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People, in general, have a tendency not to think about different types of emergencies, which is a mistake, because sadly enough, various dangerous situations happen in the US regularly. Many of these emergencies might cause injuries and traumas that would require using a bandage; therefore, knowing how to correctly apply a bandage may save the lives and health of your family or other people.

Dynarex 40 X 40 Generally, there are two main types of bandages that can be applied during an emergency. The first of one is a roller bandage which can be found in many first aid supplies and can be used to treat many traumas such as injured arm or ankle.

However, today we would concentrate on the second type of bandages with the most common use, which is triangular bandages. This type of bandage is mostly used when you have to make a sling. But actually, there are many more ways of using these bandages, and if you want to know more this article is here to help.



Triangular bandages 101

Before we will dive into the discussion about the different types of triangular bandages and how we can utilize them. Firstly, I feel obliged to tell you the basic information that will be the same for any triangular bandage.

So, to put it simply a triangular bandage is a piece of very strong cloth that was done in the form of a right-cut triangle. Often this triangle bandage is folded into the so-called cravat that looks similar to a neckerchief. However, triangular bandages are usually much longer than neckerchiefs.

When buying a triangle bandage it is very important to check that this triangular bandage is right-cut because in case if not you would get problems with applying it with certain traumas (for example, with shoulder injuries)

Triangle bandages might come in various dimensions, however, the most popular dimension that you can find in almost any first aid kit would be 40x40x56 inches (if you fold it down it would be very small and won’t take much space in your first aid kit).

How to make your own triangular bandage

One may ask a question, why do I need to know how to make my own triangle bandage if they can be found in any pharmacy for a very cheap price? This question might seem to be reasonable, however, you never know when an emergency happens so in the time of need you might not find a new and fancy triangle bandage, however, the chances are that you would have some materials that would help you to make your own triangular bandage.

Firstly, to make your own triangular bandage you would need these materials and instruments:

  • Scissors
  • Piece of fabric
  • Sterilizer
  • Iron
  • Sterile first aid kit

When you get all the stuff above, you can start making your triangular bandage. Firstly, you have to cut your piece of fabric with scissors according to the abovementioned dimensions. Here we have to mention that you can use almost any type of natural fabric material, even an old t-shirt. Nevertheless, it would be better for you to choose something more sturdy that can be easily stretched.

Secondly, after you cut your fabric, you can sterilize it. There are two popular ways to disinfect bondage. The first one is by washing it with a sterilizer. And the second one that could help you when you do not have any sterilizers (for example, in nature) is by boiling this piece of fabric for a few minutes.

When you are done with sterilizing your triangular bandage, you can iron it. This step is not an obligatory one, however, ironed bandages are much easier to fold and it would take less place in your first aid kit, so you would be able to fit more medical products in it.

Head dressing with triangular bandage

Now, we can finally take a look at various different options for using triangle bandages. And the first one is using a triangular bandage in case of a head injury.

Firstly, we have to mention that indeed, with head injuries people mostly apply roller bandages. However, in case of some particular injuries (for example burns), a triangular bandage would be a better choice because it allows you to leave some space on the top of the head.

If you want to know more about applying triangle bandages with head injuries you can watch this video.

Arm sling

Probably the most popular type of using a triangular bandage is making an arm sling. Actually, there are two ways in which you can apply an arm sling, the so-called elevated sling, and the usual arm sling.

More information about arm slings you can find in the special video.


A tourniquet is a type of first aid that is used only in case of hard bleeding when you cannot stop the blood flow with the usual bondage. But in case you cannot stop it, triangular bandages would work very well as a tourniquet. Here you can read more about tourniquets and how to make them correctly.

Stop bleeding with a triangular bandage

Obviously, if you can make a tourniquet from a triangular bandage you can also stop the usual bleeding with it. And that is exactly the reason why you have to keep your bondages sterile, because otherwise, the bondage may contaminate a wound which may have very serious consequences.

To stop bleeding with a triangular bandage you have to make a square from your triangle and apply it with some amount of pressure on the place of bleeding.

If you have doubts, here is the video about stopping bleeding.

Eye treatment

One more type of injury that can be treated with a triangular bandage is an eye injury. It is important to know that when you treat an injured eye you must cover both eyes with bondage even if one of the eyes seems to be normal. The reason for this is that the main point of an eye bondage is to stop movements of eyes, however, if one eye is able to move the second one will follow. That is why you must cover both of them.

