Best Tactical Backpack Review and Buying Guide

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If you have a tactical backpack, look away now. But if you are in search for a perfect tactical bug-out bag to keep all your survival gear in, continue reading this article. You can choose a more light-weight one for hiking or a heavier bag with convenient shoulder straps for long-term survival. ANyway, a rucksack is a must-have on any survivalist’s check-list. Read on to find out more.

We often discourse about survival gear, things in a bug out bag that we need to carry with us to be prepared for survival, and similar topics. But what about bags or backpacks?

There should be something to store our gear. Something solid, reliable, and capacious at the same time. Something like a survival backpack or a good-quality tactical pack.

Nowadays, everything is developing with high speed, technologies and products’ manufacturing is constantly improving, and the market is booming, offering us tons of tactical backpacks` models. They are designed to serve you as tactical backpacks and as your regular bags (like an everyday carry bag). With such a backpack, you will be able to fade away somewhere in the woods or stay alive if your town suddenly turns into a battlefield.

How to choose among this wide variety? Today, we offer you a thorough review of tactical backpacks and a rating with the top options available. If you are muddled and exhausted from research, we are here to help.

Those who are trying to choose the perfect tactical backpack may have faced so many offerings. The models are varied by size, colors, forms, and other features. Many questions appear when you are seeking a good tactical backpack.

If you find our rating positions unattractive, you will see the list of key features you should consider when choosing the best tactical backpack for you at the end of the review.

TOP Best Tactical Backpack Nowadays: Rating

Top Best Tactical Backpack Nowadays: Rating

As we have promised, we present a rating of the best tactical backpacks you can find these days. There is no need to check reviews on social media and marketplaces anymore: here are the seven best tactical backpacks our experts have approved.

7) Trekking King Assault Bag

Tactical Backpack


Trekking King’s tactical backpack is more capacious than other models you normally see, which might repel some potential customers. However, the more storage space and compartments you have, the more gear you can fit inside.

With the help of MOLLE webbing, you may add even more on the outside (a sleeping bag, for example). Despite the capacity and size, this tactical backpack doesn’t weigh much. The manufacturer also gives you a guarantee for a long time, which is an attractive point when buying such an important item.


6) Tactical Backpack from Explorer

Explorer Large

We usually consider a tactical backpack a multifunctional bag; however, some of these bags serve certain purposes better than others.

For instance, this “Tactical Range-Bailout-Heavy Gun” backpack from the Explorer company will satisfy you if you prepare for situations that include gun carrying and self-defending.

Inside of the Explorer bag, you will find lots of compartments to store not only tactical gear but weapons of any kind and additional accessories for them, of course. All the side pockets you get will be a good storage for any small item you need at hand. As to safe storage, opt for diversion safes.. The special soft fabric inside of this military bag protects all your gear from damage.

Another bonus from Explorer is a guarantee that each customer gets: not for a limited period, but for forever.

5) G4Free Outdoor Bag

G4Free Outdoor Sometimes you know that your survival period will not take long. You want to have a compact but functional backpack in your collection. If those are the cases, check out the G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack.

It has only one strap, making it a “transformer”: you can carry it conveniently as a backpack or a regular bag. Besides this feature, the G4Free bag offers a well-built system of handy compartments and solidity (thanks to a good-quality fabric and stitches). Use this military backpack to carry lightweight gear, and it will never let you down.


4) Military Backpack from LA Police Gear

La Police Gear

As you can see from the name, this brand focuses on creating gear for the army, police officers, and other related services at the highest standard.

The Operator backpack model that we include in our rating fits for various situations. Whether you go hiking in the mountains or trying to escape in the woods, the LA Police Gear bag has your back.

Polyvinyl chloride coverage and a special polyester fabric of this bag guarantee that it will be with you forever and won’t break. You can insert a hydration bladder in the LA Police Gear bag: it will save you time in a survival situation. A solid MOLLE webbing allows you to add “easy access” gear on the outside of your bag.

Finally, this backpack’s cost is reasonable, and the palette that the manufacturer offers will meet each survivalist’s taste.

3) Tactical backpack from Reebow Gear

Reebow Gear One of the best military backpacks example, the Reebow Gear water-resistant tactical backpack, closes our rating’s top three. This brand also specializes in the best quality gear for the military service, so you can use each backpack they produce for extreme tourism and survival circumstances.

This backpack’s capacity is almost 35 liters, making it possible to fit in the survival essentials. With a well-organized compression system and MOLLE webbing, you are all set. A good price is another advantage. You can purchase either a regular black-colored bag or a greeny one if you need to camouflage in the wilderness.

2) Rush72 Bag from 5.11

5.11 Tactical Rush72 If you follow us for a while now, you surely have heard of the brand called 5.11. This manufacturer produces great survival gear and normally hits our ratings; it doesn’t matter what we review. This Rush72 tactical bag is not an exception.

The 55 liters capacity lets you put all the vital stuff inside. It is available in three colors: black, dark grey, and “sandstone” (or light brown). The 5-11 tactical bag contains various compartments, even including a laptop compartment. Padded shoulder straps make it even comfier.

A hydration bladder compartment and a MOLLE webbing outside to keep additional items, and convenient shoulder straps are the key features of the 5-11 tactical Rush72 backpack, too.

Those who ask, “why is it so expensive?!” should remember that the more features and the higher quality are, the higher is the cost.

1) Combat Backpack from EVATAC

Combat Backpack From Evatac

And the winner of our rating is the EVATAC Combat Bag! Compact but capacious, this tactical backpack blends all features that survivalists and people of the army appreciate.

