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Who needs to think about ammo storage? Now then, you are armed and dangerous for literally anybody: your shooting skill is frightening, and you surely know how to handle a pistol, a shotgun, or any other guns out there. There is one more thing you should consider inevitably: ammo storage. In the article, we will update you on the most powerful methods of ammunition cartridges storage and safes to keep them intact for long-term survival.

In terms of SHTF possibilities, guns, cartridges, and ammo may acquire the same importance as water and simple long-shelf-life food. Not only is it indispensable at a hunting trip and for exchange, but ammo may become the only way to protect your property and shield your family from outer dangers if somebody encroaches on your life and the security of your home.

What actions have you taken to secure your ammo storage? Do you esteem it as a life-saving and survival grant? Our experts’ general recommendation is that ammunition long term storage should be delivered correctly if you want to prolong durability, extend your ammunition’s shelf life, and provide safety. A proper way to store your ammo and maintain safe conditions is the price of your home defense.

Once we obtain a generous quantity of ammo, the issue of ammunition and accessories concerned storage becomes relevant. ammo‘s shelf life relies on such parameters as temperature, humidity, the quality of ammo storage containers, and ammo boxes. It’s a good idea that your ammunition is stored properly; otherwise, you will have big issues with your ammo’s relevance.

We have created a checklist of essential ammunition storage points, which we will cover in the review below. Let’s dive into the matter, review the best ammo storage containers, preferable temperatures, storage conditions, advice for a shooter or a prepper.

The first thing we are going to bring up for discussion is a useful time option.

To ensure that you are ready for any scenario, check out our prepper list.

Vintage Ammo Against Modern Ammo

5F04Ff62D62C8.Image People have always been interested in protecting their homes, and some even manage to combine work and pleasure. We talk about preppers who possess older collections of ammunition. The 1930s put into circulation smokeless powder that replaced highly explosive black powder. Let us consider this period a border to distinguish modern gear from older firearms and ammunition.

Ensure you preserve health and safety as these shotgun ammo containers become either useless or extremely dangerous and explode at the moment of firing. Modern smokeless powder and black gun powder can almost equally compete and are used for different loaders. Be careful and attentive, choosing your options as the price of ignorance and carelessness is too high.

Hi-tech materials, new modeling approaches, and contemporary ways of execution introduce a lot of improvement into the latter-day ammo characteristics that positively influence the ammo box content’s useful life. It brings relief to those who have been storing ammo for the last thirty years. One needs only to adhere to ammo and gun storage conditions to prevent risks and blank shots.

If you want to find out how to store ammo properly, the best ammunition containers, and where to look for dependable products and services, we encourage you to follow our comprehensive survey.

No matter how bad the scenario gets, our survivalist list will help you be ready for any potential danger.

Does Ammunition Have an Expiration Date?

When we talk about firearm items and ammo storage, we use the concept of a useful shelf life, which is no myth and can be extended or cut short by long-term storage conditions. The key point is that unlike foodstuffs, you can keep your ammo for decades and even generations.

Of course, it all depends on the type of ammo products you own, as there are essential differences for storing various kinds of gunshot gear. If you are an experienced prepper, you might have noticed a considerable shortage of ammo on the open market; thus, the question of long-term storage is up-to-date as never before. Therefore if you take our advice and follow the instruction precisely, your ammunition will probably outlive several generations.

Discover the essential gear and tips that we enrolled in our survivalist checklist.

Store Your Ammunition Properly: Our to Do List

45 Acp 45 Auto Federal Ammo

No matter how experienced or new you are to this business. We claim that storing ammo is not more complicated than running food storage. All you need to do is follow several essential rules, and we are going to unveil some tips. There are several guidelines for preparing an ammo storage space, narrowed down to three main laws — the place must be dry, cool, and dark.

Let us examine in depth each metrics that can stretch your ammunition shelf life for decades and then some.

Store Your Ammo in a Dry Place

Caching Ammo Small

Humidity is a number one enemy to ammunition and if you are going to create a reserve, double-check the moisture levels of the storage. Most people don’t have a stand-alone location to store ammunition, so basements become the evident place for storing an ammo box. By a twist of fate, these areas have the highest humidity degree in the entire house. Being located below the ground level, basements often get drowned, and if not, accumulation of dampness from the environment is still a big concern. Moisture degrades the metal, and even little rust is a big sign that your ammo is under threat. Given that ammunition’s main surface material is metal, moisture is the number one thing to avoid. Once the process starts, it’s hard to bypass consequences.

Ivation Here are some essential tips on silica gel dehumidifiers can reduce the risks of long-term ammo and firearm storage:

  • Never keep exposed ammo and ammo storage container items on the floor. In case of flood, this area will be the one to face the water attack, and your ammo cans will get ruined.
  • It’s a great idea to utilize racks, shelves, and cabinets to get firearms, cartridges, and ammo boxes as distant from the ground as possible, so in case of water leaks, your reserves will remain safe.
  • Buy a dehumidifier unit to pump out moisture from the air constantly. The drier the environment is, the better. There are some great products on the market that combine high-quality levels and reasonable pricing.

