Best Fireproof Gun Safe Review and Buying Guide

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Fire-resistant Gun Safe Introduction

Fire-Resistant Gun Safe Introduction

A fireproof gun safe is an excellent investment in the safe storage of firearms. When buying pistols, you need to think about where to keep a gun (or a rifle) and gun gear from children and other family members. This issue is urgent, as it is necessary to observe all precautions. As a rule, many gun owners prefer to create a storage space for guns and ammunition. The purchase of a gun safe is an important event, and therefore any gun owner needs to consider the main product characteristics, including fire resistance (or fire protection).

You can buy the best fireproof gun safes at any local gun store or online through popular platforms like Amazon. Indeed, a powerful fire-resistant gun safe will provide an excellent level of gun safety from strangers and in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as a fire. For instance, a high-quality gun safe made of solid steel construction can protect your gun, firearm gear, and valuables even at a high temperature of about 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes! Therefore, if you want to store weapons and gun gear in a safe place, protected from any external influences, you need to buy the perfect fireproof weapon safe with backup keys and heavy-duty construction.

In this informative article, you will learn what features and main characteristics the best gun safes have and how to choose a fire-resistant gun safe with an excellent locking mechanism. Moreover, you will view the list of the best fireproof weapon safes in demand! Read about how to protect your guns from children and emergencies (fire) and which fire-resistant weapon safes are best suited for these purposes.

Best Fireproof Gun Safes With Solid Steel Construction And Locking Mechanism

Best Fireproof Gun Safes With Solid Steel Construction And Locking Mechanism As already noted, buying the best fireproof gun safe is a profitable investment in your future because this purchase will quickly pay off. If you keep a gun outside a fireproof gun safe, you will risk a lot. Firstly, anyone can take your pistol and shoot. Secondly, children will be in danger if they find your weapons and gun gear. Finally, during a fire, your gun would have burned down. These are the three main reasons for buying the best fireproof gun safe as soon as possible! If you are interested in this topic and want to view the best fire-resistant models, check out the list of the best universal gun safes below. You don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for information about fireproof safes, as you can read everything in this article!

Below is a list of the best fireproof gun safes.

1) Steelwater Heavy-Duty Fireproof Gun Safe

Steelwater Gun Safes New

What about the most heavy-duty fireproof gun safe made of sturdy construction? This Steelwater Fireproof Gun Safe is in demand among many gun owners, as it is one of the best models. Due to its impeccable characteristics, many people recommend these fireproof safes!

These gun safes break all records in the fireproof rating and have wide recognition among buyers. Such fireproof gun safes have a high level of fire protection and solid construction. Also, it provides improved one-hour fire resistance at a temperature of 1875 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, these models are equipped with ten 1.5-inch strong steel locking bolts and a 12-gauge steel structure.

Although this affordable fireproof gun may seem small, it has a large gun capacity (about seven rifles and a small gun gear). Manufacturers make such fireproof safes from steel and equip them with adjustable and removable shelves. At the same time, the price-quality ratio of this product meets high standards! These gun safes are inexpensive, which can also please you! When buying this gun safe, you will also receive a free dry pack of 200 grams of silica and a door organizer.

Main features:

  • Gauge steel construction
  • Electronic lock
  • Five solid steel locking bolts
  • Durable steel door
  • The small structure size with a capacity of about seven guns
  • Reasonable price and additional accessories
  • Door seal that activates when heated
  • LED interior light and sealed inner housing
  • Secure electronic keypad and re-lock function

Thus, if you want to buy an ideal inexpensive safe for storing weapons and other valuables, this model will suit you! By the way, use four high-quality AA alkaline batteries for optimal efficiency of these gun safes. Also, do not forget about the maintenance of this waterproof safe.

