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Fishing Kit Introduction

It’s no secret that in 2023, fishing is a perfect way to relax outdoors and fish on the shore of a lake or river. Fans of this pastime usually fish in the morning to catch a lot of fish and cook, for instance, fish soup. However, not everyone manages to pull out a big fish, as a large catch depends on many factors. As a rule, the success of fishing depends on the methods of fishing and a fishing kit.

There are many unusual fishing methods: nudging for catfish, bow fishing, or flounder fishing on a spear. However, recently, professionals have been using a beast fishing magnet and professional magnet fishing kit. These magnet fishers often pull trophies out of the water! How many mysterious and valuable items hidden at the bottom of a river you can find using a powerful magnet! If you want to get all these small items and treasures, you need to buy the complete magnet fishing kit and go on the magnet fishing journey.

You will learn about magnet fishing kits and the best magnets for treasure hunting in this brief review. Besides, you will learn about the advantages and features of magnet fishing and what additional accessories you may need to search for lost treasures!

Best Magnet Fishing Kits For Treasure Hunting

Magnet fishing trip is a unique method that allows you to catch a lot of presious gems for food or just for fun. Before you go magnet fishing, check out a list of the best magnets and fishing magnet gears that you can find in the store! Use all your knowledge to choose a high-quality and durable magnet fishing kit!

1. Centurion Magnetics 625 lb

Strong Double Sided

The most popular magnet fishing kit for treasure hunting is Centurion Magnetics 625 lb. Many buyers like the high efficiency of these magnets and the strong-grappling hook. Secondly, this complete magnet fishing kit contains everything you need for successful fishing (durable gloves, highly-tested carbine, and easy food storage waterproof case). Moreover, this powerful magnet will last a long time, as this kit is made of high-quality materials.

Be sure to review all the characteristics of this fishing magnet kit:

  • This magnet fishing gear includes durable gloves
  • One fishing magnet scraper
  • One magnet fishing rope
  • Stainless steel grappling hook
  • Threadlocker

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional in this exciting hobby, this complete magnet fishing kit is helpful for any purpose. Also, the price of this magnet fishing kit is affordable (about $40).

2. Woodland Home Deluxe Magnet Fishing Kit

Woodland Home Magnet

What about the largest powerful magnet designed to search for gold coins, antiques, and jewelry? You haven’t seen such a beast fishing magnet gear yet! The Woodland Home Deluxe Kit is an ideal gear for catching various items that will last you a long time with proper operation. This high-strength magnet fishing kit contains a neodymium magnet providing a pulling force of over 2000 lbs. It is also worth noting the reliable rope and grappling hook, which are simple and easy to use.

The key feature of these best magnets is the orange rubber sleeve, which significantly reduces the risk of rust and early signs of wear! Undoubtedly, the price of such a beast fishing magnet kit is high, but the ratio of quality and product is excellent. You won’t regret buying this high-quality fishing magnet kit (and durable fishing magnets) because it allows you to find incredible, fantastic things that you may have never seen before!

Main features:

  • This fishing magnet gear includes a high-strength magnet for pulling fantastic items
  • Over 2000 lbs pulling force
  • The best rope for tension
  • Bright orange rubber sleeve
  • Shockproof case

This set really deserves your attention, as it combines unique features. This fishing kit contains the best magnets with the greatest power and modern packaging design. The bright orange rubber sleeve protects the magnet from chips or cracks while maintaining maximum holding capacity and preventing rust. At the same time, magnet fishing gear is completely safe and does not contain any harmful substances.

3. The Original Magnet Fishing Gear

Brute Magnetics Brute

Another universal complete kit for magnet fishing is The Original Magnet Fishing Bundle! The manufacturer has done everything possible to make this fishing magnet gear highly efficient and durable. This resistant to external influences magnet fishing kit contains all the necessary tools for successful fishing. As soon as you throw a rope with a magnet into the water, you will experience incredible excitement and pleasure from this hobby. With a pulling force exceeding 1200 pounds, these fishing magnets may be better suited to those who already have some experience fishing. 

But even if you are a beginner, do not worry! You will succeed if you practice regularly.

Main features:

  • A pull force is about 1200 lbs
  • Durable single-sided magnet
  • Waterproof storage case
  • Resistant to external influences gloves
  • Double braided nylon rope with carabiner
  • Reliable eye bolt

Indeed, many fishermen recommend this high-strength and resistant fishing magnet gear. Although this product has a high price (about $ 100), it is the best product on the market. The only drawback of these fishing magnets is rust. If you don’t clean the magnets and rope, they will rust quickly.

