Gold And Silver For Survival

How helpful are gold and silver for survival? When the world economy collapses or any other disaster ocurrs, your gold and silver coins can rise dramatically in price and will turn out to be a gret investment. To be ready for any scenario, read this article and learn all about survival currency.

When we think of situations where you have to survive in the wilderness and items you should add to your survival gear, precious metals (like gold and silver) probably won’t come to your mind. But saving and storing those metals bring people lots of perks.

You can’t easily find gold and silver around and get them, so these metals are considered especially precious. They are known for ages, and their cost is stable. Today you can see the usage of those metals in various industries: from tableware and jewelry to technically complex things (such as space industry equipment, for example).

Neither gold nor silver changes through time; those metals don’t deform (even if the temperature is extremely high), they aren’t susceptible to rust. That’s why both gold and silver are included in the list of “noble metals.”

People used coins made of precious metals in the distant past because gold or silver coins were durable. Through time, the preciousness of gold and silver has led to manufacturing coins using other metals. So, how can we use those metals nowadays, especially when it comes to the question of gold and silver for survival? Will they still have value in the future?

Precious Metals and Their Value through Time


It doesn’t matter which state, society, and century we are talking about; several points characterize all of them. Valuing certain metals and materials is one of such characteristics. Physical gold and silver`s preciousness has been undoubted for plenty of generations, starting from the ancient tribes that have gotten precious metals for the first time, ending with our modern society.

Archaeologists and historians assume that humanity is familiar with physical gold and its preciousness since the 5th century BC and with silver — since the 4th century BC. At that time, extraction of those metals was easier because people could find them naturally, not from ores.

Throughout history, each society that was established (from the ancient groups and tribes to the modern nations) had its own norms and laws. Among these norms always was the definition of property and owners’ rights to operate it.

Regardless of the type (whether it’s a private or a collective property), there are assets of a high value; physical gold and silver have always been among the precious metals that are in a list of expensive properties. So, highly likely, things won’t change, and buying gold and silver will always be profitable.

Gold and Silver Value in Periods of Crisis


Another proof of SHTF gold and silver value at all times: even if the major crisis hits, those metals are stable in their price.

They won’t become cheaper during the war, flood, massive fire, pandemic, famine, drought, any other natural disaster, or economic crisis. The past centuries have proven that, and the future will bring more proof.

Remember that besides silver and gold coins in your survival bag, there are tons of handy items that you will need to stay alive. Today we offer you our ultimate survival gear list; you can get it without paying a dollar!

Value of Gold and Silver during Recessions and Financial Depressions


Surprisingly, while currencies’ value drops down, buying gold and silver for survival scenario is still a reasonable thing. There is an explanation: everyone is scared, and the regular paper money demonstrates the collapse, so there is a common need to invest in precious metals that will be stable anyway. That’s why these metals become extremely popular in times of recessions, depressions, or massive economic crises.

Additionally, SHTF gold and silver let you maneuver as a competent investor and ensure diversification of your portfolio. Experts recommend separating gold and silver in your portfolio so they become more effective and profitable.

Today investors use a wide range of opportunities. Among them are buying gold and silver, keeping money in different currencies, purchasing real estate, investing in stocks and bonds, and other tools. You can choose the investments you like (or that are possible for you) but remember about the gold-silver value.

Is Private Storage of Precious Metals Possible in the United States?

You might be surprised, but in the United States, the country which protects someone`s rights to properties, there was a restriction regarding the gold private storage.

This restriction came into effect in the thirties, when the Great Depression occurred. At that time, you had to give your gold to the government. The national currency was also supported by gold; to ensure that the dollar is stable, the US government needed gold.

However, those times have passed, and today there are no restrictions about storing gold privately. But the state can get your gold and give you paper money instead, and the value of the money is questionable. So, be careful with your precious metals’ savings.

Before you keep reading, ensure you have read our ultimate survival gear checklist! Every prepper should learn about the items on this list, and it’s not only the silver and gold coins you carry in your survival bag.

What about Other Countries?


Human history knows the cases when the government has confiscated the gold and silver that people have stored privately. This is especially typical for communists. Those authorities consider precious metals crucial for the common wellbeing and wealth; someone as a unique person with their own properties that have value wasn’t treated well.

For instance, when the Soviet Union was established, representatives of the new government plundered wealthy peasants, saying that this was for the greater good. Imagine that the peasants had not only paper money and real estate but also gold and silver. The desire to obtain this gold and silver by the authorities was undoubted.

Many countries have faced such laws and restrictions throughout history, and many governments made a profit from them. Nowadays, some states still make it impossible to store gold and silver privately (we usually mean a gold bullion or silver bullion when we talk about private storage).

Living in a World Full of Anarchy


Okay, we have considered many cases when public authorities have enhanced (or, on the opposite, reduced) the limitations regarding gold and silver storage and possession. But what if there is no government? No laws, norms, rules, and restrictions?

The answer is simple. Take a look at the history: each time a country (or even an empire) has finished its existence, the new country has raised. It is a continuing theory that proves itself: our life is a cycle (that comes one after another).

Things are repeatable, but, as we have stated above, something will never change — for instance, the value of some items, like gold, silver, and other SHTF precious metals. Nevermind who rules the day. Most likely, you will have your valuable savings.

Gold and Silver for Survival: How Can I Use Them?

If we speak about survival gear, gold or silver won’t be a part of it. For example, neither gold (or silver) coins nor a gold or silver bullion is something like essential food and water.

But they are a fantastic investment in your future—the one where you have survived and trying to start your life from scratch. Every time a crisis hits, and it doesn’t matter which type of crisis happens, your SHTF gold-silver bullion or coins may cost a fortune, and the price increases dramatically.

