Best Portable Garage Review and Buying Guide

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If you want to have a portable garage, steel, waterproof, and beautifully fitting into your garden and having enough room to keep a motorcycle, this article is directly for you. Read about how to keep your vehicles safe from weather conditions in a portable and convenient garage.

As technology is moving forward, the number of modern technologies created for improving people’s lives is growing. People try to make everything they use in their everyday life more portable. For this, they create strong new materials, with a sharp design, and at the same time very light, so it’s easy to take stuff made from these materials on trips.

Until the present, the modern world knew these portable products:

Nowadays, we even have portable garages!

Can you imagine that? You go on a trip, for example, on your motorcycle, and you know you’re staying for the night in the open field. You need to protect your motor vehicle from weather conditions, but you don’t have enough place to take a big tent with you. Instead, you can take a portable garage (or garage tent, in other words). You can put it in your survival backpack and be sure about your motor vehicle and about having enough storage space for your other stuff.

To know about all the useful equipment you might need during your surviving trips, check out the preppers list.

TOP Best Portable Garages on the Market

Top Best Portable Garages On The Market The list of best portable sheds based on customer reviews and product cover quality.

ShelterLogic Shelter Tube Storage Shelter

Shelterlogic 12X30X11 62808 Number two in the rating of the best portable garages in the market is the ShelterLogic Tube Storage, a storage shelter but bigger than an ordinary ShelterLogic Shed-In-A-Box.

This storage shelter model was built of a 15 gauge structural tube of powder-coated steel. Meaning your car will not be affected even by the most unpleasant weather conditions and the strongest sun rays inside the shelter’s heavy-duty canopies and walls. A party tent replaces massive carports and covers a great variety of your storage needs. Yes, you may definitely hold a party under the carport of the ShelterLogic Tube Storage.

You don’t need to register any permit for the building for using this model of car storage.

On the site, watch the actual price for the storage.

The Abba Patio Storage Shelter

Abba Patio Extra Large Heavy Duty Carport The Abba Patio Storage Shelter is number three in the list of best portable garages.

There exist several options for employing this car storage. The Abba Patio Storage Shelter is a perfect place for keeping your stored survival items, and its heavy-duty carport covers and protects your tools and products (from UV rays and heavy rain). Its party tent can help you if you want to invite all your friends and have a party outdoor.

Though it’s very light and easy for transportation, it has a powder-coated steel frame. This powder-coated steel frame prevents the Abba Patio Storage Shelter from falling even when the wind is too strong and the snow on its carport weighs too much. And when it’s warm outside, don’t be shy to wrap its polyethylene walls to let the fresh air enter your portable garage.

You are not required to have a permit for the building to set these portable sheds.

Examine the actual garage price for this shelter on the website.

 Outsunny 17″ x 10.5″ Heavy Duty Enclosed Vehicle Shelter

The fourth model from the list is one of the best portable garages is the Outsunny Portable Garage.

It’s big enough to cover under its carport some of the biggest trucks of SUV and pickups. Its polyethylene cover is UV and water-resistant, so all of your products will be in safety. Meaning sun rays won’t destroy the integrity of the products’ packaging. You can leave your item in this storage and don’t worry about it.

Frames of this garage model are made of high-quality steel, and more to this, it’s back and front walls can be easily opened whenever you need it. This means it’s designed to meet all your needs in-car storage.

It has more than 15 stakes in its anchor kit and frames of carport of the highest quality, making this garage super stable. Your car and all other vehicles will be under the protection of this garage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

For setting these portable sheds, you don’t need any permit for the building.

You can check the garage price of these garages and evaluate the customer service quality on the website.

ShelterLogic Shed-In-A-Box

Peak Style Storage Shed The best you can do for yourself is purchasing the ShelterLogic Shed-In-A-Box portable garage.

What is the reason for this? The motive is easy: this garage is of light powder-coated frames, it’s easy for transportation, and it covers more tools you can imagine, despite its small size.

Moreover, its canopies and walls are of the heat-sealed and heavy-duty materials, which are UV resistant and water-resistant, making sure nothing happens to your portable car garage of various cars and RV.

The ShelterLogic Shed-In-A-Box portable garage can be your best purchase, and that’s not just some mere words. Customers purchasing these portable sheds say that this product frames of the galvanized steel and its heavy-duty polyethylene canopies (being UV resistant) can keep more than two feet of snow. Incredible, right?

Though not all portable sheds’ buyers enjoy assembling this exact portable garage, it is still one of the best survival portable products for every adventurous traveler.

No permit for the building is requested for setting up this garage.

You can find the current price for this storage on the website. Note that you can order free delivery at the same site.

Ikuby Super Sturdy Heavy Duty Portable Carport

Ikuby Super Sturdy Heavy Duty Portable Carport The last but not the least portable carport is the Ikuby Super Sturdy Portable Carport. This carport is designed to cover only one car under its carport, but you can also use it as storage for your car tools and survival products.

