Best Tactical Gloves Review and Buying Guide

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Top 10 Best Tactical Gloves

Top 10 Best Tactical Gloves 1 ) Tactical Gloves by FREETOO

Freetoo Knuckle Fretto is a relatively new player in the market who provides great features for a reasonable price.

These are comfortable gloves with good grip and venting that keeps your hands dry. Flexible carbon fiber knuckle protection gives freedom of movement. The gloves are very lightweight, breathable, and can offer some medium cold protection—a nice choice for bike riding.

One big downside, no touchscreen compatibility.

  • Comfortable with good ventilation
  • Low cost
  • Relatively weak knuckle protection
  • It can’t be used with touchscreens.

2) Touch Screen Tactical by WTACTFUL

Wtactful Touch The most affordable tactical gloves model you can find on the market.

Comfortable with decent ventilation keeping hands warm and dry. Synthetic material drys out very fast.

Hard plastic knuckle guards make them extremely durable. However, some users complain about their fit. Try them out before buying.

Touchscreen compatible on thumb and middle fingers.

I can’t speak for everyone, but a trigger finger with no touchscreen compatibility can be quite frustrating.


  • Low Price
  • Strong cuff
  • No touchscreen compatibility on the trigger finger
  • The palm material is not suitable for heavy-duty cuff use.

3) M-Pact 3 Covert by Mechanix Wear Gloves

Mechanix Wear

Mechanix Wear is a brand that doesn’t need an introduction for a bunch of reasons.

Firstly, it is a single-peace thermoplastic design with a rubber knuckle guard perfectly suitable for combat situations.

Secondly, Mechanix Wear belongs to the military and assault gloves categories. Rumor has it. Law enforcement officers and special task forces use them, which speaks for itself.

This Mechanix Wear model‘s fingers have full-length padding with the exception of the trigger finger to give it extra dexterity.

According to reviews, these tactical gloves have one of the most touchscreen compatibility among competitors.

  • Enhanced hand protection
  • Touchscreen Compatible
  • Trigger finger dexterity
  • Low grip quality on new models, according to customer reviews

4) Screen Ops by 5.11

Tactical 5.11 5.11 Tactical is an old player in the tactical gear market.

The Screen Ops model is designed for medium-duty tasks with high touchscreen compatibility for those who keep their smartphones mostly in their hands rather than in pockets. Touchscreen-sensitive material covers every finger, including the thumb.

While being touchscreen-friendly is the main feature that separates 5.11 tactical from competitors, they have more to offer.

5.11 tactical gloves are designed using kevlar knit fabric to protect your hand. These gloves’ palm area is covered with a goatskin which gives better weapon handling capabilities.

5.11 tactical gloves have a more casual look. This model is not suitable for intense use situations but will be ok in most cases.

They come in two colors, black and coyote.

  • Touchscreen compatibility
  • Great weapon handling
  • A low-key style for everyday use
  • Not design for high-performance use

5) Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves by PIG 

Pig Full Dexterity

These gloves are a perfect choice for those who look for ultimate dexterity and almost a second-skin feel to them. Being produced of a thin material provides good flexibility. The upper part is made of mesh breathable material, which keeps hands dry.

If you are a firing arms enthusiast, this product will be your perfect shooting gloves.

They allow easy access to small items and manipulate them in your pockets without taking the gloves off and even to tie your shoes, as they say in the advertising campaign.

They come in three color choices: green, coyote, and black.

Thin materials and dexterity come at a hefty cost and compromised durability. If you like to put your gloves in a heavy-duty regime, this item might NOT be your perfect choice.

Thumb and point fingers have touchscreen compatibility.

  • Ultimate Dexterity
  • Touchscreen Compatible
  • Lightweight
  • Low durability in case of intense use
  • Highly Tight Fit

6) SI Factory Pilot Gloves by Oakley

Oakley Men's Factory When we hear the word Oakley, the first thing that comes to mind is sunglasses, bags, and sports equipment. But for many years, this brand has been working for those who “in the field” with its “Standard Issue” series, including gloves, other tactical gear such as goggles and boots.

This particular model has a full-grain leather palm with mesh zones and rubber exhaust ports for breathability. The top is covered with goat leather. Thumb is equipped with a sweat pad for swiping moist. The leather on the palm is very well ventilated, warm, and durable. Hard knuckles made of kevlar protect your hands.

Fingers a bulky and boxy, which causes losing dexterity, but you get unparalleled protection. Every finger is equipped with a vent hole for air circulation.

As with other famous brands, there are many knockoffs to be aware of. Buy these gloves from reliable sellers only.

Even Dana White was impressed by them.

  • Great comfort and durability
  • High cost
  • Possible knockoffs

7) Convoy Sensor by Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research This brand’s gloves are mostly considered hiking gear, but they have something important to offer. Warmth.

Tactical gloves often lack warmth insulation. Convoy Sensor Gloves are a bridge linking the worlds of winter clothes and tactical gear.

They are not suited for dexterity work with their bulky design, but with a lack of warmth during low-temperature seasons, you will not be able to do it anyways.

