Kel tec p3at. If this sounds familiar to you, you already know what our article is about: firearms. Read on and find out about the exciting handgun, learn where to buy the pocket pistol, and where to get the best holster. Pull the trigger and read on.

There are a lot of situations you may feel dangerous in modern America. Police officers and other departments may not provide safety for all citizens in every emergency. They will find thieves or murderers, but it will not save someone’s life and not compensate for losses.

That is why you need a tool that will protect you in some crises or provide you confidence in safety. You may face break-ins, “killing for attention,” attacks in America, and only a concealed carry pistol will save you from strangers.

It becomes more popular to keep a gun in the pocket among the American population. It helps them to give a return fire in emergencies. Concealed carry guns do not persuade you to commit a crime but only make you confident about the secure life. However, not everyone knows how to choose the best gun.

You need to pay attention to several key features in the decision about buying a concealed gun. We will discuss the P 3AT, its benefits, and the main rules of having a concealed carry gun.

Read this article if you want to be protected during your routine activities.

The Way You Can Carry Your Gun

What is the model and size of your carry pistol? I guess you have some issues in keeping the gun near your hip. The design of the weapon may not allow you to keep it every time you go outside.


Vehicle Holster Firstly you put it in the back pocket, but it always rests on your back or is stuck in the middle of your hip. Then you put it in the unique mount every time you sit in the car. I guess it is not convenient to take it out when you sit in the car with your family or friends as they may not understand your intentions.


Cya Supply Co. After these uncomfortable and embarrassing events, you put the carry pistol in your gun safe and begin to forget it at home during shopping or short walking, but danger can catch you at any moment. So, you feel insecure, even if you bought a pocket gun. The point is its size!

You will follow a similar scenario if you have 40 calibers of Smith and Wesson with the ITW (In The Waistband) holster system.

The ITW option began to be a real issue if you do not stay all the time outside. That is why you need to pay attention to the size and concealment features of the firearm.

Utg 3.9&Quot; Ambidextrous Pocket Holster Smaller handguns are the best option for you in this situation. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of smaller models.

One of the main pitfalls of the .380 caliber is the lack of stopping power. Obviously, a small frame and sight radius reduce the capacity of goal attainment of the shot. Its main advantage is its compactness and ability to carry it in the front pocket or the small pocket holster. Imagine you have a .40 caliber gun, but you keep it in the gun safe. Which of these two options has higher knockdown power and will save your life with higher probability?

I guess the probability will be equal to 50% even if you use a bigger gun because of your shooting skills. So, you will never know where and when you will meet a bad gay, and you will need to use self-defense. You cannot predict the actions of anyone, but you can always be prepared for unexpected events. Smaller pocket handguns allow you to be sure of your preparedness for the defense.

You need to be a gambler – the odds of attack can be equal to 50/50, but you will have 100% losses in the future. Be prepared to win this game every time it can occur and choose the smaller options of pistols.

The Kel Tec 380

Weapon Portability

The Kel Tec is a semi-automatic gun of compact size, which allows you to be confident in safety,y feeling nothing in your pocket. The most light-weight of models is Kel Tec 380 – its weight is equal to 8.3 oz empty and 11.1 oz fully loaded.

The barrel length is close to 5.2″, width – 0.77″ and height – 3.5″. The design and the second Amendment security guarantee every American safe and peaceful life provided by the tool in the pocket.

Safety and Trigger Process

This type of pistols is manufactured in Cocoa, Florida. Now we will describe the trigger process for this item.

You can load six.380 ACP rounds into the magazine of the Kel Tec P 3AT and one in the pipe. It does not have an external hammer – it is a double-action-only (DAO) pistol. It includes only an exposed internal hammer connected to the trigger via a transfer bar. “Exposed” means that you can see the movements of the hammer during the trigger pull because the pistol is notched.

Pearce Grips During the pull, the hammer makes moving back, and then the sear releases, and it strikes a firing pin, which affects the cartridge. So, you can control the process of triggering and stop it at the appropriate moment.

Such portable handguns usually do not have an external safety. It is safe from the unintended fire by the absence of a cocked hammer. To shoot, you need to pull the trigger fully.

Another safe feature is that the hammers back up from the strikers after the shot in these handguns.

In my opinion, there is no much sense in the storage of one additional.380 ACP round in the chamber because it would not save you if the previous six rounds did not help. Moreover, you can easily take the gun without additional pipe from fastening with slide movement.

You can buy a finger extender or extended magazine, but it will reduce the quality of concealment, and you will lose the main advantage of the Kel Tec PT3A.

Reduced Pistol Accuracy

You will not win any competition with this semi-automatic handgun because of its decreased capacity for goal attainment. It is explained by the size of the pistol – 2.7″ barrel length and 3.8″ sight radius. You need to choose what is more beneficial for you – its size or the quality of performance.

It does not mean that you will not hit the target in every case. My experience showed that it is highly probable to attain four targets out of 6, making a shoot from sixty feet away in field conditions. This result is quite acceptable for the pocket pistol.