This carport won’t meet your needs if you some real place to work because although its steel frame is strong enough space under this frame is too small for this.

The materials of this carport’ canopies are more than of good quality. Its canopies can resist all possible nasty weather conditions and keep every your survival item in safety.

Purchasing this medium carport, you can be sure your car will be protected from UV rays, sun, and frost. Its steel frame is designed to prevent you from getting a variety of injuries (such as bruises and small scratches).

Check the current price for this portable carport on the website.

For finding all the newest surviving products, examine our survivalist list.

And don’t forget that all portable garages require regular maintenance and don’t require any permits for the building for setting them up and for meeting all of your storage needs.

What a Portable Garage Is

What A Portable Garage Is Before talking about the perks of using portable garages, we need to understand what a portable garage (or a garage tent) is.

It’s the same garage you have at home except that you can take it with you wherever you go. They’re made to protect your vehicle in different weather conditions and can be of any color and any style you like.

You definitely need a portable garage if you care about the gear of your vehicle because you know that new vehicle gear costs money. And it costs a lot.

One more point for buying a portable garage is that you don’t need a building permit to owe one. You don’t need any license. Just buy it and use it as additional storage of your survival stuff (such as a bug out bag) and weather protection for your vehicle.

Best Portable Garage Guide

How to Choose a Portable Garage

How To Choose A Portable Garage For a person buying portable items for the first time, it might seem as if all portable garages are the same.

They’re not.

Different stores suggest a great variety of portable carports for all kinds of vehicles (heavy-duty RV, cars, boats, motorcycles, and more).

  • Some of them have not only roofs with canopies but walls with weather protection as well.
  • Some of them are bigger than others and can look like a heavy-duty party tent with a king canopy and a galvanized steel frame, where you can store all the variety of your surviving products.
  • Portable garages can be of a different color, size, model, storage capacity, and made of different steel frames (some of them are galvanized steel).

For using portable garages, you’re not obliged to have a permit for the building.

List of Portable Garage Kit Elements to Focus On

  • What do you need to store in your portable shelter?

It’s an important question to ask yourself. If you are going to use the storage of your portable garage for keeping different vehicles (such as boats, cars, RV, or even a heavy-duty truck), all you need is nothing but a garage party tent with UV resistant king canopy so that you can use your tent as a portable vehicle parking. But if you want to cover your surviving tools, farming equipment, or garden tools, you need a portable carport not only with canopies but with high-quality walls (made of powder-coated steel, for example) as well.

  • Where are you living?

Weather conditions of your place of living have a strong effect on the survivability of portable garages. Based on this, you need to pay more attention to your garage tent’s model, design, and materials. All of these must be of high quality and preferably made of powder-coated steel.

  • What size of a portable garage do you need?

Your future portable carport must meet all your storage needs. It should be able to cover under its polyethylene canopies all your cars, RV, survival tools. The more elements you need to store, the bigger your portable shelter must be. It works in the opposite direction, too.

Here’s the list of the latest survival gear tools you can be interested in.

Main Characteristics of a Portable Garage Tent

Main Characteristics Of A Portable Garage Tent If you want to buy a portable garage of the highest quality, pay more attention to these key features of one:

  • Survivability — find a portable garage with walls and frames made of solid materials, and note that the bigger the pole diameter is, the better it is for you. Don’t neglect to buy a garage tent with a polyethylene tarp as its tarp material is made in the way to cover your vehicle (such as RV, boats, cars) from such unpleasant weather conditions as rain, strong wind, and UV rays. Yes, a polyethylene layer can be UV resistant, so your vehicle will be protected front and back.
  • Transferability — probably the essential characteristic of the high-quality portable garage. The perfect portable garage should look portable, as you don’t need a massive car garage on your trip.
  • Assurance — weather conditions can be harsh, so you need to be sure your portable garage tent can survive during nasty weather elements and will be safe front and back. That’s the reason why you need warranties. Choose them wisely, and for your comfort, pick from many options, the one that suits your interests the most.

For checking all the possible survival tools, review our prepper list.

Best Portable Garage Guide

How Not to Use a Portable Garage

How Not To Use A Portable Garage Sometimes people’s fantasies of using portable garages can be more than inappropriate. Sometimes carports can be used in a way they are not meant to be used. Even if the carport is portable, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t require a lot of free space for keeping it.

Here are four examples of how portable carports better shouldn’t be used.