A greatly organized system of water-resistant compartments, reliability that is ensured by solid polyester fabric, a soft compartment to carry fragile items (like your laptop), a reliable MOLLE webbing, padded shoulder straps, a convenient waist strap to fix the backpack in the front and move around freely… This tactical backpack’s advantages are endless.

Many experts we know have not only praised EVATAC for such a bag but also has purchased one. So far, everyone is satisfied.

There is an additional bonus: a discount on this bag is available today.

We also offer a thorough video guide about the EVATAC Combat tactical backpack; you can see it below.

Tactical Backpack: What Are They?

Tactical Backpack: What Are They?

Tactical backpacks are improved ordinary backpacks that people often use in military service. They feature respective items, additional elements, and various pockets that help store your gear and weapons to fight on a battlefield.

Even if you do not participate in any war, every tactical bag is created to help you face unbearable conditions with decency and survive. All the survival gear you need will fit inside a good tactical backpack.

While in the past tactical backpacks were only for military use, today you can see them carried by tourists in mountains or people in your everyday life (because laptops and books fit in very well, too). Many prepared survivalists pack turn their tactical backpacks into a well-prepared bug out bag.

If we try to define the main difference between your usual backpack and a tactical backpack, we would say that reliability is the point. Then come capacity and size. Don’t worry; further, we will explain all the points thoroughly.

In case you are an experienced prepper already and know all about the tactical bags, proceed to the next part to see our rating.

As our gift to you, we have created a full checklist of survival items each prepper should learn about!

What Makes a Backpack Tactical?

What Makes A Backpack Tactical?

If you have read about all backpacks in our rating and still unsure about the model you want to obtain, here is our list of things that you should take into account when choosing your perfect tactical backpack.

Remember that people’s preferences vary; what one considers irreplaceable might be an “easy to refuse” option for another.

An Ability to Become a Plate Carrier Bag

If you are looking for an additional self-defense degree, check out the bags that include pockets for bulletproof plates. Yes, you can do both with your tactical backpack: carry your survival items and resist shooting.

We recommend seeing our guide about the plate carriers for those who seek bullet protection.

The Importance of MOLLE Webbing

The abbreviation “MOLLE” is a part of warfare terminology. It stands for the Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment.

MOLLE webbing is a strap system that lets you carry survival tools and other items outside your tactical backpack. It becomes extremely convenient when you have to place major items or run out of space inside your bag.

The Bag Color Matters

To understand which color of the tactical bag suits you best, you should define your survival tasks and surroundings.

If you are going to hide in the woods, choose nature-like colors: greeny, brownish, dark beige, sandy, and other similar options. If you wear all black and try to vanish during the nights, a black-colored backpack is your choice.

The Perfect Weight

Remember that all of your survival essentials that go to your tactical backpack will be heavy. Suppose your tactical backpack is heavy, too. Would that be a good combination? No.

When choosing among the best tactical backpacks, please pay attention to how much your backpack weighs itself. However, it still should be solid and reliable, so fabric matters; sometimes, you have to accept additional ounces because otherwise, the backpack may break. Soft shoulder straps, MOLLE webbing, and other benefits also add weight to the backpack.

Will You Carry Your Laptop?

Having a laptop sleeve or compartment is a good option, but it is not compulsory for survivalists. If you buy the backpack for daily life and actively use your laptop, it might become compulsory for you, but what about those who get the backpack for extreme conditions?

Professionals know that such a compartment will hold the technically complex survival items pretty well. Instead of laptops, people put special prepper radios, batteries, handy walkie-talkies, and other accessories in those compartments.

Hydration Bladders Compartment

You will get a special compartment for a hydration bladder in a reliable survival backpack. A hydration bladder lets you drink without any pauses for taking out water bottles and opening them.

You can sip right away using your backpack compartment, and staying hydrated saves lives. We are not saying that keeping water bottles is unnecessary; of course, you need one for various tasks, but they are not so good for drinking when you are in a rush.

More Compartments — More Bag Convenience

Although this might add a bit of weight to your backpack, having plenty of room in various compartments is a wonderful option.

Imagine you have the main compartment to put the majority of your items, several small compartments to keep supplies, a first aid kit pocket, and side pockets with easy access to store stuff you need at hand (and with easy access, of course). We prefer to add another compartment or two to some bags with just a couple of them.

It is also vital to have at least one compartment accompanied by YKK zippers (or other good-quality zippers) to hide stuff.

We won’t consider it a compartment, but having MOLLE webbing outside of your backpack saves some storage space and may be perceived as an “additional pocket.”

Bag Longevity Is Key

Finally, the most important thing to consider for a tactical backpack selection: longevity. You won’t be able to go shopping when you are trying to survive in the wilderness.

So, check all the threads, shoulder straps, a waist strap (if applicable), zippers (YKK zippers preferable), the main compartment and other compartments, and so on. Each of those should be well-made and solid. Also, check with the merchant if your tactical backpack is water-resistant (most of them are).

Considering all those points, you will be able to choose one of the best tactical backpacks. Keep in mind that only you know better what you need and which backpack is perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How can I use my tactical backpack?

Such a backpack has so many ways of usage. Remember we told you that many people carry them every day? You don’t need to plan a survival situation and a go-bag packing to purchase this pack.

While you can make a water-resistant bug-out bag, a get home bag, or a first aid kit bag full of your tactical backpack medication, people often use it for tourism, camping, and other cases.

Which survival items do I actually need to put in my backpack?

If you are curious about items people use to survive in the wilderness or other conditions, stay tuned: we often publish various guides that tell you about the things every survivalist needs.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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