Toilet Paper Tablets

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In this 2023 article, we will talk about toilet paper tablets (TP tabs, for short). Topics we’re about to cover will include a general description of toilet paper tabs, what you may use them for, and the list of the best toilet paper tablets on the market.


All beginner preppers, campers, survivalists, and homesteaders must keep in mind the very essentials of survival: food and water supplies, proper gear, and survival weapon. In cold weather, one should pack up means of making a fire to warm up one’s shelter. Most importantly, proper skills and well-developed situational awareness are the best helpers in any emergency. Certainly, you simply cannot be prepared for everything. There are times when the case is so tough, and the only chance to survive is relying on your own knowledge and skills. Another thing is the right choice of items for your survival backpack.

To the point

Toilet paper tablets are what they say they are – tablets made of paper to be used as toilet or bath accessories. Paper is compressed into small tablets that are later packed into a compact carrying case. You can take TP tablets on a camping trip, have some packages stored in your garage, or a bug-out bag. This is a perfect solution to have quickly accessible wipes that take next to space when they are packed. Just compare toilet paper tables with toilet paper rolls, and you will see the difference.

You can carry a pack or two of such portable wipes in your backpack and be ready for a whole set of various situations. So you won’t be taken by surprise when you need emergency toilet paper.

To use a toilet paper tablet, take one out of a pack and put it into water. This way, you will rehydrate the compressed TP to get your hygienic wipe ready.


  • It is best to carry a water bottle with you to be able to use your compressed tissues at all times. This way, you will be able to add water to your compressed TP anywhere and at any time.

These are the best toilet paper tablets features:

  • They have a portable size and are easy-to-carry – you can have them with you at all times, and they will take little to no space in your backpack, bug-out bag, or even your pocket. TP tabs are packed in waterproof storage cases.
  • They are durable – when wet, wipes become thicker and stronger than regular toilet paper.
  • They are wet – this means that it gets much easier to clean yourself. But you can always wait until your TP dries if you need a piece or two of dry cloth, for instance, as a fire starter.

Different names

When looking for a pack of TP tabs, you may come across different product names. Don’t let them confuse you.

The thing is that toilet paper tabs can be sold under various names and brand titles. When choosing the pack of TP tabs, pay attention to product details since products vary in size, quality, and other features.

The most common names for compressed toilet paper tablets are:

  • Compressed coin towels
  • Compressed towels
  • Compressed towelettes
  • Compressed wipes
  • Compressed paper towels
  • Etc.

Product tip:

Wysi Multi-Purpose Expandable Wipes, Just Add Water

This is a pack of 100 (!) toilet paper tablets that comes with a tube-shaped carrying case to keep your tabs in order. Wysi Wipes are made of biodegradable cellulose sources, so they have minimal impact on the environment. This means you can dispose of them right after usage – no special utilization is required.



Usage Ideas for Toilet Paper Tablets

You can use compressed toilet paper in various situations, various places, and for multiple purposes.

Say you’re caught away from home and supermarkets on a family trip, and you have small kids who still use diapers. Should you run of diapers, you can use toilet paper tablets to clean them (if they only have urine) or clean your kids.

Or you may get stuck in a public bathroom with no regular TP left. Yeah, things like that happen. For example, you may need to wipe your hands before meals in a cafe. Compressed paper towels are perfect for maintaining general hygiene anywhere: in the bathroom or kitchen, garage, car, school, or even the workplace. In fact, there are countless situations where a pack of wet toilet paper tabs will save your day.

Below is the list of various ideas on how and when you may need compressed toilet paper.

1 – Hiking & camping

First of all, compressed toilet paper tabs will be most effective when you don’t have access to regular hygiene accessories and devices. In other words, when you’re not in the urban area and far away from the coziness of modern comforts – in the wilderness, on a camping trip without home shower, etc. Having a few bags of compressed towels will make you feel confident no matter what turn your adventure takes.

1) Use compressed paper tabs to stay clean.

This option includes keeping a basic hygiene routine while being deprived of a shower and bath. For example, when you’re out on a hike or a camping tour, you can use a compressed wipe as facial tissue. Simply rinse it with water, and you’re good to go.

Washing hands is, of course, another way of using compressed wipes. Besides, you can use them to wipe your plates and cups, wash vegetables or fruit that you may have with you.


  • What’s great about having paper tablets on a trip is that they usually come with included waterproof storage cases. So you may rest assured that your tabs won’t get wet when you don’t need them. Or you may get a resealable bag to keep a set of compressed towels in. Either way, paper wipes are tiny and won’t take much space if properly stored.

If you plan to spend a long time traveling far away from civilization comforts, you may use wipes to have a so-called navy shower.

A navy or military shower is basically a method of washing your whole body while you don’t have access to water. The principle is simple: unpack several paper wipes, hydrate them and then use them to wipe your body. Just make sure that you have enough tablets with you.

2) Use paper wipes to pre-filter water.

