Survival Waste Organization Process: TOP-6 Emergency Toilet Options

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How many times did you need an emergency toilet during camping, hiking, or even in a terrible traffic jam in 2023? A bucket, a urinal, a bag, a latrine trench, or an outhouse – a portable toilet can take different shapes, depending on what you want to use them for – urine, poo, or both. It is a great waste management option, and you can find a loo for a good price online.

Body waste is among the essential things in the life of every person: each creature does it. As people, we are simply more intelligent at containing it, dealing with it, and covering it. Bears, for example, poo in the forested areas. Most of us, hopefully, use toilets.

What’s more, throughout the span of history, my Goodness, each person got very attached to their porcelain toilet seat, since they are sufficient to fulfill our needs, and they keep our life clean and comfy.

Simply think what life would resemble without the nowadays toilets or with no running water. Sadly, in a drawn-out survival circumstance, one may discover what it’s like – living without a toilet seat, as when your toilet doesn’t want to flush, you’re stuck in big, big trouble.

Here comes the emergency camping toilet. In any case, there are consistent choices: in a camping trip, it is greener fields. Anybody can make a makeshift waste recycle with a bit of effort and some deep-rooted strategies. No, it’s not the most impressive piece of survival information, but hell! It is vital since there are serious outcomes for mishandling human waste that can lead to severe disasters. Obviously, you can’t simply begin pooing when/any place you would like, as we are not silly animals. There are conventions for such things, rules for security, and measures to forestall serious disasters, once again.

Tune in: no one desires to utilize a cat hole ‘restroom’ for quite a long time (if you don’t know what it is, stay tuned: we will discuss it in detail a bit later). What is more, it pretty much may be dreadful for your wellbeing, the strength of others, and the wellness of your local nature.

So in case that you want to really get ready for surviving – this is the right paper, as it contains all the necessary How-To information.

Body waste is not difficult to kid about. However, it may lead to lethal issues if it isn’t contemplated in a survival situation. The waste organization process was widely discussed since the appearance of people; also, it will, in any case, be around long after the SHTF. If you see how to manage it in a protected, safe, proficient way, you will have a huge benefit in your survival game. Plus, in case you are an eager rock climber, camper, or outdoorsman of any sort, reading how to oversee waste management is crucial, so check the tips below.

A Short History of the Toilet

Way once upon a time, during the hour of antiquated Romans, toilets were kept outwardly—no private space, no flushing systems, no water source, no iPhones to fulfill your boredom. Simply, stone toilet seats on the road that plummeted poo into buried cesspools or road waste streams. Obviously, this was not sterile. This type of waste organization process brought heaps of medical threats for the citizens of old Rome.

In bygone eras, the same idea was implemented to help the palaces and big castles, cities. It comprised of a toilet seat over a giant hole, where poo was saved and forgotten until the end of time, as again, people had no sewer system back then. There was no flushing system except if it was situated above streaming water. By this, all the unsanitary substances tortured the local water sources.

Then, chamber pots were famous during the past centuries and are still broadly employed in clinics and different health centers. The greatest disadvantage to these is that they must be cleared after every utilization; then again, cleaning a chamber pot is not a fun thing to do.

In the countryside, off-grid areas for the toilets were a standard choice, yet it was not until the late 19th century, where the flush toilets that we use nowadays turned into the standard. Thank God!

It is difficult for a modern person to imagine how the toilets of former times looked and smelled without the sewage systems. Our luck is that times have changed a lot!

Why is Toilet Waste so Damaging?

You need to take care of waste management so that you would not get sick with deadly infectious disorders. During survival circumstances, irresistible illnesses are awful. I’m talking about dreadful things like cholerarotavirus, dysenteryhepatitis A and Ecryptosporidium parasites, and a crowd of worms, norovirus. Bloody hell!

Fecal-borne infections murder people, that’s facts; furthermore, wouldn’t it be so pitiful, just die because one was not cautious with their poo? Or then again, another scenario: to observe your family or local area experience the ill effects of fecal-related diseases? The risks are so serious and threatful that modern countries have laws encompassing your waste.

