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There is no sense in explaining the role of alcohol in our life. From the very beginning of human history, an alcoholic drink has been known as one of the best ways to relieve pain and sometimes is used simply for relaxing purposes. Moreover, an alcoholic drink can help us to survive in case of an extreme situation!

But have you ever had an idea of how to make an alcoholic drink on your own?


Making alcohol beverages

The skill of making alcohol can be really useful in our life. Since ancient times people have been preparing their own alcoholic drinks, and we can say that the process is fun and not so complicated. In order to make a quality alcohol drink, you don’t need to put in much sugar and many basic ingredients; the process is relatively easy and fast. In this article, we will tell you about the secrets of making homemade alcoholic drinks without using any special facilities.

After reading this tutorial, you will know about 3 unusual recipes, and you will be able to do them on your own without any problems.

By the way, homemade alcohol is also a good bartering item and a present idea. So there is no need for you to drink everything you have made; you can always use it for any other purpose.

There are many different variants of how to make alcohol at home, but in this article, we will concentrate only on 3 methods:

Luckily, to follow our recipes, you do not need any special equipment. The process is fast, and you are able to do that almost in any condition (even if the world collapses!). All you need is your patience, attentiveness, a few ingredients, and a good mood, of course! 🙂

Homemade wine from fruit juice


If you are not a lover of strong alcoholic drinks and you have ever thought of making wine on your own, then this recipe is suitable for you. Due to its interesting flavor and sweet smell, alcohol from juice can become a great supplement to any festive dinner or you can simply enjoy it while sitting in the company of friends.

As you know already, our recipes don’t involve any special hard-to-find ingredients; everything you need is to buy some fruit juice and some sugar. The whole process consists of a few easy steps, so after reading, you will have an idea of how to make wine on your own by using minimum effort.

Main ingredients and basic supplies

Hopefully, all of that is easy to find and everything you need is only to go to some store. Or you can simply order that online, which is more convenient. By the way, if you decide to make more than one package of homemade wine, we recommend you to get a wine yeast in a much bigger amount.

Step 1: Mix the ingredients and shake the liquid

After you have prepared all the ingredients, you can start the process of making an alcoholic drink. First of all, you need to ferment and add sugar into a half glass of grape juice (or any other fruit juice). Then shake this mixture. Make sure that the mass is equal and no pieces of sugar and yeast are left. All the ingredients need to be well dissolved; that’s important.

After you shake the liquid, pour it back into the bottle and leave some free space left (about 2 inches). Put the cap on a bottle, but don’t twist it till the end; oxygen must get inside the bottle. You can also put a plate under the bottle in order to save the kitchen surface from the juice drops.


Step 2: Few days of shaking and waiting

After you have poured a liquid into a bottle, leave it standing for 2 days. In 2 days shake the mass and leave it standing for 2 more days (don’t forget that the bottle must be loosely closed!). When 2 days will be over don’t forget to shake the bottle again.

You see, the process is not as complicated as it seems at the beginning! Probably, you will be surprised by the weird taste and smell of the liquid, but for now, that is totally ok. Later it will get normal flavors.

Step 3: Putting an airlock


Probably, once you have already seen a little plastic stuff, which is mostly used in the fermentation process. Due to this fermentation lock, air will not get inside the bottle, so the liquid will not turn sour.

But how to put it into the bottle? First of all, you need to fill half of the fermentation lock with water. After that, by using a stopper, make a little hole in the bottle and put an airlock there.

Step 4: The fermentation process

Making-Wine-Infographic After putting an airlock, the liquid is ready for the fermentation process. This period will take some time around 4 or 6 weeks. During this time make sure that the fermentation lock is still filled with water. That’s important in order to save the drink from any unpleasant bacteria.

But how to understand that homemade wine is already prepared and can become a part of the setout table? If you see no bubbling inside the bottles, then the alcohol is already prepared and you can start drinking it even today!

We hope this recipe was clear for you and you will try to do that on your own. But now let’s see what other alcoholic drinks you are able to make alone without any special facilities.


Alcohol from table sugar

Another cool name for this sugar wine is “Kilju”. Yes, it can be a bit weird, but saying it around, we will hear something like “killed you”. In most countries, this drink is not so widespread but especially popular in Finland. It tastes awful, but after drinking it, the person gets immediately drunk; that is why the name seems so unusual.

You may think: “but if the taste of it is so unpleasant, then why do I need to try to make it on my own?”. Luckily, to make it, no specific ingredients are needed. And if you are stuck in some unpleasant situation, you can always use it for surviving purposes (as a fuel, for example).

The process is really fast and easy (especially in comparison with other alcoholic beverage making).

So let’s see how to make it!

