Best Ice Cleats For Shoes Review and Buying Guide

Being outdoors in winter might come with some risk, as you never know what to expect from the weather. Ice and snow can be of no danger only from first sight, but as you think about it, you understand how damaging one slip can be.

If you happen to be in some slippery conditions while walking outside, or even in some extreme conditions like going to the woods or hiking, you should ensure that your safety is taken care of. That is where ice cleats might be very convenient. You can simply attach grips to your winter boots and appreciate secure walking on snow and ice.

Ice spikes are excellent for winter strolls, ice fishing, or any outdoor activity on slippery surfaces. Ice grippers are traction devices that enable you to get a great grip on the surfaces like ice or packed snow, prevent slipping, and ensure the stability of your whole body.

With ice clears you can forget about slips and falls even in extreme icy conditions. You can attach them to hiking boots or any other footwear you prefer, and excellent traction will certainly be provided to you. To learn more about the finest ice cleats and how to choose them, read our detailed article that explains everything there is to know.

Why Do We Need Ice Cleats

Why Do We Need Ice Cleats There are plenty of situations when one might be in requirement of a nice pair of ice cleats. You never know when the weather will decide to play around and the roads will be covered in ice. In this case, if you are a lucky owner of some attachable spikes, then you can easily move around town without worrying about your safety. But if you do not have ice cleats, it might be problematic and you might even get stuck at home for some time.

This is not the sole case when you might need ice cleats. Enthusiasts for some outdoor activities would also get a lot of use out of ice cleats. If ice fishing is your hobby, these devices are indispensable for you to keep traction while moving around the ice surface. Those who fancy going for a hike in winter might also be happy to get ice cleats, as they allow you to move freely on slippery roads even if you are walking on an incline.

Even your usual everyday tasks might get impossible to complete if it is icy outside. You cannot remove snow that piles up in front of your house, you cannot even go to the mailbox to get the latest newspaper or letters. And what about your little friends? It is impossible to walk a dog because it can accidentally pull you and cause you to fall on a hard cold surface.

Getting that traction on ice, minimizing the possibility to fall, and protecting your health and your body can be easily achieved by putting ice cleats on your shoes. These attachments are very useful in winter and they can save you a lot of nerves from trying to walk without falling. Let’s look at the best options of ice grips that you can possess according to the shoes you are planning to wear.

Some of The Best Ice Cleats

Some Of The Best Ice Cleats There are plenty of ice spikes out there and the options to choose from are endless. Sometimes it is hard to pick the right traction device because you never know what to expect. Luckily, we have tested several ice cleats on icy surfaces, and now we are ready to share the results with you.

If you are still not sure what would be a fine pair of ice grippers for your shoe type, do not worry. We have created a list of ice cleats for different footwear. Moreover, you can check sizes right away and choose what traction device is the most suitable for you and your safety.

Hiking Boots Ice Cleats

Let’s start this list with ice spikes for some walking around hills and mountains — hiking. Falling from the slope does not sound like the best idea ever, so you got to make sure you have the proper equipment to stop yourself from slipping on snow and ice.

The best ice cleats for active hiking are definitely Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra. These ice grips are named after one of the elements of equipment that professional mountain climbers use. A crampon is an instrument that enables you to make a grip on the icy surface. Similarly to that, those Hilsound ice cleats allow you to create extreme traction with the surface you are walking on.

However, there are no actual crampons attached to the ice cleats. Instead, they have angled points of steel spikes that are attached to the metal pieces. Those traction devices will stop you from falling for sure, as they are some of the only ones that have extreme traction which is similar to the strength of previously mentioned crampons. Hiking with such ice cleat equipment is very safe.

Screenshot 370 Of course, hiking is probably not the only thing you do in your life. That is why Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultras might be ideal for you, as they are good for any shoes or boots. You might attach ice cleats if you go for a hike in winter, or put them on for walking if there is ice-crusted ground outside.

For different foot sizes, you will need different ice cleats. Moreover, the type of winter footwear you have will also affect the size of the cleats. To make sure that you have the right pair of traction devices, check the table with shoe sizes and corresponding ice cleat sizes.

So, why you should choose exactly this type and model of ice cleats? Well, there are several advantages to it, and they come from the reviews of experienced people, who have already got to try Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra cleats.

