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Survival food is essential, as well as water supplies. And it should be cut effortlessly. We use knives on a daily basis: when cooking, cutting something at home or work, on a camping trip with your kids in the woods. Also, if someday you face a case of surviving in the wilderness, a good-quality knife is indispensable because you normally have to cut woods, ropes, and other odd things.

One of the most popular questions that a person asks when they try to buy a great knife is probably “Will my knife be durable enough?”. We are quite used to use a metal knife in our everyday life, and not everyone even considers that you can find an amazing and durable knife made of a simple material: plastic. Ceramic knives have also shown themselves as reliable items in people’s kitchens or even survival gear bags.

First of all, your survival skills and situational awareness are what will save you in an emergency, but having proper survival gear in your well-packed backpack can significantly improve your chances.

In this review, we will speak about knives of different materials, define those that are frequently bought, and outline some important things useful for those who plan to go to the nearest shop and by themselves one of the greatest knives made of plastic, steel, or ceramics, offered today.

Why People Prefer Ceramic and Plastic Knives

All professional homesteaders, survivalists, and preppers should take care of learning about that beneficial tool. Buyers decide to get such knives for a reason or two. Here is a brief explanation.

1. These knives don’t get rusty.

You can clean both plastic and ceramic with ease. Besides, metal knives don’t get rusty and are extremely durable (if the quality is good, of course). That is why many customers, from experienced survivalists to housewives, decide to buy a plastic knife for constant use. You don’t need scandi grind for ceramic knife.

2. You get a sharp knife that doesn’t need to be sharpened often.

Ceramic knives are rather practical because they are extremely sharp from the very beginning, and you will not need to sharpen them all the time. However, this advantage has another side of the coin: you should be careful when you use these knives because it is easy to hurt yourself.

3. These knives are no danger around electricity.

Because plastic and ceramics both do not conduct electricity, you can choose these knives if you are often involved in situations where electricity is dangerous.

4. These knives are often cheaper than others.

The price of plastic knives will probably surprise you. It is normally lower than the price for knives made of steel. Some of the knives are really cheap. In a situation where you need more than one knife and you want all the knives to be durable, we recommend checking out some plastic options. A good plastic knife will cost less than you usually pay for knives but will be fine as well.

5. Ceramic and plastic knives are widely used in the kitchen.

If you aren’t a cook, ask someone who is, and they will tell you that ceramic and plastic knives are amazing in the kitchen. They are light and convenient to use with fantastic durability. If you come to your local store as a customer looking for a good knife, a seller will probably tell you more details about how well these knives work when you cook something and cut foods. Again, no rust!

A Few More Things to Mention

While there are indisputable advantages of ceramic and plastic knives, still, there are negative sides as probably any other thing in the world has.

1. You may forget about your knife when going through the security check.

Your knife will probably not be recognized by a metal detector, so you should be ready to lose one. Imagine that you carry your knife all the time and then forget about it and try to go through the airport security control with it. If you make a common mistake and don’t put it inside your luggage bag, airport workers will likely ask you to throw it away. So, when you plan to go somewhere with a hard security check, make sure if you have your knife with you or not to avoid the hassle.

2. These knives are harder to save because they are easy to break.

One strong reason why many people still select steel knives despite all of the promotions is that ceramic and plastic knives are fragile. You can easily break such knives, and they will become impossible to use. Therefore, you should always remember that even though it is durable, you should still be very careful to keep it in perfect condition.

Now that you know some advantages and disadvantages of plastic and ceramic knives let’s check out the most notable products you can find on the market today. First, we will quickly go through karambit knives, then proceed to gear and kitchen knives and finish with boot knives.

Karambit Knives

Not everyone knows that there are wonderful karambit knives made of plastic but similar to steel ones.

1. KA-BAR Shark Bite

Ka-Bar Knives Ka9908 Experts consider this knife a great self-defense thing. Similar items made of steel usually cost much more, but this KA-BAR model is a fantastic alternative. It weighs only 0.15 lb. With a length of slightly more than 5 inches, this is a rather small knife.




