14 Lifehacks Involving FireHawk LED Tactical Flashlight

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A true tactical flashlight should be able to withstand the most adverse conditions in times of the harshest ordeals. If it’s genuinely tactical, humidity, moisture, and high impacts should be non-issues. I’d also suggest that it can be used for more than just decoration. It must be water-resistant to help you stay alive if it really lives up to the tactical nameplate. What could be more tactical than a tactical flashlight with 14 different survival uses in your bug-out bag?

So, in this article, we’ll look at  14  innovative ways to use the everyday carry (EDC) FireHawk LED  Tactical Flashlight.

1-Start A Fire With The Tactical Flashlight

Start A Fire With The Tactical Flashlight Here’s the fun part. Remove your FireHawks LED focus lens from the tip. This lens does an amazing job of focusing light and heat, similar to a magnifying glass.


In order for this to succeed, it must be sunny outside. Even partially cloudy conditions will make this a  difficult task.

If it is a bright day, though, tilt the focus lens to catch the intense sunshine and focus it on the tinder.  For optimum energy concentration, make sure the curved side is facing the light.


Additionally, the denser the energy is, the tighter you concentrate light. Keep it steady for a few minutes until you’ve got it just right, and voila…fire!

2-Hide Your Little Items Behind the Door

Hide Your Little Items Behind The Door

It is good to have a small dark room for many reasons, but I want to give you two for people who never thought of it.

If you are traveling in a neighborhood that is not ideal and you are worried about being robbed. You can hide some cash or jewelry as if you don’t have any valuables.

The second reason, you may be carrying something that is considered illegal in some states. Therefore, you can store the item in the case of FireHawks to protect your secret safety.

The bottom line is this: if you find that you need to hide small things, just remove the AA battery from a tactical flashlight to form a discrete empty storage cavity.

3 – Reading A Map with a Flashlight

Reading A Map With A Flashlight I admit that this survival use is a no-brainer,  but it’s one of my favorite backpacking uses, so I  couldn’t leave it out.

Here’s the deal: it’s tough enough to decipher a topographical map in a good light.  When reading one in the harshest light conditions, it’s easy to make a costly error. As well as the ability to see a number of a page in a note pad.


It’s also important to know how to read a topo map correctly to avoid being stuck or going miles off course. Most of these maps have minimal text, making it difficult to make out any fine points if you have old eyes.

The use of high-intensity illumination will significantly enhance your ability to read this small print.

To read a map at night, you’ll need a decent tactical flashlight, but it gets dark during the day under a thick forest canopy.

Take a local topographical map and your Firehawk LED with you if you’re going into the wilderness for some cause (hunting, hiking, fishing, or backpacking) to ensure you don’t lose any important information.

4- Organize an Attack in a Stealthy Manner

Organize An Attack In A Stealthy Manner You can use the soft and subtle clicking sound from the on/off switch to signal a coordinated action.

Instead of shouting “1,2,3 let’s get ’em!” you could click your FireHawk’s on/off switch, and your team would know to spring into action on an unsuspecting foe.

Obviously, strategic coordination like this takes pre-planning, but the subtle click sound is a perfect action signaling device.

5 – Flashlight on a Poorman’s Rifle

Flashlight On A Poorman’s Rifle Nowadays, many companies design affordable rigs for mounting a tactical flashlight to your rifle.  However, nowadays, such custom-made rigs are only available for newer rifle brands and have a high price point.

However, for people who own old brand rifles like Ruger 22s and love to do some nighttime survival varmint hunting, having a  FireHawk Flashlight on our rig can be very useful.

Using electrical tape, you can securely protect your Firehawk LED. The tape is tough, bends, black, and slices off quickly with just a little adhesive residue left behind.

Wrap it around a couple of times, and you’ve got yourself a makeshift rifle spotlight. In terms of brightness settings, I suggest putting your FireHawk to a closely focused spotlight mode rather than splash lighting mode if you just want to light up your target and not the whole surrounding area.

This trick will keep you from buying a new rifle, given the current market prices.

6 – Get A Stranger to Leave You Alone

Get A Stranger To Leave You Alone Imagine a scenario when you’ve found a stalker. It’s late at night, and you’d like to elude your stalker. This can be achieved in two ways.

You can direct a beam of light at an object that is not in your immediate vicinity. This should make the one who is stalking you confused.

You can also use your FireHawk Flashlight as a distraction by actually chucking it. A stalker would be disturbed by the noisy sound of it landing and colliding with other objects, driving them toward the noise and away from you.

Personally, I’d like to carry the tactical flashlight with me in case I wanted to use it as a self-defense tool,  but for some, using it as a distracting aid might be more realistic.

Furthermore, the tactical flashlight’s form, height, and weight make it a decent object to throw a long shot.

