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If you are preparing a survival food supply, it is worth considering a proper canned food storage system.

Even though in 2023 canned food can be stored for a very long time and you do not need to create temperature conditions for storing food, you should understand that you should not store cans on the floor or homemade shelves.

If we are talking about a large stock of food, including canned food, and supplies of first aid supplies, weapons for survival, and ammunition, it is worth taking care of a good pantry system. This way, you can avoid the frantic search for all the essentials because everything will lie in its place.

Canned foods can be a great source of all nutrients and help you keep your cuisine varied and tasty. But if your canned goods are scattered all over the warehouse, most of the canned goods can go bad. This means that all your survival resources will be wasted.

You should consider purchasing a canned goods organizer and can storage rack. This will help you keep order in your inventory.

In our today’s review, we will tell you how to store canned goods, the best-canned goods storage racks, how to choose canned goods storage racks organizers and shelves. At the end of our article, you will find a selection of the best-canned goods storage racks and shelves that you can buy right now.

How The “First In First Out” Food Storage System Works

How The “First In First Out” Food Storage System Works We have already written that expiration dates are a myth, but every food, like drugs, has a time frame for which it is better to use them.

When you prepare for survival conditions, you buy quite a few items to keep you long enough. But each product has its own expiration date, even if it is slightly longer than the expiration date indicated on the packaging.

If you have large supplies of canned goods, it can be difficult to find items on the regular shelf that are about to expire. This is because the products are on the shelf one after another, and this means that first of all, you use the products that are closest to you. The oldest food remains at the end of the shelf. That being said, when you restock and buy new canned foods, you also put them closer to you. This way, at the end of your rack, you store items that you are extremely unlikely to be able to use before the expiration date.

You probably know that even canned cans can leak and sometimes burst. This can lead to serious consequences. If the distance can burst, mold can form behind the pantry storage system. And mold can damage and spoil the rest of your inventory.

That is why we recommend using the FIFO system. Thanks to this canned food storage system, you can use everything before the expiration date.

This system works straightforwardly. Banks are stacked vertically, not horizontally. You take the cans from the bottom and put the new ones on top. Thus, you will be the first to use the products that first entered the pantry storage system.

This is very convenient as you do not need to carry out regular checks and rearrangements in your inventory.

Why You Should Store Your Canned Food On A Can Storage Rack

Why You Should Store Your Canned Food On A Can Storage Rack

There are many reasons we recommend using canned food storage racks, organizers, and shelves. First, it’s just convenient. But this is not the only reason, although the most obvious one. Below are the five most important reasons why you should use a canned food rack.

This will make it easier for you to track expiration dates. Almost all canned food storage rack organizers and shelves are designed to make it easy for you to check expiration dates. Besides, the FIFO system itself is designed so that you always use the food that is closest to the expiration date. And with a canned food rack, it will be easier for you to understand how much of certain products you have left. You can easily calculate how many cans you have left, and for this, you do not have to move all the cans that you have stored. We also recommend that you keep a list of what you have and hang it on the canned food rack. Just mark what you have taken and used, so it will be easier for you to understand what you need to buy.

Your banks will not be stored on the ground. This is a significant factor that affects the shelf life. Since the ground is often damp and cold, even cans can go bad. And if a tin can deteriorate, the contents will still deteriorate.

Saving space. If you use a canned food storage rack, you can fit more cans in a smaller space. It’s all about the special structure of the canned food storage racks, organizers, and shelves, which help to save space. This is very important in conditions of survival because not all people have the opportunity to have a large warehouse with food. Sometimes you have to be content with rather tight spaces.

If you store canned food on unit organizers and shelves, it won’t get in your way. In the event of an accident, you would hardly want to trip over a canned jar on the way to the first aid kit. Storing cans on top of each other is even more dangerous because it is a structure that can collapse at any moment. If canned food is sprinkled on you, you can get pretty serious injuries.

Keeping Track Of Your Canned Food And Their Expiration Dates

Keeping Track Of Your Canned Food And Their Expiration Dates

It’s important to keep track of the expiration dates on your products. It can literally save your life and provide you with a varied diet for the long term.

We’ve already said that canned food is one of the most convenient ways to stock up on doomsday. Canned food retains its goodness and taste, which means that all the important micronutrients will be in your diet.

