Best Windshield Wiper Fluid Review and Buying Guide

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Windshield Cleaning Introduction

Windshield Cleaning Introduction It is not always the case that a driver would think about buying a proper windshield washer fluid as one of the safety measures used while driving, but we think that it should. Having a high-quality car windshield wiper fluid definitely will save a lot of your free time and provide you with a better vision while driving!

In addition, it is common for drivers to think that all windshield wiper fluids are actually of the same quality and formula, but this is nothing more than a myth. In our experience, a lot of windshield washer fluids are no better than water, which means that your windows’ glass will always be dirty and complicate your driving experience. A decent windshield wiper fluid will not leave any stains, and make sure that dirt and dust will not be left on the windows.

We have created this article in order to help you find your best windshield washer fluid, as we understand how hard it might be, especially these days when marketing definitely does not make the job easier!

Best Windshield Washer Fluids of our Choice

Best Windshield Washer Fluids Of Our Choice Now, let us move to the rating of windshield washer fluids that we have tried out so that you could know a bit more about them aside from the reviews that could be easily falsified.

1. Best Windshield Washer Fluid

Prestone As658P

Our own choice of the best washer fluid is the Prestone 3-in-1, and while there are a lot of other great windshield wiper fluids of this company that we will also discuss later, here are the reasons why we believe this one to be the best pick of today’s market:

  • It can be used in any type of season, as it will provide you with an opportunity to clean windshields even in temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit with the help of its de-icer attribute;
  • It also features an opportunity to clean your windows from any bugs in a way that you would be capable of breaking them down and absorbing with the help of a wiper;
  • What is more, after cleaning your car with the help of this windshield washer fluid, your windows will be water repellent for quite some time;
  • In addition, this is a pre-mixed version of washer fluid, which means that you would not need to spend your time combining the product together with some water.

The only disadvantage that we were capable of noticing for this winter windshield washer fluid is its price: it will be a bit above the average one, but the quality of the product will definitely not make you regret making the choice of buying this windshield wiper fluid.

2. An Irreplaceable Windshield Washer Fluid During Winter

Prestone As250

Although the previous option is capable of working during the winter season, you might leave the conditioner much harsher, where a stronger solution would be in need. And thus, if you find yourself in such a position, it would be worth considering Prestone De-Icer Windshield washer fluid.

It still will freeze at the same temperature of -27 degrees, but it will provide you with a formula that is known for very quick removal of ice frost, and snow from your windshields. It is also an already combined windshield washer fluid, so no worries about mixing it yourself.

In addition, it will also leave your car with water repellent protection, so that the windows would not frost again after cleaning them, as this is definitely not a situation in which one would want to find himself during the ride.


3. A Concentrate Wiper Fluid of your Dreams

Kristall Klar Washer

We find Nextzett’s Kristal Klar windshield washer fluid to be the best concentrate on the current market, and not only because of the number of positive reviews that it has received on Amazon, but there are also quite a few additional advantages that it provides its users with.

For instance, one bottle of this product will provide you with 12 gallons of wiper fluid to use, which is definitely a more optimized consumption than that of more traditional washer fluid. What is more, this product’s formula is perfect for deleting not only dirt from your vehicle, but bugs as well, and it will leave your caf water repellent for some amount of time.

The formula of this wiper fluid is also ammonia-free, which means that your car’s materials will not be ruined by this product and will even be left behind with a citrus scent.

In addition, as washer fluid concentrates are commonly used for cleaning the airplanes, it would be important for such users to know that the mixture contains water softeners, a feature that is quite crucial for ensuring that clogging of such complicated vehicles would not occur.

However, there is one important downside to this wiper fluid: it is not applicable for the winter season, which means that people living in cold weather conditions will need to find another concentrate to use.

4. Best Windshield Wiper Fluid Tablets

Windshield Washer Fluid

Buying Dokiko wiper fluid tablets is another choice that would be more cost-effective in comparison with the traditional premixed windshield washer, which is why it might be important for some of you to consider this recommendation as well.

