Best Survival Bow Review and Buying Guide

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A survival bow will become your best friend on a hunting trip. This arrow weapon is a great solution to stalk and get a great takedown. Learn the differences between a recurve bow and a compound bow, understand the importance of weight, your purposes, and pricing. Enter the world of archery with us and choose your weapon!

A Takedown bow is a frequently undervalued element of survival gear.

Every prepper undoubtedly purchases firearms but forget about the survival bow.

A survival bow is a multitool that can save your life in many extreme situations. Moreover, it is not as huge as you might think — you can dismantle and store it in your survival car or bug out bag.

We described the main reasons to get a survival bow and factors you need to pay attention to while choosing a bow in this article. It will raise your preparedness for surviving — do not miss this information.

TOP Best Survival Bow: Why Do You Need to Purchase a Bow and Arrow?

Top Best Survival Bow: Why Do You Need To Purchase A Bow And Arrow? 1 — High-Level Flexibility Weapon

You can apply survival archery systems for several goals, and it is its important advantage.

The central aim of the takedown bow is hunting. Having skills in hunting with a bow, you will kill both small and large prey. Thanks to the high accuracy of the bow’s shooting and powerful settings, it is applicable for deer hunting as likely as for squirrel shooting.

Another function of the bow is self-defense. Of course, you will not be protected with this gear if your opponent has a gun. In other cases, when an attacker is disarmed or have a knife, a takedown bow will be a valuable self-defense weapon.

Not all gear has such universal features. So, the hunting bow worths it.

2 — Reusability of Bow Ammunition

Arrows are much more convenient to reuse than bullets. Bullets can be reloaded, but you have to pay for it, while arrows can be just used again.

Arrows will not serve you for 10 years, but you can employ one arrow for more than a month even if you use your compound bow every day.

So, you can use 100 high-quality carbon arrows a thousand times while 100 rounds can be spent in a month. Surely, an expenditure of ammunition depends on the situation in the world, but a survival bow can be your best investment during an apocalypse.

3 — Light Weight

Southwest Archery Spyder

The weight of the bows makes them suitable for camping and other outdoor activities. For example, this recurve bow weighs about 2.7 pounds that match the criteria of good gear.

It will not overload your backpack or bug out bag and will be one of the most useful components of gear for surviving.



4 — Great Weapon For Preppers

Surviving cannot be a lonely activity. The more supporting people you have in your camp, the more is the probability to be saved. That is why you will need to present your worthiness and skills in front of other survivalists.

Shooting with a recurve bow can impress anyone, even an experienced prepper. It will show them that you can be a valuable member of their survival team, and they will invite you.

Remember that you may never predict what will happen to you. Make sure you have mastery and high-quality gear for surviving.

5 — Low-Cost Tools

Nika Archery 24 26 28 30

The price for takedown bows equals $150 that is much lower than prices for any other weapon. Besides, you can use one tactical survival bow for the whole life without any additional expenses.

As regards the price for ammunition, 12 arrows will cost you around $30. You may be surprised by such low prices for ammunition, and that’s the point.

Let’s compare spending on survival bows with prices for firearms. The minimum price for a medium quality rifle equals $450. So, the cost of a folding bow is its essential advantage.

6 — Weapon Against Criminals

Imagine a situation when offenders attack your car and see four types of weapons: rifle, gun, shotgun, and folding survival bow.

The reaction of the criminals is obvious. They will take everything except a compound bow because they will not even understand what it is.

This situation is extremely improbable, but still, it is a benefit of a survival bow.

7 —Bows Do Not Require Official Certification

Even though a bow is as dangerous as a gun, you do not need any licenses to buy it. All you need is to come to the hunting store and choose the takedown recurve bow you want. Seller will not ask you for permission because there are no restrictions about the bow in America.

Also, you can order bow from online shops, and the company will deliver them to your house without any questions.

