Best Toilet Paper Review and Buying Guide

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Toilet paper is an item that inevitably will be found in any household. If you care about your hygiene and health, you are definitely concerned about taking care of finding the best product from this wide field. Nevertheless, we usually do not think a lot about choosing toilet paper and are just picking the cheapest one.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and toilet tissue definitely has a great influence on our daily healthcare routine. Therefore, such a tricky topic must be discussed to let everyone know how important it is to choose toilet paper wisely!

In this article, you will find some unexpected facts and tips about using toilet paper, how to use it, and what are the best brands to consider adding to your shopping list.

Top 7 Best Toilet Paper Brands

Top 7 Best Toilet Paper Brands Basically, there probably will be no surprises for you about toilet paper usage, so we can only recommend some options you did not think about before. However, we conducted a list of the best toilet papers that can be found both online and in land-based shops, so you can always be sure you will find easy access to the sheets that will not disappoint you.

To highlight products, we concentrated on such product details as:

  • the comfort of usage, high-quality materials,
  • environmentally friendly materials,
  • softness (actually a mix of soft & strong features),
  • price compared to the number of sheets per roll,
  • regular availability in stock,
  • optional subscription service.

Charmin Ultra Strong

Charmin Ultra Strong fairly takes all the first places in the majority of toilet papers ratings. It is famous for its softness and remaining comfortable, strong, and durable even when wet. It is a great 2-ply toilet paper with 264 sheets per roll which comes in mega rolls (either 9, 18, or 24 per packaging). It is approved to be both clog-safe and septic-safe, so you can rely on using it during tough times, especially knowing that it is sold for an extremely good price!

However, there are some cons to this brand. First, it is very slow to dissolve, which means you would better throw it in the trash can, not the toilet. Second, the sheets are not made from recycled paper, so it is not a very environmentally friendly choice in contrast with some other toilet paper brands.

All in all, Charmin Ultra Strong is so famous for a reason. It suggests being the best washcloth woven, so it feels extremely soft, strong, and comfortable. However, make sure you do not have finicky plumbing so that it will not clog should you use too many toilet paper sheets.

  • Best Low-Budget Toilet Paper

Scott 1,000 Can you imagine buying 36 mega rolls with 1000 sheets per roll toilet paper for less than $30? It is all about the Scott toilet paper brand. It is a perfect choice for those who respect recycled materials, aim to save money, and hate lint. It is also a very convenient shopping position as you can choose from 4, 8, 12, 20, and 36 rolls per packaging, all for highly affordable good prices.

Although Scott toilet papers are soft and dissolve quickly, some people may consider them rough, so if you have especially sensitive skin, better find softer options. Nevertheless, it is a good choice for common men who do not want to spend time and assets on any higher-quality toilet papers.

  • Best Sustainable Toilet Paper

Bamboo Toilet Cloud Paper bamboo toilet paper is a famous ecological brand of toilet papers that suggests 3-ply strong and absorbent toilet paper. Cloud Paper is good for its softness, yet it is made from bamboo. As it could be understood, Cloud Paper is a company that worries about the well-being of our world and aims to reduce waste from production, so if you feel on the same wavelength, it is definitely a perfect choice!

You can only find 24 rolls per package with 350 sheets per roll, which may not be the most convenient amount for a high-populated house, however, the company allows you to subscribe for monthly delivery right at the doors of your house.

In general, Cloud Paper is believed to be one of the strongest toilet papers, however, it also results in an average softness, so you probably can find less rough options, however, they will not have these other features which Cloud Paper has.

  • Best Toilet Paper for Sensitive Skin

Cottonelle Ultra Comfortcare As might be seen right from the name, Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare is guaranteed one of the softest products in the field. It will take care of your sensitive body area as carefully as the mother cares about her child since this paper is extremely soft and hypoallergenic. It is even certified by Forest Stewardship Council to be harmless to people’s health and paraben-free. Moreover, it is three times softer than most toilet papers, highly absorbent, and even clog-free. It also has an extra soft cushion-like texture, so you will be satisfied with its fluffiness.

By this point, we can proclaim that Cottonelle has no disadvantages, unlike all other toilet papers on this list. What is more, the price is also customer-friendly, with each pack coming with either 6, 12, 18, or 24 mega rolls for up to $25. Also being produced at waste-free manufacture, it is a great choice for every customer!

