooking. But once you understand how to use aluminum foil and find your favorite recipe, you will not give up on it.

Watch this video to learn about foil cooking tips.

Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist

4. Keeping Down Sleeping Bags Fluffy

Keeping Down Sleeping Bags Fluffy

Penn Championship High Altitude Tennis Balls


Most sleeping bags, blankets, and jackets contain down. Not to lose their shape and fluffiness, they need to be dried in certain conditions.

You can wash them in a regular washing machine, but we suggest you use our hack to dry them.

Place tennis balls in the dryer. They will seem to whip up the fluff, which will allow the feathers to separate from each other and return the shape to the products.



Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist

5. Plastic Straw Spice Storage

Plastic Straw Spice Storage

Itouchless Handheld Heat Bag Sealer Some do not go hiking because of the insipid camping food. After all, you will not take with you a whole arsenal of spices and seasonings. It is difficult to find something in small packages other than salt and pepper. Our next camping hack is designed to help you diversify the flavors of your food. You can bring small amounts of different spices with you if you have plastic straws and a heat sealer.

Watch the video to see how you can use them to store and carry condiments while hiking:

Ultimate Camping Essential Checklist

6. Hot Rocks Boot Dryer

Hot Rocks Boot Dryer What is worse than having wet shoes on even a short hike? This causes a lot of inconveniences and the likelihood of rubbing your feet or getting sick increases.

Drying your shoes off when camping is not easy. Even in summer, it can be cool and humid outside at night.

Every camper should know this hack. The stones are the solution. Simply heat the stones in boiling water and place them inside your shoes. Their warmth is enough to dry even the dampest shoes.

Ultimate Camping Essential Checklist

7. Magic Biscuit Fire Starters

Magic Biscuit Fire Starters

Kleenex Eye Makeup Removers Campfire is one of the foundations of a successful camping experience. For this camping hack device, you will need:

Melt the candle wax and dip the pads in it. Then take them out and let the wax harden. That is it! You can use this as a fire starter.

Ultimate Camping Essential Checklist

8. Duct Tape the Lighter

Duct Tape The Lighter

Gorilla Black Duct Tape There is no more indispensable tool in the world than duct tape (for instance, Gorilla Tape). It can repair and fasten almost anything. But since every pound of weight is important on the hike, the idea of going camping ​​carrying an entire package with you is not very good.

Wrap duct tape around your flashlight, and you will always have an emergency supply. You can also wrap a water bottle.

Ultimate Camping Essential Checklist

9. Water Jug Lantern

Water Jug Lantern

Crazyfire Led Headlamp A survival flashlight is great, but in some situations, the lantern is more useful. You do not have to lug around many different types of lighting fixtures. You can make the lantern yourself, even from a headlamp.

Everything is very simple. You need to wrap your headlamp around a water bottle or a jug of water. In this case, the beam of light must be directed inward towards the water. This will create a diffused light source.

This kind of light makes it much easier to cook, set up your tent, and do other things. It looks more like a nice mood lighting.

Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist

10. Packing Eggs for Camping

Packing Eggs For Camping Eggs are a great breakfast product. They perfectly saturate the necessary energy. The only thing is that they are not very convenient to carry, as they are easy to break. And an egg carton package is not very reliable during a camping trip.

There is a very simple and obvious way out. You should crack them into a plastic bottle. This storage method will allow you not to be afraid that you will break eggs on the way and ruin your bag or other foods. You can also easily pour the required quantity of eggs straight into the pan.

Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist

11. DIY Coffee Bags

Diy Coffee Bags

Jasmine Cafe Premium Coffee is one of the most important parts of your morning routine. Without it, the camp is in danger. But often, water is heated in one large container, and it is needed not only for coffee but also for, for instance, oatmeal or tea.

Make individual coffee bags like teabags so everyone can make their own delicious drink. Use dental floss and a coffee filter. Put coffee grounds inside the filter and tie it with a piece of dental floss.


Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist

12. DIY Toilet Paper Dispenser

Diy Toilet Paper Dispenser

Folgers Classic Roast Medium


Lack of amenities is the reason why many people are not very fond of hiking and camping. We can make it a little more familiar.

It is not very easy for everyone to go to the toilet in nature. Indeed, camping toilet requires more skill than using the restroom in the house. You can make your task a little easier by making a toilet paper container with a large plastic coffee can.



Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist

13. Match Holder with Sandpaper Striker

Match Holder With Sandpaper Striker

Metal Slide Top Tin Containers We always recommend having a survival lighter with you. But it will not be superfluous to stock up on survival matches. In some situations, they are more appropriate. For instance, matches make it easier to light candles, portable stoves, or oil lamps.

Everything is fine with matches, except for one issue — something happens to them all the time. They get wet, then they break, and so on. Unfortunately, most matchboxes have a rather fragile structure. But you can easily get out of this situation.

Red Label Abrasives Use a small metal mint tin. Just remember to add sandpaper so you can light the matches. Fine-grit sandpaper with adhesive backing or glue sandpaper is ideal. Stick paper to metal tin, and your box is ready.



Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist

14. Rock Grommets

Rock Grommets

Aqua Quest Defender Tarp In a perfect world, you would use a survival trap like the Aqua Defender with solid grommets. But we, as experienced and cultured survivalists, know that anything can happen. Our main advantage is that we can come out victorious in almost any situation. Likewise, in the absence of grommets on your tarp tent, we will not sound the alarm but simply use the stones.

You need to add a tie point to strengthen your tent. So, first, find small round stones. Next, they need to be placed in the places where the tent lines will be attached. Take the tarp and gently wrap it around the stone. Tie it with rope.

Watch the video below to understand the mechanics of the process better.

Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist

15. Super Easy S’mores

Super Easy S’mores

Keebler Fudge Stripes Cookies Delicious camping hack: use fudge dipped shortbread cookies. It is more enjoyable than dealing with melted chocolate. Our pick is Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies. It is both tasty and convenient.


16. Fix a Sticky Zipper

Fix A Sticky Zipper Catching zipper is not nice. And usually, we put up with it and suffer a little, but this is not necessary. Why bother with your cold-weather tent door whenever you can just grease the zipper with a bit of candle wax? Apply this composition to the zipper, blow a little warm air from the hairdryer and close and open the zipper several times.

Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist

17. DIY Pillow

Diy Pillow

Cocoon Nylon Stuff Saving space and weight when collecting a camping backpack is one of the top priorities. A heavy backpack can overshadow any hike. Of course, we all love to sleep on comfortable pillows, but lugging them around is not always appropriate.

Instead of your usual pillow, you can use our camping hack. Take a stuff sack with a flannel lining and put your spare clothes in there.

At night you can use it as a pillow, and during the day, it will keep your belongings dry and safe.


Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist

18. Hang a Bear Bar PCT-Style

Hang A Bear Bar Pct-Style

Liteoutdoors Guyline &Amp; Tensioner Kit If you are a time-saver, then our next camping hack is for you. You should try hanging your bear bag in the PCT-style. You even can use a reflective cord to make it simpler. With this cord, you will quickly find your bag even in the dark.

Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist

19. DIY Fire Starters

Diy Fire Starters Want to light the fire and impress your friends? Use Doritos for kindling!

Good kindling is the key to a successful campfire. So as not to toil with wood, trying to make suitable chips out of them, you can just use your snack.

By the way, this can be considered a survival hack as well. In a survival situation, you can easily light a campfire with these corn chips.

Just do not burn everything. Make sure you left something to chew on.

Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist

20. DIY Waterproof Backpack

Diy Waterproof Backpack

Black Small Trash Bags This hack is especially useful for backpackers. Since they have no way to quickly return home if the weather turns bad and heavy rain starts as while car camping. By the way, not everyone will want to do this.

However, it is very important to keep your supplies and camping gear dry. This will keep you from getting cold and sick.

All ingenious is very simple! Place small trash bags before putting things inside your bag or backpack. Put all things in the trash bag, placed inside the camping bag. It is best to even pack your survival tent and first aid kit in this great way.

This is not a difficult action, but very necessary to keep all your camping gear in appropriate condition.

Ultimate Camping Essentials Checklist

To Sum Up

To Sum Up The more camping tips you know and use, the more enjoyable and quality your time in mother nature will be.

Everything comes with experience, so do not worry if something does not work out at first. Over time, you will pack your travel bag faster, making it lighter but at the same time filling it with more useful equipment.

You can start with something easier. Use a plastic bag to pack your belongings and apply a hand sanitizer to ward off bugs. Or you can go camping and try all our advice to be sure it works great!


How to make camping fun?

You can use some camping hacks to make it fun. Some of our favorites are:

  • Using Doritos as DIY fire starters;
  • Freezing gallon jugs of water to use in a cooler;
  • Making personal coffee bags;
  • Using a water bottle and a flashlight as a lantern;
  • Making pancakes with pancake mix;
  • Cooking hot dogs.

How to bring water camping?

If you go on a car camping trip, then you will not have any special difficulties. Take as many gallons of water as you need. But if your trip is meant to be backpacking, you need to be more careful about the weight of your entire camping equipment.

One tip is to freeze bottled water and use it as a food cooler.

Make sure you also have straw water filters. This will come in handy if all of your water supplies run out.

What are the camping tricks that will make your head spin?

You can use some of our tips for your next camping trip:

  • Make a DIY camping toilet with a milk crate, bucket, and a toilet seat;
  • Use a garbage bag to protect your camping gear from rain;
  • Use a solar-powered charger for your phone instead of a car battery (although for the best camping time, it is best to put your phone away);
  • Use foam floor tiles for your camping “bed”;
  • Add sage to your campfire, and this will protect you from mosquito bites.

Where can I learn camping hacks?

To learn camping tips you do not need to go to special courses. Our article and videos will be enough. Before you go camping, make sure to try all the hacks in a relaxed atmosphere at home. So you will be confident in your abilities and will be able to use an appropriate tip at the right time.

You can start with something simple. For instance, make a toilet paper dispenser or gallon jug ​​lantern.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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