About Dehumidifiers and Desiccants — Moisture Protection

Desiccant packs combined with dehumidifiers guarantee moisture-free storage, which is the first rule to follow if you want to prolong your gun products and ammo’s useful life. Desiccants use special silica particles that catch the moisture and leave the air inside an ammo container 100 percent dry. It results in the absence of rust and corrosion, which can degrade your cartridges and ammo metal parts.

Ivation 4500

Other types of desiccants have different algorithms for absorbing moisture. These rechargeable devices have some great advantages. Our team reviews the following models as these gear possess several outstanding options ensuring dry and safe storage.

  • This tactical hydrosorbent has a wide coverage of up to three feet in every direction. One device can maintain several ammo cans free of moisture. In our reviews, you will find much valuable advice, and another one sounds as follows — use universal devices of one style if you want to avoid headaches concerning upgrade. Remember, it’s not a mobile application, and you won’t have a chance to download the new version just by filling out your name, email address, or else.
  • One of the greatest options is that one can use a 300 degrees oven to make the desiccant work again. Put them into the oven for three hours, and your desiccant box is reloaded.
  • Color indicators show when the time has come to recharge the dryer.
  • This desiccant material doesn’t contain cobalt chloride, which is super-hazardous and causes cancer. The items below are safe to use.

Make use you are aware of the best preppers tools that can save your life in case of an unfavorable scenario. Consider our survivalists’ checklist.

Labeling is Essential — Choosing a Tool

Organized Stack Of Documents 1 While we are dealing with military-style activities and products, maintaining discipline and accuracy is essential. So if you want to reduce your efforts while looking for this or that item or gun, labeling will be a great solution.



Brady Bmp21 Plus Handheld Label Printer

The contemporary market offers a great number of office equipment, among which you will find such an indispensable tool as a quality labeler. Ammo storage is not a matter of a month or a year. In most cases, you will maintain the process for decades, and we are pretty sure that hardly any memory capacities can afford to hold this kind of information for years. And it’s unnecessary with labeling.

Labels are vital in emergency cases. If you don’t want to open each ammo crate or ammo box every time you need particular equipment, it’s vital to bring self-discipline.

With progressive yet affordable labelers, this process will bring a lot of fun and satisfaction, too. You can mark food containers, cans with other gear types and indicate inherent areas like gas and water sections. Make use of our survival gear list and expand your prepper knowledge.

Once you master labeling your ammunition or military surplus cans, make sure to revise your ammo crate regularly. Make it a rule of thumb to open every storage box and check your ammunition, accessories, and desiccant substances like silica gel every half a year. We promise that such thorough stock control will be of great advantage in case of emergency or upheaval.

Store Your Ammo in a Dark Place

UV exposure is another enemy of your ammunition and firing gear. UV rays are capable of deteriorating almost anything when kept exposed to the environment. Even stainless steel will suffer in outdoor conditions; therefore, if you want to expand your ammo useful shelf and leave it for long-term storage, you must exclude the UV factor.

In terms of UV reduction, a basement without windows or a storage closet makes a perfect combo of budget-saving measures and efficiency. These places sustain dark conditions, while your ammo storage containers double the safety.

Store Your Ammo in a Cool Place

Stacks Of Old Military Battle Rifle Ammo

If you are eager to prolong your ammo’s useful life, you need to consider extreme temperature exposure as seriously as moisture. Extreme heat, as well as freeze-up extreme temperatures, will jeopardize your gun products and ammunition. The reason is that temperature swings provoke humidity, which, as we have discussed above, is corrosive to metals.

Constant swings of extreme temperatures can depend on the area you live in. Thus in some regions, season temperature changes from hundred degrees Fahrenheit during summer months to below zero temperatures in winters. It is a matter of big concern. Your ammo can withstand such temperature cycles for some seasons in a row but will be 100 percent compromised in the long-term run. It makes garages and unheated places worthless storage areas.

What is a dependable location for ammo storage?

  • A professional ammunition magazine or a root cellar is an excellent variant. However, few properties can afford such rooms.
  • Any dry place below 10 ten feet will make perfect gun and ammo storage. Ground temperatures are more constant than air ones and maintain a narrower temperature range equal to 20-25 degrees Fahrenheit. It makes basements an excellent location from this point of view.

The Best Ammo Storage Containers and Metal Ammo Cans

With ammunition, caution is never too much. One more way to protect your ammo and keep the gun safe is to use a storage container. An ammo box must maintain a great airtight seal, which means that a rubber gasket remains in perfect condition. This is the main reason not to buy a used ammo can, no matter how accurate the previous exploitation was. We don’t pursue the goal to cover the 10 best ammo storage containers; however, we find it important to introduce some trustworthy examples of ammo cans.

