Revolver Vs Pistol

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Have you always wanted a revolver in 2023? Or maybe you’re considering pistols? Revolver vs. pistol is a difficult choice. Learn about the differences between them before buying a handgun. Read about what bullets they use, how the trigger feels in different firearms, and how recoil differs in revolvers and pistols. Consider how chambers work in a cylinder in a revolver and choose your firearm and ammunition.

Today, the world is too unpredictable because unforeseen situations happen to us every day. In this regard, security is an integral part of our lives. We should always think about it to avoid risks and threats. That’s why many people use means of defense, such as a pistol or revolver. For the best choice, you need to know the pros and cons of both the gun.

Remember the TV series “Breaking Bad“? I think fans will immediately remember the scenes with a weapon! Also, you exactly know the words of the characters about self-defense and the reliability of pistols. Especially the snub-nose 38 semi-automatic gun bought by Walter White?

In this article, you will learn the pros and cons of the revolvers and semi-auto pistols. Also, you will learn how to choose the right weapon. While many people hate revolvers, I tell you that this type of self-defense is a great choice!

Specifics Of Revolver


Revolvers differ in many ways from semi-automatic pistols. Firstly, the semi-autos must be clean and lubricated to avoid deterioration of its operation. Secondly, the frame revolver has a sufficient number of rounds, while the semi-automatic quickly turns into a single-shot weapon. Nothing surprising, but nothing positive! Even carbon deposits sometimes require a lot to drown out the gun. May you imagine?

However, not everything is so simple in the functioning of the revolver. There is information that due to the slow capsule when turning the cylinder, there is a risk of exploding. Any weapon should be carefully studied and checked. The advantages of revolvers are that you can also pull the trigger to move the round to the firing position. In semi-auto pistols, this is not possible. When using it, you will have to hold the shutter in a rack. But although weapons are the means of self-defense, be careful with them!

Another point that I would like to remind you about is neatness and care for concealed carry weapons! We often forget to take care of it and clean it. In my opinion, it’s better not to choose this type of pistol at all if you cannot provide it with proper care. I wouldn’t carry and use the wheel gun in a dirty state. Just think this is your means of self-defense. Why should it be running? Never!

Undoubtedly, everyone is pleased to deal with a double stack of 9-millimeter rounds, and sometimes even more! But it’s not enough to carry the pistol. You need to use it exactly and get right on target. Do you agree? In general, all these semi-auto pistols and revolvers have a wide range of advantages and disadvantages and have an ISIS pick-up truck.

Revolver vs. Semi-Autos


It’s no secret that the semi-auto pistol and the revolver differ in many ways in action. For instance, semi-autos are sometimes inaccurate for some reason. The main factor of the inaccuracy is the movement of the bullet. During firing, the explosion of gunpowder affects the motion of the bolt. It’s moving backward. Besides, the gas explosion provokes the reaction of the bullet along the barrel when the recoil begins.

When you aim at a target, your weapon has the precise focus on it. However, due to vibrations and shocks, and therefore due to recoil, the gun is displaced. Thus, when you shoot, you can miss. In general, the recoil is a mass of steel and metal striking backward. When operating a weapon, an integral part is a function of blocking the breach. Why? The fact is that without this option, too high pressure can push the shutter back so much that it will damage the pistol. Also, it triggers an explosion of the cartridge, which will adversely affect the gun owner.

There is another problem with semi-automatic pistols. For instance, there are many situations when people shoot at each other at close range but don’t hit. What is the reason? When you have several bullets, you spend them faster.

Act Quickly

With any shooting, it’s essential to aim correctly. The sight will allow you to hit the target. Moreover, the sights help you learn how to quickly use a weapon in an emergency moment, even in a self-defense situation. So if you have a gun with only five rounds, you should appreciate each one of them. You have to calculate each shot so that the bullet will accurately hit the target. So there are no misfires and force majeure. Therefore, revolvers are the best choice for the gun owner. They are more accurate!

What are the pros of revolvers? Firstly, they have a fixed sight. You don’t have to adjust for a long time during the shot. Secondly, this concealed carry gun has a built-in barrel, and it doesn’t move at all. However, when you use the semi-autos, you’re not afraid of shocks because the recoil is weaker. May you imagine? That’s great! The shooter doesn’t feel the force of the blow when firing the pistol. Remember these advantages, especially when buying a handgun.

I note that the force of the explosion is the same. But due to the slide’s movement of the semi-automatic pistols, the energy spreads over a greater distance, reducing the impact itself. Undoubtedly, the revolver is practical, the sight of which is not affected by any mechanical vibrations. The bullet quickly leaves the barrel and crashes into the target! Thus, the semi-automatic pistol has more movement and reaction, but the revolver has a powerful recoil.

Semi-Auto Pistols


Now let’s look at concealed carry weapons. I am sure that reviews of pistols, their pros and cons will help shooters not to waste money. Let’s start with the fact that revolvers have the following property is the simplicity. They are wide because these weapons hold three rounds. One bullet is in combat condition, and the other two are from different sides. Besides, the revolver has a larger steel thickness, and it’s designed to contain the explosion.

Manufacturers primarily care about their customers, so they expand the functionality of weapons and solve some shortcomings. For instance, they reduced the distance between the rounds and made the cylinder size smaller. However, this doesn’t apply to twenty-two caliber revolvers. Don’t forget, if you need power and strength, then with five shots, you can use the 357 Magnum.