8 — Simple Bow Construction

There are no complicated elements in the design of a survival bow. You will always be able to fix any issues in its performance with simple actions.

9 — Propper Work in Any Situation

If you use a pistol, you may face the problem of unwanted jamming. There is no such trouble with bow and arrow.

The simplicity of construction and absence of mechanical parts makes this weapon more reliable than a revolver. Revolver is the least likely to jam a firearm, but a bow is even better.

10 — Soundless Action

The problem with pistols is that everyone around your location will know that there was a shot. It is not the case for survival bows.

Compound bows will not attract attention as their shot is barely audible. Your neighbors or enemies will not know that you just kill your prey.

A folding survival bow is a perfect weapon for a concealed carry.

11 – Perpetual Mastering

There is no opportunity to hunt or defend without the necessary skills. That is why you will need to practice as much as you can.

Learning is the best way for self-development. So, you will improve yourself and get a lifelong ability to shot using a bow.

12 — Reduced Damage

Even though you are firing in the forest, you do not want to destroy extra items. For instance, shooting with a shotgun into a rodent may break some bushes and trees around it.

Survival bow allows you to avoid excess destructions because of the accurate and thin ammunition. You will hit the head of the prey with an arrow and will not hurt the environment.

13 — Own Creation of a Survival Bow

All materials for the bow designing are available not only in stores but also in nature. You can build your survival bow with strong limbs and arrows from bushes or other types of plants.

It is not an easy operation, but it is possible. You can reduce expenditures and custom the best survival bow based on your preferences. Not all gear can be made on your own. Use this opportunity to upgrade your preparedness.

14 – Absence of Legal Limitations

Southwest Archery Spyder

On the contrary to firearms, there are no limits on the number of purchased survival bows. Authorities do not apply any laws to the owners of bows and arrows today. So, you can easily buy 15 compound bows and share them with your friends.

Survival bow is one of the most hidden from government survival weapons on the market. Availability is its strong privilege.



15 — Safe Weapon for Children

If you have an inquisitive child, you may be interested in replacing a pistol with a survival bow.

A loaded firearm may be harmful to a child or other members of the family as it can be easily turned into action.

Survival bows are not so easy to use because you need to reveal them, make a cutout on an arrow, draw a string, and then it will shot. I guess a child will not figure out how to do it and will run past the takedown bow.

16 — Utility of Distinct Parts

As we wrote above, survivalist uses a bow for killing animals or people. However, there are some more humane purposes for its usage.

Firstly, it is a good coordination tool. You can shoot with a bow for signaling, and your team will find you by an arrow. It is safer to launch a silent arrow than shout through the forest.

Secondly, you can apply a bowstring for the building or the creation of other tools during survival.

The length of the bowstring is up to six feet so that this part can be used for several purposes:

  • Replacing of fishing line
  • Construction of a shelter
  • The building of bow drills for fire starting
  • Installation of traps around your camp

Thirdly, you can use arrows as a piece of equipment for fishing or capture for small game. If you have broadhead arrows, you can substitute spear and hunt for large animals.

Types of the Bows

Types Of The Bows The selection of the best bow is a complicated process as there are plenty of bow types on the market today. Some of them have higher accuracy and power. Others are more portable. You should choose the one more appropriate for your goals. Let’s have a look at some popular categories of bows in more detail.

Takedown Bows

This bows model is quite similar to the survival one, but still, there are some differences. Takedown bows usually have detachable limbs that allow making them more compact. The power of such a weapon is high because of the upgraded fiberglass limbs and strong aluminum riser.

Bows are made of durable substances such as grade aluminum, hard maple, or fiberglass. Sometimes hunters face a cold grip, which is why it cannot be used in winter.

Such bows are sold in various draw weights from 30-pound to 50-pound version.

One of the advantages of takedown bows is their portability. You can place it into the carrying case of a much smaller length than other bows. It is a practical feature for survivalists.

