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Concerning household traps, I have to say something for the record: personally, I adore animals and all the living things in the world, while in moderation, but at times, their presense really aggravates most homeowners, whose harvests and property are being shaterred by myraids of some mouse, rat, fly, etc. Rodents and insects, and even the tiniest of fruit flies, can be easily terminated by the solutions we put in the following article.

A man’s home is a man’s castle. That is what they say. And every castle must be protected. If you are one of those homeowners who care a lot about their safety and the safety of their private property, this article is for you.

Nowadays, we have thousands of ways to protect our homes literally. Some of them are really great, and others might leave you pretty disappointed. Here we will talk about household booby traps that can protect your home from criminals, from usual thieves to criminal gangs. Some of the booby traps are definitely not for the everyday home security system, but when shit hits the fan, they will be there to protect you from any type of break-ins. You will find booby traps that can function outdoors and indoors in our list, and you can combine them however you want. Let’s dive into this already, and let’s get your house booby-trapped!

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First of All

First Of All

But Window Security Film before we dive into household booby traps, let’s talk about the basics of home security. What are the weakest spots in every home? Right, doors, and safe windows. These spots must be very protected from the beginning. And security cameras are not enough. They won’t stop a bad person who wants to access your home illegally. But we don’t offer you to replace all your existing doors and windows. This is way too expansive, complicated, and mostly unnecessary. We are talking about upgrading them!

Windows are very straightforward to upgrade in this case. You need to buy a special window security film. Ordinary window glass is fragile, and security film makes it way stronger and becomes a sustainable solution. The choice of different types of window security films is pretty huge on the market, so you can choose the one that meets all your needs. Also, the prices will excellently surprise you. Some of the options are super cheap but be careful because you do not want to buy a bad quality film. When we talk about home protection, we should say that it is worth spending big money for obvious reasons.

Door Reinforcement Armor There are so many security systems and devices for your doors out there that it is easy to get lost at any price point. But we highly recommend you to check out this one thing called Armor Concepts. This company patented their own Door Armor, a high-quality door security device system that strengthens your door. You can choose the most suitable options for you, and where the prices are also fair. These devices are very durable, so that they will serve you well for a very long time. The company Armor Concepts has great customer service and will help you with all your issues and answer all your questions.

Don’t you Dare to Come to My Door!

Don’t You Dare To Come To My Door! The main entrance to your place might be the most important thing in terms of personal safety and the first thing to be booby-trapped. Here you have no chance to fail in protection because, after the main entrance, there are basically no obstacles for criminals and other bad people, aka unwanted guests. So extra precautions will not be superfluous at all.

Get the Bark Out of Here

Big Guard Dog

The most obvious advice for house protection is to get a big guard dog. Well, technically, this is not even a household booby trap, but still a potent option. Big dogs are scary, and, which is also important, dogs are very loud. You will definitely hear your guard dog barking if some people decide to get near your entrance door in the dead of night.

But we have to say that having a dog must not be all about protecting your home. This is a living creature who is also your little hairy friend, and you must treat your dog very well and take care of it, and love it. Remember that this is not just an alarm. And if you treat your dog bad, the dog will probably become very dangerous and aggressive, but not only for criminals but for you and your family as well.

Also, there is special training required for a guard dog. You, good boy or girl, must be good only for you and your family, but not for strangers. And you need to do decent research on the kinds of dogs that are the most suitable for house protection.

Hardcore Trap Option

Hardcore Trap Option

Okay, this one is really not for everyone, and we highly recommend you not to consider this an option for you as long as you don’t want to kill someone and have problems with the law. But if there is some serious business involved and you need to stay protected by all means, or your enemies are mighty people, and you know that they came for your blood… This is a serious level of protection with serious objects. Well, all is fair in love and war, as they say. A desperate situation requires a desperate matter, sometimes. But again, this option is not quite legal.

This booby trap is basically a trigger of a shotgun, set up with an opening door’s action. No explanation needed, right? This one is also good for pranks (but with a fake gun, of course!). Be very careful with this one, because you can end your own life by negligence.

Chemical Surprise

Heavy rain of chemicals might make the desire to break into your home disappear for most criminals. The construction is easy peasy. A bucket (or a similar container for liquids) full of chemicals is tied to the door and placed above it on a floating shelf. When somebody opens the door, the bucket will tip over and pour chemicals right on the head of your unwanted guest. In this case, the hardest thing is to find suitable chemicals, so do your research first.

Cheap and Loud Trap

Door Stop Alarms

Have you ever heard of Door Stop Alarms? Well, you probably have, because they are so freaking loud! Jokes aside, these little devices are super powerful in your case.

Door Stop Alarms2

You don’t have to spend too much money on a special alarm system when you have Door Stop Alarms.

They are also straightforward to use, and you can buy a couple of them both for the front door and the back door.

Sound is a Weapon

Sound Is A Weapon This is a vital part. Alarms are essential for obvious reasons, especially alarms on your property. You need them to warn you about the danger and buy you time to prepare for a visit from unwanted guests or pick up your phone fast and call the police (of course, if the police can help in this situation).

Prepare Your Ears!