Outdoor Research Convoy Sensors are very light, warm, and breathable fleece gloves that would be great both for mildly cold days as well as extreme conditions.

I assure you, this type of gloves is something you will be glad to have during an extended winter hike.

For more advanced protection from snow getting into your gloves, pay attention to the Outdoor Research Stormtracker Sensor long cuff gloves.

  • Warmth insulation
  • Low dexterity due to bulky design

8) Alpha SL Gloves by Arcteryx

Arc'teryx Alpha The Alpha SV is mountaineering gloves with a laminated internal GORE-TEX waterproof and breathable membrane. The outer shell is made of 3-layer GORE-TEX Pro Shell material and is completely seam-sealed to ensure waterproofness. They pass the GORE Glove waterproof tests and GORE certification. The insulation liner is a high-loft removable fleece. Leather covers all the way down the knuckles and a big gauntlet.

Efficient design cuts down the bulkiness. Climbing requires the biggest amount of precision and dexterity. Alpha SL can provide that while being designed for low temperatures conditions.

To prevent wear from a rope while rappelling, these gloves have double reinforcement between the thumb and index finger.

Alpha SL is at the highest end of the spectrum in terms of price.

  • Dexterity and mobility of motion
  • Applicable for low temperatures use
  • High cost
  • No knuckle protection

9) Tac Blackout 2.0 by Under Armour

Under Armour Here are other sports brands playing in the tactical gear field. They’ve rolled out Tac Blackout 2.0 Gloves.

Thin, tight-fighting liner gloves can be worn on their own or as a first layer under heavier gloves in harsher conditions. Soft ColdGear fabric delivers an ultra-warm feel with no extra weight. Moisture Transport System wicks sweat away from the body. Tapered neoprene wrist cuffs enhance protection and snug.

These gloves are made of breathable materials with a synthetic leather palm area. They perfectly combine the ruggedness and feel of comfort.

The slim design provides higher dexterity and allows doing more delicate work.

Pros: Low-cost; clean look; touchscreen-friendly

Cons: Not suitable for low temperatures situations; no knuckle protection

10) Combat Military Police by Glove Station

Glove Station The perfect choice for those who look for shooting gloves.

These gloves are very comfortable, fit, and snug. The velcro wrist band helps to adjust the size that’s right for you. The material itself is a synthetic canvas material. On the inside, the gloves are reinforced with synthetic leather.

They have reinforced knuckles made of soft plastic material protecting from abrasions. Every finger a ventilation hole, which is quite useful for those whose hands tend to sweat a lot.

Given the fact that these gloves check all the boxes, their price is still on the lower end.

Beware of knockoffs. Make a purchase from reliable sellers only.

Pros: touchscreen-friendly; low price; durability

Cons: possibility to get a knockoff

Best Tactical Gloves You should Not Miss Out

Best Tactical Gloves You Should Not Miss Out The tactical gear is becoming popular nowadays, but all these special needs equipment won’t be full without an irreplaceable garment of law enforcement officers, bikers, and hikers – tactical gloves.

You probably own old leather work gloves that resemble tactical ones, suitable for simple stuff. But let’s be honest, there’s no way this worn-out material with mediocre knuckle protection and poor grip can keep your hands safe during full-scale adventures.

So before departing on this adventure quest, let’s buckle up and hop on a side mission of wading through myriads of choices to find the best tactical gloves for you.

Without further ado, let’s dissect the following subjects:

  • Definition of tactical gloves;
  • Features to focus on;
  • Overall importance;
  • Top 10 Best Tactical Gloves

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Definition of Tactical Gloves

Definition Of Tactical Gloves

Word “tactical” means being mindful of its specific task.

Tactical Gloves are designed for all kinds of special activities, providing their users with ultimate hands protection. Manufacturers thoroughly follow the hand’s anatomy to give good wrist closure and hand protection. Synthetic materials (such as nylon, spandex, synthetic leather, rubber, etc.) give a firm grip on equipment and protect hands from extreme weather conditions. Neoprene padding makes them cut-resistant, while knuckle guards help to withstand high-impact during heavy-duty activity. By using Nomex polymer, fire-resistance is achieved.

Like any garment, tactical gloves are produced in a variety of styles and colors by different brands, ranging from casual to military.


The majority of tactical gloves models have hard knuckle protection, as well as work leather gloves with protection for finger joints. Therefore, the impact on your hands is minimized, while finger protection is logically perfect for fingers.

However, some models have enhanced knuckle guards made of stronger and heavier materials causing much more damage if used for throwing punches.

Such handheld weapon is illegal in almost all countries, so they are not depicted here.

Before acquiring tactical gloves with such features, get familiar with your local laws in advance.

Gloves features to focus on

Gloves Features To Focus On

The variety of tasks we can do with our hands are enormous, and each has its own special conditions and demands, which must be considered before purchasing tactical gloves.

Depending on using the environment, some features are crucial, while others may be exuberant.

Let’s look at each of them.

Fingers and palm dexterity

Dexterity is crucial for high-precision tasks involving small items manipulating with tactical gloves on.

There are basically two ways to achieve that.

First is using thinner materials around the fingertips, such as high-grade leather or synthetic material. This solution may come at the cost of tactical gloves’ longevity and durability.

