Survival Neighborhood Coalition for SHTF

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Imagine a scenario in 2023 where you have decided to remain living at your house and utilize your home as a survival retreat rather than bugging out. It is not an obligatory option to live in a shelter or in a tent made of sticks when a disaster strikes.

In a world that was just struck by an apocalypse, or, for instance, an enormous emergency, lots of people will struggle to survive, to get resources such as food, drinking water. Every person will strive to be safe. How would you survive during SHTF, when food stores and all of the other services would be unavailable?

For example, let us imagine you have already made a plan about this:

  • Food stockpilings and resources are ready;
  • The survival weapons for fighting are also in good condition;
  • The plan on protecting your place of living is also ready, and you have thoroughly studied its details.

Sometimes, in most cases, your best survival method is your home-sweet-survival-home and everything that goes along with it.

Two issues have to be discussed, and they would better be discussed before the SHTF:

  • First of all, only one person is surviving on his/her own during SHTF;
  • Secondly, one is surviving surrounded by the survival coalition community during SHTF;

Why Can’t a Prepper Rely Solely On Yourself During SHTF?

Well, the answer is quite obvious. Just in case you don’t know… you can’t do this alone! No one will survive in SHTF if he or she is the only person in the survival coalition group.

The fact that you live in your own home doesn’t preserve you from any disaster out there. You will not be able to just lock the front door and run to bed – anyone then could easily break into your house. In case the disaster is so tremendous that food and resources are deficient, you must understand that there would be bad guys who haven’t prepared their own food stocks. Instead, they would be eager to get to your stockpilings!

But do not consider them seriously. If they would have wanted, then they would have prepared. For some bad guys, such preparations for SHTF simply imply firepower and the desire to utilize it.

And that’s a tough problem: those bad guys know that they would not spend time and money making food stockpilings or gathering survival items and resources. According to their logic, why would they do it if you can simply take what you want from someone who has it?

Actually, this is a pretty powerful argument for them because I’d say it is hella close to the concept of Darwinism. The lion, without hesitation, runs away from the cheetah. Right?

A terrible person who is not afraid to reveal their cruelty can get what they need and desire. And if there are many terrible people at once, collected into one single ruthless survival coalition group, then it would be extra simple for them to do such bad things and take what they want. Not to mention, the police will be powerless, as there simply will be no eyewitnesses (except if those groups would leave them alive…), so no one would be able to verify the fact of the crime after the SHTF is over.

The fact is that one is simply unable to have full-day security for the beloved ones during the SHTF. Moreover, can you actually rely on your 11-year-old son or a wife that would be standing in the backyard of your house with a gun protecting your sleeping hours? I guess no.

What is more, unfortunately, the survival game would need more than just protecting the home and protecting the family. You NEED a survival community to share many responsibilities for the work that may emerge after SHTF happens. In other words, others will protect you, and you will protect others in turn. So, that’s exactly where your neighbors can help you. Together, you guys will have to form a ‘DIY’ (pun intended) survival coalition community for those who plan to survive after SHTF.

Earlier, I listed two problems, the 2nd of those problems is the neighbors.

Next-Doors-Neighbors Are a Two-Way Street

Or a Double-Edged sword. As in normal times, the neighbors can be both proactive in a survival coalition group and completely incompetent during SHTF. Sometimes they could even be ‘obstacles in the survival game.

A steady, reliable, equipped, friendly neighbor with high moral standards can be a great proactive person in your survival coalition group. On the other hand, an amateur, sluggish, unreliable, uneducated, unmotivated person could be incompetent and, basically, a useless companion for the SHTF.

Of course, if the right people are a part of your survival coalition, then the neighbors can serve each other as a great advantage. They could form a strong community of shared support and security.

And now your task is to choose the right people who live around you, who would be eager to protect not only their own family but others as well. It is your turn to form a survival coalition group.

How Do You Form A Survival Coalition From Your Neighborhood in SHTF?