Things that are too small or too light can’t be hurled hard enough, so they won’t perform nearly as well. Light objects can also create no noise.

They will see a burst of light and come to a halt to decide what it was. They could even be drawn to what they saw. In either case, the hesitation and perplexity can allow you to slip away undetected.

You can also use your FireHawk Flashlight as a distraction by simply chucking it. The impact of it landing and colliding with other objects was audible.

7 – Defend Against Threats

Defend Against Threats There are two ways to eliminate the threat using this tough tactical flashlight that you carry with you every day.

  • You can use its intense laser-focused beam to temporarily blind someone.
  • You can use it in a  fistfight.

Let’s look at the first option.

This LED flashlight is so bright, and it is shipped with a yellow warning label. A label that warns you (the owner) not to shine it directly into the eyes of others. So, how strong is this small product?

Warning Label

Try to recall the experience of some blockhead forgetting to turn off the high beam. Remember that when your vision is temporarily impaired, it will produce a burning sensation, and you must blink multiple times to clear the retina. It feels a lot like shining a tactical flashlight directly into your eyes. Even worse. In an unfriendly encounter, this is an effective and surprising action. And this LED flashlight is not only useful at night but also can blind the enemy during the day.

As a result, a threat cannot hit (or shoot) what it cannot see. Shocking the threat with a super bright focused LED beam directed at their eyes will give you an advantage. This will give you a few seconds of critical time to react first. You have enough time to fight or escape. If you decide to fight, I suggest you quickly and decisively confront your temporarily blind opponent. Remember, you are in danger, so please don’t fight a “fair fight” and hit your opponent before he recovered. This is a huge advantage; don’t waste it. If you choose to escape, please act fast and slip away as soon as possible before the opponent fully recovers. Before they detect the direction in which you escaped. There is another way to use the FireHawk tactical flashlight as a self-defense weapon. I hope you take a closer look at the tip of the tactical flashlight. See those metal pins? Do you see the deep groove on the side?

The Firehawk Tactical Flashlight

Also, take note of the size of this flashlight and how well it fits in the palm of your hand.


Thanks to these tactical design elements (size, fork, and grip) and solid aluminum alloy, this flashlight is an excellent blunt melee weapon. Of course, you will not use this method in any battle, but if your life depends on it, then you will. The fit, grip, and metal prongs together constitute an ideal weapon that can knock down the enemy. Strike the enemy with the end of the tactical flashlight heavily, and if you hit it in the ideal position, he will immediately fall to the ground.

8 – Create a Powerful Spotlight with the Flashlight

Create A Powerful Spotlight With The Flashlight To be frank, most flashlights can work (not just the FireHawk), but I choose the FireHawk thanks to its strength and size combination to make this project as badass as possible.

You must first build a small mounting structure, after which you must aim the FireHawk directly through a magnifying glass.

It’s a fast and easy DIY project that almost everyone can do in under an hour.

Now you have a setup that makes it easy to spot animals or intruders in your home.

9 – Hands-Free Job In Blackness

Hands-Free Job In Blackness

Since this is a hand-held flashlight rather than a headlamp, how can you work “hands-free” with it?

The recessed on/off button is one of the flashlight’s best features. The recessed button helps avoid accidental activation while also allowing you to position the flashlight on a flat surface with the LED light facing up.

Firehawk Flashlight

Then you can turn it on, put it on the table (light end up), and work with both hands.

Although this setup does not have as much ambient light as a good headlamp, it will suffice for most tasks in a low-light environment.  It’s preferable to try to keep the torch between your teeth or to operate in the dark!



10 – Make an Extremely Flammable Tinder

Make An Extremely Flammable Tinder This and the next application for the FireHawk Flashlight are my favorites. Without the battery, you can start a fire with only the parts of this tactical flashlight.

However, you’ll need some good, highly flammable tinder before you can start a fire. The tinder would be easier to light if it is dryer and finer.

The Firehawk Tactical Flashlight

These grip grooves may be used to render perfect tinder. I want to use a fixed blade survival knife for this, but if you leave it behind, this will do the job.

Apply some downward pressure when rubbing the grooves around a stick easily. Small wood fibers can be carved out by these grooves. Continue to do so until you have a small pile of fine tinder. You’re all set to light this fine tinder dump.

11 –Go Fishing in the Backwoods

Go Fishing In The Backwoods Hopefully, you’ll never need to go this far because if you do, the flashlight feature will be lost. As a result, there is a substantial cost associated with this survival technique.

If required, you can rip the small spring from the button circuitry and use it to make a variety of small fish hooks.

Only small fish can be captured with these hooks (small lake trout or bluegill). Spring hooks aren’t big enough to land a 40-pound channel catfish.