  1. Singe day trip — it can be a bad idea to take a portable garage on a single day trip on your ATV (or any other vehicle) as it takes too much space and will bring you nothing but discomfort. It makes more sense to use these portable sheds when you’re about to spend more than several days in one location.
  2. A trip on horseback — it’s great if you want to go on a trip and you want to ride a horse. It’s wonderful if you want to take a portable garage with you so your horse will rest under its canopies. The problem is that these portable sheds are quite big for carrying it on the back of your poor horse, so it’s better to leave it at home.
  3. Trip to the countryside — this type of survival products are extremely uncomfortable to carry with you, especially if your trip will be in the countryside. Better don’t even try to do it. Save your strength.
  4. A trip on a motorcycle — the same as with the previous point: don’t even think about it, because a portable garage is too big to take it with you on such trips. It’s just impossible.

Don’t risk your life for anything like that, and read advice on using such portable products as a portable garage with its heavy-duty canopies.

How to Use a Portable Garage Tent

How To Use A Portable Garage Tent If you wanted tips on how better use portable garages, then here we are.

In reality, there is a great variety of ways in which portable garages can be used. We’re going to cover just some of them.

What Can You Cover With a Portable Shelter

  • Bicycles do cost a lot, so why won’t you cover and protect from nasty weather such an expensive vehicle? Canopies of the portable garage can be a perfect solution for this.
  • Motor vehicles — all of them need to be covered under the carport of a portable garage, so neither snow nor rain can do any harm to your metal friends. Buying a portable garage, you extend their lives and give yourself a chance to enjoy them for decades.
  • Domestic livestock — do you care about your animals? Do you care if your horses or pigs or cows sleep in the open air? If you care about them and want only the best for them, purchasing a portable shelter can be the best decision especially if you take them on the trips with yourself.
  • Farm equipment — protect your trailer or truck from nasty weather with the help of a portable shelter. It’s easier to keep old equipment in good condition than buy a new one which costs a lot. So why not buy a portable shelter once and start worrying about your farm equipment condition a bit less?
  • A workshop — provide yourself with a safe place where you can do whatever you want, where you can have all your instruments, and where you can do anything with your hands. It’s cheaper than building a completely new studio.
  • A storage room — one more place to keep all of your stuff. Unlike many storage garages you have to pay for, you can purchase a portable shelter once and store everything in one place. And you can keep it near your house so you will always have access to your stuff whenever you need it.
  • A fish station — if you’re the owner of a fish business and you have to fillet fishes every day, it would be more comfortable for you to do it under the canopy of a portable shelter. So no rain or other weather elements will stop you from doing your business. Just do everything inside the warm shelter, put some lights inside for more comfort.
  • A guest house — it might sound like a joke, but it isn’t. Yes, sometimes we all have those extra guests for which we don’t have a sleeping place inside the house. In moments like this, a portable waterproof garage can be the best solution for everyone. Your guests won’t get cold or wet as the materials of portable shelters are UV and water-resistant.
  • A place for the hunting-gathering — if you’re a hunter, you know how much time is needed to find decent prey. And it’s not always a sun shining during this waiting. So why won’t you buy yourself a portable shelter and a camping stove to make the waiting to be in more comfortable conditions?

Check the survival gear checklist to find out about the latest survival equipment in the market.

Now, as we know everything about high-quality portable tents, we can check the best of them presented in the market in 2020.

Best Portable Garage Summary

Best Portable Garage Summary Portable garages can be helpful in so many ways. You can use them for various purposes, and your imagination is the only limit for this.

You can:

  • protect your vehicles from nasty weather, UV rays, and heavy rain;
  • use it for increasing your storage capacity;
  • keep it as an additional shelter for extra guests;
  • use it for your comfort during fishing and hunting;
  • and more of this.

The thing you need to remember is not forgetting about safety rules. Never take portable canvas tents with you if you don’t have enough place to keep them. They may be portable, but they’re still not that easy to transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is the best portable garage?

All portable tents represented in the article are of high quality and have their own unique features. It’s up to you to choose that portable tent that suits your interests the most. You can pick a bigger or a smaller tent, due to your storage needs.

How long do portable garages last?

It depends on the specific portable tent, but the ones represented in the article have good guarantees, so you can choose any of them. But anyway it’s extremely important to pay attention to the quality of the portable steel tents are made of.

How to reinforce a portable garage?

The best decision would be not to use portable tents all the time, every day of the year. They’re not meant for this. Keep this in mind.

For the improvement of visual and physical appearance, over some time, you can change the fabric of the tent. It might help to reinforce your portable tent a little bit.

How to build a portable garage?

After purchasing the portable tent, open the box with all the details for setting the tent. Then, according to the instructions, build the basement. After this, construct the steel framework, then do the same with the roof’s frames, and only afterward finish by pulling up the tent fabric.

Where to buy a portable garage?

All portable tents you could see in the article can be bought on such online shopping sites as has free delivery, so it can be another motive for buying portable tents there. You can search for portable tents on other sites, too, but it can be risky. Anyway, it’s all up to you.


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