Besides, you can find almost any food in the canned form: meat, vegetables, fruits, tuna cans, green beans, soup cans. You can even buy pre-cooked meals. All you need to do is reheat them, and dinner is ready. There is canned sausage, and there are canned desserts, there is canned everything.

As for frozen foods, they also have their features. For example, frozen foods retain their original flavor slightly better. But at the same time, food storage of frozen food is not always possible in the conditions of the apocalypse. The electricity may be cut off for a long time. And then all your frozen food supplies will quickly become unusable. Thus, you will lose a lot of resources necessary for survival.

But canned food can be stored for quite a long time, even in the worst conditions. Hermetic packaging and heat treatment make canned food very durable. But this, unfortunately, does not mean that you should not take care of your food supplies.

You already know that there are special canned food storage systems that can help preserve the integrity of the packaging and make it easier to find the right canned food.

But it also makes sense to take care of how to replenish your stocks properly. In this case, a simple table may be useful to you, which will contain everything you need.

Trust us, and it’s easier to make a table once for each product category than to regularly check your inventory later.

On the plate, note how many products you used, how much you need to buy, what is their expiration date.

This will help you buy only the essentials. We think you would not want to experience the end of the world with a huge warehouse of canned green peas, and that’s it.

Of course, the nutritional value of foods is significant. But don’t forget about the taste of the food. In the conditions of TEOTWAWKI survival, one of the most difficult and important tasks is to maintain a sound mind and a normal psychological state.

It will be much easier for you if you have your favorite food and favorite treats in stock than if you only stock up on the most “necessary.”

Try to equip your kitchen in such a way that you have the opportunity to prepare a variety of dishes, including canned foods.

Who knows, maybe cooking will become your favorite hobby if you have to go through isolation.

Best Can Storage Racks You Can Buy Today

Best Can Storage Racks You Can Buy Today We’ve put together a shortlist of canned food storage stacks for you to make it easier for you to find a solution that works for you.

Thanks to modern technology, we have an almost endless selection of various products, including canned food storage rack organizers and shelves.

We selected each canned food rack organizer based on several criteria.

The first criterion is value. It is important to understand that cheap products are often more expensive than you might expect. At the same time, there is no point in overpaying once again. Therefore, we tried to find such canned food storage racks, organizers, and shelves so that they have a reasonable value.

Material is also important, so we took that into account as well. Depending on what kind of pantry storage you are designing for yourself, FIFO canned food storage racks and shelves from different materials may be suitable for you. You can opt for ultra-light canned food storage racks and shelves, which will be made of plastic material. These stands have a straightforward installation. To set up such a can storage rack organizer, you literally need to put a couple of pieces together. But these units are not very strong and cannot support a lot of weight. There are also wooden canned products, storage racks, and shelves. They are more durable, but they have a difficult installation. It can take quite a long time to set up such a can storage rack, and additional skills and tools will also come in handy. But the most versatile material is steel FIFO canned food storage racks, organizers with chrome finish. They are not too heavy and strong enough to support the weight of a large number of cans on one shelf.

Quality is one of the most important criteria for choosing any product is quality. We have collected only FIFO canned food storage rack organizers and shelves from trusted manufacturers and stores. We also made sure that the canned goods storage racks we selected have positive and honest customer reviews. Good customer reviews are a guarantee of product quality if we are talking about online stores.

And, of course, it is important to consider sizes. You can find FIFO can storage racks and shelves of all sizes. Depending on what size pantry storage space you are using, you can choose canned goods racks with different levels of storage capacity. The level of storage capacity directly affects how much you can store items on one shelf. It is important to remember how crucial compactness is for survival. Few people have the opportunity to use a whole warehouse pantry with avenues of goods for their stocks. Chances are you’ve converted your garage or basement into storage space. And if you consider an option with such a limited storage area, then you should take care of the compactness of the FIFO canned food storage racks that you buy. This way, you can fit more food in a fairly small space. And this, in turn, can become a decisive factor in your survival.

FIFO Can Tracker for Pantry

Fifo Can Tracker First of all, I would like to consider this particular shelf canned food storage rack.

