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 November 10, 2020

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Survival matches should be present, plural, in any serious survival kit. As reliable as Zippo, a match like that can stand wind of any strength. Instead of overloading your backpack with lighters, take a few packs of survival matches, and you will be able to build a fire anywhere you decide. Read on to learn all about the best survival matches available.

Many survival situations require that you start a fire. Whether you need to cook food in the wilderness, get some light, or warm yourself up, a fire is your irreplaceable assistant. We all know about the ancient way of getting fire from rocks.

But now, we are in the 21st century, and humanity has invented plenty of progressive items and developed sophisticated technologies. Thank god, they have created lighters and matches that simplify not only our daily life but the life of every survivalist.

Survival matches and lighters differ from regular ones. They are more advanced and ready to act in complicated situations where simple lighters and matches will probably let you down.

Today, you can find lots of brands and manufacturers of survival matches and stormproof matches on the market. We will define the difference between these matches in our review, so you can get a clear understanding of matches to pack in your survival bag.

It doesn’t matter which bag you are packing — you shouldn’t forget to put matches, survival lighters, or any other tool to start a fire inside. As you may remember from our previous reviews, there are various types of survival bags: get home bags, INCH bags, and bug out bags. And remember about your survival vehicle, too!

Studies say that fire appeared in people’s life thousands of years ago. You can’t avoid the fact that your life will end soon if you can’t make a fire in relevant circumstances. This competence is one of the crucial things you should know about when surviving. Before telling you about the best survival matches today, we will reveal how to create them.

Before you start exploring everything you need about survival matches, strike-anywhere matches, and other types of matches, see our guide about the gear you need as a prepared survivalist!

match spark

So, What Are the Best Methods to Create Stormproof Survival Matches by Yourself?

Unfortunately, you can run out of stormproof matches as well as many other items. Each match is precious when it comes to the survival situation. Of course, you wouldn’t have shops nearby, and it would be time to use your savvy.

If you keep reading and then understand how to make stormproof matches on your own, each time the bought pack of matches comes to an end, you won’t be frightened or nervous anymore. You will always be able to start a fire, whether you are staying in the woods, living in an abandoned building, or off the grid.

We have tested three proven methods of match creation that will lead you to success. You will be surprised by how straightforward they are and what items they require. The principle is the same in all three cases; however, the material you work with and put on the matches varies.

Nail Polish

It might be hard to believe, but many ladies store nail polish in their drawers can help in waterproofing matches. Just put the match heads inside the nail paint for a second. The biggest part of each match should get some polish. Then, let them dry, and your waterproof matches are ready.


The same applies to the wax. Melt it, so it becomes liquid. It works pretty well if you have a candle in a jar by chance.

Then, dip the heads of the matches in the wax. After the matches got the wax, leave them for a little while. The only thing you should do to use them is to clean the wax that dried off the match heads.


Nothing new here: you have to put the heads of your matches inside the shellac. Leave them until they absorb the shellac. Then, dry the matches for around half an hour.

With shellac on top, your matches will be waterproof — at least for a couple of months.

Survival Matches: Rating

After reading about creating waterproof matches, you could understand that the safety matches won’t work when you need to survive and build a fire.

Forget about the simple matches you can get in any store and use to light cigarettes. Cardboard matches are a bit of another level, but they still won’t work in certain moments. You might take them with you and make use of them, but the result won’t impress you.

There are only two kinds of the most reliable matches: strike-anywhere matches and advanced stormproof matches. With the last ones, as you can see from the name, you may start a fire even if the wind is blowing strongly. Experts consider these matches as an ultimate version of survival matches.

In our rating, we have included the matches we consider the most workable and reliable. They belong to different types and have different pricing; however, they are all helpful in a fire starting process in terrible conditions. At the end of the rating, you will see what model of matches we consider the best.

To learn about other items you need to survive, read our gear checklist. You need to survive in any conditions!

different matches

Number 6: Kit to Start a Fire

Kaeser Wilderness Supply

We should warn you that the kit we are talking about does not just match. It contains magnesium chips that you can lit in a blink of an eye to an extremely high temperature.

This survival fire starter kit offers you a waterproof container, a tin case, and a striker strip (waterproof, too). Finally, you will get 20 stormproof matches in this survival set.

The disadvantage is the weight you should carry and the space this survival fire-lighting set takes in your bag. However, items of this kit let you store your waterproof matches properly.

Number 5: Coghlan’s 940 BP Matches

Waterproof Matches

Those who already know about surviving techniques are aware of this manufacturer. “Coghlan’s,” a Canadian company, exists since 1959 and produces handy items for hardcore tourists and campers.

