Best Tactical Flashlight for Self Defence Review and Buying Guide

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Are you looking for a tactical flashlight with a good number of lumens in 2023? We will discuss the price of flashlights, the battery life, and batteries needed for different models of flashlights, including ones that have a rechargeable battery, and modern features, such as beam focusing, zoom, brightness adjustment, and so on. Some of the modern strobe flashlights can be used as a weapon for self-defense (convenient considering that it can fit into your pocket, right?)

What is the most indispensable thing in your prepper gear kit? In general, there are a set of items that can be equally important for you during adventures or survival situations. For instance, such products as a survival backpack, knife, blanket, lighter, and tactical bags and watches, can be beneficial, and if you are a wise person, you will put them in your bug-out-bag in advance.

However, most people forget about another item that is as important as the previously mentioned ones – a Tactical Flashlight.

This tool is not only an essential part of tactical gear for military, law enforcement, and firefighters but also for survivalists and ordinary people who can use it as an EDC item.

The darkness can make you completely defenseless in the face of danger, and the tactical flashlight will help you avoid such a situation. If you decide to buy this device, keep in mind that the selection process can take you more than an hour. In fact, there are many models of tactical flashlights on the market with different characteristics now. On the one hand, it allows the buyer to choose the perfect flashlight among this wide range of products. On the other hand, if making decisions is difficult for you, then this variety can lead you to analysis paralysis, and you will not be able to buy the device at all.

This article includes detailed information about the models and features of m ideal tactical flashlight to help you choose the perfect device:

  • Three Basic Types of Tactical Lights
  • How to Choose The Best Tactical Flashlight for Self Defense Guide
  • Ten Best Tactical Flashlights You Can Find In The Store
  • High-Performance Lights
  • Everyday Carry Lights
  • Micro Flashlights

TOP 10 Best Tactical Flashlights You Can Find In The Store

Top 10 Best Tactical Flashlights You Can Find In The Store Highly Performance Lights

If the previous section was not enough for you, then here we are. This category includes the most powerful and bright options ever.

Streamlight 88060

Streamlight 88060 Pro

If you need to scour a huge area in total darkness as part of a search and rescue operation-the Streamlight 88060 Pro Tac HL 4 flashlight is what you need.

It has an enormous maximum output of 2200 lumens. Such a huge number makes this flashlight one of the most powerful ever.

      • Absence of USB charging function.


Wissblue H1 3800

Was the power of the previous options not enough for you? Ok, meet the WISSBLUE H1 with shocking 3800 lumens output! So, it can illuminate an area whose length is about 2 football fields.

Otherwise, generally, this flashlight model has the same strengths and weaknesses as other models in this category:

  • Suitable for different types of weapons (as a gun light);
  • Disposable lithium batteries;
  • Waterproof design
  • Comes with a lanyard, holster, and charger.
  • Large size – it takes a lot of space.

Fenix TK-75

Fenix Tk75 5100

This flashlight is probably one of the most bright and definitely the most expensive item on this Top. However, the Fenix is worth it.

The TK75 boasts a range of about 2800 feet that makes it ultra-bright. This device works from replaceable batteries that are very convenient if you do not like to wait every time during the charging process.

  • The shocking level of brightness;
  • Built-in USB recharging function
  • High cost


Super Bright Flashlight

OK, the Bestsun raises a lot of questions and is not tested like the others. However, looking at its characteristics (15 thousand lumens!), it was simply impossible not to include it in this list.

Such parameters sound impossible, but this device has 16 individual T6 LEDs produced by four batteries. However, despite this incredible amount of light, there is no optics focusing function. So it is tough to determine the actual range for this flashlight.

In general, since the manufacturer is unknown, the specifications are implausibly high, and the price is meager, you’d better opt for other options. However, if you want to conduct testing or purchase such a device as an addition to the existing tactical flashlight, then you’re welcome.

  • 15000 lumens!!!
  • Standard AA batteries
  • The quality of the product is unknown.