2) Ideal Fire-Resistant SentrySafe EF4738E Gun Safe

Sentrysafe Ef4738E Fireproof

Another waterproof safe for storing weapons and other valuables is the SentrySafe model! This best fireproof gun safe will protect your gun from any external influences, including fire. Although this fireproof safe has an average size, its capacity is excellent. You can store weapons, ammunition, securities, or money in the fireproof safe. Although this fireproof safe has an average size, its capacity is excellent. You can store weapons, ammunition, securities, or money in the fireproof safe.

According to the product description, the fire protection of this gun safe protects documents and other valuables for up to half an hour at a temperature not exceeding 1400 F. It is an excellent indicator of overprotection in case of fire. Besides, this fireproof handgun safe is difficult to crack since the security system blocks such unauthorized actions.

This waterproof safe provides water protection for up to three days! Your valuables, documents, and weapons will be safe for a long time. At the same time, firefighters or the police will have time to open the safe before all your things burn or get wet.

Below are the key features of such gun safes with a superior security system:

  • Waterproof and fire resistance function
  • Excellent locking bolts
  • Solid steel construction
  • Five live lockings and four deadbolts
  • The interior space covering protects valuables from damage
  • Long service life
  • You will have your own digital combination fire safe

However, although this fireproof gun safe has many advantages, buyers sometimes note some disadvantages. Indeed, there is no quality control. Also, this fire-resistant safe weighs heavily, and therefore you will not move it quickly from room to room or from corner to corner. You will have to resort to the help of another person or think in advance where to put this fireproof safe. It is a reliable weapon safe that will ensure maximum protection of your weapons and equipment from external threats!

3) SentrySafe SFW082CTB Fireproof Gun Safe

Sentrysafe Sfw082Ctb Fireproof

This high quality reliable fireproof gun safe deserves your attention and high ratings from buyers. This SentrySafe SFW082CTB model is one of the best, made of waterproof material and durable construction. The fire resistance function works for about an hour, and it is significantly more than other gun safes. This fire-resistant gun safe can maintain the internal temperature even in extreme heat!

What else is unusual about this model? It’s worth noting that this affordable fireproof gun safe is lightweight, and you can move it without any difficulty. The average weight of such a fire safe is about 80 pounds. As a rule, you will receive additional items in the kit: three locking bolts, external hinges, a tray, and a preset dial combination fire. Such gun gear and fireproof gun safe will definitely please you!

Before buying this fire-resistant model, it recommends viewing the main product characteristics:

  • High fire resistance (about an hour)
  • Maintaining a safe internal temperature at the high heat
  • This gun safe withstands a 15foot fall
  • Excellent waterproof system for protecting documents, personal items, and weapons
  • Preset dial combination and three live-locking bolts
  • Pry-resistant hinge bar and light weight for easy movement

As you can see, this fireproof gun safe deserves your attention in terms of price-quality ratio. As for the disadvantages, some buyers note the difficulty to install due to the off-centered drill hole. Thus, these gun safes are what you need by all other parameters!

4) Wasatch Best Fireproof Gun Safe

Steelwater Gun Safes New

The Wasatch Gun Safe is on the list of top gun safes with the best fire protection. Firstly, this gun safe is easy to use and has a solid construction. Secondly, this gun safe can withstand high temperatures for 30 minutes. You can not worry about the safety of your personal items, documents, and firearms, as this model provides the best fire protection.

This model has a high fire rating, and many gun owners recommend this fireproof rifle safe. Why? One of the features of this gun safe is water resistance. You can immerse this safe deep in water, and it will withstand this external impact. The gauge steel safe is also equipped with an electronic lock, an alarm U function, and locking bolts. Finally, manufacturers have also manufactured tapped bolts and recessed doors for this safe, increasing its pry-resistance!

Key features:

  • Anti-theft alarm function for ultra-safe storage of guns and documents
  • High fire protection and water resistance
  • High fire rating among other gun safes
  • Electronic lock and bright backlight
  • Backup keys and external hinges
  • Equipped with locking and deadbolts

This model is ideal for the safe storage of weapons of any caliber. The only drawback is no lighting in the interior space. However, this problem is not significant since you can always use a flashlight or make additional lighting in this fire safe.

