Best Water Filter Pitcher Review and Buying Guide

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Survival skills and gear items are in high demand these days regarding the developments across the globe. More and more people start considering survival, homestead, and prepping seriously and expand on their knowledge of survival hacks needed in any survival situation, even in a TEOTWAWKI scenario.

In 2023, it becomes tough to consume tap water for drinking. It happens because the water in our houses across the country is full of harmful contaminants like lead, heavy metals, or chlorine. There are no indications that the water quality will improve shortly. We can even expect that the contrary is more likely to happen and the quality of the tap water in our houses will further decrease. And this is the reason why the market for water filter pitchers has skyrocketed.

One may ask why use a water filter pitcher while there are a lot of other water filters? This question would be relatively simple because water filter pitchers are much simpler to use than faucet filters. They require almost no maintenance and are far cheaper than any under-sink water filter.

However, if you finally decide to purchase a water filter pitcher, you would face a choice problem because nowadays, we can find hundreds of water filters manufacturers, and choosing one of them can be a daunting task. But do not worry, this article is here to help, here you will find the list of the best water filter pitchers in 2021.

TOP Best Water Filter Pitcher

Top Best Water Filter Pitcher

1. Brita water pitcher

Brita Water Pitcher

Brita Standard Everyday Water FilterLet’s start our review of the best water filter pitchers from probably the most well-known brand on the market, Brita. These filters are pretty simple. They use minimalistic design, work fast, and the water tastes good.

The price of a Brita standard filter is also very affordable especially considering the reliability of the pitcher, which means that you would get a long list filter for a small amount of money. Replacements are also cheap and can be found almost anywhere.

Moreover, from the point of capacity, a Brita long last filter is also a good choice because its 10-cups capacity is perfect for a middle-sized family and can easily fit in the fridge.

Also, it is worth remembering that there are many different types of Brita water pitchers from Brita UltraMax that is so huge that some fridges can not contain it to normal-sized above-mentioned pitchers like Brita everyday 10 cup pitcher. In addition, during testing, Brita filters showed the best result in a speed of filtering. A Brita water pitcher filtered 3.5 cups of water in 5 minutes while other filters did it in a range from 5 to 10 minutes.

However, affordability has its cons, and as a result, these pitchers are not that great at removing lead, copper, and other harmful contaminants as other filter pitchers. So, if you want your water to be clearly filtered, you should probably go for more expensive brands. But, if the quality of tap water in your city is bearable, you can surely use a Brita filter just to be safe.

2. Zerowater filter pitcher

Zerowater Filter Pitcher

Zerowater 12-Cup Ready-Pour Pitcher With Free Tds Meter

Zerowater filter pitcher is ranked very high on the market of water pitcher filters, especially when we consider its TDS meter, which is one of the best among all manufacturers. TDS meter is used to measure dissolved solids in a liquid, usually in the water. So, unlike with Brita pitchers with Zerowater filter pitcher, you do not need to think about dissolved solids; speaking about other contaminates, Zerowater pitchers remove them with the same efficiency as Brita. Also, it performed well during NSF ANSI tests.

Moreover, Zerowater filter pitchers are very ergonomic and very easy to handle, have a very convenient form, and it is comfortable to pour water in it (it even has a spout on the bottom!). Furthermore, the price for Zerowater filters is also very reasonable, and they cost just a bit more than Brita water pitchers. Filtration time is also comparable to Brita but a few seconds longer. Moreover, some users reported that the speed of filtration is somehow inconsistent. In one day, it can take a few minutes, while in a second, it takes more than 10 minutes. Filter life is bearable but heavily depends on the quality of water.

Speaking of downsides, we have to mention the water taste, which some people report to be not so great, and the same goes for the design, which is too bulky and taller than any others on the market,t which can cause problems with fitting it into the fridge. However, these points, and especially the first one, are very subjective.

3. Clearly filtered water pitcher

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher

Water Pitcher Previously we have a look at the cheapest filter pitchers. Now it is time to look at the big whales like a clearly filtered pitcher, which is more expensive than both Brita everyday pitcher and Zerowater pitcher. One, looking at the price, may ask why it is so expensive? The answer is pretty straight; clearly, a filtered pitcher removes more contaminants than any other water pitcher filter on the level comparable with faucet-mounted filters. It was proved during NSF ANSI tests. Moreover, the water quality and taste are awesome, more like bottled water.

