Best Neck Knives Review and Buying Guide

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A neck knife can be your extra chance of survival: you can keep it secretly and conveniently hanging on your neck. As regular knives, it can be made of stainless steel, be ergonomic and fit in your pocket, and its blade can be really sharp. We have selected the most exciting models available, so we recommend you to read this article to find out more about the brilliant item of your survival gear.

The knife is a universal weapon for self-defense and survival. However, before compact versions with folding blades appeared, people had to puzzle over how to carry a knife and reduce the possibility that their weapons could be used against them. Besides, the sharp knife in the pocket was fraught with possible accidents for its owner. So how did our ancestors find a way out of this situation? The solution was elementary and smart at the same time. By tying a rope to the knife and hanging it around their neck as an accessory, people solved the problem of carrying knives safely.

There is a huge selection of neck knives in the modern world, and in order not to screw up and choose the perfect tool for yourself, you should read this article to the end. By learning all the neck knives market’s nuances, you will significantly save your time and money.

TOP 11 Best Knife Brands Review

Top 11 Best Knife Brands Review 1. Prepper Knife

Prepper Knife

The perfect survival knife needs to be strong and reliable to save your life. One of the good alternatives is the ultracompact and strong fixed blade Survival Neck Knife. Its manufacturers made this thing using only one fragment of steel that prevents the tool from breaking. Thanks to the small size, you can hide the knife under a T-shirt without difficulties.

The blade of this powerful Knife is amazingly unbreakable. The material from which this device was made is super strong 404c stainless steel. This fact is a guarantee that your reliable knife will faithfully serve you for many years. If you decide to compare this survival monster with a usual pocket knife alternative, you will see a huge contrast. The blade of the Prepper Knife is approx. 3-4 times thicker than the other variants. It is around four millimeters what makes the Survival Knife appropriate for different actions important for life-saving purposes. For instance, if you need to process a block of wood to give it the shape of a baton or to skin a big game, you can use this sort of blade easily.

This knife also has a fantastic sheath with many additional functions. So, there is a stone for sharpening your knife; a Ferro rod that is used for creating fire sparks; and such important survival tools as compass and mirror for sending signals to rescuers.

2. CRNT Prepper Knife

Columbia Survival Sherpa Super light, super strong, super functional, and super minimalistic – it’s all about this neck knife model for you camping on holidays. The blade of stainless steel is ultra-thin and sharpened for your purposes. The knife also has a stylish, secure nylon sheath and black cord to wear around the neck. As a bonus, there is an additional screwdriver and a mini-crowbar hidden in the handle. Indeed, nobody knows what can save your life, doesn’t it?




3. Columbia Bowie Knife

Columbia River Knife Have you ever heard about the US classic Bowie hunting knives? This clip point bowie style blade has the same design, but it is ultracompact. It is slightly longer than two inches what makes it a perfect option for neck wearing. The CRKT knife also has a special cord for this purpose.

The sheath of this device is made of glass-filled nylon. It helps to avoid accidental slipping out of the knife and fix it in its place tightly.

4. MT-20-14 Model

Mtech Usa Mt-20-14This all-black matte knife looks chic and is extremely durable at the same time. The company releases this fixed blade device with a nylon fiberglass handle and a strong stainless steel blade. The whole length of the knife is 6.5 inches. Such a knife can be safely held in your hand during self-defense and stored in a nylon sheath on a neck chain at other safe times.

5. Mt665 Model

Mtech Usa Mt-665Bk In case if you are searching for a combat weapon, this wicked-looking blade is a nice alternative. There are many fixed blade styles on the market, but this karambit one is perfect for wounding ill-wishers.

Now it is the type of intimidating and lethal weapon for self-defense that you have the right to carry with you. Its overall length is 7.5″, which makes it the longest knife in our compilation.

It comes with a protective sheath and cord for the neck.

6. Spartan Enyo

Spartan Enyo

Another compact and easy to conceal under the shirt knife of 5.25″ length.  It has a single-sided blade what makes it an ideal survival gear item. This product is provided with a comfortable neck lanyard. Also, it has a self-locking sheath and lifetime customer guarantee against damages. So, customer service is excellent as well as the neck knife quality.


7. Hawk Beak Shaped Blade Knife

Off-Grid Knives Here is the compact and lightweight knife model. Its handle is so small that you probably won’t feel it when you hold it in your hand. However, this is an undoubted plus of this device as it is concealed and effective. No matter what, this 5.75″ Knife can kill someone, and it is definitely helpful in emergency and survival cases. The blade is small as well, but it has something interesting in design. There are 2 different ends: serrated and curved ones. You can use them for solving various tasks.

8. Tonife Squirrel Knife

Tonife Fixed Blade Neck KnifeThis model has some interesting details. The key feature of this blade knife is a special technology of its heat treatment. This process makes steel incredibly strong and shock-resistant. Another unusual element of the Tonife is a handle made of universal G10 material. It makes this handle more durable and not affected by corrosion and high temperatures. You can address their official web page for more information.