5) Most Spacious Fireproof Gun Safe

Steelwater Gun Safes


If you want to store many valuable items, documents, and rifles in a safe, you need to buy the most spacious fireproof safe. One of such excellent models is the Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe.

Honestly, it will not be easy for you to find a better offer since this fireproof safe is designed for the safe storage of long guns and any gun gear. Moreover, the price-quality ratio will please you. It is worth noting that this gauge steel gun safe has a solid door, housing, and a hard plate that provides ultra protection from any external influences, including fire. You can secure the safe anywhere, thanks to pre-drilled holes. This feature significantly distinguishes these models and makes them better than others. Not all gun safes have this function.

Also, manufacturers have equipped these safes with additional technologies: an automatic lock-breaking detector and powder coatings designed to protect against scratches and chips. If hackers try to open such a gun safe, they will fail since these models have an advanced security system. Besides, this safe can be protected from fire for one hour at a high temperature.

Be sure to review the main characteristics of such spacious safes:

  • More fire-resistant design for storage of the long guns
  • Interior temperatures will not rise to 350 degrees within an hour
  • This model complies with all safety standards
  • Super protection against damage, scratches, bumps, and chips
  • Hard plate for drill-resistant locks
  • Stored gun powder coating

If you want to purchase a reliable fireproof safe with an electronic lock, purchase this ideal model! It is an inexpensive and budget option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. These high fireproof rating safes are equipped with a spring mechanical lock. The only drawback is no holes for the passage of an electric cord.

6) Fortress Gun Safe With Fire Resistance Function

Fortress Gun Fireproof

Many gun fans recommend buying universal weapon safes with an anti-theft function and a reliable metal structure called Fortress Gun Fireproof Safes. This heavy-duty gun safe has many advantages and additional functions. For instance, if you look for the best gun safe with a folding inner and outer handle, this weapon safe will definitely suit you. Also, this gun safe can withstand high temperatures, up to about 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. It is an excellent indicator of a super-protective function that will protect your documents, valuables, and guns from fire.

What else did the manufacturers equip this gun safe with? Firstly, you will be pleased with the exterior hinges, which allow you to fully open 180 degrees. Thanks to these hinges, you will have quick and easy access to the safe and weapons. Secondly, the safe has a tight-fitting door without any rattling. Finally, these durable safes come with a serrated bolt, three one-inch locking bolts, and two deadbolts for added security.

Below are the key advantages of such models:

  • Door fits tight without rattles
  • Steel body construction
  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy and roomy
  • Additional elements (various bolts, excellent fire rating, and backlit electronic lock)

As for the disadvantages, these models do not have an electronic keypad for quickly entering a password. Also, these gun models have collapsing inserts for shelves. If these two points are critical for you, we recommend that you look at other safes. But this model is not bad in many ways and deserves a high rating.

7) Barska New Gun Vault Safe

Barska New 12 Fireproof Fire

Do you want a heavy-duty fireproof weapon safe of the best quality? You should pay attention to the most silent weapon model! This Barska New Gun Vault Safe is ideal for many purposes, including the safe storage of gun gear and guns. Regardless of what kind of weapon you have (pistol or shotgun), you can store it in this safe. As a rule, this steel-framed firearm safe can securely store and protect up to 45 long guns.

Why is this gun safe perfect? Firstly, thanks to the six-point locking mechanism on the bolt, strangers and burglars will not open your safe. Also, your valuables and weapons are reliably protected from external influences. Such safes have a soft interior upholstery and a keypad lock with an indicator showing the power level. Finally, interior temperatures safe does not exceed the permitted level, and this feature helps to protect all personal things even at maximum heat for 40 minutes.