Experts say that Coghlan’s matches have an attractive price and a high quality. Even though the price is good, these matches lack a match container to keep them.

Number 4: Survival Stormproof Match Kit from UCO

Waterproof Case

With a UCO stormproof match kit, you are all set. You don’t need to worry about starting a fire anymore. Apart from two dozens of UCO stormproof matches, you will get a waterproof case to store them.

The case can’t drown in the water, so if you accidentally drop it, you’ll be able to get it back. And survival matches from UCO will still be workable!

There are nice perks that come with the set: a cotton piece to light fires quickly and striker strips that you can replace. So, UCO survival matches themselves are a good call, but the UCO stormproof matches kit is even better!

Number 3: Regular Survival Matches

Survival Matches

If you know that your survival period will not last long, or you are packing a bug out bag for just a few days or weeks, why don’t we suggest you regular models of survival matches?

These matches are also called “flip-top matches” and come in a two-pack set. In total, you get 50 stormproof matches of good quality in a small, lightweight case, ideal for storing them safely. A great deal if you know that your experience as a survivalist is going to end soon.

match on pineWe have observed almost every position of our rating, and we will reveal the winner very soon. Here it comes, our two favorite models of matches that we recommend and prefer the most!

Number 2: Waterproof Everstryke Match of Stainless Steel


The Everstryke match doesn’t look like matches in packs or containers you are using in your everyday life, first of all, because it’s made of stainless steel.

It will serve you almost forever. A Ferro rod this match uses lets you start fires not once or twice but thousands of times. At the end of the Ferro rod, you will find a tiny piece of steel and a bit of cotton. You connect those pieces with flint on the box’s surface, and the fire starts (scorching, around 600 degrees Fahrenheit).

After you have built a fire, put the Everstryke match back into the case. The rod is protected with a special ring that doesn’t let fuel vanish or water to reach the match.

It sounds like an amazing purchase for your survival gear, right? Today, it is available for a special price only for our readers. If you are lucky, you won’t have to pay a cent.

And the Winner Is: Permanent Survival Waterproof Matches

Permanent Survival Waterproof Matches

Finally, here is the top option you can consider: permanent matches. These matches are windproof and waterproof, their burn time is extended, and they have proven their effectiveness.

You can also use them repeatedly, and each reusable item is key to success when you are packing your survival gear. Like our previous rating participant, these matches will burn thousands of times. Their box also offers a striker strip for comfortable usage.

Any time you try building a fire in extreme conditions, these matches work. Check today’s special deal to get the magnificent survival matches for a good price.

Make sure you have learned about all the survival gear you might need in our comprehensive checklist!

To Sum Up

We have shown you the survival matches we consider worth buying. You never know if you ever need them or not; however, as you can see, some of the matches are so cheap and easy to carry that getting one pack just in case sounds like a wise choice. After all, you can use survive matches or strike-anywhere matches in your everyday life if you suddenly run out of the regular safety matches.

But let’s focus on the situations where you have to survive and start a fire to feed your family members, for instance. We believe that this article proves the necessity of having a survival match kit or at least a pack of strike-anywhere matches to save you and your closest people from the cold and hunger.


What makes matches burn?

Some of our readers might track all the matches’ models and understand the importance of purchasing a pack of strike-anywhere matches with a waterproof container (or windproof and waterproof matches pack). Still, not all of us know what makes matches burn, even if we talk about regular matches.

Let us explain that quick: a match doesn’t burn without a striker strip. When a match head touches a striker strip, chemistry comes into play. Each striker strip contains sand, red phosphorus, and glass turned into powder. In a match head, you can find sulfur, potassium chlorate, and glass again.

When you rub a match head on a striker strip, all these components meet with a bit of energy (thanks to the rubbing), and the reaction starts immediately. A wooden piece below the match head makes the flame last for a little while, even though the burn time is so little.

We are leaving a video guide for clarity here if you are still unsure that all is understood.

What are the “strike anywhere matches”?

This one is easy: unlike regular safety matches, strike-anywhere matches, as you can see from the name, can get you the flame in almost every condition possible. Strike anywhere matches contain phosphor, and you can light a fire by rubbing them on a solid surface.

How do I choose the best survival matches?

Well, we have done the work for you. Our rating proposes the best survival matches on the market today. But if you still feel a lack of data and want to keep searching, we recommend you to start checking several brands at least.

Firstly, define which product you are looking for: is it a survival match pack or a whole kit? Then, take a closer look through the offers of Coghlan’s, or Everstryke, or UCO survival products. You will most likely see our rating’s products among the best when you read the internet reviews.


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