When you go out on a hiking trip or a trip with your kid, you can’t take enough bottled water with you. It’s just too heavy and challenging. So when there comes a time to get fresh water, you will have to take it from streams, a lake, a river, etc. But you know that this water is not 100% drinkable. You need to boil it to kill all the harmful bacteria inside.

But when you get the job done, most likely, the water will still have some debris floating on its surface. And that’s when compressed wipes come in handy! Use them to pre-filter water before drinking it.

3) Toilet paper tablets make for great firestarters.

Use a couple of paper wipes to start a campfire. You don’t even need to hydrate them. When dry, those tablets burn perfectly and will late you start a fire in no time and without effort.

2 – Everyday tasks

The next area of using common compressed tissues is the everyday challenges we may face when we least expect them.

1) Toilet emergency.

Toilet Emergency Yep, things like that happen quite often. You never know when and where you may need to visit a toilet. If you’re far from home and unsure if the closest restroom will have regular toilet paper, having paper wipe tablets with you is definitely better than taking chances in an unfamiliar public bathroom.


2) “Please, wash your hands.”

During the COVID times, we have already got used to such signs telling us how critical it is to keep our hands clean. With a small bag of paper wipes, you will have no problem washing your hands anywhere and at any time.

3 – Survival

All experienced survival enthusiasts know the importance of toilet paper tablets. That’s why they add them to bug-out bags and include compressed paper wipes in prepper checklists. Like camping enthusiasts, preppers use compressed wipes as firestarters, washing and sanitizing items, and water filtering materials.

Product tips:

A Portable Pack Of Mini Compressed Towels

  • A portable pack of mini compressed towels.

The set includes 16 sheets of compressed towels (eight tabs in each sheet). The set is perfect for everyday use in various situations and environments. Add just a drop of water to get yourself a luxurious and hygienic wipe.




Se 3-In-1 Green Waterproof Match Storage Box - Cch6-1Gn

A perfect storage case for wipe tabs.





When You Must Avoid Using TP Tabs

Although compressed wipes seem to be indispensable go-to items that will help you out in various situations, there are things you can’t use them for. Mainly it is first aid cases.

Never use TP tabs for wound cleansing!

You must remember this rule: you cannot use compressed paper towelettes to wipe or bandage wounds, scratches, etc.

Toilet paper tablets are not medical equipment, and they are not properly stored to be used as such. So if you choose to use them for wrapping a wound, you will risk letting infection in. Besides, though TB tabs are thicker than regular TP, and they won’t fall apart, there is still a risk that a tiny piece of fiber may get into a wound.

For treating wounds, use only specialized medical equipment. Get a first-aid kit for your travel bag, your car, or your camping backpack.

Top TP Tabs

So, what are the best TP tabs you can find today? Below is the list of the most popular products.

1 – Barba-Wipes Compressed Towels


Barba-wipes includes a set of 250 towel tabs for various uses. The fabric weight is 54 grams for a square meter. This makes Babra-wipes one of the thickest compressed tissues on the market. The wipes contain no alcohol or any potentially harmful chemicals.





2 – BigOtters Individually-Wrapped TP Tablets

Bigotters 200Pcs Compressed Towels Individually wrapped TP tabs by BigOtters include two hundred reusable coin towels that come in waterproof cases. The set requires little to no space and suits a wide range of uses. The tabs contain no alcohol and are hypoallergic.





3 – PortaWipes

Portawipes Compressed Toilet Paper Tablet Coin Tissues - 50 Pack With

PortaWipes come with two waterproof cases and contain one hundred towels. The towels are reusable, biodegradable, softer, and stronger than most counterparts. They are compact in size, preservative-free, fragrance-free and odor-free. PortaWipes will perfectly suit sensitive skin. Often, PortaWipes offer a bonus with four waterproof cases to go with one set.



4 – Wysi Wipes

Wysi Multi-Purpose Expandable Wipes, Just Add Water - 100 Compressed Tablets And Travel Tube Coming with 500 (!) durable compressed coin towels, Wysi Wipes is one of the best offers on the market. The wipes are odor-free. The activated size is 9 inches. The set includes a travel tube to store tabs while on the road.





Even if you’re not a fan of hiking or camping, and you’re not one of the preparedness enthusiasts, you still need to have some TP tabs. So get a bulk order of those and keep them with you at all times – have some in your garage, in your car kit, in your backpack, and always carry a set of them in your pocket anywhere you go. You never know when or how you’re gonna need them. But when the time comes, you will be glad you have them on you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are toilet paper tablets biodegradable?

“Are compressed towelettes ecofriendly?” is one of the most frequent questions customers ask. The answer is most compressed coin towel products are eco-friendly. This means that you can dispose of them right after usage. If you throw them on the ground, they will not harm the environment.

Does toilet paper really work?

Toilet paper does a great job of cleaning. But you can’t carry regular TP with you all around. That’s why there is a type TP compressed into tablets. Toilet paper tabs are perfect hygiene items that will help you stay clean anywhere you go. Have them with you at all times and use them for multiple cleaning purposes.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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