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Have you ever thought about apocalypses and possible ways to survive in the condition of war? You can never know when nuclear war start or aliens come to the Earth, and that is why you should be prepared for all possible scenarios of disasters. The population of our planet will significantly decrease in these cases, and only awareness about survival methods can save us.

If you imagine the situation of a lethal virus outbreak or alien attack, you will think that all people will try to run away from the most dangerous places. Of course, some coalitions and hiding in an abandoned building can help you survive for a while, but the surface of the Earth will still be unsafe. The only way to protect yourself from harm will be hiding in underground bunkers.

Trying to escape from the virus spread, armies of zombies, or nuclear winter, you would like to stay protected and supplied with all necessary gear. These places are usually occupied with the most powerful lockers and doors, have disinfection systems, and water and food stores inside. Exactly these elements are required to feel safe and be able to fight any dangerous situation.

The most interesting thing is that there are many underground bunkers in the world where you can always count on a rescue. People all around the world prepare special underground areas as no one wants their family to stop existing. So even if you are living in a safe house, you have to know the nearest underground bunker to you. Only this place will allow you and your family to provide all conditions for procreation.

To the point

In this article, we will tell you more about fantastic underground bunkers existing in the real world. The design of the bunkers can surprise you as there are more amenities inside the safe rooms than basic survival requires. Some wealthy people introduce entertainment equipment to their bunkers, for example, cinema level, pet park, climbing wall, or golf course. Others pay more attention to the sustainability of the shelter and equip the full floor with special systems to create hydroponic gardens. Read more about the unique underground buildings as this information can inspire you to construct the well-planned and occupied safe bunker in your area.

Table of contents:

  1. Vivos Europa One;
  2. Silo Home;
  3. The Survival Condo Project;
  4. The Oppidum;
  5. Luxury Underground Doomsday Bunker;
  6. Cavern Suite;
  7. Subterra Castle;
  8. Atlas Galvanized Steel Underground Shelter;
  9. Radius Engineering Survival Shelters.

Vivos Europa One


It is one of the most expensive and glamorous underground bunkers in the world that Robert Vicinio built. This person constructed a bunker for personal goals and invested more than one billion dollars into it. It includes everything people need to survive and even more and protects its visitors from almost all possible disasters — nuclear and chemical war, earthquakes, tsunamis, radiation attacks, and others.


You will be shocked by the facilities incorporated in this underground bunker as it can be competitive even to luxury hotels. It is situated in Germany, Rothenstein, and is available for all people who want to buy a place there. So, any family can purchase a flat inside the bunker and receive 2500 square feet area for themselves. Furthermore, they can make a customized design inside and use the services of the bunker. However, the price for apartments is extremely high, and maintenance of the apartments can be affordable only for wealthy families.


As regards the facilities, there is everything that person needs to enjoy their stay — medical clinic, swimming pool, community theater, gym, rock climbing wall, cafes, and restaurants. Even though the bunker is supposed to be underground, there are some outdoor areas for relaxation and transportation between units. Moreover, there is a helicopter service, blast-proof metal walls, and doors, and electricity generators.



Thus, Vivos Europa underground bunker allows its visitors and owners of apartments to not worry about the life outside. Paying high prices, people receive a full service and can spend their days during disaster entertaining.

Silo Home


This underground bunker is a deep silo located under the inconspicuous house. It is built in Saranac, New York, and according to the real estate reports, its price is equal to $750,000. The upper part of the construction plays the role of decoy and transfers people to the bomb shelter. There is a strong steel 2,000-pound door inside the shelter, which helps to protect people from a nuclear explosion.

The Command center is situated in the house above ground because it allows people to control a situation outside with LED screens and cameras around the entire facility. The overall area of the center is more than 2,000 feet, and it includes a kitchen with stainless steel appliances, double sinks, and several living rooms. You can find more bedrooms and bathrooms on the floor below, connecting the house with the bunker.


The deepness of the bunker equals 185 feet, and it is enough even for an Atlas F missile silo. The appearance of the rooms should not scare you as designers were trying to imitate staying in a normal house. There is a simulated natural light in the bunker that makes an illusion of being outside. Also, the bunker allows people to use leisure facilities such as a jacuzzi, great room, and equipped kitchen.


