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Introduction When picking a weapon or a gun for survival, it is essential to think about some additional devices to get it equipped with. Surely, well-developed survival skills and items of proper survival gear are of the topmost importance, but they won’t get you game. The survival backpack contents should help you stay nourished in the wilderness unless your food supplies or water resources are unlimited. But your gun should be clean to serve you well.

To keep your gun ready for any situation and whenever you need it, it is important to store it carefully and take proper care of it. It not only affects the appearance of your weapon but its effectiveness as well, as using this type of weapon is extremely risky if it doesn’t work correctly. The majority of accidents occur precisely because gun owners do not care about its maintenance.

TOP 3 Best Gun Cleaning Kits

Top 3 Best Gun Cleaning Kits There are many different gun cleaning systems in any specialty shop today, and finding the right one can be tricky. Below you can read a short but helpful list of the most popular and effective cleaning sets recommended by various reviews that you can find on the Internet.

Multipurpose cleaning kits

The universal set for cleaning weapons also includes lubricants, oils, and greases of various compositions. Also, cleaning instruments that are suitable for any type of weapon.

When you’re in a survival environment, it’s not always convenient to operate multiple cleaning cases.

1. Otis Tactical Multipurpose Cleaning System

Otis Tactical Cleaning System For Rifles One of the most famous kits, the Otis Tactical Cleaning System (TCS), was created for various weapons. The black-color kit includes all the tools you need to clean all rifles, pistols, smoothbore, and muzzle-loading guns.

Using the Otis TCS, you can clean rifles from .17 to .50 caliber, pistols from .17 to .50 caliber, smoothbore shotguns from .410 to 12 caliber, as well as all muzzleloaders.

Otis Tactical Cleaning System also includes:

  • 3 Memory-Flex cables
  • cotton patches for .223 and above
  • small patches for .17 to 223, rubber patch seals
  • 6 different brushes
  • barrel light/safety flag

The Otis kit for gun cleaning is completed with a nylon case, a description for all attachments, and a video disc with detailed instructions. Based on reviews, this cleaning equipment is considered the best on the market because it is very portable and highly versatile and fully complies with the price-performance ratio.

Firearm cleaning kits

Handgun cleaning sets are compact, but many of these items on the market are not of high quality. So if you want to find an inexpensive and reliable kit, keep reading this part of our article.

The small size does not always mean a lack of efficiency!

2. Real Avid Gun Boss Pro

Real Avid Handgun Cleaning Kit

If you are considering a budget-friendly gun cleaning pack, the first product we suggest looking at is the Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit, which comes in a lovely red and black color.

In addition to other standard elements, the kit also includes:

  • 50 durable cleaning patches
  • Multi-caliber wire brushes
  • Two-piece cleaning rod (9 inches)

The Gun Boss Kit locks open and allows you to place and reach each tool easily. The brushes are located in easily accessible, numbered compartments. Multifunctional, ergonomic cleaning rod handle, equipped with a swivel brass adapter and internal thread for various attachments. The case body is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate.

This small but practical kit allows you to clean your guns wherever you are. Moreover, it is very convenient and does not take up much space on the work surface. Check out the reviews of satisfied customers and take into account the real characteristics listed there.

Rifles and shotguns

If you are an avid hunter or prefer shotguns and rifles to regular pistols, you should shop for special cleaning kits composed specifically for large-caliber weapons.

3. Upgraded Version of FREETIME Universal Cleaning Supplies

Freetime Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Not only FREETIME cleaning kit is the most suitable option you can get for rifles and shotguns. What is more, it comes in convenient camouflage color. So you would not have to spend your time finding a perfect spot to hide it in case of emergency.

FREETIME cleaning kit items apply to almost any caliber gun you own. It is a useful kit for cleaning larger guns, as it’s still rather compact and contains many essential instruments all in one place. Among others, there are such helpful elements as:

  • 14 cleaning brushes
  • 4 polishing fabrics
  • 3 auxiliary brushes, muzzle flaps, and accessory nozzles
  • Solid brass rods for 17-270 and 30 caliber guns, 3 sections for each

In addition to cleaning the weapon itself, all wooden parts must be oiled with special gun oil and polished with a soft cloth. This high-quality large-caliber cleaning kit will help you with this challenging task.

If you are not sure what type of kit for gun cleaning to buy, this is your sign to search for some customer reviews or news on this topic.

A neglected rusty gun loses its fundamental characteristics and becomes unable to operate much faster.

Although modern weapons are highly reliable, they still need to be cleaned after each firing, and for best results, clean them again after a few days.

After each shot, carbon coats (solid particles of burnt powder) form on the barrel walls. This process takes place in any weapon, regardless of the calibers type used. The extreme operating parameters of the weapon require proper gun cleaning. Then, after cleaning the barrel, all the dirt gradually comes out over several days, and it must be cleaned out by repeated cleansing.

Every firearm owner knows plenty of cleaning kits on the market today, but it may be hard to choose the reliable one. The article on this page reviews all the information you need to know about gun cleaning and what brands you should consider buying for a successful outcome. Keep reading it, and you’ll learn everything about cleaning weapons.

What Makes a Good Gun Cleaning Kit?

What Makes A Good Gun Cleaning Kit? As with all survival equipment, there are a few basic criteria for the true weapon cleaning kit. So, you want it to be lightweight and compact, and it is also vital for any cleaning kit to fit into the emergency bag. AR 15 tools review is one of our interest points as well. You never know what can go wrong and when you would need to bag out.

Time passes, cleaning kits change. No wonder there are many alternatives. Survival weapons are always needed to be maintained. Hence, it is required to have a portable and yet efficient gun cleaning kit wherever you go.