Main features:

  • Quick entry keypads and a 9-volt battery
  • Keypad lock with an indicator showing the power level
  • Soft interior upholstery and bolt holes for quick installation of the safe
  • Secondary locking key and removable shelves
  • Silent opening function

As you can see, these models are equipped with advanced technology and protect guns from any external dangers. Thanks to quick entry keypads, you will get quick access to all personal items and weapons in the safe. Besides, such safes are supplied with backup keys and six strong bolts made of durable steel. Thus, this model is advanced and ideally suited for many purposes.

8) Steelwater AMSWS-610 EL Gun Safe with Good Fire Rating

Steelwater Amswel-310

As practice and reviews of regular customers show, Steelwater is a popular and reliable fireproof gun safe brand! This brand supplies the gun market with some of the best fireproof and waterproof weapon safes.

One of these upgraded reliable models is the Steelwater AMSWS-610 EL, designed for the safe storage of weapons and ammunition. You don’t have to worry about protecting your personal items and valuables, as these safes work properly. This safe has a heavy-duty door to prevent burglary, and you can also fasten the safe to the floor with four durable bolts.

A distinctive feature of these fireproof models is an excellent fire rating. These safes can withstand high temperatures (about 1850 degrees Fahrenheit) for two hours! This fire rating makes these safes as strong, reliable, and durable as possible. Your documents and weapons will be protected from external influences, including fires and smoke. It is also worth noting that these safes are equipped with two locking bolts and bolts for enhanced security. Few people can hack such a security system and get weapons out of the safe. According to many gun fans, the characteristics of this gun safe surpass the features of most residential gun safes.

If you are interested in such a gun safe, be sure to review its main characteristics:

  • Perfect fireproof rating at 1850°F for 120 minutes
  • Excellent combination lock and deadbolts for added security
  • Waterproof and durable steel construction

Nevertheless, these durable models are not budget. Usually, they are very expensive, and therefore not every gun owner can afford to buy such a safe. If you have a limited budget, look for another less expensive durable gun safe with combination lock and ultra security system. If the price suits you, buy this safe and you will not regret this purchase!

9) AEGIS Fireproof Rifle Safe For Safe Storage

Aegis Fireproof Rifle Gun

The final model in our list of the best fireproof weapon safes is the AEGIS Fireproof Rifle Safe. If you dream of a long gun safe with a solid metal construction, this option is perfect for you. Designed with a reinforced solid steel wall, this weapon safe is fireproof and reliable. As a rule, you can store about 20 rifles in this safe by adjusting the multi-tiered racks and strengthening the security system.

According to the product description, this safe can withstand a high temperature of about 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes. These safes are equipped with a convenient electronic emp proof keypad and manual keys, so that you will always have quick and easy access to weapons in unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, these safes have thermally activated door seals that expand during a fire and expel smoke and heat.

What other advanced functions and features do such models have?

  • Fireproof steel construction
  • Super-strong protection against forced entry
  • Seven active bolts and three deadbolts
  • Protected by a ruggedized hard plate and exterior hinges
  • Huge gun storage capacity for weapons, gun survival gear, valuables, jewelry, and documents
  • A soft cloth lining inside this gun safe
  • UL approved for security purposes
  • External door hinges allow 180-degree opening

Thus, these safes are the best of the best, and come with advanced optional accessories. If you want no one to gain access to your weapons or valuables, buy a safe with an enhanced security system. Do not spare money to buy a safe, as the safe gun storage is something that every gun owner should follow.

Final Words About The Best Weapon Safes With Perfect Fire Rating

Final Words About The Best Weapon Safes With Perfect Fire Rating

To sum up, a gun safe with excellent fire rating is the best solution for those who want to safely store weapons and gun gear. If you want nobody to crack and open your gun safe, buy a safe with a high security system and strong lock bolts.

Today, manufacturers supply the market with many different high-strength weapon safes designed for different purposes. Many fireproof and waterproof safes can withstand high temperatures from 30 to 120 minutes, as well as stay in water for up to 72 hours. Consider these characteristics when buying a gun safe to avoid the risks of loss or theft of documents and weapons!