The second way is to go fingerless. While giving the best dexterity, it limits operation in low-temperature weather and lacks fingertip protection, which can be quite unpleasant.

Gloves Grip

It’s hard to overestimate grip’s value during any activity involving equipment usage. Tactical gloves unable to provide it do not deserve any attention.

Luckily, tactical gloves equipped with textured palm and finger areas increase grip significantly.

Split-grain leather increases grip. However, it may get polished if heavily used.

Finished leather, on the contrary, has a minimal grip from the beginning.

Hand protection gear

Various subcategories of tactical gloves, such as military gloves, combat gloves, shooting gloves, and duty gloves, are focused on enhanced hand protection.

The palm side is enforced to achieve cut resistance. It is possible by using high-performance materials such as steel wire or fiberglass yarns. Such resistance is measured by ANSL (The American National Standards Institute) from A1 level, which stands for resistance against paper-knife to A9 level standing for resisting extreme hazards.

On the backside, manufacturers put injection-molded rubber going down the thumb and other fingers to achieve abrasion resistance. The pointing finger may be covered in half to ease accessing the trigger.

The knuckle cover is made of impact-absorbing thermoplastic. Some brands hide knuckle guard under high abrasion-resistant material to make their product look less intimidating.

Freedom of movement

In order to keep hands warm, manufacturers use insulation and paddings, but if done excessively, it comes at the cost of high-precision movements.

Tactical gloves must be easily taken on and off without hand’s movement restrain.

The strap closure system provides perfect hands and wrists ergonomic alignment, while the pull tab helps easier gloves removal.

Highly recommended to try them out before buying. If you are purchasing tactical gloves online, follow all size guides details for a perfect fit.

Touch-screen compatibility

There are few places in life where you don’t see a touchscreen, and day by day, this number is getting smaller.

Smartphones are losing their lead. Smart houses, modern cars, GPS trackers, you name it.

Touchscreen-compatible tactical gloves have special material finger pads making them “visible” for the sensor. Some manufacturers add it on fingertips as well, and it allows using fingers as a stylus.

Check this feature before buying tactical gloves unless you’re ok to take them off every time you interact with modern gadgets.

Wrist comfort

Comfort combines all the above-mentioned features. The more comfortable you feel wearing tactical gloves, the less you want to take them off.

Materials providing ventilation and insulation, as well as durable stitches, also help.

Small features, such as soft paddings and armoring in vulnerable spots, make a big difference.

Cost of tactical gloves

The last but not least factor. The tactical gloves pricing range may differ from $10 to $80. Depending on a brand name, materials, additional features. Specify the exact gloves using patterns and pick the most suitable ones for you.

Gloves Importance Highlights

Gloves Importance Highlights The importance of gloves that protect your hands quite hard to overestimate given the fact our hands are our main manipulator who takes the first damage.

Police officers need cut protection while dealing with violence on the streets.

Workers of chemical industries who handle dangerous substances need full 360-degree chemical resistance.

Some professionals need needle protection duty gloves.

Those who work with dogs need 360 degrees of bite protection.

Technical field workers can get gloves with a backhand built-in light that eliminates the need to keep a flashlight in their hand, between neck and shoulder, armpit, or even in the mouth.

Winter hikers need gloves to keep their hands warm and dry during cold weather while having high dexterity.

Whether you a bike rider, a SWAT team member, or doing any heavy-duty activity, hard knuckle protection is never excessive for your duty gloves.

So choosing the right cut-resistant gloves type not only keeps you safe but also increases your productivity significantly.

Best Tactical Gloves Summary

Best Tactical Gloves Summary In order to make a perfect choice, you have to clarify your exact needs and the amount of money you willing to pay.

You will probably have a journey through different brands and types of gloves before coming to your ultimate choice. The way something feels on your hands is quite subjective, and you have to try it out.

If your choice fell on regular gloves from the nearest hardware store, that’s ok too!

In the end, whatever work we do, our hands are the main tool that needs proper care and protection.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Are tactical gloves legal?

Tactical gloves are a regular piece of special equipment that can be owned by anyone and used for his special needs. Therefore, any person, be them interested in survivalist or fond of camping, can get themselves a pair of tactical gloves.

What are tactical gloves for?

The main purposes tactical gloves serve are cut protection from knife attacks, heat protection allowing to touch hot surfaces, impact protection in combat scenarios, environmental protection from low temperatures, firm grip with equipment, and dexterity for high-precision tasks.

What are the best tactical gloves?

The best tactical gloves are the ones that perfectly suit your needs, working conditions, and budget.

What Kind of Gloves does the Military Use?

The Military personal use the most high-end combat gloves, which provide a firm grip with the equipment and protect hands from a massive amount of heat being transferred to the barrel of the weapon. Also, combat gloves must keep hands at an optimal temperature depending on the weather environment.

Are Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves Legal?

Tactical gloves with hard knuckles are legal in most areas of the world. They are considered a non-lethal weapon due to the defensive nature.

On the other hand, so-called “sap gloves ” with additional weight in the striking area of the fist are generally illegal.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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