Best Survival Whistle for Emergency Preparedness Review and Buying Guide

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A surviving whistle may come in handy in situations when you need to attract someone’s attention or, on the contrary, frighten away some wild animal. In the wilderness, having such a tool as a brass mouthpiece hanging down your neck can be a great helper. Read the article to find out why survival whistles are so often found in survival kits across the globe.

Have you ever had that dream where you’re in danger and screaming for help, but when you open your mouth, no sound appears? Do you remember how terrified you were in that dream? How terrified you were after working up? We bet you do.

Imagine having the same situation but in real life. If you can’t imagine that, 90,000 missing people in the USA at any given time can. And 750,000 missing people per year, who got lost in forests, kidnapped, or lost their memory.

Of course, not all of them had a situation like the one from the bad dream. Mostly, it’s about those who went hiking and couldn’t manage to leave it by themselves. And it’s about people who got kidnapped and had no opportunity to attract someone’s attention while that was happening. These people have one thing in common: they lost their voice in emergencies. Or their voices were too quiet. The one thing that was missing in their bug out bag is some safety device that could help them get help.

A survival whistle is that kind of device. It helps you to get a voice when your voice isn’t enough.

Emergency whistles create a high pitched sound that can be heard a mile away. Purchase one even if you think you don’t need it as you live in a big city. There are more dangerous situations and various criminals in big cities, so you never know what can happen to you and help you survive. Urban jungles are still jungles with their own rules and laws. If you don’t want to question your luck in situations of emergency, purchase more than one survival whistle and put them in every pocket of your backpack, in every corner of your house, in every piece of your clothes.

Climbers, day hikers, mountain bikers, sailors, skiers especially need to purchase these emergency whistles. They are the ones who need to protect themselves more than anyone else. But even urban dwellers can find some use in emergency whistles. For example, while saving themselves from possible future robberies and criminals attacks.

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TOP Best Survival Whistles On The Market

Top Best Survival Whistles On The Market The realities of the survival whistles market are as follows: supply exceeds demand. Sellers of emergency whistles try to outperform each other, creating the best survival whistle on the market. Or at least they’re trying to do this.

No wonder it’s so stressful to find the best safety equipment for yourself or your loved ones. No wonder one can get lost choosing the suitable survival whistle. For such cases, when people can’t identify what safety whistle will suit them the best, there are backpacks with a survival whistle built into the buckle clips. They can purchase one and be sure no emergency will become threatening for them.

This article is for those consumers that question everything equipped and want to choose a perfect emergency whistle by themselves. We acknowledge that at a glance, it seems that there’s no crucial difference between whistles at all. Indeed, the purpose of an emergency whistle is to transform the air you’re breathing out into a high-pitched sound. That’s something most of the emergency whistles have in common. Still, some of them better than others. And we’ll try to prove it through our reviews on the best survival whistles on the market.

So, here’s the list of the best emergency whistles on the market due to customers’ reviews.

1 — The 7 in 1 Survival Whistle with LED Flashlight and Compass

Se 7-In-1 GreenSounds incredible, right? We also thought this survival whistle is unreal and can’t be found on amazon com. But no, you definitely can.

The seven-in-one Survival Whistle is one of the emergency products you wish you had in an emergency. Except having a LED flashlight in complect, this survival whistle also has six other emergency items:

  • temperature gauge
  • signaling mirror
  • 16″ lanyard
  • magnifying glass
  • water-resistant storage compartment

Color is one more plus of this emergency whistle. Unlike many other whistles, the lanyard of this one is green makes it complicated to spot it (and you) while hiking in the forest.

2 — Mini Survival Whistle with Keychain

Portable Brass Emergency Whistle The Mini Survival Whistle is miniature and made of brass. It has an airflow design and has an anti-oxidation coating polished surface.

Lack of a lanyard doesn’t ruin the whistle’s quality, as you can use a keychain loop to wear it around your neck.