You will just have to wait until everything returns to normal, and food and water won’t be rare things anymore. Your SHTF gold and silver savings will then serve for recovering your wealth.

Okay, I Have Some Gold and Silver, and the Crisis Hits. What Should I Expect?

Well, we should warn you that owning some gold and silver doesn’t guarantee success. Unfortunately, an SHTF gold-silver bullion or gold-silver coins are still inedible, and you can’t save yourself and your family from hunger.

However, in many cases, silver and gold may become one of the perfect barter items. It’s not a secret for everybody that gold and silver save their value through time. So, you might be able to conduct various deals with those precious metals. Don’t forget about self-defense: if someone realizes you have a bag full of SHTF gold and silver, you are in danger.

You shouldn’t be surprised if a survival situation leads to the high value of food supplies (while the gold and silver value lowers). Keep in mind that the situation will change at some point, and your gold and silver supplies will do you a huge favor. Price inflation probably won’t bother SHTF gold and silver for the long term, so make sure you don’t waste all your supplies during a survival situation.

Although it is vital to keep some gold and silver, you should not forget about the essentials that will help you in any survival situation. So, besides a sack full of SHTF gold and silver coins for survival in the future, you should also prepare a bag full of certain items for survival purposes and a worst-case scenario right now.

What If There Is No Crisis of Economy?


After we have discussed various crises and disasters, we should go back to normal and remind you what benefits precious metals (including SHTF gold and silver) can yield you today.

Our regular life is not that easy; we can’t say that we live in a perfect world full of stability. We face highs and lows even without pandemics, world wars, or massive economic depressions. These highs and laws change and depend on various factors (like the price of oil or the change of the governments). And the use of SHTF silver and gold for such cases is indisputable.

All investors and experts are unanimous in stating that SHTF gold and silver will save value for the long term. History also proves that.

We regularly face an increase in the prices for various things no matter what. However, precious metals have become more expensive over time, too. Silver and gold are assets that you purchase and leave; while it’s storing, its cost grows. It doesn’t often happen with other items you buy, right?

The money you use in daily life will lose its value through time, while gold or silver probably won’t. Suppose you are buying a suit in the seventies. You would pay around half of a thousand US dollars for it. In the modern world, its price has increased to a bit more than a thousand US dollars.

And an ounce of gold had the same change in cost: it has doubled. If an ounce of gold has gained such success, imagine what will happen with your savings if you invest in a larger amount of gold (or another precious metal like silver that has proven its stable growth). It’s thousands of US dollars we are talking about.

To Sum Up


We probably have convinced you that you should buy silver, gold, or other precious metals. Of course, these assets will keep the value of your savings. Buying gold and silver for survival and SHTF is important, but there are other crucial things you shouldn’t forget about.

You have to remember that crises and collapses are different, and each case of survival requires various items; sometimes, it’s not the money or precious metals that will help you. When there are no shops anymore, and money (or metal) exchanging relations are on pause, you should be ready to defend yourself and your family with other things (like guns) and have relevant skills to feed your family.

Even though any precious metal sometimes can cost less than a loaf of bread, time will pass, and your silver (or SHTF gold) coins or bullion will gain their value back.

Overall, silver for survival (or SHTF gold) will help you because you can either wait until they make a fortune for you, or use them as barter items, or ensure your stability in the near future (after the crisis will fade away). So, this kind of investment is worth considering and making.

But Is There a Company I Can Trust to Make My First Investment?

If you are still not sure where to invest, how to buy gold, and make precious metals a part of your portfolio, we suggest you check out the American Bullion, one of the most reliable entities on the market today tied to purchasing precious metal assets (especially speaking of gold bullion or gold coins).

First Investment

The company is client-centered, caring about all the people that have decided to invest in gold bullion or coins. We should warn you: before you start dealing with buying gold and silver or another metal, remember to explore the topic and to understand all the risks you are taking.

American Bullion

Don’t forget that your survival bag should contain other vital items besides precious silver coins or solid gold bullion. Today we give you our checklist for every professional survivalist for free. Enjoy reading!


Should I shift to savings in gold and silver only?

Gold and silver are worth investing in, but you have to consider adding other valuable assets to your portfolio. In some cases, you may make more use of real money “here and now.” However, keep in mind that precious metals usually don’t lose in price; you can use them for various purposes; their cost will grow over time, which makes precious metals an asset with high profitability. Buying silver or buying gold today will ensure your financial stability later.

Where should I keep my “real emergency fund”?

We recommend all the options possible today. Financial experts would say that it’s crucial to open a couple of accounts of different types in reliable banks. For instance, there are “high-yield” options with impressive interest rates. However, history knows cases when banks have collapsed, so you should consider an additional piggy bank in a secret place at home. Although it is a good way to save money (if you live in a safe place and the robbery is improbable), your piggy box won’t give you any interest. So, the combination of all the ways to save money, including profitable bank accounts, precious metals, SHTF gold and silver purchasing, and home storage of the money, should work perfectly.

How can I prepare for an economic collapse?

There is plenty of views and opinions on this topic. When you are trying to prepare for any economic collapse possible, remember that besides having stable assets like precious metals, you will have to complete vital steps. Among these steps are packing a survival bag with crucial items you need to stay outside for a long time (what if you have no home anymore?), creating storage with food that has great durability (from cereals to canned food), getting ready for self-defense actions (you probably should have a firearm for these). Other useful tips are beginning to grow food on your balcony (or your own land, if you have some) and ensuring your financial stability (which won’t work if the economic collapse is massive).


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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