To improve its performance, you can add red laser sight, which will help you aim more precisely.

Of course, the Smith & Wesson Model 15-3 matches the goal of accurate shooting in more cases, but you cannot put it in the front pocket and use it in every emergency event. It is worth noting that it also has only six rounds inside.

I think the trigger of the Kel tec 380 is slightly tight because of the DAO system, and the accuracy is reduced for the same reason.

This firearm consists of a polymer frame with a steel barrel and slide. The frame of grip is made of 7075-T6 aluminum.

Low Gun Usability

The Kel Tec PT3A is not the most convenient gun on the market. However, you can improve it with several extensions.

Shooting with this item will be quite painful for your pinky finger. Despite its size, .380 makes a small punch making its usage uncomfortable.

You can attain 250 lb-feet of energy at the muzzle with a weight of 11 oz.

I guess you will not feel any discomfort using the gun for self-defense. You can meet terrible feelings only after the 50 training rounds. Some users round off the edges of the trigger to reduce the discomfort.

Posible Alternatives to the Kel Tec P 3AT

You may use a variety of competitors for self-protection: Smith & Wesson Compact, Kahr P380, Ruger LCP, Beretta Nano, Taurus 738 TCP. They are different in the design, finish, fit, and prices, but they are useful for this article.

The sale price of the Kel Tec P 3AT is about $338, the price for Ruger LCP is close to $330. So, the prices are quite similar. I bought my Kel tec 380 for $229. Check it here.

If you want to be sure of your protection, choose one of these pistols and keep it always with you.

Transformation of the Frame

Galloway Precision You can easily change the grip’s color by purchasing an additional grip for approximately $30, or you can change the traction grip overlay for $10.




Kel Tec P3At

Make sure you check the cleanliness of your pistol regularly. I had several moments when the cartridge did not eject fully. It was a useful lesson for me, and I recommend you to care about your gun with special tools to be saved in emergencies.


Gloryfire Universal Gun You may think that it is better to choose an alloy frame, snub-nose .38 centerfire pistols because of their higher reliability. I can argue that such handguns’ accuracy will be similar to the Kel tec p 3at because of the same properties as the hammer. This type of pocket handguns is also DAO, and you will no have perfect results with it. Besides, alloy revolver is not appropriate for carriage because of its low concealment characteristics.

Watch the review on the Kel tec 380 to go into more details about it.

Disadvantages of the Kel Tec P3AT from Personal Experience

I have used this concealed carry gun for two years and identified many problems.

Armalaser Designed The first one is in its performance. The sight in it is tiny, and it is challenging for the eyes to concentrate on the goal. Short sight radius and the small range between rear and front sights do not allow users to be confident in the capacity of goal attainment.

Of course. The result of 66% accuracy is high for such a small and convenient carry pistol, but you probably do not want to hit a random person close to the criminal.

To reduce the probability of false shots, you can buy Armalaser – laser sight for the Kel tec p3at. It worths every cent you pay for it.

This tool can be based on your pistol and will not enlarge its size significantly. It will take about five minutes to install the laser sight with the set screws.

You should know that the laser will not increase accuracy if you are not a qualified shooter. Laser sight shows the bright red point at the distance of 45 feet, but you should correctly use trigger pull.

The good news is that you still can fit the pistol with armalaser in your front pocket or an ankle holster.

Secondly, I was disappointed by the one event I had. The extractor of my pistol sheared off after firing 500 rounds. I get many doubts about the quality of the Kel Tec after this situation because you can face problems at any time, and you should be confident that your carry pistol will save you.

Then I bought an additional extractor for $6, and I continued to check this weapon’s performance. You know, there is no extractor on the Smith and Wesson Revolver.


We introduced the basic information about the concealed carry pistol in this article. Remember, having it will not guarantee you 100% survival, but you will always be confident in your protection with the pistol in your pocket. Explore more information to choose the best option for you.

Have a look at our survival prepping guide. Our blog also contains info about the first-class survival gear,  survival skills to learn, and a lot of other info for real preppers, effective homesteaders, and well-prepared survivalists want to know!


Is the Kel Tec p32 reliable?

As we stated in this article, the reliability of the Kel Tec p32 can be questioned. The reduced capacity to attain aims because of the DAO design and small volume can cause real-world emergencies. You should be prepared to not the perfect performance of this pistol buying it. However, it has a lot of advantages and can be useful for self-defense.

How many rounds does a Kel Tec 380 hold?

The Kel Tec 380 holds six rounds inside the magazine and one additional in the pipe. Six rounds are enough for the protection of your life outside the home. If you want to have a more advanced and reliable gun, you should pay attention to other options.

Are Kel Tec good guns?

The Kel Tec is good for everyday protection because of its concealment features. You can fit it into your front pocket, and it will take no more place than your cell phone. Also, its accuracy is enough for unprofessional weapons, and the sale price is affordable for the average person. Explore it in more detail and decide whether you need to buy it.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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