3 — The Emergency Zone 5 in 1 Survival Whistle

Emergency Zone 5 In 1 Perhaps, the Emergency Zone 5 in 1 emergency whistles can be called the most basic survival products. It has a simple design and peas inside the bright orange corpus. This survival whistle can produce a loud sound that can someday save you in an emergency. Mind taking it with you before going on the next adventure.

The survival double tube whistle has a waterproof container where you can storage such survival items as hooks, fishing tools, survival matches, and a flint. It’s made of a material that lets it flow in the water without drowning in it. It’s lifesaving as it keeps your survival products in safety.

This whistle comes with a lanyard (2 Pack) every customer of amazon com can utilize as an additional survival tool.

4 — Whistle, Orange, Hornblast

Whistle, Horn Blast Another basic type of whistles every customer can afford. The Orange Hornblast Whistle is the whistle ideal for use at sporting events as it can make a loud sound and has a bright design of orange color. You can purchase several whistles of various brands and categories and carry them with you everywhere you go. You are free to utilize these survival products to conduct a football match.

Using a key wire, you can attach these whistles to keychains, life vests, equipment bags, and lanyards.

5 — Paracord Bracelet Survival Whistle

Hm Beads #1 If you’re lucky enough to have a paracord bracelet, you will be twice a lucky person if it has such additional survival details as a survival whistle. There’s no better way to carry a whistle with you than as an extra tool on your paracord bracelet. When you combine these two survival tools of different categories, you make each of them much more attractive.

As a paracord bracelet is a genius invention itself, adding a survival whistle made o ABS plastic and with a waterproof pea inside will make it only better.

Always wear your survival paracord bracelet on your wrist to have 24/7 access to all survival items at once. Someday they can be the ones to save your life. And we mean it. But it’s your choice to follow our advice or not.

6 — The Scream Whistle

Scream Whistle The Scream Whistle is the whistle you can purchase on amazon com once and have them eternally. The reason why is its flat design and aluminum alloy corpus made to survive every possible emergency. You can put this whistle in water, and it will still be working after it.

It is an affordable, small, and extremely loud 100 dB whistle. The unique dual-tone technology of this whistle makes it possible to hear its sound being miles away.

If you think of purchasing this whistle, you can get it at a nice price: for FREE. Well, or almost for free, if you think paying only $3.95 s&h for such a survival whistle with a waterproof pea inside of it is too much. In our humble opinion, these categories of survival tools must have a higher price. Fortunately, the price is more than reasonable, so mind purchasing several of them and give these whistles to your friends and loved ones. This whistle is much better than any possible gift card.

Alternative Methods Of Using Survival Whistles

Alternative Methods Of Using Survival Whistles

There are as many ways of using whistles as big your imagination. For those having difficulties with imagination, we made a list with some ideas for utilizing whistles.

  • If you lost your dog
  • If you’re hunting with your dog and want to direct her
  • If someone wants to steal your wallet
  • If you accidentally shot your friend in the woods and you can’t leave him
  • If you need to grab the attention of a big crowd
  • If you’re a referee at a sporting event
  • If you got stuck on the boat in the open sea and noticed a large boat
  • If you got injured in the woods, and there’s no person to help you
  • If some criminals follow you in the dark alley
  • If you’re a child, and someone is trying to kidnap you

As you can see, there are many options for how you can use your survival whistle. You can adjust them to your situation. Or you can create new ways of using this survival tool. Purchase a whistle with a lanyard of your favorite color, wear it around your neck, and be sure nothing severe will happen to you.

Making a Handmade Bullet Survival Whistle

Making A Handmade Bullet Survival Whistle If you want to get new experience and make a survival whistle on your own, you can do it. But you must remember that it’s more about fun than some severe case. We highly recommend you to purchase several whistles and carry them whenever you’re going to. That’s what will make your trip safe and sound.