Main ingredients

  • 4 cups of warm water (no more than 85 degrees!)
  • 2 teaspoons of the baker’s yeast (wine ferment is also possible to use)
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 2-liter bottle and glass jar

Making a Kilju

Making-Kilju First of all, you need to put all the ingredients into a clean container. Mix them all together and shake this mixture. Put the cap on the container after (but don’t twist it till the end!) and leave it standing until the bubbling stops.

This is called the fermentation process. During this time there is a big production of carbon dioxide, which smells really unpleasant, so we recommend you ventilate the kitchen space more often.

This process will take around 1 week of time. After that, the liquid will be ready for straining.

The last step in preparing the Kilju drink is straining. You will need to get rid of the granulated sugar and get a homogeneous mixture. For that, you can use an ordinary coffee press.

Finally, the liquid is made in a fast and convenient way. The alcohol content is really high, and the taste is quite unclear, so we recommend you add some fruits, grapes, or berries juice inside.

How to make homemade liqueurs?

If you have ever had an idea of making moonshine in your own kitchen, then this recipe is for you. In comparison with homemade wine and “Kilju”, the process of making moonshine is much more complicated, and you will need special equipment for that. For the first time, you may face some complications, but with time, your skill will develop, so you will be able to make your own little experiments and try new ways of moonshine making.


Equipment and ingredients


There are a lot of recipes for homemade moonshine with a big variety of different flavors. So each time, you can also try to add flavor differently. But in this recipe, we will tell you about the easiest way of making this liquor, and here are some main ingredients and supplies you need.

Ingredients for preparing the mash

  • water
  • sugar
  • cornflour
  • distiller’s ferment

Special Equipment

  • fermentation lock
  • Still
  • metal pot
  • heat source
  • thermometer
  • reservoir for fermentation

To prepare this homemade liquor, as we said earlier, you will need some equipment, for example, a special Still for alcohol. Hopefully, it doesn’t cost much, and you can try to order one online. Further, you can find some good variants from Amazon and Etsy.




But let’s back to the process of making a homemade moonshine.

Step1: How to make the mash


In order to prepare the mash you will need these main ingredients:

  • 5 pounds of cornmeal
  • 5 pounds of sugar
  • 5 gallons of warm water

After you heat the water up to 90 degrees, put in cornmeal. Attention: don’t forget to stir the mixture properly in order to avoid scorching. Later put there sugar while stirring this mass and make sure that no granules are left.

Step 2: The fermentation process

When the mash is ready, pour it carefully into a special bucket (or a five-gallon cooler). Add 2.5 teaspoons of distiller’s yeast and stir the mixture with a wooden spoon or you can simply shake the bucket.

The fermentation process will take around 2 weeks, after that the drink will be nearly ready. If you see no bubbling inside the bucket, then the fermentation process is over but you can use a hydrometer to make the process easier.

Step 3: Distilling


At this step, you will already need a Still in order to distill the mash into alcohol. It is not as hard as it can seem at the beginning. Just follow these few points!

  1. First of all, fill the still with the mash and close the lid tightly. Make sure that no sediment accidentally gets inside the Still. In order to avoid this situation, you can use the filter.
  2. To avoid heating, put the bucket of ice under the condenser.
  3. Start the warming. The temperature needs to be no more than 200 degrees.
  4. While heating, you will notice the product of the first liquor. Don’t even think about drinking it, it’s toxic!
  5. The moonshine will be ready when the liquid stops to drop out of the Still pipe.



The skill of making homemade alcohol is really important. In case of any world collapse, you have no need to run to the nearest store to buy yourself some wine. By having only a few ingredients (like sugar and juice) in your kitchen, you are able to make everything on your own in such a fast and convenient way. Most of all, the process will give you cool memories and enjoyment. Of course, you can always buy some bottles of expensive and quality wine, but why not try to do that on your own? 🙂 With time, your skill will develop, so each bottle will become better and better!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is the easiest alcohol to make?

Actually, all the alcoholic recipes are quite easy, so you can try to make alcohol on your own without any special facilities. In comparison with many other recipes, a sugar wine (called “Killju”) is really easy and fast to make. You will only need the baker’s yeast, water, and some sugar. Maybe, its taste is not so delicious but still, you should try to prepare that in your kitchen. We guarantee a fun and interesting process! 🙂

What is Alcoholic Fermentation?

That is the chemical process that produces carbon dioxide. Due to this process, we get a nearly prepared delicious alcoholic drink! The fermentation process usually takes up to a few weeks, so we need to be ready to wait a bit. But after that, we will hopefully get a really tasty drink. 

Attention! During the fermentation process, please, don’t close the lid tightly, otherwise, the bottle can explode. 

How to make homemade alcohol?

Everything depends on the drink you want to make. But in most cases, no rare ingredients and special facilities are needed. To make the wine, for example, you will need only some amount of sugar, wine yeast, and juice. You will get alcohol after the fermentation process, which will take a few weeks. After that, you can drink it in the company of friends.


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