You’d better start right now. I suggest not waiting until an SHTF actually happens. This simply means that you will put you and all of your family at a huge risk. Now you need to know who you’re going to work with and start building bridges for the future survival coalition. But right now, let’s just call those people ‘friends’.

You don’t want to be seen as a crazy extremist in a manic episode that you’re not. You must resemble a responsible and clearheaded person who wants to build connections for mutual interests. At best, these efforts will only bring you friends who will help you change the engine in your car or fellows whom you could invite on a fishing weekend.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with making a few more friends. So, I suggest starting building friendships right now if you haven’t done it already. Just come across your neighbors, greet them, tell them your name, and probably take your family with you. Then, you could probably invite them to visit your home, throw a party altogether or somehow help each other with some usual things – it does not really matter. Or, the best scenario is to organize a BBQ evening with a couple of cans of beer, and you will know everything about the people you live near to.

And most of the time, you can use a handshake to reveal some information about your neighbors: for almost every person alive, you can ordinarily tell if someone is an idiot or a whipping boy at the first 5 minutes of a talk. Furthermore, just in 60 minutes, you will pretty much get if those people are good or bad, as you will know most of the information about them; try to observe if they are reliable or if they are just a waste of space. When you all will be enough acquainted for a regular handshake – start a pretty straightforward conversation about such things as hunting, minimalist camping, fishing, prepping, firearm.

Moreover, people really enjoy talking about their hobbies – this is a pretty common topic for conversations, and it will tell you a lot about the ones who live nearby your home.

Who is That One Person in Your SHTF Survival Coalition?

The next part you have to learn is that you don’t have to build friendships with each person who is your neighbor. To tell you the truth, it can even be a mistake. Of course, you know that there are many cruel people out there – and you would not want to be friends with those people, nor having them as your survival coalition during SHTF – it is even better to be a bit distanced from them.

Besides, some vicious person who is eager to cooperate with you and who has some common sense of social norms and reliability probably could serve as a great part of your coalition.

Now, you can easily distinguish the bad guys from the good guys, the buckwheat from the rice, the cream from the milk. It is important to keep the balance between all kinds of folks out here – as there might be many like-minded people who want to reach the same goal but with different methods (taking basic social norms into account). In this way, my key point is to have great social cues with almost every person from your neighborhood if it can be accomplished. Some people may change their behavior pretty much once the SHTF bursts out.

When to Start Making a Survival Coalition During SHTF?

So, does that imply you should tell your new friends that you’re building the doomsday defense army?

Absolutely not! That’s a damned idea…

I mean, your intentions would not matter to your neighbors – you would not sound conscious and reasonable for a regular person. If you want them to take you seriously in the future – you have to resemble a rational person right now.

My suggestion is just to form a mental map of your possible survival coalition community, what they can do, what do they possess: tools, devices, food stocks, survival vehicles, resources. Just remember this information and keep it in mind for some time, and for now – just enjoy spending time with your new friends.

So, what should you do once things really start to get worse and you see the SHTF coming? I mean, sometimes there are such cases in which people can see the disaster coming, for instance, the crash of the economic system. Sometimes people can forecast the event coming in weeks or even months before it happens. In such scenarios, make sure to watch the news daily and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same thing. Start a conversation between your neighbors about what’s to happen in the world. Slowly incorporate the concept of mutual protection into the conversation and reassure your friends with the thought that you will try to take care of each other.

Probably, at first, you will be in shock that your neighbors would as well be willing to make a program to deal with the upcoming SHTF. Maybe they would want to form a survival coalition themselves!

And now… will you tell your makeshift survival coalition about:

Do you mind rule number one for bunkers and shelters? – “Don’t tell anybody about your shelter or supplies?”