Each tablet of the package that you have bought will be able to provide you with 120 liters of your own wiper fluid, and it will be capable of leaving your windows clean and water repellent for quite some time. However, this is definitely not a choice for cold weather conditions, which is why those of you experiencing harsh winters will need to look at other options described by us.

To be able to create your own wiper fluid with the help of a tablet, you simply need to fill your reservoir with water and put one tablet inside of it. What is more, the same tablet could be used not only as a windshield wiper fluid but as a simple window cleaning mixture: you could put one inside a spray bottle filled with water and then implement the solution not only for your car’s windows but for the mirrors and windows inside of your house. It would be easy to store such a mixture as well.

However, it might be quite hard to distinguish the best tablets from all of the rest, as they all have approximately the same formula, which is why you will have to decide which ones to buy based on your budget. Our choice of Dokiko washer fluid tablets was based on the number of positive reviews that it has received and on the price that is not too high.

5. The Solution for When the Bugs are a Bigger Problem than the Dirt

Prestone As657

In some regions of our world, the snow is not the biggest problem, while bugs and bird droppings are. For such cases, Prestone has also created a solution in the form of its Bug Washer Fluid.

The producer of this Bug Wash promises to clean 99 percent of any bugs, salt, tree sap, and road grime from your car’s windshields, as well as create a non-sticking coverage that would help to prevent any bugs from sticking to your vehicle. In addition, you will also receive a water-resistant feature after cleaning the windows with this Bug Wash washer fluid.

However, the solution of this Bug Wash is not applicable for freezing temperatures, which is why you will need to leave it only for removing bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, and road grime from your cars. As for the smell, it will leave your car with a citrus odor.

Other Great Variants for a Windshield Cleanse

Other Great Variants For A Windshield Cleanse The options that we have described for you above are believed to be one of the most popular ones on the market, which is why it might be the case that you would find it hard to find them in your local stores or the shipping from the online shops will be too long.

For such situations, you might also find the following windshield cleaners to be quite helpful as well.

1. An All-Season Option

Rain-X 2 Pack

Rain-X 2-in-1 is a great solution for not-so-extreme winter conditions, which is why it will be perfect for deleting not only bugs, salt, road grime, and dirt, but light snow and ice as well. Rain-X windshield fluid will also provide the car owners with extra clear vision during their rides due to their deionized solutions.

Please note that Rain-X is an already mixed formula of windshield fluid, which is why it might be a bit pricier than the concentrates, but for some, it would be crucial to store their fluids without the need to combine them with water.

Rain-X windshield fluid is perfect for people living in conditions where snow, ice, and rain are not rare cases, as the fluid will provide its owners with a water-resistant feature and help to clean the vehicle from a freeze lying on it.



2. Another Great Windshield Fluid Concentrate

Aqua Charge Windshield

One of the most popular fluid concentrates found on Amazon is an Aqua Charge. It comes in a pretty big size and allows you to use only one quart of its solution for 55 gallons of fluid ready to be implemented. As for the possibilities of Aqua Charge fluids, it will leave your car clean from bug splatter, dirt, and debris when mixed with water.

Typically for concentrates, the Aqua Charge solution is not applicable for cleaning your vehicle in freezing temperatures, but you could easily add methanol into your mixture to make it appropriate for cold weather conditions.

And, of course, do not forget to mix the fluid together with water in correct proportions before putting it into your car’s reservoir. Yes, it will take a bit more time to fill your car with a windshield solution, but it is definitely a cost-efficient choice for you to use.

3. A Simple Solution for When the Stores are Empty

Gunk M506

GUNK Solvent is a perfect choice for people with quite restricted budget possibilities, as the bottle will be used by you only once, an option that was not given to you by any of the other fluids discussed by us above: one such bottle will fill up your car’s reservoir with a 1.5 gallon of a windshield cleaner when mixed with water.

In addition, this choice is not applicable for cold to extra freezing weather conditions, so other choices will need to be considered for your car’s reservoir. You also will not receive any perks from this solution such as a water-resistant formula, but it will clean your car’s glass quite decently.