The pros of choosing these ice cleats are the following:

  • perfect for any type of snow and ice surfaces;
  • can be effortlessly attached and dettached;
  • provide good stability and prevent any falls and slips during walking or hiking.

Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultras might become one of the most useful purchases if you are passionate about hiking and need something to wear for climbing big and small mountains. Obtain a pair of these and be sure of your safety.

Traction Devices for Boots

Stabilicers Maxx 2 If you live in a place where winter comes with much snow and ice, you know the struggle of getting around and trying not to slip every step you make. Such walking is not only slow, but it also puts your safety in danger. Luckily, you can buy some ice cleats for your winter boots and move around freely and safely.

One of the finest ice cleats for winter walking in boots are STABILicers Maxx 2 Heavy-Duty Traction. Those are perfect for any icy conditions. Even though the price might seem a little bit too high for some, it is definitely worth it. You are not buying those ice cleats for one winter season, as they will definitely make you a good service for many years, and that is proved by plenty of positive reviews.

The durability of these ice cleats is genuinely astonishing. They are in no way near those cheap cleats that lose spikes every now and then, and by the end of the winter, there is almost no use of such traction devices. Once you buy STABILicers Maxx 2 Heavy-Duty Traction, you will most definitely keep them for a long time.

If you are not a fan of this exact model of ice cleats, it is no problem. There is a great variety of other ice cleat variations of STABILicers. Choose something that is the most suitable for your winter walking and enjoy safe strolls outdoors.

Still not sure about this type of ice cleats for boots? We have made a list of all the good sides to STABILicers Maxx 2 Heavy-Duty Traction. Here they are:

  • lighter weight compared to the previous models;
  • can be attached to shoes of adults and even kids;
  • easy to attach and to take off;
  • cleats can be replaced in case they fall out;
  • velcro strap provides good attachment of ice cleat to boots.

Speaking of sizes, there are plenty to choose from. The smallest size of those ice cleats is X-Small, and it fits those with sizes of boots W6.5-8 and M5-6. The Small size of cleats would be perfect for foot sizes W8.5-9.5 or M6.5-7.5. You need to get Medium ice cleats if you wear shoes of sizes W10-12 or M8-10. For wearers of shoe sizes W12+ or M10.5-12, the size Large would be the most suitable. Men with size M12.5-14 should buy X-Large ice cleats, and those with M14.5-16 — the XX-Large ones.

Moreover, those ice cleats are produced in the United States, in Maine. By buying a pair of these, you support a local business that helps to provide safety and durability for those owning the cleats.

Ice Spikes for Shoes

Last but not least, there are certain types of ice cleats for shoes that are not boots or hiking boots. Any everyday shoe that you usually wear in winter can be attached to this type of cleats. By buying a pair of these, you will be saved from falls and slips while winter walking. Such ice cleats can be worn on any type of shoe, and some of them are even attachable to boots.

To create good traction with your shoes, you might want to purchase ICETrekkers Diamond Grip or Yaktrax Diamond Grip. Those ice cleats are produced by the same business, so they are quite similar in some aspects. As with any other shoe ice cleat, these are very convenient in terms of putting them on and off: you can attach spikes to the sole of your shoe just with a couple of movements.

Unlike the previous mentions of ice cleats for other types of boots, ice cleats that are attached to shoes consist of chains and steel spikes that rotate when you are walking. Spikes allow you to walk on ice and snow without any falls, even if it is extra slippery.

But how are those ice cleats suitable for any type of shoe? The answer is pretty simple, actually. The cleats have a rubber band that goes on top of a shoe and secures the stability of chains with spikes on your sole. This mechanism allows you to put on ice cleats on almost every style of shoes. The only thing that you have to fit correctly is the size of the shoes.

You should get the following ice cleat size according to your size of shoes:

  • Small — M5 – 6 or W5 – 7
  • Medium — M6.5 – 9 or W7.5 – 10
  • Large — M9.5 – 12.5 or W10.5+
  • X Large — M13+

Moreover, due to being less harsh than other steel spikes which are attached to boots, shoe ice cleats can be used even on the dry pavement. The spikes are not too soft to lose their grip on ice and snow, and at the same time, they are comfortable and non-damaging to the road surface if you walk somewhere with no road coverage.

