Best Wool Blanket Review and Buying Guide

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Any blanket is an inevitable part of a common cozy interior, a sentiment that remains true in 2023. It feels so pleasing to wrap yourself into a warm blanket while watching TV or especially Netflix with a basket of ice cream or a cup of tea. Therefore, if you do not have one yet, consider purchasing a good blanket, and be sure it will be hard to stop acquiring new and still new ones.

Even though thinking about wool blankets may seem odd for many people since it’s such a simple and non-questionable item for our homes, it is indeed an interesting thing to discuss. There exist various brands producing blankets and certain factors that may affect the choice of a particular blanket. Moreover, you may not know all the benefits of using a wool blanket instead of other types of blankets and rugs.

If you want to know more about how to choose a wool blanket and why it may be more useful than you can imagine, stay with us!

Best Wool Blanket Options Available

Best Wool Blanket Options Available We guarantee you that a high-quality durable blanket will not let you throw it out or forget it while moving to a new house. It will become a kind of family relic that will go with you to any new place.

  • Best Basic Wool Blanket

One of the most popular and definitely the best wool blankets is a Garnet Hill wool and cashmere throw blanket. For those who are concerned about their home’s design, it comes in 15 different colors and patterns, including stripes and checks. We really appreciate the cashmere and wool blend that creates an extremely soft and lightweight piece of textile. However, it also results in a thinner material than some other models.

Nevertheless, it is still a good choice for your livingroom sofa since this model is durable and soft and feels exactly like wearing a sweater! It becomes even better when you know its price which is affordable for the blend of materials used. Only $129 for primary colors and $149 for patterns in such a case is definitely what you need!

  • Best Outdoor Wool Blanket

Outdoor blankets must be thicker and more durable than those used indoors. That is why we chose the Pendleton Yakima Thick blanket. This throw blanket is a fancy choice for your backyard place thanks to its thickness and wide assortment of pretty patterns. Although the fabric may seem a bit rough, especially in the first couple of months of usage, the Pendleton throw blanket will be a perfect accessory even for camping as it is very warm and soft.

Being woven of pure virgin wool and sold in 4 sizes (from throw to king), the Pendleton wool blanket will definitely find its place somewhere in your home. It takes everyone’s visual interest and attracts with its softness and warmth. The affordable price of $169 is also a good reason to buy one of the Pendleton throws. Luckily, the brand considers that the blanket may be used for a campfire, the care conditions are pretty easy, so do not worry you may spoil the virgin wool and harm its durability.

  • Best Pattern Wool Blankets

Now is the time to reveal the best choice for those who want to refresh their interior with a wool blanket draped over the sofa. Here, we will suggest several manufacturers who produce wool blankets of various patterns, including geometric shapes, stripes, and non-trivial colors.

  • Best Stripes: Faribault Woolen Mill & Co. Wool Blankets is probably the most selling out product thanks to the popularity and quality of the brand. They are famous for making a classic wool blanket for more than a hundred years! At some point, Faribault Woolen Mill was producing almost half of all new wool blankets in the whole country.
    Here, you will find both solid colors, fancy vivid stripes, and even flags. It is definitely a luxurious gift you can give to those who moved to a new house to make the space cozier. One of the most popular models in their assortment is golden yellow and sky-blue pieces that will be a nice addition to the living room sofa as a wool throw blanket or a useful extra warmth at night in a bedroom.
  • Chunky-Knit: The Citizenry Celeste Throw Blanket is woven of all-natural merino wool and is highly soft and hypoallergenic. Since it comes in two different sizes, it will fit both a king-size bed and a mid-armchair. Thanks to the technique of production and the quality of the fabric, it will not leave you cold in any condition, however, it is best used for bedding.
    However, since it is a warm, breathable, and even odor-resistant wool blanket, it is the most expensive item on our list, being sold for almost $500. What is more, such fabric needs a special wash and must be dry clean in order not to become fuzzy.
  • Best patterns: prepare yourself to see Zig Zag Zurich Wool Blanket, which is probably the most creative choice for those who dream of adding colorful details to their interior. Having a solid color couch is not a problem if you acquire a Zig Zag blanket. Being woven from a high-quality lambswool, it is a great choice to drape as a cabin wool throw or one covering a bed. They come in two sizes and are made from extremely soft fiber.
    An interesting point is that the brand invites world-famous designers to style their throws. Some pieces are even made with alpaca wool! Although such descriptions may seem like a Zig Zag blanket to cost a fortune, mini-blankets come at a small price of under $100, so you can consider them as a gift to a bright person!
  • Best tartan: an outstanding category here is a Scottish tartan pattern, which is a popular design for a wool blanket. We recommend considering a Moon Wool Plaid Throw Blanket, which comes in various palettes and has both vivid and muted hues from beige to blue and red. Moon Wool is a long-living British brand producing the best wool blankets with a tartan pattern.
  • Best Machine-Washable Wool Blanket

Since taking care of an average wool blanket is not an easy deal at all, it is very pleasing to have the option to just use your washing machine to clean it. These washable wool blankets are one such option. Being easily washable is a calling card of the producer, so the blanket will not be spoiled if you wash it in the machine.