This canned goods storage rack shelf has a pretty interesting design that allows you to store up to 54 cans on one rack shelf. That is, this kitchen canned goods storage shelf is strong enough to support a lot of weight.

But at the same time, the choice of material for this canned goods storage rack shelf is not entirely obvious. This canned food storage rack shelf is made of plastic. Fortunately, the manufacturers used quality material, so the kitchen canned food storage rack shelf does its job well.

This kitchen canned goods storage shelf has a rack such that the freshest can is the farthest. That is, you take a jar that has an expiration date close to the end.

This will help you manage your canned food stocks rationally. You don’t have to throw out dozens of cans and then repurchase new ones.

And this kitchen canned food storage shelf has a straightforward installation. The canned food storage shelf rack is assembled in pieces, which are attached. This means that no additional tools or skills are required to install the FIFO can tracker. You can do it yourself.

Organize It All Canned Food Rack (not FIFO)

Organize It All 1866W This extra small space canned kitchen food storage shelf rack organizer will help you save space in your storage.

Despite its small size, this rack holds quite a lot of cans. This will help you to increase the pantry storage area, and therefore to make a larger stock of food.

This shelf is made of metal and has a chrome finish. It looks minimalistic but pretty nice. The material was not chosen by chance. The metal kitchen canned goods organizer shelf storage rack will serve you for many years.

This pantry canned food storage shelf rack also has a pretty attractive price tag. You don’t have to spend your last money to organize your pantry’s small space.

Quite easy installation makes this pantry shelf rack one of the best options for storing cans.

But there is still one nuance that should be taken into account. Make sure you have the ability to position this cans storage shelf rack in such a way that you have access to the back. If you can do this, then the shelf rack will serve as a tool to give you the cans with the shortest shelf life.

DecoBros Supreme Stackable Can Rack Storage (not FIFO)

Decobros Supreme Stackable If you are looking for a rack that will save your storage space, this is one of the best options.

The advantage of this rack is that you can combine several shelving units to get one that will suit you in size.

Despite its small size, one such shelf can hold up to 36 cans.

A special can storage system works in such a way that when you take a can from the rack, the next one rolls out into its place. At the same time, you can place new cans at the top of the unit. This system allows the freshest cans to be placed in the farthest location. This means that first of all, you will be using a product that is approaching the end of its shelf life.

As for the installation, everything is straightforward. These racks are sold pre-assembled. You just need to put them in your storage. And if you want, you can combine multiple racks for even more spacious supply storage.

Remarkably, you can even put the stand itself on the floor. At the same time, you do not have to worry about the cans deteriorating. They will be securely anchored above the floor. This means that the cans will not go bad ahead of time.

SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack (not FIFO)

Simplehouseware Stackable This unit is designed to save space when storing large quantities of canned food.

The device of this rack is such that you place the cans slightly at an angle. Therefore, when you take a can, the next one rolls out by itself. Make sure that this option suits you because it has some peculiarities. For example, this is not a FIFO rack. That is, to replenish stocks and add fresh, canned food, you will need to move the old ones first. This is the only way you can replenish stocks. But on the top shelf, you can arrange everything as you like.

Another storage feature of this product is that you can adjust the width of the shelving units. This is extremely convenient because, most often, storage racks have the same width as shelving units. And with the adjustable width, you can store cans of different sizes on one shelf.

At the same time, stands of this type can withstand the weight of 36 standard cans.

This rack is the best solution for those who do not want to store their jars on the floor. Well, if you got an idea to expand your stocks, you can always implement this idea. There is a special method that helps you attach one rack to another rack.

FIFO Can Rack 200


Can Rack 200 We have already said that you can find units in different sizes. But the size of this rack is hard to believe. One such rack can hold up to 200 standard-sized cans.

But do not be alarmed by this amount. This rack has a FIFO system, which means that no cans will get lost in the far corner, as is often the case with large storage spaces.

Be sure to make sure this unit is the right size for you. Of course, it is not super huge, but it is still significantly larger than many other units.

Each row is transparent, so you can see what is in which row. This is the best solution to avoid confusion and not open peaches instead of tuna.

Despite their size, these roomy racks can help you save space in your storage. Besides, everything will be in one place. This means that you can always easily find everything you need.

These racks also make storage safer, as they reduce the risk of cans falling from the top shelves of the cabinet.