It has a Kydex Sheath (a place for your weapon storage) and a strong ball and chain for wearing the knife as a neckless.

9. Gerber Ghoststrike

Gerber GhoststrikeAnother compact and black steel tool. This GG Knife comes with a diamond invoice handle and anti-corrosion ceramic surface, which looks pretty cool. Such special categories of used materials make the weapon as durable and reliable as possible. An unconventional element is a modular sheath system for the different wearing styles of the owners. If there is something in neck knives that makes you uncomfortable, this system will let you wear your knife on the other parts of your body (e.g., on your waist).

10. Ka-Bar Becker Necker

Ka-Bar Bk11 This black steel Ka-Bar is prevalent among military organizations. It is also a fixed blade weapon. It comes with a comfy sheath which was designed to work with the TDI Metal Belt Clip. This allows you to attach the knife to the jacket, belt, or other clothing parts with a lanyard if necessary. Address their website if you are interested in this sort of product.

11. Isula

Izula W/Micarta Handles This small carbon steel knife was named after the find of the nastiest Peruvian ant due to its deadliness. Its length and weight are about 6″ and 3 ounces, respectively.

Like the other fixed blade models, this one comes with a tight sheath designed as a polymer belt for a clip. It protects you when the knife is on your neck cord.

Besides, the Isula has a special NQAW on all of ESEE 1095 carbon steel knives. If your device breaks somehow, there will be an opportunity to replace it with the new one. Address their site to know more about price and additional information. They have nice customer service to help you make some orders.

Neck Knife Definition

Neck Knife Definition

In general, to become the owner of a neck knife, it is not necessary to go to the store for a special one. All you need is to take any tactical knife and hang it around your neck with a cord or a narrow chain.

The choice of knives that you can use for this purpose is huge: options with folding and fixed knife blades of any length, tools with wide, narrow, or thick handle, ordinary or stainless steel blades, everyday multifunctional knives, and quality combat weapons, and any other. Besides, you can carry such a knife both as one of your style’s fashion elements and as a means of self-defense. However, keep in mind that whatever type of neck knives you choose, they are all EDC knives, so you need to treat them as dangerous, lethal weapons.

Neck Knife Origins

Neck Knife Origins So who was the person who gave us this functional invention first? The answer to this question is unlikely that humanity will ever know. You might think that modern high-strength and stylish models of neck knives can not be compared with the first improvised options created by our distant ancestors.

However, do not jump to conclusions. In fact, the very idea and technology of the neck knife have not changed at all over the past centuries, and such a device does not lose its relevance to this day. After all, many of our contemporaries still wear such detail of their wardrobe around the neck to avoid conflict situations. Isn’t this a direct proof of the relevance and relevance of this invention?

Knife User Experience Benefits

Knife User Experience Benefits

Tonife Fixed Blade



To begin with, the number of Neck Knives profits is huge, so I highlight only the most important ones. But notice that such products are really versatile.



Constantly At Hand

Since such a tool is always literally on your neck, you can use it at any time. You don’t need to spend time looking for a knife in the depths of a tactical backpack or bag. Also, there is no lanyard to attach it to your survival belt – all you need is to rip the weapon from your neck, and that’s it, you are armed and ready for defense. Probably, such a handiness was the reason why ancient people used the neck knife.

Always Ready For Action

This point comes from the previous one: since the knife is always hanging around your neck, it is permanently ready to be activated. You can’t lose it or forget it somewhere, as is the case with pocket knives. It can protect you or help you save your life at any given time.

Deters Intruders

What would potential attackers think if they saw a bladed weapon around your neck? Most likely, they will not risk approaching you and harming you in any way. The neck knife seems to signal that you are armed and dangerous, that you are not an easy target, and you should be avoided. This is definitely one of the main advantages of this knife for its owner.

Arouse interest

If you have such an item around your neck – increased attention is provided to you. At the same time, it can play both a positive and a negative role for you. With this accessory, you announce to the world that you are always ready for battle and ready to stand up for yourself, so it is better not to approach you.

However, for someone, such a signal can act like a red rag on a bull. Therefore, if you do not need extra attention, it is better to hide your knife under your clothes and do not show it to people around.

Guidelines for Finding Perfect Neck Knife

Guidelines For Finding Perfect Neck Knife

Tonife Fixed Blade


However, not all neck blades are equally high-quality and functional. To choose an excellent option for any purpose, which will serve you for many years, pay attention to the following criteria during the shopping.




Knife Strength and Longevity

Generally, a reliable knife is a durable and high-quality one. If you decide to save time and money and buy the first neck knife, you come across. Then there is a high probability that it will be just a useless decoration for you. Therefore, always make purchases thoughtfully.

Firstly, pay attention to the quality of the materials of the products. It should be as strong and durable as possible so as not to break after the first use. Secondly, prepare for shopping in advance. Look for detailed user experience reviews of your item on the Internet, read experts’ opinions, and check the neck knives yourself before you buy them. Thirdly, think beforehand about the purposes for which you need this tool. For example, if you are interested in wilderness survival, then pay attention to the blade styles- it should be thicker than on the self-defense options.