4. Double-Sided Fishing Magnet With High Pull Force

Mhdmag Magnet Fishing

MHDMAG Complete Kit has an excellent price-quality ratio and is in demand among avid fishers and treasure hunters. Even if you are a beginner in this fantastic hobby, you will succeed with this complete kit.

This kit for magnet fishing has all the necessary tools, including a metal grappling hook and nylon rope. Thanks to the double-sided magnet with high pulling power, you can easily throw this magnet into the water without worrying that it will not magnetize objects. This double-sided fishing magnet has a high rating and a lot of positive reviews, and it is an excellent indicator of high quality.

If you still don’t believe it, check out the key features of this kit designed for magnetic fishing:

  • Double-sided fishing magnet with a high pull force
  • Durable nylon rope
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Threadlocker glue and metal hook
  • High breaking strength

You can use this kit at least every day, and its durability will not decrease. Waterproof gloves and stainless steel hook will protect you from any damage and hold up to frequent fishing in any weather. The durable nylon rope withstands even the heaviest objects, and therefore you will definitely not be left without “loot”!

This magnet fishing bundle contains additional accessories (for instance, a microfiber towel) and is inexpensive (about $ 60). This kit is multifunctional, as you can use these magnets for different purposes: treasure hunting, salvaging underwater, or magnet fishing. Nevertheless, do not forget about the proper operation of this double-sided fishing magnet. 

Although these fishing kit products may seem harmless at first glance, any wrong action can lead to undesirable results.

5. Double-Sided Fishing Magnet With Durable Tools

Mikede Fishing Magnets

This double-sided fishing magnet kit has won the hearts of many treasure hunters. As soon as you buy this universal kit, you will feel an incredible surge of energy and excitement and want to go on an exciting magnet fishing journey.

Firstly, this powerful magnet fishing gear is equipped with a long rope and a carabiner for fishing in many lakes and rivers. Nylon rope withstands a 2100lbs breaking strain. Secondly, this gear will pleasantly surprise you, as it contains an added bonus – a stainless steel grappling hook. Finally, manufacturers have supplemented this magnet fishing gear with shockproof gloves and a magnet cleaner.

Honestly, it is one of the perfect kits available in many stores. This kit has a high-strength case, designed in a modern style. As a rule, the manufacturer tests all products before they are delivered to the market. Therefore, you can not worry about the quality of the magnets and additional tools. The regular price of this kit is about $95. Platinum Online Products is a highly client-oriented company that really delivers the highest quality products to the market. 

The company has long established itself as a reliable and safe manufacturer. Therefore, you will be satisfied with such a purchase.

6. Ideal Magnet Fishing Complete Kit

Hercules Magnetics Magnet

How about a bright yellow kit for magnet fishing? The Hercules Magnetics Magnet Fishing Kit is what you need to catch metal objects and expensive jewelry. These universal kits have a powerful magnet with a comfortable amount of pull strength. Many people choose this fishing magnet gear because of its bright yellow color and features.

For instance, this magnet fishing kit contains the following items that allow you to pull out prey even from the deepest reservoirs:

  • Gold-painted magnet
  • Heavy-duty rope
  • Gloves and carabiner

Fishers buy this kit in the store as it is easy to use and has a lightweight magnet. You don’t have to carry heavy objects, and you can quickly pull any item out of the water. Moreover, the kit is ideal for use in shallow water and is especially useful for carrying metal items! This gear of magnets is made of high-quality, very durable materials, guaranteed to withstand the test of time without water damage or corrosion. Still in doubt about the notch quality of this product? 

Read the positive customer reviews and make sure that this kit deserves your attention. The magnet fishing gear costs no more than $40.

7. The King Kong Fishing Magnet Kit With A Durable Rope

King Kong Magnetics

Many experienced hunters advise using the King Kong Magnetics Fishing Magnet Kit to search for hidden treasures, various metal objects, hairpins, or jewelry. This magnet fishing kit is inexpensive, and you can always buy these cheaper magnets at any local fishing store or online on Amazon. As for the main features of this magnet fishing gear, this kit contains a lightweight magnet, a strong rope, and a hook. Using this fishing magnet gear, you can easily pull buried items from the bottom.