Ealarm+ With Tripwire Hook
Using sound grenades is a perfect idea if you want a decent alarm system. These sound grenades are tiny and easy to setup. All you need to do is to tie a tripwire to every grenade and then also to the trees and bushes on your property. When someone steps on a tripwire, the sound grenade’s pin will be pulled, and you will hear the deafening siren.

Place the tripwires everywhere around your property and your home. You will definitely feel so much safer and will get some rest. This will work as a perfect perimeter alarm system.

Air Horn Alarm

Air horn tripwire alarm is a compact and loud device. It is prevalent and easy to use, just as sound grenades. The device emits a 130 decibel (ambulance-level) alarm, which is enough to wake you up fast in the dead of night.

Sound and Flash

You can try to use a booby trap that explodes. It creates sound and flash, but to be honest, it may seem quiet if you compare this one to sound grenades and air horns. But you can make it yourself and research other ways because this option is pretty popular among many survivors.

Traps to defend your property

Traps To Defend Your Property First of all, most of these booby traps are illegal, and you are probably not allowed to set them as regular household protection. But no one knows what the future can bring. Maybe one day, this knowledge will be the only way to protect your home and stay alive.

Spiky and Swinging Trap

Spiky And Swinging Trap

This booby trap can remind you of a medieval weapon called Morning Star, also known as mace. But you can make it yourself with a rock, thread, and wooden spikes.

You can hang it on a tree and tie a tripwire to it. The mechanism is straightforward. When someone will approach the spot and touch the tripwire, this device will swing down. It can be very dangerous and harm your enemy a lot, or at least scare anyone who sees it. This booby trap will show everyone that the owner of the property plays no games.

Spiky And Swinging Trap2

You also can create another similar trap—a long swing with spikes. The size of it really matters. If you want to turn it into the deadliest weapon, you must make it big and long.

Dig Down

Dig Down

This trap is one of the most popular ones. You probably saw it in movies and cartoons thousands of times. You need to do the following: dig a pit, put many spikes there, and hide it with grass, leaves, etc. The pits’ size is your own choice because small ones can stop the enemy or slightly injure the feet, but big pits can really become real graves.


Be careful with hidden booby traps because you can easily forget about them and harm yourself or your family members. Plan all booby traps ahead and always remember about them.

Another Swinging Trap

If you are lucky to have many trees on your piece of land, this swinging log booby trap might be a very successful option. It is easy to set, and it is very effective. No further explanation is needed.

Using the trees, strong bushes, and fences in your home for creating booby traps is always a good idea.

You Can Put it Everywhere.

This booby trap is called a Spring Spare trap, and it is instrumental because you can place it in many different locations on your property. You can choose the size of it by yourself, just like most of the booby traps. The bigger it is, the more harmful it can be to your unwelcome guests.

Inside Traps

Inside Traps If the situation is serious and criminals went past all your alarms and hidden booby traps on your property, you need to keep your home defended even inside.

Electric Shock Trap

Prankers often use this method, but you can turn it into a good defense method. You will need a large battery and copper wire. You need to set it and connect it with metal doorknobs or windowsill. Everyone who will touch it will definitely regret it. And that will be both a good punishment and a bad experience for your enemies.

You nailed it!


This trap is the simplest. Nail spikes can be super useful and work in many different locations. Put it on the floor, on windowsills. This trap is petite and hard to notice, especially in the dark.


This article is beneficial, but of course, it is not full enough. When it comes to the serious protection of your home, anything can become a component for a booby trap, but you really need to research all the possibilities first. Google things, read books, watch videos and films. The object or a suitable device for others might be a complete disaster for you, so do not rely on anyone but yourself in this question. No one knows your own household better than you, so you can even use your imagination and invent special traps just for your home and your area.

And the main thing, remember that anything can happen and anyone might think that they have a right to attack your house and your family. Things can go really crazy, and even the police might be no particular help. You must be ready for all these things. And you should think about all your traps ahead and take them seriously.

And you should definitely not use all this information for fun because some of these devices and traps are super dangerous. They can kill an innocent man or cause a serious injury. You can even put yourself in danger if you play with booby traps, so please do not do that.


What are the 3 DIY bug traps you can make using household items?

Most of the traps from this list you can make using household stuff and devices. The best options are nail spikes, a pit with spikes, and a rock swing with spikes booby trap. These traps are very effective for home security, and it is straightforward to find all the needed things.

Is the DIY method sustainable?

It really depends on your location and your goals, but mostly every method is sustainable. You should be aware of some basics of trap construction and have some other background skills and knowledge. If you have certain expertise, the odds you get everything right are high. Most of the traps are pretty easy to make, actually.

What is the best solution?

The best solution for household traps is by combining them and calculating all the possible troubles in advance. You need to analyze all the weak spots of your home and property and plan ahead where to place traps. And of course, it depends on your situation and even the type of thieves that can be a possible threat. Every experience is different.

What is the best trap?

It depends on your needs and what kind of trap you are looking for. There is no perfect trap for everyone, basically, but there are definitely a lot of perfect and useful things, devices, and even weapons that you can choose among. Weigh up what you look for in a trap and what you are to use it for: it will help you decide on your perfect match. Home defense is important. You can’t make a random choice.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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