By the way, you cannot be sure that you have the opportunity to reach such a luxury bunker when disaster starts. That is why here are some essential products and tools that you should have in your survival bag to survive:

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The Survival Condo Project


This survival condo is not similar to previously described bunkers as no one knows its exact location. The founder of this project, Larry Hall, keeps the bunker’s place a secret, but he let people know the country and the state where it is situated. So, we only know that it was a missile silo in Wichita, Kansas, and Larry Hall decided to remodel it into a multi-functional bunker for people. He bought this property in 2008 for $300,000 and rebuilt it into a luxury safe room for $20 million.

Intelligent Indoor Led Light Garden By Spigo

An LED Light Garden is one of the devices used in top-class shelters to grow small plants that give oxygen and produce edible fruits. The garden uses LED lights to let plants and sprouts grow.


The purpose of his project was to create a safe area for several families with all the facilities available. Moreover, people can use the food grown there with lamps and fish tanks, internet connection, and even be protected from a nuclear war. Besides, owners of the apartments must learn basic survival rules to obtain the necessary skills for critical situations and expand the survival community.


The bunker has 15 floors with rooms for different purposes. Families can rent a floor for three million dollars, and they will have an area of 1,820 feet with personal facilities and apartments. Also, some public areas like medical facilities, a general store, a basketball court, a swimming pool can be used by dozen families living there. Regarding the personal spaces, there are a dining room, kitchen, laundry, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. So, each family member will find a place to stay.




According to Business Insider, the owner of this survival bunker shared information about some nuclear weapons tests made by North Korea and said that it could resist nuclear explosions. As a result, there are dozens of people interested in purchasing this project as it is a unique construction nowadays.

The Oppidum


The main advantage of this underground bunker is its strategic location. The silo is situated in the Czech Republic — a country with a safe geographical location. Usually, Czech Republic is not attacked by any side of the conflicts as it has a neutral position in politics. Moreover, the bunker itself is surrounded by mountains what makes it difficult to come to the place. It means that owners of this bunker have enough time to protect themselves with blast doors before someone attacks them.



The idea of the bunker is that people living in the house above the ground can always come to a hidden shelter in an emergency in less than one minute. This makes the bunker one of the most popular shelters in the world.


By the way, the facilities of the Oppidum are not inferior to other bunkers. It occupies 77,500 square feet of area, and the height of the ceiling is 13 feet. In this huge area, you can find a swimming pool, gun range, cinema, bowling alley, theater, spa center, and even library. So, the proprietors of the Oppisum made sure that there was enough food and water supply in the bunker and entertainment facilities.

Make sure that you have all the necessary gear for successful survival and pay attention to these products as our best recommendations:


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Luxury Underground Doomsday Bunker


This bunker allows people to not worry about the danger from outside as they can spare their time with entertainment in such places as a movie theater, library, computer class, conference hall. Additionally, there is an Internet connection in this underground shelter thanks to modern technology — 2 DSL.


Luxury Doomsday Bunker is located in Tifton, Georgia, and is suitable for not many families. There are only 12 bedrooms, but the main advantage of the bunker is leisure activities, as we said above. The price confirms that huge sums were invested into this building as it equals $17.5 million.


You do not need to think about anything happening outside because this bunker can protect you from 20 -kiloton nuclear explosions, chemical or biological attacks, and natural disasters. All the systems inside clean an area from poisoning substances with high-quality air filtration, decontamination showers, and home disinfection.

Even though it does not look as luxurious as other bunkers from the list, it can ensure a safe stay for you and each family member.

Cavern Suite


Cavern suite is not a typical bunker as it has a long history of the foundation. The history started in 1927 when Walter Peck, who was a woodcutter, found caves. He was trying to mine gold from there, but there were no mineral resources under the ground. So he decided to create a tourist attraction in this place and started to invite visitors.


In a while, caverns were divided between several owners and used for different purposes. Caves became especially popular as a shelter during the Cuban Missile Crises and accommodated more than 2,000 people. It was reliable protection from external danger, which is why this place can still be used as a bunker.