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Are fireproof safes worth it?

Absolutely! The fireproof safe allows your personal items, documents, and guns to be protected in emergencies. It is the best investment because in this way you will protect your weapons and gun gear from any external influences, including fires. If you are interested in the safe storage of guns, buy fireproof safes made of durable metal.

How long should a gun safe be fireproof for?

Overall, it all depends on the brand and solid construction of the gun safe. On average, a fireproof safe can withstand from 30 to 150 minutes of smoke and high temperature. Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of such gun safes designed to protect weapons from external influences. Many gun safes are also waterproof.

Are any safes really fireproof?

Not all manufacturers are honest with consumers, and many supposedly “fireproof gun safes” are not at all like that. In gun shops you can find safes that perfectly resist smoke and high heat. Usually, fire protection is about an hour. When buying such safes, carefully read the product characteristics and features.

How big is a flameproof gun safe?

As a rule, the standard size of long gun safes is about 60 inches. People usually keep long guns and other important items in such advanced safes. The largest gun safe has the following size: 28 x 18 x 59 inches. If you are interested in buying a long gun safe, keep in mind that such safes are heavy and not designed to be moved. This characteristic should be considered when choosing a safe since if you want to move it, you will face difficulties.

How much does a flameproof safe cost?

As a rule, the average price of a fireproof safe is about $ 400-500. In the gun store, you can find a gun safe that costs about $100, as well as a gun safe that costs about $1000. The price range largely depends on the quality of the material, service life, additional functions, and accessories (backlight, hinges, electronic keypad, or bolts). Always choose a gun safe with an excellent quality-price ratio.

How do I know if my gun is inside the fireproof safe?

Before buying a fireproof weapon safe, carefully read all the characteristics of the product. As a rule, manufacturers attach a product description and operating instructions. If the safe can withstand high temperatures for 30 or 45 minutes, it is fireproof. Try not to check the fire rating of safes yourself, as this can lead to a fire and irreversible consequences.

Does my fireproof gun safe have a warranty?

The warranty period is an integral characteristic of any product since the warranty allows you to hand over the product or exchange it for a new one in case of breakage and malfunction. Buy gun safes with a one-year warranty. For instance, all safes purchased through Steelwater Gun Safes are blocked by a lifetime warranty against burglary and fire. Unfortunately, some manufacturers offer a short warranty period.

How long does it take for a fireproof gun safe to cool down?

According to the main characteristics of fire-resistant safes, the interior temperatures safe should never exceed 350 degrees. Usually, safes cool down in 20-30 minutes, depending on the design and material. However, there are many different types of safes, and not all of them are created equal.

Can I keep my fireproof gun safe in the garage?

If you do not want burglars, children, or other members of your family to have quick access to your pistols, it is better to keep a safe in your room or the basement. Manufacturers do not recommend storing gun safes in the garage if it is possible to put a safe in the house. It will allow you to have quick and easy access to the safe in case of burglars. But if you have no other choice, screw the safe to the floor and build a closet around it for protection.

How do I know if a fireproof gun safe is going to be good?

If you don’t have a goal to protect guns and ammunition from fire or smoke, you don’t have to buy a fireproof weapon safe. On the other hand, if you are interested in storing important documents, items, and weapons in emergencies and do not want to risk your property, such a gun safe will suit you. Before buying, be sure to read the product description and its main characteristics (backup keys, combination lock, or removable shelves).

What is a good fire rating for a gun safe?

To protect your property (personal items, documents, weapons, or gun gear for survival), buy a gun safe with fire rating for about an hour. Fire ratings are significant indicators of weapon safes, their quality, and service life. A safe with a fire rating of less than one hour will not provide enough protection to survive a normal house fire. We also recommend reading fireproof gun safe reviews to learn more about gun safes and how to choose them in the store.


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