From the technological point of view, clearly filtered pitchers are also the most advanced. They use Affinity FIltration technology which consists of activated carbon and different filter mediators. As a result, this pitcher is great in lead reduction, removal of chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and other contaminants, as well as reducing the level of total dissolved solids. Moreover, healthy minerals stay in the filtered water after the process is done.

More advantages

  • Other advantages of these water pitchers are that they are made from 100% BPA-free plastic, have a very modern design with a removable lid which makes filling pitchers with tap water a lot easier. Also, these pitchers use the classic 10 cup pitcher model, which is very suitable for an average American family.
  • From the point of reliability, these pitchers are also a great choice. Because filter life is as long as 4 months or 100 gallons of water, and the annual replacement cost is 150$, which makes maintenance relatively cheap. Moreover, the manufacturer gives a 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty!

Talking about downsides, we can start from the elephant in the room, namely the price. Because clearly, filtered water pitcher products cost far more than the market average price. Maintenance costs are also rather expensive because replacement filters are not cheap. However, that is the only problem with these filters, so if the price is not an issue for you clearly filtered pitcher can be your first pick.

4. Epic pure water filter pitcher

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

Epic water pitchers are also worth attention, especially for their filtering abilities, which are obviously the most important issue when we are talking about a water filtration pitcher.

Epic water pitcher filters were tested multiple times in different laboratories and showed auspicious results in catching:

  • lead
  • chlorine
  • pesticides
  • chemicals
  • organic contaminates
  • pharmaceuticals
  • viruses and bacteria! (the most advanced versions)

Why Epic filter?

The Epic pure water pitcher filters achieved such great results in catching different types of contaminates because of the new filter technology that uses 3 independent filters inside one. Each of them specializes in the different types of contaminates.

Moreover, in terms of convenience and design, Epic water filter pitchers are also at the top of the list. The newest water pitcher from Epic water has secure lit, very convenient, and ergonomic handle, replacement alert. Moreover, this pitcher is suitable for one-handed filling. Most filters are made with a 10 or 11 cup pitcher. The taste of water is also great and can be comparable to bottled water. Filter life is also quite good.

Speaking of cons, there are not many of them, and the obvious one is the price which can be even bigger than for clearly filtered water pitchers. The second minus is that epic water pitchers are slower than most filter pitchers. But here, we can say that speed is the price that you pay for top-quality water.

5. Pur Filter Pitcher

Pur Filter Pitcher

Pur Ppt111W The next filter pitcher on our list is the Pur filter pitcher. Pur ultimate 11 cup pitcher showed good lead reduction results due to its new lead reduction filter. Furthermore, the water taste was also great.

In terms of other contaminates, Pur filters showed average results comparable to Brita. The filter has removed all the chlorine, and as a result, the water did not have even the slightest chlorine taste. Also, a little reduction in the level of dissolved solids was observed.

Talking about design and ergonomics, the pure filter pitchers are also pretty average for either Pur classic 11 cup pitchers or Pur elite pitchers. It is easy to fit them in a fridge, and because of the convenient handle and spout cover, it is simple to do all the standard operations. To help you to know the filter status, there are LED indicators, red, yellow, and green. However, when the pitcher is full, it can be a little bit awkward to operate and sometimes too heavy to move.

Another obvious advantage of Pure filter is price, which is comparable to Brita pitchers. Replacement filters are also very cheap. Therefore, maintenance costs would not be a trouble for you.

Another downside apart of sometimes not very convenient design are longevity which is below average because one filter lasts only 40 gallons, which means that filter replacement costs will be a bit more expensive. Also, the speed of filtration is a matter of concern because filtration is done in around 12-13 minutes for 3,5 cups.

6. pH Restore

Ph Restore

Ph Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher Now the time has come to talk about filters that use another technology than most water filter pitchers, namely alkaline water pitchers. And there is no better starting point in this topic than the best alkaline water filter, which is definitely pH Restore. Firstly I have to say a few words about what alkaline water filter pitchers are. So, an alkaline water filter pitcher improves the pH value of water by up to 2 points. However, you have to be careful because no strong scientific evidence proves that alkaline water is more beneficial for health than the usual one.

The main pros of all alkaline filters in general, and pH Restore in particular, is that they add to the tap water very healthy minerals like calcium, selenium, magnesium. They do it with the help of mineral stones inside of the filter. Also, it improves the taste and smell of the drinking water far better than a standard filter.

Talking about the advantages of pH Restore filters, we also have to mention that they use ion-exchange resign technology and coconut carbon, which helps reduce lead and other heavy metals and chlorine, microplastic, and organic contaminants.