This rack is supplied with safety pins, which also increase the safety of the vault. Pins are used when installing standpipes to secure parts together.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line You can choose the one and only ideal kitchen canned food storage racks indefinitely. But one thing we know for sure, you should definitely buy a canned food storage shelf.

When choosing a rack shelf, make sure it suits your needs. Consider if you can place all of your canned food on one rack or if you need more than one. Also, make sure you pick the best things for yourself. It makes no sense to buy things, the quality or appearance of which will not suit you.

Today there is a huge variety of products. Therefore, choose your storage rack responsibly. When the variety is too great, you can get confused.

Racks and a variety of storage systems help you shed the clutter and keep the essentials. Sometimes, when sorting storage, a lot ends up in the trash bins. But trash bins are not the place for your food. So take care of yourself and your supplies.

This way of storing will help you avoid wasting your budget when creating stock in the event of the apocalypse. It’s always worth thinking about how your food supplies are stored and thinking about solutions that will help you organize your storage.

Unfortunately, many people often think that canned food can be stored under any conditions, but unfortunately, this is not the case.

Indeed, canned food is one of the easiest foods to store, but it also has its own subtleties. For example, like any food, canned jars should not be stored on the ground. This will lead to rapid damage to the integrity of the can, and therefore to the rest of the contents of this very can.

Canned food storage racks help save time, effort, money, and other resources that are so important to survival. The can storage racks also help you keep your supplies more compact.

It is also important to understand that to store supplies for a medium-sized family, and you do not need to buy a huge kitchen can storage rack. A smaller canned food rack organizer will do the job just fine, too.


We have collected your answers to the most frequently asked questions about food storage. We tried to answer everything in the most detailed and understandable way so that you can find the best solutions for yourself in matters of storing food stocks. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about food storage in apocalypse survival.

How to put the can rack together?

If you’ve decided to reorganize your storage space, then you probably bought canned food storage racks. These shelves help save space and also help with survival. The point is, a quality unit can play an important role in your survival. After all, food is essential for a normal life. Storing food is equally important to survive.

Today there are a huge variety of different racks. You can choose a unit of any color, size, material.

By the way, if you are unable to assemble a unit, you can buy already assembled ones. Of course, they are not always convenient to use, but you will not need to fiddle with the assembly.

Some shelves are quite simple to assemble, and you literally need to put a couple of pieces together. But some need to be collected using special tools.

In any case, before purchasing a storage unit, make sure that it is the right size for you. Otherwise, you will not be able to place it in the way that suits you. Also, when choosing, pay attention to the various features. Features can both facilitate the assembly process of a unit and complicate it.

In general, almost all storage units have fairly detailed assembly instructions. But if even after reading the instructions, you still have questions, we recommend that you watch the video instructions on the Internet.

The main thing to remember is that if you are not sure that you can assemble a unit yourself, it is better to contact the master and entrust the matter to a professional. This is the guarantee of your safety.

How to build a food storage pantry?

Building a food storage facility is not an easy task that requires certain skills. But such a storage system can save a lot of space.

For the space to be comfortable and functional, everything must be carefully thought out at the planning stage. Then you can avoid unpleasant incidents such as a door that cannot be opened completely.

If you have no experience in construction, it is better to turn to a professional who will help you do everything efficiently and quickly.

But if we are talking about the conditions of survival, in this case, it will be problematic to call a master, and you will have to do the weight yourself.

Do not be afraid that you will not succeed. Even if you don’t have any experience in building, you can buy ready-made storage systems or units to build in advance.

Carefully study how exactly it is worth organizing your storage. First of all, consider your needs.

If you have a small supply of food for one, a couple of racks on which you can place canned food and cereals will be enough for you. You can fit quite a lot on such racks, especially if you use a storage unit.

If you have a huge supply for a family of several people, you may want to choose a separate storage room. The main thing is not to store anything on the floor. This is a surefire way to spoil your food. And if your food is not sealed, then this way, you can spoil almost all of your supplies.

The best way to store food is to place everything on a convenient shelf that will not fall off. If the shelves are organized correctly, you will never have a problem finding the right products.

Properly planned food storage can be a critical factor in your survival. It would be a shame to make a good supply of food but lose it due to improper storage.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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