And now, let’s talk about semi-automatic pistols. The shooter uses the weapon with six or seven shots, but at the same time, these handguns are practical and convenient to carry. It can be Walther, Smith & Wesson, or Kimber. By the way, I believe that the concept of “convenient” is subjective. Everyone uses a gun the way they want, but the main thing is that no one sees it. Plus, it’s better to carry the weapon in such a way that at any moment, it is instantly pulled out and aimed. In this regard, a women’s handbag is not the best option!

What To Do With a Handgun?

I advise the shooters to use the 38 Special guns. The recoil of its rounds isn’t practical, but the speed of the bullets remain high. It’s about 1000 feet per second. If you don’t need a return at all, it will be a great choice to use 22LR or Magnum. You may think that there are too few rounds, but what a shot exactly! In general, there are different types of handguns, even the best of the best.

Single And Double Action Pistol

Undoubtedly, single-and double-action weapons also have their disadvantages and pros. It all depends on your goals. You can use the gun for self-defense or professional work.

So how do they differ from each other? Firstly, the double-action revolver means that the trigger is not cocked. In this case, you have to pull the trigger yourself and rotate the cylinder. This action is much more difficult in practice because it knocks the target off the scope. As for the single-action revolver, its operation is a little easier. Usually, pulling the trigger of such a weapon with a hammer is at least four pounds. It is for this reason that it is easier to aim and shoot!

Difference: Revolver vs. Semi-Automatic Gun

The main thing to remember is the difference in action. The quality of a single-action revolver is better. Unlike other concealed carry weapons, it is more convenient to carry and reload. However, the double-action revolver is inferior in quality to the semi-auto pistol. You’ll have to tinker with it.

It is also worth noting that semi-auto weapons with the hammer have heavy double-action traction. In the first shot, you need to put the bolt and cock the trigger again. For this reason, the second shot comes with a slight jerk. However, there are also semi-automatic pistols such as Glocks, which have light triggers. I note that I don’t like them because of it. I think it is wrong, although many shooters will disagree with me. In general, the quality pistol wants to be better!

The First Question: Essence Of Pistols


In any self-defense situation or home defense, you must use a handgun and know a mode of action. In general, I believe that this skill is paramount because this way, you might protect your family. I have already explained the operation of the single-action and double-action revolvers, as well as their differences. Now, let’s talk about the exposed hammer and the guarded one.

Hammers are also a significant part of any revolver. Why? If you can see the action of the hammer, your shot will be more accurate and better. For example, a framing gun with a guarded hammer affects the trigger. It allows the cylinder to rotate slowly and gradually return the trigger pulls to the place. In this way, you will feel the stopping power. You’ll know when it breaks. I think that this type of handgun is great for gangsters and the mafia. It can be especially brightly seen in movie scenes when someone shoots in the stomach or directly in the head!

The Second Question: Carry Weapons The Right Way

I am sure that all these questions require a clear answer. Everyone should understand how to carry the shot revolver or the semi-auto pistol. This type of gun is convenient, but they have drawbacks. They don’t have any safety. If you don’t want to shoot, don’t pull the trigger. Yes, you have the cartridges, one of which is always at the ready. The cylinder also works properly.

Today, manufacturers produce modern revolvers with an additional internal safety bar. It protects against a possible shot. It also blocks the drummer if you don’t string it up.

Modern Semi-Automatic Pistols

There is a significant difference between the semi-automatic pistol and the revolver. Sometimes people carry the gun with a bullet in the chamber or the empty one. Power of the gun increases when you bear it with one in the pipe. You increase the number of shots from six to seven. You may risk your safety and self-defense. The Kel-tec semi-automatic has no safety, as it relies only on the double action. The other Walther pistol has both single and double action. A small lever blocks the trigger. Thanks to this feature, I safely turn the lever up and then press the safety catch.

Some people bear only semi-auto pistol with double-action or with the safety on. You will avoid force majeure. All you have to do is remove the safety catch! No need to put the slider back in the rack or block anything. Many shooters, unfortunately, don’t use this method. They don’t feel comfortable carrying a cocked wheel gun, even if the safety is on. Fear always puts pressure on people.

Self-Defense: Revolver vs. Semi-Auto Handgun


So these gun reviews prove that there are plenty of pistols and revolvers out there. Everyone chooses independently what means of self-defense is practical. It all depends on your choice, the purpose of carrying and using the gun. If the main thing for you is simplicity, ease, then choose a semi-automatic handgun. If you like heavy trigger pull and high-quality pistols like gangsters, then it is better to use the revolver. Everyone has everything individually. You need to find the best weapon option! Remember these instructions, and then you will find the best home defense gun!

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Which is better, pistol or revolver?

It all depends on your goal. Revolver and semi-auto have some pros. For someone, the priority is safety and the ability to use a lot of rounds. Someone wants to have only five bullets. There is no better weapon.

Why choose a revolver over a pistol?

The revolvers are quite convenient. Firstly, with it, you will feel more confident as a gangster. Secondly, it has more rounds and a focused sight. Undoubtedly, the heavy trigger pull may not suit you, but this type of handgun is a good weapon.

Are a revolver and a pistol the same thing?

It is wrong to assume that these are the same weapons. The revolver has its functions and mode of action, and the semi-auto handgun has its advantages.

Are revolvers more reliable than pistols?

I believe that any weapon is reliable by itself. The crucial thing is that you use it correctly and often take care of it. The revolver is more practical thanks to the safety and cylinder, but the semi-auto has also ease and stopping power.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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