Compact Folding Bows

In comparison to takedown bows, this type is even more portable. The compact folding bow has fixed limbs, but its length in a stacked position is no more than 25 inches. Another advantage of compact folding bows is their draw weights, as you can choose the one more appropriate to your skills.

For example, SinoArt offers you to purchase two alternatives: 35-pound or 55-pound models. So, the former compact folding bow is convenient for beginners, while the latter can be great for experienced shooters.

Survival Bows

This kind of bows is less powerful than the two previous ones, but its durability cannot be compared with any other type of bows. Survival bows are made for long-lasting trails with a large amount of gear, and that is why they will not break up in any position. You can put arrows of survival bow inside the riser to save a lot of space in your backpack.

Smaller sizes mean that the performance of shooting with such a bow will be poor. However, it is enough for accurate shots from 30 yards and successful hunting for any game.

Features of the Best Survival Bow

Features Of The Best Survival Bow At this moment, you may have a wish to get such a great weapon and supplement your gear, but how can you select the best modern longbow on the market?

There are some points you should follow while choosing a bow of any type:

  • Longevity and Reliability. Your bow will suffer in various climates and areas. That is why you need to care about its materials. Riser, limb, carry case, and other parts of the bow should be made of stainless substances as precipitation and moisture will be an integral side of campings.
  • Left and Right Handed. The great thing about survival bows is that many of them are symmetric. Make sure the weapon has a removable shelf, and the cutout on a riser can be adapted to the left or right hand. Even if your right hand is responsible for all tasks, the flexibility of the bow can save your life in a survival situation.
  • Appropriate Draw Length and Draw Weight. Before buying a bow, you should measure the maximum draw length based on your arm span. Besides, the draw length of the survival bow is smaller than the bow length of the folding survival bow or compound one. So, most of them will be appropriate for almost all people with any skills. Draw weights are tightly connected with draw lengths — choose according to your sizes.
  • Arrow Rest. Check whether the arrow rest attached to the bow is high grade when you buy it. Probably, you will need to order additional arrow rest that will fit your bow following your hand orientation.

These are the most important characteristics of a perfect archery system for surviving. You should select weapons of excellent quality to be always confident in their trustworthiness.

Best Survival Bow Summary

Best Survival Bow Summary I hope you have reasons to buy a survival bow now, even if you are new to archery. It will complement your gear and make your survival even more probable.

Explore the links from this review to find the best survival bow on the market and purchase it right now.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is the best bow for survival?

Select survival bow based on your requirements for equipment and your budget. There are plenty of models of bows in America nowadays. For example, SAS Tactical Survival Bow, Southwest Archery Samick Sage Bundle, Aerospace Grade Aluminum, and others. The best bow will be the one you made by yourself. If you do not have enough skills and time for that, choose one of the available in stores, and it will work properly for the long term with your maintenance.

Is a bow good for home defense?

People rarely apply a bow for self-defense at home because it takes some time to set it before shooting. I guess handguns are much better for defense from house attackers because it is fast in action. However, it is perfect for self-defense in nature because there, you are always prepared for assault and can manage the bow in a few seconds.

Is a bow a good survival weapon?

A survival bow can be an essential element in your bug out bag for the reasons we described in this review. It is perfect for hunting for a big game. It is affordable and available in most camping stores. You can use it for many goals. So, a bow can replace any weapon in survival.

How deadly is a bow?

You can kill a person from one shot with a bow if you have enough practice for it, but it is not an easy task. The lethality of survival bows can be compared with the lethality of a pistol. That is why it is an adequate replacement of a gun or rifle for survival.

What about compound bows?

Survivalists employ compound bows as well as other types of this weapon. Compound bows are more potent as they can hit a target from 60 yards and kill it. On the contrary, compound bows are complied in a carriage and repairing as they have more mechanical parts than common survival bow. That is why most of the preppers prefer traditional bows for survival.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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