Everyday Carry Tactical Flashlights

The most popular category of a flashlight is the option you can wear every day. Why do you even need such a device if it is not always at your hand, right? In a dangerous situation, such a flashlight should be in your pocket and not hinder your movement. Only in this case, it will be advantageous.

The EDC Lights is one of the best options for such goals. Their light output is usually between 300 and 1 000 lumens.

Here are some of the nice verified options:

Fenix FX-PD35TAC

Fenix Flashlights Fx-Pd35Tac

The brand Fenix produces a lot of quality devices with solid, durable construction and both a side switch and a tail cap switch for quickness. FX-PD35TAC is one of the models of this company that is very popular among users.

This model has a high 1000 lumen light output that is enough to cover the beam distance over six hundred feet. It makes this device very powerful and suitable for professional survivalists.

This Fenix Flashlights FX-PD35TAC has a critical feature that other lights usually do or have – diverse power options. It means that it is up to you whether you will use a CR123A lithium battery (they are quite expensive) or rechargeable batteries. This variation is very convenient for EDC because people prefer different power options.

The FireHawk

The Firehawk

Would you like to have a compact, durable, and ultra-bright EDC flashlight for an affordable price? Then the FireHawk is for you.

It is so solid that it can easily be used even as a melee weapon. And given that it is as light as possible and does not take up much space in your bag, you can be sure that such a flashlight will always be near you.

Besides, it is quite bright as its max output is enough to disorient the enemy, and it uses a single AA battery.

The Firehawk1 In terms of price-quality ratio, this is one of the best EDC options that you can find. The only reason not to buy it is if you need something incredibly powerful for specific survival situations. Or if you want to have a device with a USB rechargeable function because this product does not have it.

Now there is a sale, and you have a unique chance to get the FireHawk device for FREE. Check their website to see more details.

Nitecore P12

Nitecore New

Nitecore is probably one of the most famous and respectable companies specialized in flashlight production. That is why many people suppose that their products are quality and trustworthy.

This model’s length is about six inches, which allows you to grip this flashlight in hand firmly. Also, you can use a tail switch option if you need it. However, the P12 flashlight is very powerful and has a maximum output of 1200 lumens. This is a substantial parameter that gives you an opportunity to light a path in the dark 800 feet ahead.

As an additional benefit, by buying this device, you will get some accessories as well (e.g., a pocket clip).

The only disadvantage is the absence of a rechargeable battery via USB function.

SureFire X300

Surefire X300

A distinctive feature of the SureFire X300 is that it is attached to the flashlight in order to highlight your aim. It turns to the powerful gun light and strongly focuses its light beam on your target, making it easier to shot in the darkness.

The main disadvantage of this great and unusual flashlight is a high price. However, the expenses are justified with the quality and durability of this device.

Micro Lights

EDC firelight is a nice and effective tool. However, you better have an additional option just in case (e.g., if you do not have free space and can not take a standard model with you). A compact, a small-length ultralight option is what you need to wear on your keychains.

ThruNite Ti3

Thrunite Ti3 Edc

The ThruNite Ti3 is a quite bright light device for its dimension.

By buying this tool, you get a pocket clip for free. This allows you to use it as a headlamp. It is ideal for law enforcement and firefighters alike for it is simple to use.

  • Hat&pocket clips option;
  • 120-lumen light output (a high level for “micro” lights);
  • Nice and convenient body design, small length.
  • Bigger than other models from this category.

Pelican Progear

Pelican Flashlights

Yes, for the sake of size, you have to sacrifice power. This baby has only 16 lumens and is only suitable for a very close task.

The Pelican Progear is a perfect waterproof spare light working on coin-cell batteries.

Streamlight KeyMate

Streamlight 73200

The Streamlight KeyMate even looks like a kye. This is suitable only for close-in works, but unlike the bigger options, it will always be with you no matter what.

Despite its tiny size and small length, this device has several light modes for any occasion, and it has a USB charging option. Also, it has a nice strobe mode.

The main disadvantages: this light is too thick for a real key, and there may be some troubles with a keyring.