Reel Premium Bamboo Nowadays, we do not have extra time for visiting shops and durably searching for the best product. If this is your case, subscribing to the toilet paper delivery is an amazing decision. Reel Premium bamboo toilet paper allows such an option, which is surely a new feature on the market. You can request a delivery monthly or every two or three months, depending on your consumption. Its production is harmless for trees and is fully friendly for the environment since even the packaging is plastic-free and is made of recycled materials. It is also a good choice for one’s hygiene as it is fragrance-free as well as BPA-free.

It may be found in 24 rolls per package with 300 sheets per roll. Do not be afraid Reel toilet paper will be not strong or soft enough since its quality is incompatible with any other bamboo paper. You will not experience any discomfort thanks to its softness and absence of inks and hurting particles. The only shortcoming of this brand is the price; however, it is obvious for such features and care.

Seventh Generation White Along with being environmentally friendly, Seventh Generation toilet paper offers low-lint composition and is an extremely affordable option. It is made with 100% recycled paper and therefore affords no environmental waste during production. Again, it does not mean it is inferior in softness or strength. In contrast, it is a very sustainable and highly absorbent paper.

You can find this product for a friendly price of $33 per 48 rolls on Amazon, which is an outstanding sign to go and find it online.





Quilted Northern Ultra Plush The last but not least position on our list is Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet paper. It fairly takes the name of one of the best 3-ply bathroom tissues. Therefore, if you are mostly worried about the softness and sturdiness of toilet paper. Be sure that you will remember that kind of wipe for a long time after the first time, even likely that you will not be able to purchase toilet papers from other brands. Again, it comes in megapacks of 12, 18, and 24 rolls per package, so you will not experience an early shortage.

There is only one disadvantage which is not compatible with weak plumbing. Unfortunately, Quilted Northern paper produces lint which is not recommended for bad plumbing systems. However, you can still employ a trash can if concerned about the softness.


How to Compare Toilet Papers Prices?

How To Compare Toilet Papers Prices?

For those who do not want to waste money on non-effective packages, it is essential to know which brand provides the most durable usage of toilet paper. In such cases, it is usually hard to employ simple math, so here is a formula that may help you to compare the prices of various brands:

(price in dollars * 14400) ÷ (width of the sheet (inches) * length of the sheet (inches) * the number of sheets * the number of rolls) = cost in cents per square foot.

Using this easy formula will allow you to choose the best available option. Surely, there is no need to count it each time you are in the shop. It is better to compare the products from our list relying on their features and then count the best price.

How to Choose the Best Toilet Paper?

How To Choose The Best Toilet Paper? As we mentioned, many people prefer the most low-budget toilet paper, even if it does not comfort their hygiene routine. It can only be the best strategy if one only wants to save money since even such a small detail may harm their health. It is known that we apply toilet paper to the most sensitive skin on our bodies. Therefore, it is important to make bathroom tissue picking more accurate.

Toilet Papers

One of the main factors you should pay attention to while choosing toilet paper is how thick the tissues are. For instance, picking a thin paper may cause some expected problems during wiping. You surely do not want a tissue to tear right at the moment of doing its work. What is more, no one likes rips that thin paper may leave. At the same time, a too-thick paper may also not be the best choice if you prefer to use several pieces at one time. Therefore, a two-ply toilet paper is the most popular and profitable choice for most common users.

Another considerable point is the materials used in toilet paper production. All of us know how this cheap paper feels like to be applied to sensitive skin. Most toilet papers of a low-budget section may leave crumbles and dust in the bathroom, which is not a desirable addition. If you want to avoid it, check the composition of the toilet paper or just visually estimate it. If you do not see any microparticles in the roll, it is a good sign if you do not want to use too strong toilet paper.

Yet it seems not so important, it is recommended to acquire environment-friendly toilet paper. Even though the Natural Resources Defense council proclaims that each facial tissue or toilet paper brand harms our world since the manufacturing process employs virgin-forest trees. There exist recycled office paper brands that are highly widespread, but in the case of toilet paper, it is hard to use recycled materials, although such toilet papers may also be found. 

Toilet Papers2

Why and How To Use Toilet Paper?

Why And How To Use Toilet Paper? Hopefully, there is no need to explain the purpose of buying toilet paper or the exact way of using it. 

However, it is significant to consider some substitutes for toilet paper and hygienic tips.