No matter where you are or what you do, if there is a zero working toilet available, you should be careful about where and how exactly you collect the waste. And now, in the most straightforward terms possible: it’s such a pain to live around a lot of uncovered, rotting poop. That’s simply true.

In survival circumstances, if one doesn’t create a method to take care of their waste, your house, your family, your camping area, and surrounding regions will convert into your personal toilet, and you will wind up living in a filthy restroom. No one needs that.

The TOP-6 Best Emergency Toilet Options

Luckily, there are a few strategies for managing your waste. Here are the most popular, best emergency toilet arrangements:

1 – Cat hole toilet

Cat Hole Toilet

We will begin with the fastest, easiest emergency toilet to make and perform. At the same time, this is the most unpleasant, least reasonable way for an emergency toilet, yet it works when absolutely necessary.

The cat hole is just a little open hole burrowed approximately 6 inches deep in the ground. One can make it with a digging tool. One must sit over the hole and do the business. At the point when you’ve done everything you wanted to do, fill it, tap it down with a scoop of dirt, and forget about it for eternity. Everybody ought to be set up to use this choice in nature and for temporary survival circumstances.

Here are the TOP survival shovels you should see and a video on the most proficient method to do the cat hole thing right.

The issue with cat holes is that in enormous amounts, they’re horrible for nature; besides, who needs to burrow holes and squat outside for a long-term period of time? The correct response is nobody. In case you’re staying in one area, cat holes are not your most ideal choice. However, it is the most beneficial thing when you are on a trip for a short period of time somewhere down in the backwoods. Not for communities or families staying in one spot.

2 – The Latrine Trench Toilet

The Latrine Trench Toilet

A toilet like a bigger, somewhat better adaptation of the cat hole. By burrowing a merely 4 feet deep x 6 feet long channel, you can make an improvised restroom box; also, if you want to get a great A-shaped latrine trench, you should take some branches and paracord/rope and do it yourself – this easy restroom-shelter makes for a rural seat so people can place their butts just over the target zone.

When a toilet arrives at the limit, you cover it with a lot of soil. Then, another place should be found for a new-made latrine trench; moreover, one may employ the latrine trench for a more long-haul period, much longer than utilizing cat holes or poop tubes, yet they are still viewed as “short-term” items for waste management.

3 –The Outhouse Option


The outhouse is a more muddled choice and takes much more time to build it apart from a latrine trench. A large portion of us have utilized an outhouse (and in case you haven’t, get out there and attempt it, that is a crucial human experience), so you understand what the overall premise is. Basically, burrow a bottomless, wide hole, form a protection shed with a seat, and locate it over the hole. All done! Outhouses are a time-tested approach to deal with a lot of waste.

Keep in mind that they actually require a great amount of work, but afterward, they are moderately labor-free (when built) contrasted with other different toilet seats. They are actually advantageable for covering the smell of human waste.

Obviously, even a huge outhouse will top off at some point in time. What’s more, when it tops off, you have two ways:

  • One can top the hole off with dirt and move your security-safe-house to another spot and begin once again.
  • If you have enough tools, you can occasionally empty your outhouse by getting rid of the necessity of transferring the restroom to another spot.

In this way, filling and moving are the customary methods of getting things done.

One approach to prolonging the existence-time of your outhouse is to try not to pee in it. Save your toilet shed only for special things, as pee adds extra weight and volume, and it can be disposed of in the woods.

Quick Story…

Once, when I was in the Cold Hover in Gold country (at Camp Kavik, to be precise), the outhouse had a sign that stated: “Real Men Pee In The Bushes.” Obviously, this isn’t just evident. It additionally ensured that pointless waste wasn’t added to the outhouse storage. The more individuals that pee in those outhouses, the quicker the toilet stockpiling system topped off, and the more regularly Kavik Sue and her company needed to empty them.