4. A Perfect Choice When Every Other Solution Freezes on Your car

Mckee's 37 Mk37

We need to admit that all of the choices described for us above will not be applicable to people living in freezing temperatures below -30 degrees. And most of all, finding a decent solution to clean your car’s glass in such weather conditions is not an easy thing, especially if you cannot afford to buy something pricey.

One of the most mentioned products in this category is McKee’s 37 Anti Frost Fluid. Yes, it will be quite an expensive antifreeze product that you could buy, but according to the reviews that we have read about this fluid, it is a must when the temperature outside is nothing less than a super freezing one. What is more, this is a concentrate, which means that you will have an opportunity to store and use it for a much longer period of time.

The formula of this antifreeze fluid also makes sure that your driving experience will be top-notch so that the glass would not re-freeze or become sweaty when you are using the vehicle. In addition, the chemicals used in this mix will not harm your car’s outlook.

Windshield WIper Fluid Specifications

Windshield Wiper Fluid Specifications Our experience has allowed us to determine the main criteria that should be in your mind when looking for a windshield wiper fluid capable of maintaining your windows clean and thus, safe for you to drive.

Here is the list of such characteristics:

  • Never forget about the climate conditions in which you are living, as this criterion will be the first one to ease your understanding of the windshield washer fluids that are appropriate. For instance, it is especially important for people living in cold weather conditions with snowy winters and a temperature that can typically drop beyond -10 degrees to make sure that their windshield wiper fluid simply will not freeze out in the street while you wipe the windshields. What is more, it might even be the case that you will need a windshield wiper fluid with a de-icer feature.
    However, for people living in more or less warmer conditions, this is definitely not something worthy of their attention, which is why an all-season windshield washer fluid would work nicely;
  • Another important thing that you should not forget regards the formula of your windshield washer fluid, as some of them will already be mixed with water while others would still require this step to be made by you directly. For example, it might be clear that a windshield washer fluid in the form of a tablet will need to be combined with water, but in other cases, you would need to be careful while reading the instruction for a windshield washer fluid and not choose a mixture that is not convenient for you to use and store.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Do I Have to Use Windshield Wiper Fluid, or Is Water OK?

It is often a case that people think that using distilled water or white vinegar as a windshield cleaner is a good idea when it is the exact opposite of this.

For example, it might be okay to use such combinations once a year when your fluid has run out, but it is definitely not safe to use distilled water or white vinegar on a more constant basis, as it is simply will not prevent your glass from re-icing, from covering itself in condensate, or from even being clear enough to ride in your car. What is more, it could even damage some plastic parts of your vehicle.

How to Make Your own Windshield Wiper Fluid?

If you wish to make a mixture similar to that of the professionally made fluids that we buy at a store, then it would be simply impossible to make the same formula at home.

Thus, if you wish to stay safe while driving in your vehicle, you would need to turn to the services of the professionals and buy a cleaner instead of making it, especially if you need a formula of a cleaner that you could use and store in winter.

Does It Matter What Windshield Wiper Fluid to Use?

Well, it certainly is a matter worth considering depending on the weather conditions in which you leave.

For instance, people living in places where the temperature can drop beyond -10 degrees will need a special cleaner for such days, as they would not want to leave a new layer of frost on their vehicle due to the fact that their current fluid does not contain methanol or ethylene glycol and freezes at such degrees. What is more, it will be hard to store such wipers in your garage.

Which Windshield Washer Fluid Is Best?

It depends on your weather conditions: if your main problem is bugs and not snow, then one type of fluid would be in need, and vice versa. Thus, people living in colder conditions of our country will need methanol or ethylene glycol present in their fluid mix, while people residing in warmer parts of the world will not.

Another aspect is the form of a cleaner that you prefer, an already made mix of water and the solution or a concentrate. For some of you, it will be easier to buy and store the latter option, while for others it will be necessary not to waste their time on making a mixture.


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