Three Basic Types of the Tactical Flashlight

Three Basic Types Of The Tactical Flashlight The simplest criterion for classifying tactical flashlights is their size.

Compact Options for Everyday Carry


For EDC, such small models are ideal devices. They are compact, lightweight, and easily fit in your bag, wherever you plan to go. Besides, you can even put them in the pocket of your jacket, and the LED flashlight will always be at hand.

Why would you need a small tactical flashlight? This device helps to signal rescuers in a survival situation to check who (or what) is making noise in your backyard and solving a lot of other work issues. Despite these benefits and the presence of a bright beam of 1 000 lumens in the tools, of course, such lights are inferior in power to larger models. So, they work on much smaller batteries, and the beam focusing generally works worse than on the LED flashlights mentioned in the previous section.

However, for everyday wear and everyday tasks, they are very effective and universal. They can be designed specifically for law enforcement officers yet just as accessible for anyone else.

Big Flashlights for Self-Defense

These models are the most high-output and reliable on the market. The best tactical flashlights from this category are powered by high-capacity batteries and have multiple lighting modes. Also, the optics are of higher quality and allow you to focus the beam in one place accurately. The lumen output of such LED flashlights can be compared with the devices that rescuers use during their work. Their max output level is more than 2000 lumens that make its beam distance enough to illuminating a distance of several football fields. This feature makes such a flashlight simply indispensable in search and rescue operations. Of course, not everyone needs such performance (unless you plan to be in an emergency and think about the most effective survival tool ever).

The main disadvantages of large flashlights are not only in their size, which makes it difficult to carry the edc flashlights daily but also in the high cost, which is not affordable for everyone. If you need something more cheap and compact, pay attention to the following category of models.

Micro Flashlights

A tiny tactical flashlight weighs almost nothing, has a small length, and can easily hang on your keychain. It makes no sense to compare their performance with powerful and expensive models – of course, the number of lumens in micro models is much lower. But you do not expect super high efficiency from such a tiny device, do you?

Their main task is not to leave you in complete darkness and at the same time not to take up too much space in your bag. With the help of such a device, you can find objects dropped in the dark or highlight your way so as not to move by touch.

In any case, you will not spend a lot of money and effort if you hang one of these flashlights on your keychain or add it to your tactical backpack.

How to Choose The Best Tactical Flashlights For Self Defense Guide

How To Choose The Best Tactical Flashlights For Self Defense Guide

What features should I pay attention to when choosing a flashlight? As I mentioned earlier, stores sell thousands of models of these devices of various brands. And not all of them are good and effective. This section will tell you what features the perfect tactical flashlight should have and which ones are overkill.


Obviously, the price is one of the main criteria when choosing a product for buyers. You need to know exactly how much money you plan to spend on your tactical flashlight. If you are ready to spend money, you can buy yourself a powerful large tactical flashlight for any dangerous situation ( or even several devices from different categories). If you are limited in your budget, you’d better look at cheaper everyday wear models. Whichever option is yours, you will definitely find useful recommendations for yourself in this article, as it looks at products from different price ranges and categories.


Since we are considering not just perfect tactical flashlight compliance but tactical weapons as well, a strong design is what is needed in this flashlight.

If it comes to close combat, you can double the effectiveness of your tactical weapons by first blinding the attacker with a bright beam of light and then hitting him with your lights like an improvised baton. Yes, a tactical flashlight can also play the role of a baton. They can be unrealistically solid if you find the right model.

However, even if you forget about self-defense purposes, this device is subject to frequent falls and damage. If its construction is not strong enough, then your flashlight may break after a few hits on the floor.

Maximum Output

When determining your potential flashlight’s power, you definitely need to know the number of lumens in it. To understand how much is enough for you specifically, you need to understand for what purposes you will use this device.

If you are going to conduct a rescue operation on the water and need to illuminate a distance of tens of kilometers ahead, then the brightness of such a tactical flashlight should be 1 000 lumens or more.