However, it became an upgraded and well-designed luxury place for tourists nowadays as current properties remodeled it in 2001. The suite covers 400 feet by 220 feet and includes all the facilities needed for the comfortable stay of tourists in the area of Grand Canyon. So, if you are planning to visit Grand Canyon in Arizona, you can count Cavern Suite as one of the best options to stay there.

By the way, Cavern Suite can accommodate people for protection for several weeks in case of emergency.

Subterra Castle


Subterra Castle was a bunker saving people from a 4-megaton hydrogen bomb before. It is situated in Eskridge, Kansas, and is a family house nowadays. However, the family saved all the attributes of a bunker and had powerful protection from any disaster. For example, the garage door in their house weighs 47 tons, and it is enough for an explosion of a nuclear warhead on a doomsday.


Family Peden rebuilt some details of the bunker for comfortable living, and it was the first case of such transformation of missile silo from cold-war into living place. After that, they started to help other families make such transformations and design underground bunkers in their houses. Thus, it became a family business called “20th Century Castles”.



Augason Farms 30-Day

Interestingly, Ed Peden paid only $40,000 for the property after a cold war but upgraded it with all modern technologies and increased its price significantly. The area of 34 acres includes the castle itself, airstrip, tunnels, and storage. The deepness of this bunker is 10-15 feet, and it can secure people from any explosion or virus spread. They just need to fill the storage with all necessary supplies like food and gear, and it will be able to protect people for few years.

Atlas Galvanized Steel Underground Shelter


This steel bunker is more affordable than others as it has a simpler design but still can protect you from disaster. The price for an apartment in this underground bunker is equal to $50,000, and this is a reasonable price for a shelter during the cold war, apocalypses, or solar flares.




Builders of the Atlas Shelter implemented the best technologies for secure staying and combined them with luxury facilities. So, you can use your bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and storage paying the price mentioned above.

Moreover, there are a concealed hatchway and solar panels for every apartment so that no one will know your exact location.

Radius Engineering Survival Shelters


Radius is a building company that has been creating survival condos and storm shelters for more than 30 years. They constructed several underground bunkers with high-quality protection systems such as blast valves and provision of all the necessary life resources. Thus, you can save money in case of a world war, civil unrest, or alien attack and buy apartments there for $200,000. However, if you want to save your family members as well, you should spend 2 million dollars for a personal bunker there.



Staying in the shelters built by Radius, you can be sure that no nuclear bomb can reach your living place. Apartments are covered with fiberglass, steel, and concrete shells that provide triple protection. It is important to mention that all bunkers are equipped with air filtration and UV sterilization systems.

So, it is one of the best options to escape the real world in case of zombie apocalypses and enjoy your life in a calm place under the ground.


Political and economic conflicts often happen in the modern world, and one day they can become a world problem. In addition, you cannot be sure that climate change will not cause natural disasters in the future. That is why you need to have a reliable place to stay during these emergencies, and there are some luxurious survival condos for this.

Explore the places we described in this article and start to save money for a doomsday bunker. Only you can take care of your life when all the world is afraid of a fatal outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Eco-cities?

Eco-cities are closed areas with self-sustaining systems implemented inside. They use only resources generated inside the city and do not harm nature by artificially created manufactures. The main idea of such cities is to not overuse resources of the planet but renew them. An eco-city is an environment where people care about ecology and try to do their best to avoid the pollution of nature.

How safe are lux bunkers?

As the main purpose of any bunker is to protect people inside, builders of such shelters apply highly durable and persistent to any blasts systems. The luxury filling of the bunker is only a complement to the complex security construction. Furthermore, owners of some bunkers require all people to have mandatory survival training that increases their chances to stay safe inside.

How much is a luxury underground bunker?

The price for a bunker depends on the area it covers and the number of facilities it includes. For example, the survival condo project in Kansas provides internet access and luxurious amenities for the visitors, and the price for a full-floor unit is 3 million dollars. However, there are cheaper alternatives with the same level of protection but fewer leisure activities inside.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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