Another thing worth noting is the accurate pulling force – about 400 lbs. This magnet fishing gear will serve you for many years. Also, this fishing gear includes tough fishing gloves and a thick nylon rope for pulling out found objects. Finally, high-quality thread locker glue will help you secure the magnet securely. This King Kong Magnetics Fishing Magnet Kit is a godsend for any adventurous fisherman!

Key advantages:

  • Thick nylon rope
  • Durable fishing gloves
  • Over 660 lbs tensile strength
  • Two dependable carabiners
  • Easy to throw and pull out the magnet

These magnets are made of pure neodymium, coated with steel, and resistant to corrosion! If you dream of becoming a professional in magnet fishing and pulling fantastic items from the bottom of the sea, buy this magnet fishing gear and get it started faster! 

8. Brute Magnetics Magnet Fishing Gear

Brute Magnetics

One of the most popular fishing magnet gears is the Brute Magnetics Magnet Fishing Bundle! It is a standard fishing magnet kit that breaks all records in quality and price. As a rule, beginners usually buy this gear as it contains all the necessary items: a neodymium magnet, a double nylon rope with a carabiner, and a thread locker.

This durable magnet will last you for many years, thanks to its Ni-Cu-Ni coating and A3 steel plate. You can buy this resistant magnet fishing kit at any fishing store or online on Amazon. Also, this gear has a high rating among other kits, as evidenced by the encouraging feedback. Many users write positive reviews about these fishing gears.

If you are interested in this fishing magnet, view the main advantages of the kit:

  • A powerful magnet with a pulling force of about 1200 lbs
  • Best Ni-Cu-Ni coating
  • Double nylon rope
  • A bottle of thread locker
  • Rust and corrosion resistance

However, this magnet fishing gear also has some drawbacks. For instance, many fishing hunters note the poor quality of thread locker and no durable gloves for a reliable grip. But you don’t have to worry about it because this bundle is perfect for beginners.

9. Logui Magnet Fishing Kit

Logui Projects

A budget option for magnet fishing is The Logui Magnet Fishing Kit, which will amaze you from the first seconds! A heavy-duty magnet and strong rope will help you drag heavy objects and pull them out of the water.

It is worth highlighting the following advantages of this fantastic bundle for magnet fishing:

  • Anti-slip durable gloves for your safety
  • Combined neodymium fishing magnets (pulling force is 1200 Ibs) with more power than other magnets
  • Nylon-wire rope
  • Grappling hook

Honestly, the price-quality ratio of this magnet is excellent, and you can see for yourself by buying this kit! Use heavy-duty rope, protective gloves, a reliable carabiner, and a durable hook to pull larger objects out of the water. You only need to buy a magnet fishing kit, read a little about magnet hunting, and go on a trip.

Thus, there are many universal kits for magnet fishing, and they all deserve your attention. As soon as you buy one of the above magnet fishing kits and go fishing, you will become a treasure hunter and pull amazing items out of the water. Do not miss this opportunity, as you have every chance to drag some antiques!

Fishing Magnet Kit And Fishing Magnets In Further Detail

Since magnet fishing is the most popular method of treasure hunting, let’s look at its advantages and features. Although this exciting hobby may seem simple, you will need the best magnet fishing kits and fishing magnets. You need to make sure that you have bought quality gear for magnet fishing.

1. What Is Magnet Fishing

Magnet fishing is an exciting hobby, thanks to which you can use magnets underwater and uncover mysterious items (coins, knives, watches, metal objects). Today, this type of fishing has gained incredible popularity and has become as accessible as possible for almost everyone. The possibilities of a powerful magnet directly depend on its cost and your knowledge in this field. If you choose the best gear and read how to use it, you can “catch” a lot of treasures!

Nevertheless, before you start treasure hunting, you will need a magnet fishing kit containing the following items:

  • Neodymium strong magnets 
  • Heavy-duty double braided nylon rope with strong carabiners
  • Heavy-duty grappling hook
  • Durable cut resistant gloves
  • Threadlocker glue
  • Additional accessories

As a rule, neodymium magnets belong to rare earth magnets that you can buy in stores. Many treasure hunters use neodymium magnets to pull metal objects and jewelry from the bottom.