Well, that’s still a good rule of thumb, but when the SHTF is moving onto you very quickly, you will have, at some point, to tell your neighbors about what you already have. Only if you want to mutually be protected, of course… Nonetheless, you must be cautious with the information you reveal and to whom you reveal it. For example, don’t tell this information to those neighbors who are not a part of your survival coalition but are very close to getting accepted into it. First of all, you should understand their true intentions for survival coalition. So, get to know what they plan to do and what are their true thoughts – check everything twice, just like most things in survival.

Why (Not) Invite Millennials Into The SHTF Survival Coalition

These youngsters differ so much from those of us who grew up in the late 20th, so I suggested having some millennials as members of your survival coalition community. However, those people are a two-ended sword: they might not have some needed skills that would be efficient in survival SHTF, but they could be smart and give you some ideas about which you have never thought. Those folks are just amazingly adaptable and flexible in critical situations.

I’d say they are like untested hypotheses, and they are unknown values.

In this way, it may be helpful to invite them into your survival coalition if they have the right personality rather than a huge set of skills. There is a downside as well. They look kind of waste-like and totally lost without their cellphones. And they might be just like that. So, make a wise choice, maybe choose someone else.

Some of them represent soft souls, often they are liberals, and sometimes they just do not have the sense of self-protection. I mean, they are against firearms, nationwide security, huge businesses, governmental borders, and compulsory imprisoning of violent criminals. They are simply so trustful when it comes to people who would better not be trusted.

Those folks most likely would care about their environmental impact rather than caring about staying alive – but perhaps that’s because remaining alive is never a problem until an SHTF actually happens.

Those ‘kids’ can be a terrifying obstacle to your survival adventure, so I would suggest not to give these people crucial tasks. And I would not trust them much, really. They simply don’t take the world as real and as seriously as we do. In time, Nature they all attempt to defend so badly will consume them and spit them out. But now, you will have to somehow work with them.

It takes a lot of time and effort to form a survival coalition group, to form friendships, but it is 100% needed in case you want to provide long-term safety for you and your beloved ones. So, you would better NOW get to know everything about your neighbors – who will help you and who will hurt you.

Final Word on Survival Coalition in SHTF

If you want to protect your family, you MUST form a survival coalition. You can not be the only person in your survival coalition, and you have to gather some people to join. Your best choice would be your neighbors, as they would be the closest people to you during the SHTF.

Remember that strong survival coalition communities work out well only if they are well-planned and the responsibilities are shared correctly. But in general, just unite and survive, facing all of the challenges together.


Where To Begin To Find Public Bug Out Land Options?

My most crucial suggestions would be about the location of the needed Bug Out Land for your survival coalition:

  1. It should be placed near water sources (like a lake);
  2. It should be placed in a rural area, far away from the city;
  3. It should be located somewhere near the forest so that you could always make a fire.

How Much Should You Share?

This all ends solely on your survival coalition group. First of all, think about how much do others share, what do they have in their food supplies. You could probably be very willing to share things that are not of much value or things that you do not really need. Food, some water, tools – you could unite and use them all together. But such items as medications – and they would be precious during SHTF – do not distribute for free. Better trade them for some other valuable thing, like some kind of firearm, and so on. Remember to always think wisely.

How to Form a Survival Coalition for SHTF?

First of all, in thought times, you will have to find members for your survival group, as survival rates tend to increase if you are not the only person in your survival community. And that’s only one of the hundreds of reasons why you should not survive on your own. The next part we have to discuss is about whom you must invite as a member of your survival coalition. You should invite those human beings who would be able to face challenges, would be able to provide an emergency response in case of a disaster. Those individuals that you would choose for your survival coalition must have enough self-sufficiency to work on their own (just in case), and at the same time, they have to be able to successfully work in a group.

Your new member of the community should represent a reliable, strong, and skilled person. He should have a strong voice, be a strong man who could protect not only his family and a 5-year-old son, for example, but anyone else in your survival coalition community: children, women, and so on.

There probably would be many such survival communities after SHTF, which would probably strive to get each other’s resources and fight with each other. So, you have to choose a man who will be willing not only to survive but to fight for his family and your family, children, coalition.

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A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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