  1. First and foremost, remember that wiping from front to back is essential if you want to avoid a urinary tract infection (UTI). Although it seems to be not so influential, it is actually very persuasive and may cause serious consequences for the health.
  2. Do not hesitate to use toilet paper to clean the toilet seat if needed. It is better to avoid reusable rags for such purposes because of frequent impurities and persistent odor, so wiping and throwing away is the best decision here.
  3. It is also not recommended to use toilet paper instead of other bathroom tissue. For instance, facial wipes should be soft and more septic-safe than most toilet papers. Kitchen paper towels should have other features than toilet paper, too (more absorbent and strong). Therefore, consider less consumption on sheets per roll but still acquire different products for particular purposes.
  4. Using water instead of toilet tissue is also not a great idea. Basically, it is recommended to employ both paper and water to clean the skin, however in most cases, only paper is enough. But do not overestimate the abilities of water, especially from the bidet. Except for the possibility of causing physical harm to the sensitive skin of that area, it also does not really clean it without the right detergent.
  5. Talking about other substitutes, bamboo toilet paper is also a widespread product nowadays. It is believed that since bamboo grows fast, products made with it do not really harm the environment. However, any manufacturing process makes an impact on our world’s well-being, moreover, bamboo toilet paper is usually not so soft and absorbent as more common products.
  6. Obviously, store rolls of toilet paper in a dry place, however, locating an extra single roll near the bathroom is a useful option.

In general, it is notable to reduce buying toilet paper and to use fewer sheets per roll. You can also consider plastic-free packaging or mega rolls that utilize less packaging to contribute to the reduction of climate change.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Is There a Toilet Paper Shortage Again?

The answer depends on the exact time you are reading the article. Each time people face unexpected crises or rapid increases in average costs, they tend to acquire some products in enormous amounts, so toilet paper is one of these products. Therefore, we may say there is never a shortage of toilet paper and it only depends on the shop where you are aiming to buy the tissues and how fast they can reload the shelves.

What is a Good Substitute for Toilet Paper?

The first thing that comes to each mind is water. However, there exist bamboo toilet papers and other items made from recycled paper, so if your concern lies here, you can rely on the Forest Stewardship Council and use more eco-friendly options, as mentioned.

Why Do Foreigners Use Toilet Paper Instead of Water?

In some Western countries, the climate is too cold and dry to apply water instead of tissues to clean oneself after the toilet. Therefore, it is not usually comfortable and even healthy to apply water from the bidet. In other countries, water costs too much to use for such purposes.

What Country Does not Use Toilet Paper?

Many European countries (France, Portugal, Italy) along with Japan and Argentina are apt to use bidets instead of commonly used toilet paper in other countries. It does not mean they do not have toilet paper in shops, it is only a traditional way to treat themselves from very old times.

What is a Sustainable Toilet Paper?

In contrast with so-called traditional toilet paper that is made with virgin trees, sustainable toilet paper is fully made from recycled fibers or other primary sources, such as bamboo. It is not inferior in softness or sturdiness to the former one, so it is a great choice if you want to contribute to the well-being of our planet. Moreover, it is better for dissolving.

What About Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Bamboo is believed to be extremely fast-growing and therefore using it for producing bamboo toilet paper instead of virgin trees does not imply any harm to nature. This toilet paper is also a good option for sensitive skin and can be found in double-roll and even in 3-ply packages.

Are Bidets Better for You Than Toilet Paper?

Many doctors say that bidets are a healthier option to use after using the toilet, even though using toilet paper for cleaning oneself is a common ritual nowadays. However, if you do not have access to the bidet, it does not mean you lost this game as toilet paper is still a safe and useful option.

How to Compare Toilet Paper Prices?

Obviously, you should check the number of sheets per package, do not spend loads for fewer sheets. Second, note that the subscription service will cost you more than buying toilet paper by yourself, however, it is a considerable feature since you will save more time.

What Toilet Papers are Better for the Environment?

There exist several ratings estimating the sustainability of various toilet papers, so you can find any of them to evaluate how much toilet paper usage affects our planet’s well-being and which one is better to be used.

How Can You Reduce Your Toilet Paper Use?

First, you can consider buying more sheets per roll with a mega roll option, so you will have to buy new packages less. Second, it is better to choose soft & strong products which will let you use only one or two sheets at one time, which will decrease the consumption.

Where Can I Get Toilet Paper?

A wide range of toilet paper can be found in many shops, including Walmart and Staples, house supplies and beauty branches, and even some sports equipment shops. Moreover, there are hundreds of products on Amazon, so you will not be left without toilet paper both online and offline.

Where Can I Find Toilet Paper Online?

You can search for the best options both on Amazon and on the websites of toilet paper producers. The availability of most brands depends on the current stock and costs. However, it is an impossible situation when you will not find anything at all.

How Much Does Toilet Paper Cost?

The price of each item depends on the product details, yet the price usually falls in the range of $6 to $40, including mega rolls and extra big packages. If your aim is to save money, you should search for low-budget items that are also found both online and in land-based shops, however, these can be less soft and strong.


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