Besides, if you have already bought the weapon and you find a flaw in it or realize that it is not strong enough for your aims – do not hesitate to return it to the store. Remember that a responsible approach to choosing a tool can be a crucial step in your life-saving.

Light Weight

Of course, you have the right to choose any type of knife to hang around the neck. Because there is a wide variety of them on different price. However, there are certain recommendations regarding the dimensions. If you are a fan of heavy and bulky tools like a ka-bar hunting blade, then we advise you not to rush with hanging it around your neck. Such a thing will only hinder you in a dangerous situation. What is more, it will probably cause you significant discomfort during wearing, which will also not help in survival mission.

It is best to choose light and compact options that can be easily hidden under clothes. You will not notice their existence until the X-hour.

Reliable Sheath

In addition to the knife itself, the sheath in which it is stored also plays an important role. It should reliably protect your neck knife from the unnecessary attention of others and you from accidental cuts. Also, the sheath should be tightly wrapped around the knife. In other words, your weapon should not slip, and it must be easy for you to pull out the knife in case of danger.

Nice Design&Blade Length

Undoubtedly, quality and durability play a primary role in the choosing process. But do not forget about the appearance of the device as well. The thing is that the neck knife actually becomes your accessory and an element of your everyday image. Therefore, it should look cool and stylish. You should like its design, shape, size, and color. Fortunately, the modern market offers a wide range of products, and everyone can choose a neck knife for every taste.

Here is your FREE Survival Equipment compilation.

Options for Applying

Options For Applying Before you decide to buy your own neck knife, you need to find out in which cases you can put it into action. Some of the most popular applications are:


If a stranger wants to attack you in a dark alley at night, a sharp, reliable knife at hand will be handy. This is the reason why so many people carry this tool with them. It is compact and not too noticeable, but it can cause serious injuries to the attacker if necessary. All you have to do is rip the knife and stab it in the intruder.

Outside Activities

If you are fond of hunting or just like to travel in the wilderness on holidays, you know that a knife can be very useful. With its help, you can prepare meals in nature, cut things, and do a huge number of other daily tasks.

Knife for Survival

Many modern blockbusters portend an imminent apocalypse and global catastrophes. In fact, nobody knows when it will actually come and whether it will come at all. However, if suddenly the scenario of Armageddon becomes a reality, then it will not be superfluous to have a weapon with. At least it will increase your staying alive chances.

Fishing Trip

When fishing, you must have a tool for cutting and cooking your catch. Of course, a short compact device is not the best option for these purposes. A good fillet knife would be more effective, but when there are no other alternatives, it will work nicely as well.

Crafting With a Knife

If you need to create something with your own hands, such a knife will also be useful to you as well. For example, if there is a necessity to make a handmade whistle for survival in the forest or make some sort of weapon, neck knives are solutions.

Best Neck Knives Summary

Best Neck Knives Summary Not many people know about the existence of neck knives. What is more, even those who know about them often refuse to use them in reality. Most people prefer the popular pocket knives options or keep knives in their boots or on belts. However, wearing a knife around your neck is very reliable and profitable. You can add such a tool in your bug-out-bag (just to have in stock) and take it with you on hikes or campings. Besides, you can try to make it a part of your image and make it a part of your everyday carry. Believe me, having realized all the advantages of such a device. You will never stop wearing it again.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Are neck knives legal?

In general, the legislation differs depending on the place of your living as well as human rights. Before buying a weapon, you need to study in advance which categories of self-defense items are prohibited from being worn and used in your country/state/city territory. Besides, the length of the blade itself matters as well. If you carry a special knife with a blade of about 2 inches, then the probability that you will be allowed to have it in a public place is much higher than in the case of a huge hunting blade. But this is what concerns the public places. If you are a lover of hiking, then there are no restrictions for you. But still do not attract police organization attention.

What are the best neck knife functions?

Carrying such a knife with you in self-defense is one of its most popular uses. Besides, it can be used for hunting or fishing to disembowel and cook prey. It is also useful for daily activities and hobbies like handmade or camping on holidays. For survival, such an instrument is also extremely useful, as it can be used in cooking and making useful tools.

How to find the best knife option?

First of all, look for the most durable and convenient options. A good knife should be compact and light in order not to distract you from daily tasks. Also, it must be made of high-quality materials to serve you for years. Besides, the protective cover or sheath quality is also important – it must properly perform its functions.

How practical is a neck knife?

Even if you do not have to apply it in a fight or during the end of the world scenario, it will, in any case, become a faithful assistant for you in your daily affairs. With the help of a knife, you can cut threads on clothes, cut and cook food, scare away unpleasant strangers, and much more. The knife is one of the most versatile tools, and even such a small one will still be incredibly useful and relevant for you.

Why you need a neck knife?

Because it is multifunctional and versatile, you never know when you might need a knife. And you never know when you will get into trouble and will need to save your life using only some items at hand. In such a situation, a sharpened durable knife will be very useful. Also, there are many knife styles to choose the most preferable for you if you address the local specialized stores.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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