What’s more, for the women, you can get a female urination tool that makes it a lot simpler to pee in the bushes, much the same as the gentlemen.

Nonetheless, there is a big drawback: similar to cat holes and poop tubes. An outhouse is challenging for your local environment.

4 – The Poop Tube Latrine


This option is generally famous among explorers, hikers, and particularly rock climbers since it is lightweight, effectively packable, and even reusable! While there are a couple of online shops that offer “poop tubes,” it’s smarter to simply go to your nearby house tool-shop and get the needed things for yourself.

You can get a length of PVC pipe (the length and width are all together up to you, many people favor a tube roughly 1 inch long and 4-5 inches in diameter, yet it may vary from individual to individual) and several caps for the two ends.

Similarly, you can utilize plastic packs or other impenetrable, lightweight holders for waste regulation and transportation; make sure to understand this isn’t an option you can live off of long haul. In this way, following half a month, you will feel worn out on your poo tube and will begin to yearn for a more modern long-term emergency toilet option.

5 – The Emergency Toilet Options and Poop Buckets


A compact camping toilet is as basic as it sounds. At the point when you’re set, simply take the bucket to your selected waste unloading zone (could be an outhouse or latrine trench, for example) and dump away: this is, actually, a Do-It-Yourself chamber pot.

A few people suggest covering the poo bucket with plastic bags, so there’s less cleanup to do in the future, and it’s simpler to move. This works. However, it likewise implies you need to dump plastic bags into nature, which contaminates the region and requires millennia to break down. This, from the start, won’t be an issue, yet following half a month (or months) in one spot, it will develop into a sharp non-degradable issue that doesn’t simply disappear with time, so we do not suggest using plastic bags.

There are a few update-alternatives to a poo bucket, but the overall thought is very much alike. It gives a familiar spot to sit, rest, and poo. It additionally offers a container to get waste far from things you care about. Many of them come with plug-in pads for disposal. Yet, you can generally add your own (plastic shopping bags from supermarkets make an incredible option, but anything plastic is unfavorable for the environment. I recommend you utilizing biodegradable crap bags as trash bags for the emergency toilet. They are plain, simple to utilize, and save the Earth).

Here are a couple of the best survival toilets accessible on the web:

Nonetheless, there is a huge drawback to these emergency toilet choices: when the container or the bucket will top off, what would you do with the crap? You can’t simply place it in a heap and imagine it won’t turn into a threat to your health.

Thus, the next thing I am going to speak about is the emergency toilet decision for survivalists in off-network areas -the composting toilets.

6 – The Composting Toilet

In case your plan involves remaining at a particular area (your camping house or bug-out area), at that point, you should spend some money on a composting toilet. They are a brilliant answer to the issue of no water running from a sink and no toilet that flushes.

It simply transforms your garbage streams into compost for the survival garden that you can make use of later; in this way, these toilets seem much alike to customary flush toilets, yet as opposed to flushing the waste off, it gathers it and can help with stimulating the breakdown of the waste into compost.

Below you can find a video that shows how this emergency toilet option works.

Nature’s Head is an innovator in treating the composting toilet area. While it’s somewhat of a venture to get it, it ought to be a crucial piece of each true survivalist’s waste management component. Furthermore, it’s ideal for an outdoor house, and it’s excellent for cutting the water bill. It’s a top-thing-to-get for people who are in the state of preparedness for an emergency.

An Issue: What About Toilet Paper


Everybody knows the condition of a bathroom paper deficiency, as it is an essential part of the discussed process. One problem might arise: after you’ve done everything you wanted to do, you look around and understand that there are no essential things that you require: no toilet paper or even a paper towel… No water supply, no tissue. That is my bad dream! So spend some effort to get ready for this. Continuously keep a bunch of toilet paper rolls in your bug-out pack or outside the bag, and you will express gratitude towards yourself. Believe me.

