Best Car Escape Tool Review and Buying Guide

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When it comes to car issues, the safety of the passengers is the most worrying and important point. However, today we will not speak about the Highway Code or how to perform first aid, winch, or jump-start a car in case of an accident. The main topic of this article is how to escape the car if it gets stuck in an accident. There may be several conditions under which it may be impossible or especially tough to get off the vehicle, which we will also discuss later.

In general, there is a 93% chance of surviving a car hit; however, more people die because of not being able to escape the broken, smashed, or drowning vehicle. Therefore, one should always have easy access to the escape tools right in their cars. However, you should know what tool is needed and how to use it in a particular situation; otherwise, even its convenient location will not help you.

In this article, you will find all the necessary information about car escape tools, how to use them and why to acquire them. Stay with us to maintain maximum safety on the road!

Best Car Escape Tools to Pick From

Best Car Escape Tools To Pick From

Now, when you know what are the essential car escape tools and how to use them, we can proceed to our list of top models of those that everyone can afford.


1. RESQME Car Escape Tool

Resqme The Original

Resqme is the most widespread survival tool among safety-conscious drivers and is also available to those who just got interested in their road safety. It comes in various colors and quantities, so you can purchase one or two-pack at a very affordable price. Thanks to the variety of colors presented, you can know which tool is yours and which has already been used. What is more, it is very compact, so you can bring it with you as a keychain car escape tool. It also has a detachable clip, so you can easily pull it from the key ring.

Being designed as a life hammer, it includes both a seat belt cutter and window breaker and is very comfortable to use. Originally developed for first responders, law enforcement agencies, and firefighters, it is guaranteed a reliable car escape tool. ABS plastic and stainless steel are used in ReSQME tool composition, so it will not break if it falls or gets smashed somehow.

Having a steel tip, the RESQME tool can break a laminated glass or a tempered glass window. When the clip is removed, the blade shows off and is ready to be used to cut the jammed seatbelt. If you need to break a window, just put the RESQME tool between your thumb and index finger, press the black head against the convenient corner of the window, and it will automatically unleash the spring-loaded spike and crash the glass.

2. Ztylus Stinger Car Escape Tool Kit

Ztylus Stinger Car

Ztylus Stinger is another popular car escape tool designed as a life hammer. Having a razor blade hidden in a narrow gap makes it impossible for your to cut yourself anyhow, however the seat belt or a cable tie can be easily cut in one movement. The main features of Ztylus are a spring-loaded glass breaker, a seat belt cutter, and two USB chargers, which makes it one of the most useful car escape tools. Thanks to a USB charger feature, this escape tool is always in fast access to the driver, so it keeps the whole family safe.

The automatic spring-loaded spike of Ztylus makes it easy to use even with the most sunroofs. Hundreds of experiments have shown that this escape tool is able to smash tempered glass in 100% of cases and laminated glass in approximately 84%. The total price of such a great car escape tool is highly competitive, so do not consider it a waste of money.

For a successful car escape, use Ztylus Stingers as USB chargers or even consider buying a Stinger Vent Mount that also functions as a phone holder, glass breaker, and seat belt cutter.

3. GOOACC Emergency Escape Tool

Gooacc Seatbelt Cutter

There are numerous similar products on Amazon, however, GOOACC is the most high-rated, so it is more reliable to choose exactly this model. Unlike many other similar models, it comes at an affordable price and is easy to use. It has a double-sided hammer with sharp stainless steel tips to break the glass and a recessed razor blade to use as a seat belt cutter.

However, it is not as small as previously described tools, so be ready to find a place for it in your side door and be careful not to drop it on your leg or arm. A beneficial feature of GOOACC is that it has a reflective stripe on its head, which means you will be able to find it in the dark.

4. Luxon 7-in-1

Emergency Tool Luxon

Being an out-of-box thinker, the Luxon tool provides you not only the glass breaker and seatbelt cutter but also such features as a red indicating lamp, magnet, flashlight, USB charger, and charging system for emergencies. This multifunctional tool really can save your life if you are stuck somewhere in the trees and are in need of sending the warning light.

The producer proclaims 50,000 hours of working along with a 1-year warranty, so it is definitely a smart investment.


5. Stander CandyBar

Stander Handybar

HandyBar escape tool is also a multifunctional 3-in-1 item that is indeed distinguishable from all the similar products. It does not only stand in one row with life hammers but also serves as cane assistance in getting in and out of the car for disabled, injured, and elderly people, or anyone who is in need of mobility assistance. It fits on any car door latch and is able to support a weight of 350 pounds.

You can also install a door latch if the car does not have one to assure the tool will be used properly. Surely, it is also a car escape tool, so you can also use it in emergencies.


Why Use an Emergency Escape Tool?

Why Use An Emergency Escape Tool?