If you are still not sure, whether ICETrekkers Diamond Grip and Yaktrax Diamond Grip are good for winter walking or not, we are here to reassure you that they are. They will make good traction with ice and snow, no matter how slippery they are.

Just take a look at this big list of advantages that ice cleats for different types of shoes have:

  • provide you with good safety on dangerous surfaces;
  • allow you to walk on surfaces that are not covered in ice (for example, on a concrete or asphalt pavement, in mud);
  • spikes on chains are worn more comfortably;
  • can be used even in very cold weather conditions;
  • the placement of spikes on your sole make them less damageable;
  • the weight is almost unnoticeable when worn.

Thus, if you have some good winter shoes and you want to make sure that they can also be used on ice, buy ice cleats with spikes on them. ICETrekkers Diamond Grip and Yaktrax Diamond Grip are some of the best options on the market, so you should definitely check them out.

Reasons to Choose STABILicers

Reasons To Choose Stabilicers We have shown you some of the best ice cleats that are present on the market. Still, we think that for the achievement of that excellent traction STABILicers are the best option out there. Many reviews have proven that everyone who uses these ice cleats is highly satisfied and recommends them.

So, what are the reasons why you should choose this exact type of ice cleats?


  • Good Fit. Velcro strap that goes around the heel and the front part of your foot attaches the cleat to the shoe securely. This way, it would not be too loose and would not fall while you are walking. Moreover, there is no need to readjust it every time you put it on because the straps can stay in the same position when you take it off.


  • Full Soles. Sole on these ice cleats is completely covering your shoe. This creates more traction with the icy surfaces and prevents you from slipping.
  • Perfect Traction. The spikes on those ice cleats are extremely good. There is no way you can fall while wearing them. The cleats have the traction that ensures your safety and stability even on very slippery roads.
  • Great Reviews. People love these ice cleats and it shows. Almost every review on this equipment is positive, and that is what matters the most. If it works for others, then it should work for you as well!

Ice-Cleats In conclusion, let us say that ice cleats can be indispensable both in everyday life and during active outdoor leisure. Be confident while walking and do not be afraid of walking on icy roads anymore. Purchase the type of ice cleats that is the most convenient for your purposes and enjoy the winter without any worries for your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What can I put on my shoes to walk on icy surfaces?

If one is in a situation where you need to go through an icy surface, but you do not have appropriate shoes for this, ice cleats might appear the ideal solution. These grips can be fastened to your boots or shoes. Ice cleats consist of spikes that make traction with ice and prevent you from slipping and falling. Different kinds of ice cleats exist and you can purchase the one that is the most convenient for your purposes.

Can ice cleats be worn on the pavement?

Not every ice cleat style is suitable to be worn on the pavement, so you should be careful with that. If ice cleats are too harsh, they can damage the road surface and the spikes can be damaged as well. One type of ice grip that you can usually wear on uncovered roads is the ones with spikes attached to chains.

Where can one use ice cleats?

Ice cleats can be used both in everyday life and during outdoor activities. If ice-covered roads have appeared unexpectedly, you can simply put on your ice grippers and go check the mail, take a dog for a walk, shovel the snow, or go for a walk yourself. Ice cleats are also very useful during ice fishing and winter hiking.

Are ice cleats practical?

Ice cleats are very practical as they allow you to be stable on any icy surface. They protect you from slipping and breaking a bone or having a concussion. Ice spikes can also prevent you from walking too slow on ice when you are in a rush.

How to pick a size of ice cleats?

There is a size correlation between ice cleats and shoes you are wearing. Usually, sellers provide the table with correspondent sizes so you can get ice grippers that fit you the best. The majority of ice cleats can fit men, women, and even kids.

Are ice cleats for boots stable?

Boot ice cleats allow you to be completely stable on ice or snow. The traction created by ice spikes prevents you from falling on a hard surface. Boot cleats can be also good for hiking or when you are doing some other activities outside.

How do you put ice cleats on shoes?

Different ice cleats have different mechanisms of attaching to the shoe. Some of them can be strapped with a rubber band that goes on top of your foot and secures the cleat. Others have velcro straps that go around the foot several times and make an even better grip on the shoe.


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