So you’ve got a couple of homemade fishhooks, but you’ll still need some lead weight to keep the hooks from sinking to the lake’s bottom (where the fish are).

Thankfully, this tactical flashlight can be disassembled into three pieces or three metal chunks. So, if you attach one of these flashlight pieces to your fishing line, your hook will stay on the pond’s bottom.

Before someone starts complaining, let me say that I agree that this arrangement isn’t ideal. It won’t be easy or even worth the effort to catch fish with this rig, but that’s up to you to decide.

Worms and fishing lines aren’t included, so you’ll have to come up with those on your own.

12 – Improve The Odds Of Being Saved

Improve The Odds Of Being Saved

To maximize your odds of success, use your FireHawk flashlight as a rescue signaling system. This is effective both during the day and at night.

If you’re lost in the woods at night and see a rescue helicopter search for you sweeping the area, use the flashlight setting on your FireHawk to point it at it. Simply ensure that the light beam is centered and aimed at the target.

Sticking your hand out at arm’s length is the best way to do this. Using your first and second fingers, form a V formation. Place your target item (rescue helicopter) between your index and middle fingers.

After that, keep your FireHawk tactical flashlight between your fingers and beam it squarely at the target. Rock the light beam back and forth between your fingertips until you’ve acquired the target with the illumination.

This will emit short bursts of bright light that will make you stand out.

Signaling lights during a search operation is a desperately undervalued survival tactic that might save your life.

If you don’t even own a FireHawk torch, now is the time to buy one.

If you can see,  we’re delighted with our FireHawk Flashlight, and all of its survival uses.  We’re so proud of it, and we want everybody to have one.

13 – Use Battery to Ignite a Fire

Use Battery To Ignite A Fire Your FireHawk flashlight needs one AA battery; that’s it. But did you know that you can use a single AA battery to catch fire? All you need is a small piece of foil (chewing gum wrappers can do this very well). Fold the foil. Then, touch the two ends of the foil to the power terminals of the battery, and the foil will burn.

You will boost your chances of survival in the harshest conditions by having the ability to generate fire in an emergency by carrying a functioning FireHawk Flashlight and a small pack of gum.

And that is what planning, adapting, and overcoming is all about: coping with what you have.

14 – Keep Predators Away from Your Food

Keep Predators Away From Your Food

It’s highly recommended to hang your food if you’re camping in a remote place or backpacking in a place where bears are around.

Bears and other animals won’t eat your food if you hang it. It’s a must-have for backpacking in areas like Glacier National Park, where grizzly bears abound.

A good high branch, though, is too far to throw a light string over without using a weighted piece.  Rocks perform well for this, but wrapping a string around them without it falling off is a hassle.

This is where your FireHawk Flashlight can come in handy. It’s the right size and forms for a throwing disc.

Hanging Food Bag E1615973780763

It has a heavy-duty pocket clip to tie off to.

Don’t be even worried about breaking your FireHawk; it can handle a lot of impacts and still shine, thanks to the aluminum alloy it is made of.

Pull the rope tied to your FireHawk down and your food bag up until you’ve thrown it over the high branch. You’re finished before you tie it to the tree trunk.


Take a glance at our broad survival education manual and get yourself ultimately prepared for whatever! On our website, you will be able to find lots of info about long-term surviving withing your house or even desert survival conditions, the first-class survival instruments available, and the needed survival competencies actual preppers, homesteaders, and survivalists ought to have!


What can a flashlight be used for?

There are many reasons to use tactical flashlights, but the main ones would be:

  • to light up the darkness in low light situations;
  • to prevent a fight by blinding your opponent and escaping the fight scene;
  • to use it as a striking weapon if the fight is inevitable;
  • to ignite a fire by using optics or an AA battery with foil.

What tactical flashlights do most police use?

Police officers use different types of flashlights.  The key distinction is in the kind of light beam emitted by each flashlight.

LED  tactical flashlights are widely used in a variety of areas.  Their reputation has risen as a result of their longevity. They also don’t generate any heat, which means they save energy.

High-Intensity Discharge flashlights emit a soft, high-lumen glow. They are conveniently transportable and useful when a police officer has to disorient a suspect.

What flashlight do special forces use?

Special Forces use tactical flashlights for handguns (weapon lights). These tactical flashlights are designed to be mounted on a long gun or a  pistol.  It shines a light on a target while keeping a tight grip on the weapon.

And Flashlights with headlamps. They are attached to the head with a band.  They’re valuable tools to have, particularly in low-light situations, where both hands are needed.

What is the purpose of a flashlight in a survival kit?

Tactical flashlights are an integral aspect of any emergency kit since they can produce illumination when no other alternative is available.  Power can be out for hours or even days following a hurricane or other tragedy.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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