Essential Parts

No matter the size, caliber, type, and price, any firearm cleaning set should contain the most valuable set of tools. If the kit doesn’t have at least one of the instruments listed below, you should consider buying it separately online or in any other store or choose a different cleaning kit available.

So, the main instruments all cleaning sets should include:

  • cleaning rods
  • special oils and greases
  • cleaning solvent
  • nylon and boring brushes
  • patches for cleaning
  • cotton or cloth swabs

When picking a gun cleaning kit, always pay attention to the caliber, make/model, and type of your firearm. Also, read the reviews of a particular kit model to make sure that this choice is worthy enough.


There are weapons of different calibers, so are the cleaning sets. Typically, such a set contains cleaning instruments for almost all calibers of one type of firearm. And it is quite problematic to search for gun cleaning accessories separately.

The best gun cleaning sets are multifunctional. This makes it an indispensable piece of equipment in a survival environment when you have limited space in your backpack and cannot store separate kits for different types of weapons there.


Those cleaning sets that are larger in size can be a sign of higher quality or contain more instruments. However, when it comes to survival, we can say that size matters. Compactness, as well as quality, plays an important role.

Thus, take the size of your weapon cleaning kit into account so that it would fit into any survival backpack.

It is not easy to operate promptly in extreme circumstances and even more difficult to pack a survival bag without forgetting anything. Consequently, it is better to choose the smaller cleaning set, even if it’s not as multifunctional as the large ones.


Everyone seems to know that buying quality products is very important, especially when it comes to the user’s safety and the safety of other people around. However, many people are stingy and search for lower-priced gun cleaning kits, and this is wrong. Thus, they also receive a high probability of the consequences of a malfunction.

The use of low-quality goods is always a sign fraught with consequences. In addition, such cleaning sets fail quicker and need to be replaced more frequently. Therefore, it is best to invest once in a high-quality product so that you will not regret your choice when the time comes.

It is recommended to shop for two weapon cleaning bags at once to be prepared for any possible situation.

How to Clean a Gun

How To Clean A Gun We talked about the gun cleaning importance above. However, not everyone knows that cleaning your weapon helps you to know more precisely how it is constructed inside and out.

Assembling and disassembling any firearm is a rather long process and requires concentration. It reviews all gun parts you may not know about (especially if you are a newbie).

There is no better way to know how your weapon works and what it consists of than constant maintenance in the form of cleaning.

If all the necessary supplies are prepared, you can proceed directly to cleaning. Here’s how to clean your gun properly:

1. Unload the weapon

Cleaning always begins with checking that the weapon is empty. The price of carelessness and disregard for safety rules is too high. So, before starting to clean the gun, make sure that there is no ammo in the gun and the chamber is empty.

2. Take the weapon apart

First, you need to dismantle the barrel (depending on the weapon’s design) and then remove the inside parts. As a rule, weapons are not disassembled in extreme conditions. You should disassemble your weapon shortly after obtaining it to understand how it works. It will never be superfluous.

3. Clean the barrel

Pass the brush screwed onto the ramrod along the inside of the barrel to remove from the damaging elements formed during firing until there are no marks of carbon deposits in it.

Remove the extracted dirty patch and replace it with a new one. Alternate the patches so that the barrel stays dry. Otherwise, all the dirt will remain.

The barrel must be tilted downward during cleaning to ensure that the dissolved dirt flows out of the gun and does not flood other parts.

4. Lubricate the parts

After the dirt has been completely removed from the barrel, put an oiled brush with stiff bristles on the cleaning rod and coat the entire inside of the barrel with oil.

After you wiped dry the gun and applied the cleaning solvent, cover it with oil, rub it thoroughly, and reapply the oil, but in a thin layer.

It is highly recommended to repeat coating the gun with neutral oil after 3-4 days after cleaning because carbon residues may appear in the barrel by this time.

5. Assemble the gun and wipe it down again

After that, the gun needs to be assembled. Remove the excess oil and other components with a soft material.

Do not listen to those who say that cleaning too often is harmful to the weapon. It’s not true. Barrels can still rust even at room temperature, so regular maintenance is essential. To make it easier, you can search for some reviews on what instruments are the best for your type of gun.

Do not neglect weapon cleaning. Even wiping condensation and moisture away from the barrel will prevent corrosion.

When firing, combustion products accumulate on the inner surfaces of the barrel. All these harmful elements not only affect the quality of shooting. They can damage even the most resistant composites of the gun over time.

Best Rifle Cleaning Kit Summary

Best Rifle Cleaning Kit Summary You should remember that thorough gun care allows you to prolong the period of its use.

Any gun must be cleaned as often as possible to prevent carbon build-up inside of it. Indeed, in addition to the main purpose, this method allows you to avoid the so-called copper plating, which is caused by particles of bullets and other ammunition that remain in the barrel.

If you utilize the weapon irresponsibly, even a strong model can become unusable in a couple of years. Therefore, it is important to know how and how to clean your weapon properly and do it regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is needed to clean a rifle?

The standard weapon cleaning kit includes:

1. Сleaning rod – it is considered the most important of the tools. It should consist of 2-3 segments, be as stiff as possible, and longer than the barrel with a chamber. Consider the one-piece ramrod with a wooden or metal rotating handle.

2. Brushes – they are used to remove dirt, metal particles, rust, and carbon deposits, to apply lubricant.

3. Cleaning solvent and patches

4. Oils and lubricants

To learn more, please make sure you’ve read the whole article above.

Should you clean your rifle after every use?

For best results, the weapon should be cleaned and lubricated after each use. And if the weapon is not used often, it should be cleaned at least once a month. Weapons require special attention and careful care. Proper cleaning and quality lubrication are the basis of true performance for your weapon. And if all these conditions are met, then the gun will serve you for many years.


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