Here is the video about how you can treat an injured eye with a bandage.

Leg split

When a leg is broken the first thing that you have to do is to prevent the broken or fractured leg from movement. And the best way to do it is by tying a split of an injured leg with a triangular bandage.

Actually, there are several ways of making such a split. The first method is a very simple one. You just have to tie the branches of your triangle bandage on both sides of an injured leg.

For the second way, you would need a blanket that you have to roll up and put between the legs. Afterward, you should tie the blanket to the broken leg.

Also, while in the wild you can use a slipping pad instead of a blanket. In this video, you can watch how to do it correctly.

Fixing a broken jaw

Another part of the body that in case of injury can be fixed with a triangular bandage is the jaw. Actually, a triangular bandage would work just perfectly for immobilizing an injured jaw. To prevent a jaw from movement correctly, you have to wrap the head with a bandage starting from the chin and up to the top of the head. When finished tie the bondage behind the forehead. Here is the video of this process.

Hip Injuries

Hip injuries might be very unpleasant, however, they can be easily treated with a triangular bandage. To do it in the most effective way you have to do it is by placing a bandage over the hips as wide as possible.


Also, with triangle bandages, you can fix shoulders. When using a triangular bandage to fix a shoulder you have to make a tie relatively loose, because otherwise, you can restrict the blood flow to the arm. To balance the tie you can put a piece of the diaper between the bondage and shoulder. If you are not sure that you understood everything correctly, there is a video.

Hand burns

Like head burns, hand burns can be also treated with a triangular bandage. Obviously, you can use bandages only to treat minor burns. Treatment of heavy burns is a totally different process that requires other first-aid skills and instruments.

Minor burns can be treated with a wet triangular bandage. You should keep the bondage wet if you want to prevent sticking the tissue to the wound (it is better to use burn salve than usual water). Also, remember to keep the bondage loose.

Non-medical uses

While triangle bandages are indeed great in the medical sphere they can also help you a lot in simple situations. For example, you can use it instead of a water filter. It can free the water from dirt and debris. But obviously, it would not be enough, so do not forget to boil water after such filtering. Such pre-filtered water would be 100% drinkable after you use it with UV light or various water purification tabs.

Another interesting non-medical use of a triangular bandage is the ability to use it as a face mask, which is especially important in times of COVID-19. Obviously, to protect yourself and your family better you should use a respirator or an N95 mask. However, in case you do not have the abovementioned things with you, you can use a triangular bandage to protect yourself and others.

Also, while in nature you can use a triangular bandage as a fire starter, especially if it is made of cotton because it burns perfectly.

Another interesting way of using a triangular bandage is tying something with it instead of a paracord.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is a triangular bandage used for?

A triangular bandage can be found in any first aid kit because it can be applied in many different situations. From head injuries to twisted ankles. Moreover, you can use it as a substitute for various instruments such as face masks, or water filters.

What are 3 types of bandages?

Alongside triangular bandages, in any first aid kit, you might find two more usual types of bandages. Those types are roller bandages and tubular bandages. These types of bandages are different in their sizes and materials. Therefore you can apply them to different types of bandaging.

How do you make a triangular bandage?

To make a triangular bandage is a very easy task that can be achieved by anyone regardless of experience. To accomplish this task you just have to find a piece of cloth that can stretch and a pair of scissors. If you want to know more about making your own triangular bandage, you can find all the information in this article.

What is a triangular bandage sling?

A bandage sling is a type of applying of a triangular bandage in case of an arm injury. Bandaging with a sling helps to immobilize the hand of an injured person. Frequently, slings are made at the factory and come in various forms and are made from different materials. However, if you do not have such a sling you can use a bandage instead.

Where to buy a triangular bandage?

If you would like to buy a triangular bandage you can buy it in many places. You can obviously buy it on the internet, for example on Amazon you can find a great number of various bandages. If you need such a bandage immediately you can find it in any pharmacy.

What kind of injuries are triangular bandages used for?

The main advantage of a triangular bandage is the fact that it can be used in the treatment of many different traumas. From head burns and jaw injuries to broken legs. Generally speaking, you can use triangular bandages with almost all fractures and in case of a blood flow.

How to use a triangular bandage for the ankle?

Treatment of ankle injuries is probably the primary function of triangular bandages. To do it correctly you have to put the apex of your triangle bandage over the top of the ankle. When doing so remember to cross ends of the bondage.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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