Being of a simple design, it will fit any bed or become a great cabin wool throw. The fibers used are soft and friendly, however, the price is relatively high at $219. Nevertheless, Bean washable wool blankets are a comfortable and beneficial option to consider acquiring for your home.

  • Best Mohair Wool Blanket

Serena & Lily Albion mohair throw blanket is an item produced by a small brand, yet the blanket is known to be long-lasting. They are famous for a pretty solid color, especially the coastal blue one, and the quality of wool used. It is a blend of Spanish mohair and merino wool, which results in a great warmness and softness.

Be sure you met Serena & Lily Albion pop up on your Instagram or Pinterest feed, so having one piece is an inevitable sign of good taste. It easily can become your favorite wool throw blanket right after the first use.

Why Acquire a Wool Blanket?

Why Acquire A Wool Blanket? Although it seems to be a dull question and all the reasons to buy a blanket are as clear as day, you may not even suppose how many various types of woolen blankets there exist. What is more, they can be used for different purposes.

Here are some of the reasons for considering buying a wool blanket or several of them:

  • to blend the style of your home by adding colorful accents in a form of a blanket on a sofa;
  • to get extra warmth during highly cold periods;
  • to add more cozy elements to a new home in order to feel more comfortable in a new environment;
  • to make the terrace more useful and warm with a blanket;
  • to support you while sleeping during a camping adventure;
  • to help masters who make handmade blankets, etc.

In general, the manufacturers distinguish blankets for indoor and outdoor usage, the origin of wool from which the blankets are made, and blankets for various interiors. It is not a strict classification, yet it makes the process of choosing your perfect blanket easier. In the following part of the article, you will find a list of our top-choice blankets for different purposes, so your burden of choosing one will lighten a bit!

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Where to Buy Wool Blankets?

Nowadays, there exist more than a hundred national producers of wool throws, excluding masters of handmade blankets. You can find their production on Amazon or on their own websites. They usually deliver blankets right at your dwelling place, so you may not be worried about ordering one from another state or county.

Are Wool Blankets Warm?

The warmth that a wool blanket may give depends on the material it is made of. There exist several options: mohair and alpaca wool throws are usually sturdy, durable, and very warm, so they are probably not for bed, yet good at a campfire. Sheep’s wool such as lambswool and merino wool is famous for being soft and warm, which means that this material is perfect for indoor use. A cashmere blanket is one of the best fibers at comforting but requires gentle wash and use.

Who Sells Wool Blankets?

In the US, the wool blanket market is highly saturated with producers both with a long history and recent start yet creative ideas. The most popular brands are Pendleton, Bean, and Faribault Woolen Mill & Co.

Where to Buy Merino Wool Blankets?

A merino wool blanket is not a rare option on the market. Nowadays, they have a unique style thanks to designers at production. You can find numerous producers, including handmade, who make the best wool blankets using merino wool.

How Wool Blankets Are Made?

The majority of blankets can be made with various wool, such as cashmere, alpaca, merino wool, and even a wool blend. The animals do not suffer from the production of such items as they only have to give their wool, so it is eco-friendly and not cruel production.

Where to Buy Woolrich Blankets?

A Woolrich blanket is a popular brand and is somehow stuck among the best wool blankets. They have the best fibers and produce great virgin wool blend throws. You can find the whole assortment on their website or find some models on Amazon.

Is a Wool Blanket the Warmest?

A calling card of a wool blanket is its warmness and durability. Even a lightweight blanket can give you extra heat when it is too cold. It is soft, so you can use it on your bed, it is lightweight, so you can use it as a cabin wool throw, and it is firm, so you can use it outdoors for camping.

How Warm is a Wool Blanket?

Again, the warmness of a wool blanket depends on the fabrics and technique of production. A knitted wool blanket will not be as warm as a woven one since it has more air gaps in it. Soft models will heat you better than sturdy ones (made from alpaca or merino wool).


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