However, if your goal is to light up your car’s interior from time to time to find something under the seat, you do not need such power. In this case, limit yourself to a hundred lumens – you will not need more for your purposes.

Rechargeable vs. Removable Batteries

There are many types of batteries for powering flashlights, and you need to take this fact into account. For example, lithium-ion batteries have a USB charging function. Also, they can be recharged via solar, or other external batteries, which makes them very popular and in demand.

Also, there is another option- lights can work by means of AA batteries. They allow you to share and swap power among several devices, and you can reload a new battery without the necessity to recharge them. It saves your time significantly.

Switch Type

The devices usually have different types of switching, and you need to understand which one will make your tactical flashlight as easy to use as possible for you.

Old school push-button options are tough to break and will probably serve you for many years. But the main disadvantage of this option is the inability to change the modes on the lights. Also, you would like to have an additional tail switch function. Tail switches are very convenient, especially if you need to use your tool with only one hand.

As for the rotary switches, they are inconvenient to use with slippery hands. There may also be problems if you have only 1 hand free – it will be challenging to turn on such a tactical flashlight.

Today, there are more technologically advanced digital options that include a variety of mods. But such devices are not as clear as old school ones, and if you are not an expert on new technologies, you may face a number of problems when trying to turn on your device.

Output Modes

Most tactical flashlights have different light delivery modes. They have at least an economical output mode and a high. Also, they can have a switch to different color options as a part of the LED light mode.

The lights can have SOS mode for emergency situations, strobe mode, and so on.

Water-Resistant Construction

Any electronic device does not react well to water – this is a fact. Keep this in mind when buying a tactical flashlight because if you do not provide a waterproof function, the flashlight will not serve you for long. In fact, it can be killed by any fall into the water or if you accidentally leave it outside in the rain. As a flashlight for survival, this option is not suitable at all. So, always take into account water-resistant qualities. By the way, except for the water-resistant function, it needs to be impact resistant as well.

Best Tactical Flashlight Summary

Best Tactical Flashlight Summary These days the market offers a wide range of LED Flashlights for any taste. All you need is to know how to choose the perfect one.

Light is very important for our survival and for the performance of our daily tasks. That is why you cannot afford to be in the darkness and be completely helpless in front of danger. Purchase one (or several) EDC tactical flashlights for your BOB or a Get Home Bag, always to be prepared for survival in complete darkness. There are also some other places where you should put these devices, such as First Aid Kits, Everyday Carry and Go Bags.

Invest in a quality tactical flashlight today, and you will not get lost in the dark tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What makes a flashlight “tactical”?

This is a 2-in-1 tool with the help of which you can both disorient the attacker and protect yourself in a fight. But before that, the beam of light will help you identify the threat and its location. If the light of the device is bright enough, it will give you an opportunity to blind the attacker and stop him for a while. If he comes to his senses, he will catch up with you. Then a strong stainless steel body will help you fight back and injure the intruder in close combat.

Can I buy a tactical flashlight?

In order to purchase such a device, you just need to visit the nearest specialized store. As for online shopping, you can find many options on various sites from Amazon to Aliexpress and so on. Also, you can visit a nice 5 11 Tactical store specialized in superior tactical apparel and gear for law enforcement, first responders, tactical operators, and recreational enthusiasts. Besides, 5 11 Tactical will help you to find a useful device even if you plan to implement it for self-defense purposes.

As for the legislation, such a tactical flashlight is a type of non-lethal weapon, so you have the right to have it as a means of self-defense almost all around the country.

Are tactical flashlights legal?

Yes, it is legal to carry this tool as a civilian without trying to attack somebody (except in self-defense situations). The main difference between this and an ordinary LED flashlight is its construction and a max output of light. Of course, there are some other features included in tactical models, such as lighting modes, light color changing options, impact-resistant construction, etc.

What is the best flashlight for survival?

One of the most recommended, according to reviews, is Warrior X. It runs from a rechargeable battery and is constructed from stainless steel that makes this device impart resistant. It also has a high level of brightness (2000 lumens) and relatively lightweight.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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