Ivation Emergency Power Failure Flashlight

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Have you ever found yourself amidst the pitch-black dark due to a sudden power outage in 2023, thinking that an incredibly bright handheld flashlight torch signaling you would be just fine? Unfortunately, situations when power gets suddenly cut, are not too rare. This may happen for multiple reasons leaving your entire house in darkness. But whatever reasons for a sudden power cut are, what you need is a high-quality torch flashlight among your homestead and survival gear that will get you through the darkest nights and toughest storms. A torch that you can fully rely on, knowing that it turns on automatically when the darkness comes.

An Ivation automatic blackout is just what you need. Read the following guide for more detailed information on the product.

What is an Ivation Automatic Blackout Light?  

Ivation Luz

This lantern and flashlight by Ivation feature a multi-use power source that is rainproof and collapsible (see full description here). It is light, portable, and cost-effective. It can be brought along on all of your outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, or fishing, and since it is collapsible, it fits perfectly in your bug-out bag. You can also keep it in your home or car in case of a power outage or another emergency.

Ivation emergency power failure nightlight combo serves as lighting equipment that is powered regularly. Plugged into any of your house’s sockets, Ivation’s “Swiss Army Knife” torch rests inside an induction ring that powers nightlight until it is needed. The induction charging mechanism keeps the Ivation emergency powers failure device at full charge at all times. So when the lights in your house suddenly go out, you know that you have fully charged EmergenSee LED Lights that will help you out.

When power gets cut, and an Ivation automatic blackout light torch no longer receives power, it automatically turns on. This way, you will see where to go without stumbling upon obstacles that you may come across around your house. When you reach the Ivation emergency power failure nightlight, take it out of an induction ring nightlight base and use the LED light to navigate around your house. The induction ring nightlight base is really convenient. Overall, the torch delivers great quality from dusk till dawn.

Ivation Flashlight Features

You may never know when the outage occurs. Therefore, ensure you are prepared well enough to face any situation, be it an economic crisis or TEOTWAWKI. Ivation automatic blackout light is lightweight and has a manual switch to change brightness settings. When fully charged, an Ivation automatic blackout light and emergency power failure device has enough capacity to work for full nine hours.

  • LED flashlight and lantern
  • Outputs 15 lumens at low-level and 65 lumens at high-level
  • Built-in handle that allows the lantern to be hung almost anywhere
  • 300mAh 3.7v Lithium battery that can be charged with the hand crank or via a DC to USB cable
  • Rainproof rubber finishing to increase durability
  • 5 hours of low light and 40 minutes of high-level light with a full charge
  • Includes DC to USB cable and DC to female USB cable
  • Available in orange and yellow
  • 5 x 3.5 x 2 inches
  • 8 ounces

With an Ivation emergency power failure device, you will be able to safely navigate across your house to reach power transformers and turn the lights back on. It features:     

Safety level

An Ivation emergency power failure automatic blackout light is 100% percent safe to use.

You just simply plug it in, and it will start charging immediately. Thanks to its design, the Ivation emergency power failure device automatic blackout light will remain cool even if it’s been plugged for hours. This emergency power failure device is a perfect worry-free choice for a house with younger children. Its charging mechanism was designed to remain safe to touch at all times. There is absolutely no danger for users of any age.

Few drawbacks

The pros outweigh the cons on this little lantern, but let’s take a short look at what could have been done better:

  • The handle lacks a clip
  • The lantern is not 100% waterproof
  • It has a short battery life when set to high
  • Charging devices with the hand crank is difficult and slow

My Recommendation

Ivation’s collapsible rainproof lantern offers smart features for a great price. It is lightweight, easy to use, portable, and water-resistant. This lantern is best for short overnight trips or for as an item in your emergency bug-out bag. On an overnight hiking or camping trip, you can use it to light your cooking area or the inside of your tent, as the handle makes it easy to hang above you. The flashlight is a great additional tool that will help light your way if you need to walk in the dark. It delivers great performance in simple form.

Everyone should have some sort of emergency lighting option. Whether at home or in the outdoors, lighting is essential for your safety. The Ivation Rainproof Collapsible Hand-crank LED Lantern & Torch Flashlight is a simple and cost-effective solution.

Where to Buy Ivation Emergency Power Failure Flashlight?

You can buy an Ivation automatic blackout light and related products from online shops like Amazon, Sears, etc. You can also purchase the Ivation emergency power failure nightlight from Ivation’s official website.

If you are happy with the purchase, please take the time to share your experience in the customer reviews section on the product’s page. Positive customer reviews will help build a solid reputation for the Ivation emergency power failure light as a perfect emergency LED device. You may also share the product information with your friends.

In case you’ve received a defunct Ivation emergency power failure device, you can connect with customer support service to require a refund or replacement. , In addition, if during a warranty period, any of the device’s replacement parts go out of order, you may also contact the client service to ask for replacement of the defunct part of the product.

Check out the links below for more information and purchase options:

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  • The listed products may vary in pack sizes, designs, functions, warranty conditions, and more. Therefore, to find the option that best fits your budget and needs does your own research before proceeding with ordering any of the aforementioned products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Ivation torch safe?

Automatic blackout light by Ivation is 100% safe. It does not get hot during charging. So if you have younger kids in your family, you may rest assured that none of them will get burnt should they touch an Ivation automatic blackout light. Another thing to remember is that the Ivation automatic blackout light is designed to remain perfectly safe to touch at all times. So even if the device has been plugged into a socket for hours and hours, it will still be completely safe to touch it or take it out of an induction charging mechanism.  

How long does an Ivation emergency power failure flashlight last?

Automatic blackout light by Ivation is designed to be plugged into a socket for the most time, serving as an Ivation emergency power failure LED device. It has an automatic on/off function that turns the device on or off depending on the lighting conditions. Thanks to the fact that the lantern features an induction charging surface system, the device remains fully charged all the time. So when you need to use it as a handheld LED torch, you know that its charge level is full, and the device will not let you down, working perfectly for up to nine hours.

How many flashlight items do I need for survival?

The exact number of LED torches needed for survival depends on two basic factors: the number of family members and the size of a house they live in. Thus, if one person is living in an apartment, then one or two emergency LED torches will be enough. If a person lives in a detached house, the best choice is to have a torch for each floor of the house. If there is a family with two or more members, then the number of emergency flashlights will match the number of family members.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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