Heavy-duty manufacturers offer a great number of reliable waterproof ammunition storage containers that not only meet the highest demands but are affordable. A dependable ammo storage container reduces air penetration inside the case and consequently isolates moisture and keeps your ammo dry. Below we feature some great examples of the best ammo storage containers that are worth considering.

Solid Tactical 50 Cal Ammo Box

Solid Tactical 50 Cal Solid Tactical 50 Cal ammo storage container is a great choice for long-term storage, while it is airtight, waterproof, and has a premium quality steel construction. This heavy-duty manufacturer claims to test each gear storage box, and thus you get guarantees that your belongings remain safe and protected.

All essential options, including a rubber gasket seal around the lid, perform perfectly. Solid Tactical 50 Cal ammo storage containers possess solid latches, a durable lid, and three silica packets. Thus you get a full package and can use your brand new tactical ammo box immediately. The desiccant packs remove moisture, so all you have to do is maintain even room temperature levels, and the storage box will take care of the rest.

Solid Tactical 50 caliber ammo storage containers come at a higher than average price, but these ammo cans’ quality is worth considering. We always consider users’ feedback, but even if you decide to restore the ammo case, the brand offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. That is why acquiring a Solid Tactical 50 caliber. You minimize risks. This 50 cal container is good for .45 ACP storage.

Redneck Convent Metal Ammo Case Can

Redneck Convent Metal Ammo Case Can Redneck Convent container is a solid steel box with dependable latches and a durable lid, all of the camo color. Gaskets around the lid create an airtight and waterproof rubber seal, which means you don’t need to worry about your cartridges, ammo, and gun gear. This heavy-duty ammo container is great to store .30 caliber and .20 gauge shotgun shells as well.

Redneck Convent storage containers ensure moist exposure-free storage; however, the brand doesn’t include desiccant packets, which postpone immediate usage if you haven’t got some. Consider one of these metal boxes to protect your items.

A Step-by-Step Ammo Storage Guide

Action Plan 1

We conclude our reviews with this step-by-step algorithm – easy and effective:

  1. Choose the best desiccant option for storing your ammo. Try to render your advice and remember that temperature swings are corruptive and degrade gun equipment and ammo. Avoid unheated areas of your house, and your survival vehicle as these places maintain moisture.
  2. Obtain top-quality boxes and ammo containers. A solid, dependable ammo container may be a little pricey, but it’s the case when quality comes with costs. In our reviews, we rely on users’ feedback and product information claimed by the manufacturers. Thus you can trust our recommendations.
  3. Use desiccants in every container, ammo crate, and ammo box. Recharge fresh materials to avoid moisture.
  4. Check your ammo every five or six months. Organize the process and label your ammo items to have fast access in case of emergency and danger. Watch these video reviews of how to arrange your ammo risk-free maintenance.
  5. Last but not least, among our guidelines is the general safety of your ammo. It will be helpful to store your ammo locked in solid gun safes. There are numerous gun safes reviews on the market, so one will indeed find the solution that suits best.

The Bottom Line

We hope you have found our advice valuable. You are welcome to use our guidelines to prolong the life of your ammo and keep your ammunition dry, safe, and dependable. Our reviews were created to tip off a shooter or a prepper, no matter how professional one is. As we have already mentioned, a case of caution is never too much!


How to protect ammo from dampness?

It might be easier than one can expect, but you might need to combine some steps. Step one — acquire a dependable ammo crate or box. Find some recommendations for a great ammo box above. Step two — put desiccants and dehumidifiers in every box to absorb moisture. Step three — store your ammo as high as possible so that in case of a flood, your cartridges, firearms, and equipment remain above the waterline.

How long can ammo be stored?

In conditions close to ideal ammo, useful life extends to decades and centuries. Discover our advice on great ammo can, a rechargeable desiccant, and storage conditions to make it perfect.

Is it OK to store loose ammo in ammo cans?

It’s better to organize the process as perfectly as you can to reduce the effort in case of an emergency. We recommend storing loose ammo in a manufacturer’s ammo can or a labeled box. It reduces the degrees of damage and helps to find your particular ammo quickly.

Where do you store ammo?

There are several options of where to organize the storage for your firearms, cartridges, and ammo. You’ll find the essentials in our Store Your Ammo Properly section. Remember, the place must be dry, dark, and cool. Your equipment will outlive your grandchildren only under these conditions.

Can you store ammunition in a gun safe?

Gun safes are not airtight, and most of them are not waterproof. Step one — to avoid humidity, utilize an ammo can. Step two — to maintain safety and secure your ammo from children or unwanted guests, use a gun safe to store ammo boxes and cans.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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