Vital remark: be careful when using a single-sided or double-sided magnet, as it can magnetize bombs! Also, observe safety precautions when connecting two rare-earth neodymium magnets, as they may pose a pinching hazard. If you want to choose the best powerful magnet, pay attention to the main characteristics. Don’t forget to watch the video about the rules for the safe use of magnets and fishing magnet kits!

2. Found Treasures Thanks To Magnetic Fishing

You can find almost all metal items with a search magnet. However, there is one caveat: any magnet will not magnetize non-ferrous metal. Indeed, your magnetic gear will not magnetize non-ferrous metals such as bronze, aluminum, or copper. Unfortunately, you cannot magnetize pure noble metal, such as gold, silver, or platinum. Therefore, if you plan to search for gold with a powerful magnet, it will not work out. It is better for you to buy an underwater metal detector since this tool will be more helpful than a magnet.

You can also catch the gold in the river with a magnet, but only under certain conditions and with incredible luck! You can drag objects with a magnet in a lake, river, and old pits, where many unusual treasures (coins, chains, knives, or watches) can accumulate over many years!

Below is a list of unusual items that you can find thanks to magnet fishing:

  • Nuts and bolts
  • Bicycle parts
  • Tools
  • Safes and guns
  • Old forks, spoons, and other utensils
  • Antique swords and coins

One of the most unusual things you can find on a strong magnet is a safe deposit. Indeed, people often find old safes in rivers or lakes. In most cases, they are empty, thrown away after a robbery. However, some lucky person stumbles upon a real treasure chest!

Nevertheless, as already noted, there are also dangerous finds. Sometimes treasure seekers find old weapons, ammunition, bombs, and explosives. To protect yourself, do not unhook the magnet yourself. It is better to call experienced specialists.

Best Magnet Fishing Kits Takeaway

Thus, magnet fishing is a relatively harmless fascinating hobby, thanks to which you can pull out antique objects or iron tools. The most frequent finds turn out to be scrap metal. However, many magnet fishing hunters find gold coins, knives, or watches.

Moreover, magnet fishing is a way to take care of the environment. You can hand over the metal pulled out of the water at the reception points of non-ferrous metals. If you want to become a professional in magnet fishing and pull super items out of the water, buy the best magnet fishing kit containing a strong nylon rope, durable gloves, and a super-strong magnet.

You may object that magnet fishing is not fishing because people don’t catch fish. Perhaps you are right, but why should you deny yourself the pleasure of trying something new and cleaning the local reservoir in addition? Don’t miss the chance to catch something unusual in the water!

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

How to make a fishing magnet?

As a rule, you will need the following items: an aluminum tire, seven stainless screws and nuts, one stainless ring nut, and a static rope. You will also need a metal saw or drill. The first step is to cut the aluminum tire into pieces and drill a hole in each center. The second step is to connect all the ends with nuts and screws. As a result, you will get a big fishing magnet.

How big of a magnet do you need for magnet fishing?

Overall, it all depends on your needs and finances. If you are a beginner in treasure fishing, start with a 500 lbs capable magnet. The more you practice, the more experienced you will become in magnet fishing. Honestly, many people recommend a 500 lbs capable magnet, as it is enough to pull metal objects out from the bottom. Also, you can buy a double-sided fishing magnet with 800 lbs.

Which fishing magnet fits your needs?

The most suitable magnet for all needs is a double-sided magnet with a thick, strong rope. Also, the kit must contain gloves resistant to external influences, a convenient grappling hook, and special glue. A suitable double-sided magnet is a magnet with 2000 lbs or 2600 lbs pulling force. Thanks to such a magnet force, you will definitely pull something fantastic from the bottom of the sea or lake.

How to go magnet fishing?

The first step is to buy a perfect magnet fishing kit and additional items for treasure hunting. You will need the following items: scissors or a penknife, towel, disinfectant, bucket, or bag. Check if your complete kit contains a rope, a strong magnet, gloves, and a hook. Also, choose a place (lake, river, or pond) and go to a magnet fishing! You can call friends or relatives to make magnetic fishing more fun and interesting.

Where to buy a fishing magnet?

Are you interested in buying neodymium magnets with high pull force? Keep in mind that powerful magnets are strong and dangerous. Always take extra care and ask for additional advice when buying fishing magnets. You can purchase fishing magnets in any fishing store or online, for instance, on Amazon. As a rule, the regular price of this fishing magnet varies from $20 to $250.


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