The same thing goes for some other strategies for waste management – a composted toilet, a poo bucket, a cat hole, and so forth – keep loads of paper stacked up. It’s pretty simple and can turn into an incredible haggling device after SHTF happens; actually, do not forget to carry some carbon material nearby, as carbon material suits perfectly for the fecal matter.

Yet, what occurs if the world runs out of toilet paper?

These days, a mass stockpile deficiency of toilet paper is not a circumstance we consider regularly. In any case, you should consider your T.P. plan B. Some of you definitely understand what this plan is: plants. Just trust me! If you run out of toilet paper in the wild or a bug-out circumstance – you must come to a basic and eco-friendly (somewhat) solution. Plants would suit as a really cool tissue option!

Nonetheless, be cautious. Cleaning your butt with poison ivy will kill you. Pinecones will suit (but ensure to clean yourself with the grain of the cone… NOT against it). Some other bright examples are Mullein weed, wooly lambs ear, and other delicate plants with leaves. They would all function perfectly for human waste. You may be surprised!

Corn cobs are an alternative to take care of business in the Midwest, yet things will get sensitive very quickly. Plentiful amounts of delicate toilet paper have spoiled our current butts. A forced switch to corn leaves would be a real pain in the ass. You should mentally prepare yourself for it.


There is an explanation we never observe heroes of the film’s scenes utilizing restroom or motion pictures about how old societies managed their waste: individuals don’t really care to consider piss and poop.

That’s okay. However, when there are no governmental official projects or organizations to deal with this type of waste, and there’s no running water to flush our toilets, somebody must advance up and set up an arrangement for managing the issue. Whoever that individual is, regardless of what local area or group they belong to, will be proclaimed as a legend.

Do not forget always to help the children with the emergency toilet while camping, as in the state of an emergency, everything can get out of hand, with no regular toilet seat and no water supply.

To conclude, toilets aren’t beautiful; however, all of us utilize one each day, this is an essential part of our everyday lives. It’s simply important for life as a human. It won’t ever disappear, and the result of disregarding it is not a joke. Try not to succumb to your own human feces…


How do you poop without a toilet?

The easiest choice for a fairly short-term survival situation is the cat hole, one of the most striking examples of improvised emergency toilets when there is no water source around. You must simply find a place located quite far from water sources (it is important for the environment), burrow a small hole 6 inches down, and poo in it. Clean yourself up with leaf-like plants, or bathroom paper, assuming you have any. There are also many other methods. Make sure to read the article above!

How do you dispose of human waste in an emergency?

There are plenty of strategies listed in the article above to control the disposal of waste from the emergency toilet options. The most popular are the cat hole and a poo bucket, a composting toilet, outhouses, poop tubes, a twin bucket system. Choose anything you like. Do not forget to carry the toilet paper with you, some carbon material, or kitty litter. Make sure you have something like a disposable area with a trash bag so that you could cover your waste.

One may take a 5-gallon bucket with half of it filled with water as another waste disposal way, using it to flush a poo bucket.

How to control the toilet in an emergency?

It is important to understand that controlling your waste may result in serious outcomes. One of the reasons is that urinary infections or intoxication might very well happen if one controls the toilet for a really huge period of time. One should make an improvised camping toilet by themselves in order to avoid such situations – read about them in the article above.

Can a 5-gallon bucket be used as an emergency toilet?

There is a lifehack on how to use this emergency toilet:

  • Take a 5-gallon bucket and use it as a toilet seat, do your things as you usually would do it.
  • Take a scoop of kitty litter or a carbon material and put the chosen material into a bucket.
  • As the 5-gallon bucket becomes full – clean it up.
  • One may then hide it in a safe place.

Where do you poop when the toilet is broken?

If you are stuck in a situation when the toilet is broken, then the solution is to utilize a poo bucket (also known as a gallon pail). Do your business. When you’re done, just take the bucket to your chosen garbage dumping place and throw it away. Some people suggest putting a plastic bag in the bucket so that there is less cleaning after it but remember that plastic bags are harmful to the environment. One can as well use some hand sanitizer to clean the hands afterward.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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