Still, you have such an opportunity. If you want to know the technology of bullet whistle creation, attentively read this part of the article and strictly follow our instructions. It’d be better if you did it in advance, as in an emergency, people tend to panic and concentrate on their fear only. Especially when it comes to such extreme conditions as robbery with a knife, getting lost in the forest in the middle of the night, or being kidnapped. In these circumstances, you won’t have time or opportunity (or both) to scrounge for materials to make a whistle and ask for help using it. That’s why you need to learn to think about such things in advance.

So, making a handmade bullet whistle, right? Let’s see how we can make it.

1 — Find a Shotgun Shell

You need to find long-range rifle calibers to make a good bullet whistle. This shape of a shotgun shell will be the best option for this.

The shell must be the same as a .223 casing has, as its design looks very similar to a whistle design. Also, it’s aluminum alloy material is durable enough to survive your whistle’s experiments.

If you don’t have a .223 or .22 casing, utilize a tube of scrap metal or a ballpoint pen cap instead. Find anything that will help you making a sharp sound when you blow air through this survival device. It can be anything under your hand.

2 — Shave Off the Shotgun Shell

Yep, you got it right. You need to shave off the shotgun shell.

Why? So you can give it a shape of one diameter without a neck. Use a file or rock to complete this procedure, and mind that you need to make an effort to get the desired result.

3 — Make a Cut

Now, you’re about to make a notch on your shaved shotgun shell to give it a necessary cut-out shape. File, rock, or concrete will perfectly cope with this task. Ensure you have access to them.

Check the video below to take a look at how to make this notch correctly. Or you can look at an aluminum alloy whistle purchased in the shop to examine its shape in detail.

4 — Get a Stick of Appropriate Size

Try to find some neat stick to put it into the open end of the shaved shotgun shell with a notch in there. Without this stick, your bullet whistle won’t be able to produce a high-pitched sound. So all your attempts will be a waste.

5 — Shave Off the Stick

For creating a desired high-pitched sound, you need to use rocks or file once again. Use them to shave off the top of the stick, and then put it in the whistle. The stick form you get in result allows high-velocity air to go through the whistle and reach a cut-out hole. In the process, you get the desired piercing sound and a complete emergency whistle. And, what’s more important, you made it on your own.

Best Survival Whistle Summary

Best Survival Whistle Summary Sometimes the simplest can help us to go through the hardest. And that’s what we can say about safety whistles. There’s great power under their humble design and name. There’s the power of saving human lives. And we’re not extra when saying this. Every year whistles save many lives of those who believed in the power of these small devices.

We all knew back in the past days that whistles are something we need to always carry with ourselves. Even playing outside with our friends, we used to utilize them often. We didn’t think then it could somehow become vital for us, but we liked those piercing sounds coming from there.

We’re no longer kids, but we still need to carry safety whistles with us as now sharp sounds from them can save our lives. No matter what kind of an emergency we are in, there’s always a profit from those small safety devices.

That’s the reason why purchasing safety whistles for yourself and your loved ones sound like a brilliant idea. That’s the reason why whistles are better than gift cards and other unnecessary stuff. If you care about your wellbeing (and if you read this article, you probably care), keep an emergency whistle with you all the time. At last, you don’t need extra space for them.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is the best survival whistle?

The best survival whistle is the one that suits your demands the best. But even the cheapest whistle is better than no whistle at all. You can reread this piece above to refresh your knowledge on the features and specs of the best survival whistles on the market and find the most appropriate one.

How loud should an emergency whistle be?

It depends on the situation. But usually, all modern whistles are loud enough to help to get attention. The loudest ever whistle is up to 125 dB (A). In an emergency, the louder your whistle is, the more chances for survival you get should there be anyone to hear you and come to your rescue.

What is the loudest whistle you can buy?

As it’s clear from the name, the Scream Whistle is the loudest whistle on the market. It’s able to produce a sound of 100 dB. Which makes the device a great tool for surviving: the louder your whistle is, the more chances you possess to be heard.

How do you whistle in an emergency?

You should give out three loud but short bursts on the whistle, three seconds each. Count to three (not aloud) and try to save your breath until the next blow. Repeat the procedure several times, and don’t forget to keep calm and keep normal breath.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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