It is obvious that car escape tools are responsible for your life in case of an unexpected car accident and if the car is stuck or drowning. Even though some cars already have internal safety establishments, it does not mean you are 100% safe with them. For instance, some vehicles have a seat belt retainer and if the system goes wrong, one will not be able to escape the car just because of a broken mechanism. 

It gets even more hazardous when the car is in the danger of falling from a height, drowning, or catching fire.

Screenshot 33

Nowadays, there exist several types of car escape tools:

  • Seatbelt Cutter. These are small lightweight tools with a sharp blade that can cut the stuck or jammed seat belt. The blade is usually concealed or folded in order not to injure you while carrying. It is better to seek a seatbelt cutter with a LED flashlight that will help you to navigate in the nighttime. You can use it multiple times, but it is better not to use it without a special purpose.
  • Car Window Breaker. It is probably the most widespread tool for car owners as it seems an essential safety solution to break a side window in an emergency. These are heavy tools that have a steel tip that can break glass with just one hit (but only with the correct technique of usage that we will describe further).
  • Life Hammer. This piece of equipment is a blend of two previous ones, meaning that it includes both a razor blade for cutting a seat belt and a window breaker. It is an essential escape tool that must be owned by every driver and must be accessible in the car.

Some of these tools have additional features, such as red indicating light that will help you recognize the emergency tool in the darkness. Others come in a compact size so you can carry them right with your car keys. One more option is a flashlight inserted into the tool, which can help you to survive after you get out of the car.

It depends only on your convenience what to acquire, but definitely, it is better to have both of these tools in your car equipment.

How to Use Car Escape Tools

How To Use Car Escape Tools As it was mentioned, car escape will be successful not only when you just have the emergency escape tool, but also if you know how to use them correctly. Many people spend too much time trying to cut the seat belt, which is unacceptable in situations with limited time, such as drowning. By the way, a high-quality emergency tool is able to cut a belt and break a tempered glass even underwater and its high pressure.


It may sound unexpected, however, even the angle under which you hit the window and the zone of the window you are going to hit matter. There is no necessity to try breaking the window at its center. Remember: always choose a side window to break! Since the windshield of any car is always more solid in order to prevent injuries from a direct car hit, it is almost impossible to damage it with a glass breaker. Even if you succeed in breaking it, the special protective layer will not let you climb out. What is more, it is essential to hit the corner of the window. No matter whether you break side windows from the inside or outside of the car, you should aim at the corner (not the bottom corner as it has high pressure on it), and always protect the hitting hand in order not to harm it with broken glass.

What about the angle under which you hit, it is better to practice using your life hammer or window breaker before getting into an emergency situation. Find a useless glass, put it into a stable position between four clamps, and try to hit it with your tool. Surely, it is better not to make such experiments too often as the tip may spoil, but do not hesitate to spend some time trying hitting under different angles for your further safety.

Talking about a seatbelt cutter, there are no special rules on how to use it since it is kind of intuitive. Be sure that if you ever used a knife in your life, you will be able to cut a belt in approximately a second.

Remember to store your car escape tool in a handy and easy-access place such as a center console or in the car door under the windows. You can also place it in the cigarette lighter, or USB charger, or bring it on the key ring.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

How to Use a Seat Belt Cutter?

It is as easy as cutting apples. When you pull the blade of the seat belt cutter, it is only needed to put some pressure and cut the belt in one sharp movement. But control your strength in order not to injure yourself after finishing cutting the belt.

How Does a Window Breaker Work?

To keep you and your family safe, it is essential to know how the window breaker works: use it only with side windows (sometimes rear windows if they are made with tempered glass) and aim at their corners. The automatic breakers usually have a spring-loaded spike that must be attached to a window.

Where to Keep a Seat Belt Cutter?

It is vital to always store the car escape tool near yourself. The great place is a center console, cigarette lighter, keyring, or a car door. You must be able to approach the escape tool if you are stuck in a driver’s seat. It is also better to have your tool in a recognizable color.

What is the Best Tool to Break a Car Window?

It is an arguable question since there are two widespread products available for every driver. The first one is a RESQME car escape tool, and the second is a Ztylus Stinger. Both of them are life hammers and are found at an affordable price. However, they both have distinguishing features, so you should choose for yourself.

What is a Life Hammer?

Life hammer is a car escape tool that has a blade to cut the seat belt and a solid tip that is made to break tempered glass. It is able to perform multiple seat belt cuts at one time and break the vehicle windows right after that.

How to Use ResqMe Keychain?

One of the main features of the Resqme car escape tool is that it is easy to use. If you need to use the seat belt cutter, remove the clip and use the blade. If the vehicle glass needs to be broken, push the head of the tool towards the corner of the glass.

How to Break Car Glass in an Emergency?

The rule of thumb here is always to break the side windows and hit them in the corner. The windshield has a special protective layer that makes it hard to damage it, especially from the inside, and impossible to climb out. It is essential to hit the corner of the window since it has the lowest pressure.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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