Talking about ergonomics and design, pH Restore also has something to offer. They are made from BPA-free plastic, and the lid has a LED display that shows the level of drinking water consumption. Moreover, pH Restore designers came up with the idea of a rubber base that helps to avoid surface scraping. And as a bonus, pH Restore provides customers with a 60-day free return policy.

However, pH Restore also has some cons. The first of them is the volume because it can hold only half a gallon of water. Also, the plastic seems not to be durable, and the water filtration process is relatively slow.

7. Camelback Relay water filter pitcher

Camelback Relay Water Filter Pitcher

Camelbak Relay Pitcher, Aqua The Camelback Relay water filter definitely has one of the most original designs of the pitcher on the market and, as a result, looks very cool. Moreover, it is the faster filter pitcher on our list. Also, with good design comes great ergonomics with which pitcher can fit in any refrigerator. What is also interesting is that Camelback Relay pitchers come in many different colors, the future that not many manufacturers have. The taste of drinking water is also very nice.

However, the ergonomics and speed are the only prons that Camelback Relay apparently has. For the fast filtration system, you pay with the quality of water, which is one of the latest on our list. The tap water filtered through Camelback Relay still has lead, pesticides, and chlorine and has minimal differences with unfiltered water.

Another downside of these filters is their size which is far smaller than the classic 10 cup pitcher. So, considering the information above, buying Camelback Relay could be an option only if your tap water quality is already of great quality and you just want to add a good taste to it.

8. Santevia water filter pitcher

Santevia Water Filter Pitcher

Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Water Pitcher

Santevia filter pitchers are another example of alkaline filter pitchers. And as other alkaline filters Santevia is good at increasing the pH of the water, removing chlorine taste, and adding healthy minerals to drinking water.

However, Santevia has the same downsides. Namely, it isn’t good at removing lead and other heavy metals, and it also did not perform enough NSF ANSI tests. In terms of design and ergonomics, Santevia is on the average level.


How does the water filter pitcher work?

How Does The Water Filter Pitcher Work? Different pitchers use different water filtration systems. Before we try to make a list of the best water filter pitchers, it is essential to know and understand the main principles of the work of pitcher water filters. So, a water filter pitcher comes to work by pouring tap water through the filter filled with activated carbon (carbon filter) or other substance which acts like a sponge and attracts contaminated chemical elements, and they adhere to it. Activated carbon is especially great in stopping such tap water contaminants as a pesticide, chlorine, copper, lead, and organic compounds. It also helps to decrease the level of total dissolved solids TDS. However, it is important to mention that this technology does not remove nitrates and dissolved minerals. If you collecting water from the well by use of deep well hand pump, you should consider water purification methods. Pitchers are also not a good choice for long-term water storage.

To enhance the cleaning capabilities of filtration systems, some manufacturers also use the ion exchange resin, which can stop calcium and magnesium.

Best Water Filter Pitcher Summary

Best Water Filter Pitcher Summary So, is it possible to say which filter pitcher is the best water filter pitcher after completing this list? The answer is not so straight as many people want it to be. Because it is hard to find the one water pitcher filter or water filter system that would be the best pitcher filter in all aspects, some of them are great in value for money, as the standard Brita filter. Others are really great in filtering because of the new filtration system but are also extremely expansive and have short filter life. Another has a great lead reduction filter but is bad in the number of reduced total dissolved solids. Some of them produce alkaline water however can not brag about long filter life.

Therefore you should base your choice of a filter on your need and possibilities. If price is not an issue for you, it would be efficient to buy the most expensive filter and do not worry about the quality of your drinking water. If the financial situation is not so bright, google which contaminants your local water has and buy a filter that works best against them. Or, if you are most concerned about ergonomics and filter replacement costs, make your choice around these indicators, and using this method, you will find the best water filter pitcher for you.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Where to buy a water filter pitcher?

Nowadays, when the market for water pitchers is skyrocketing, it is not hard to find a place to buy a pitcher filter at all. Firstly, you can buy it through the Internet, for example, on Amazon, or directly on the websites of manufacturers. As a second option, you can go to any big shop like Walmart there, and you definitely will be able to find a filter.

Does the Santevia filter remove lead?

While Santevia and other alkaline filters are great in many things as improving the taste of the water or removing chlorine, they do not perform that great in removing lead and other heavy metals. Researches show that almost no changes in the level of lead in the water after filtration through an alkaline filter.

Do water filter pitchers remove bacteria?

A few years ago answer to this question would be an affirmative no, but now the newest and the most expensive filter pitchers do remove them. However, it is still not clear to which extend they remove them.


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