2. Cold Steel FGX Karambit

Cold Steel Fgx Karambit, Black The manufacturer has made this knife from a solid fiberglass reinforced plastic making it resistant to ultraviolet, cold, and heat. You can get this all-impervious knife for just 8 US dollars. If your concern is self-defense, consider buying this small but useful item. The knife’s weight is only 2.3 ounces because it’s built of the same blade and handle material — plastic. Its overall length is 8.5 inches. Similar items made of metal are usually much more expensive and weigh more.



Great Gear and Kitchen-Use Knives

Here are some decent models we have found that can be your magnificent helpers in the kitchen or become a part of your survival gear.

1. Cool Hand Ceramic Folding Knife

If you search for a knife that is all made of plastic (and has no trace of metal), you may skip this part and move to the following product. However, consider getting this folding knife from Cool Hand if you are okay with brands that include metal parts in their plastic and ceramic knives. It has a sharp edge, nice design, and moderate size. It weighs just 1.7 ounces, and its overall length is about 6.4 inches.

2. Boker Plus Anti-Grav Knife

Cool Hand 3'' Super Light Folding Pocket Knife This excellent knife from Boker is 7.5 inches long and weighs only 2.1 ounces. Its blade is extra sharp, and it has all the details to make it carry-convenient. The handle is comfortable and lightweight. Although buyers consider this product a good one, still, some say that you may easily damage its blade. Still, the design is concise, and it is a perfect choice for survivalists, for example.



3. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series Professional Chef’s Knife

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series This 7-inch knife from Kyocera company is the right choice for those who like to cook in different styles and experiment with various dishes in the kitchen. The blade material is zirconia, while the handle is made of a familiar material: plastic. The knife’s blade is famous for its fancy design and solidity: the blade goes through a special isostatic press that is extremely hot. People praise the product’s reliability and longevity.



4. Stone River Gear Ceramic Neck Knife

Stone River Gear Ceramic Neck Knife With Tanto Style Blade

The knife from Stone River is a notable product because it has a tanto-style blade and a moderate size. The handle features paracord elements, and the knife itself is made of ceramics. This is a very sharp knife, as we can tell by customer reviews, so remember to be careful when using it. You can wear it on your neck and be ready for different tasks. Despite the size, sharpness allows you to cut various things with next to no effort.



5. Rough Rider G-10 Pack Knife

Rough Rider G10 Pack Knife Rr1814 This one is small and convenient for concealed carry and can easily fit in your boot. You should know that this product has no sheath and you will need to purchase it additionally. Still, many consumers choose this product to protect themselves. It is 7 inches long and weighs a bit more than 1 ounce.





6. Cold Steel FGX Boot Blade II

Cold Steel Fgx Boot Blade Ii Black The following product is slightly smaller: 6.75 inches. The Cold Steel brand has gained a great reputation in making self-defense knives from plastic, and this model is considered one of the greatest. Having it in your boot will ensure your safety.



What If You Need to Sharp Your Knives

What If You Need To Sharp Your Knives We have an additional recommendation about a sharpener for your ceramic knives that you can sharpen at home with the following device: Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener.



Images2 It is a durable sharpener that will serve you for years. However, it uses electricity, but you can always find manual options on the market.





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hopefully, our review will force you to get one of these great knives and save you money and time. However, if you still have questions, maybe you will find answers below.

I am often lost because I can’t find plastic knives in my store. Why is that?

The answer is simple: maybe in your store, knives made of plastic are placed in the section where you can find letter openers or other related departments. Try to search there: maybe this is your case. If you can’t find a good knife made of plastic in a local store, maybe it is time to find an online shop where you can choose from a wide range of models, read sellers’ and manufacturers’ descriptions along with other purchasers’ reviews. Nowadays, many things are bought through the internet, and knives are also on the list. If you find an online shop with a wide choice of knives, make sure that it ships to your area before you proceed with checkout.

Which manufacturing company should I choose when picking a good knife?

Many brands provide clients with great quality knives of different styles, and every brand offers products for different aims and needs. We have listed some decent manufacturers in this review, so we recommend checking out these or similar products from the same brands.

What are the best plastic or ceramic knives on the market today?

Every customer has their own preferences and needs, and the products vary. Therefore, we recommend you analyze the market and use the tips above to choose your ideal product. We hope that our review will save you time and help to make the right choice.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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