Best Hazmat Suits for Nuclear Radiation Protection

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A haz-suit, particularly relevant in the context of 2023, is a piece of chemical protective clothing specifically designed to work in different emergency situations and shield your body from a great variety of hazardous materials, such as gasses, chemicals, and liquids.  And radiation, as well! Respiratory protection is also something available for you in a piece of hazmat protective clothing. Besides, there are lots of additional coveralls that are must-haves, too, when it comes to the complete protection! To be frank, the choice of a haz-suit largely depends on the disaster you are experiencing. Therefore, you need to think it all over to make the right haz-suit choice.

Radiation Suit For Sale – Which Hazmat Suit Is Best?

Such seemingly simplistic things like the shelf life, integrated booties’ compatibility, the ability to protect from light liquid splashes or intense direct sunlight and high temperatures. The type of zipper and lightness of the haz-suit’s material can play a crucial part in your survival. So all features are important. If you take care to do a thorough research, based on your needs and particularities, your chances of survival will increase manifold!

Buckle up, and we’ll tell you all you need to know about the best hazmat suits and other personal protective equipment. Let’s first look into the top-choice hazmat suit items.

Top 11 Hazmat Suit Options for Civilian Use

Top 11 Hazmat Suit Options For Civilian Use So what are the best hazardous materials suit options available on the survivalist market nowadays?

1. Mira Safety CBRN Hazmat Suit

Mira Safety Cbrn Hazmat Suit Mira Safety CBRN suit army coverall is one of our favorite suits that will guarantee you one of the highest levels of safety and protection while you are wearing them. And it is not extremely expensive, either!

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Here are some of the pros this hazardous materials suit will bring to you:

Mira Safety Radiation Hazmat Suit


  • Has a puncture-resistant material that provides you with protection from chemical, biological, and radioactive hazards
  • It is very comfortable to put on and off;
  • Has its own air supply;
  • It is quite an agile suit among all other choices we have tried out.

But as any other product, Mira Safety haz-suit with respirator has its own cons:


    • It might require an additional respirator to protect you 100%, which is why you might want to look at some Mira Safety gas masks as well.

More perks for Hazmat-Suits Users

More Perks For Hazmat-Suits Users Let us enlist the most crucial properties of the MIRA Safety Haz-Suit.

  • Mira Safety’s got your size, be sure!
  • Any CBRN situation is nothing special for the Haz-Suit.
  • Approved by complete pros in areas of defense, military, and chemical attacks.
  • The material is impossible to wear out, durable, and long-lasting.
  • Undergone NFPA certification.
  • The producer is your country’s resident — made in the USA!
  • Passed all tests to protect you from literally any chemical threat.
  • Disasters are less complicated to sustain with this one.
  • Full gas mask compatibility with MIRA Safety products.
  • Absolutely sealed to protect you from the slightest contamination.
  • Such gasses as sarin or, say, VX will not kill you within eight hours if you are wearing this suit.

Multiple areas of use: civil situation, military action, lab work, work requiring such kind of chemical safety.

Needless to say that this haz-suit still has some imperfections, which can be easily made up for by adding some equipment, like respirators with carefully adjusted exhaust valves or protective boots, and more!

If you add a standard air-purifying respirator or PAPR, your suit will level up and get the Level C protective features. Also, if you apply an SCBA system, your haz-suit will be considered a Level B suit.

Mira Safety Cm-7M Military Gas Masks We really suggest that you consider the Mira Safety CM-7M gas masks due to their protective features and convenience of use.

MIRA Safety CM-7M Military Gas Masks – CBRN Protection

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This mask is widely used by many professional employees whose health and even life depends much on the equipment they use: Military Special Forces, Police Squads, and Rescue Teams approve of MIRA Safety!

The facts are the facts:

  • Comfort of wearing;
  • Recessed binocular visor in place, with night vision optics and red dot sighting systems compatibility;
  • Possibility of integration with high-end helmets and ear protection.

Being totally compatible with the best respirators available, this puncture resistant mask adds several safety points to score to your hazmat suit. Now, let’s consider some other hazmat suits!

2. DuPont Tyvek 400 Coveralls

Hazmat Suits Other Options For Top Civilian Radiation Protection DuPont suits are not as all-protective as other haz-suits can be. However, they have their own perks to offer.


  • It will protect you quite decently when worn during dry-particulate hazards;
  • It can be used not only during some survival situations but for spray-painting or agricultural works as well;
  • You will feel comfortable when moving around a lot;
  • Have an attached hood for better safety and protection of your face and neck.


  • Does not feature an in-built face shield, but has enough space for you to put on a mask;
  • It will not protect you from anything other than dust and gasses.

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3. DuPont Tychem 2000 Hazmat Suit

Dupont Tychem 2000 Hazmat Suit When the previous choice of DuPont suits is not enough for you, be sure to check out this one and protect yourself from something more than just gasses.


  • Will protect you from chemicals;
  • Has a hood for better head safety.


  • Need an additional full-face mask;
  • Do not feature gloves;
  • Feels like a movement-restraining suit.

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4. DuPont Tychem 10000

Dupont Tychem 1000 Need a full-on level of safety and protection? Then DuPont Tychem 10000 is exactly what you are looking for!


  • Protects you from any type of threat;
  • Includes built-in boots and gloves;
  • Has a face shield.


  • May be heavy and difficult to move around in;
  • Need a separate respiratory system;

5. DuPont ProShield 60 Coverall

Dupont™ Proshield® 60 When a great all-in-all safety suit is in need, then DuPont ProShield 60 Coverall is what you should buy these days.


  • Protects you from everything other than radioactive particles;
  • Has a bonded polypropylene substrate with a laminated microporous film outer coating;
  • Features a comfortable hood that works great with additional face masks and respirators;
  • Its extra-long zippers will cover you from your feet up to your chin.


  • Needs a separate respirator for your face.

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6. MXBAOHENG Anti-Thermal Radiation Suit

Baofeng Anti-Thermal Radiation Suit It is not always the case that you require a full hazmat suit for protection from every possible threat, and in this case, Baofeng’s fireproof personal protection suit is what you should buy.

Take a look at the features of one of the best hazmat suits out there.


  • Consists of fire-proof materials, such as aluminum fireproof outer coating and an insulating cotton liner;
  • Allows you to work in temperatures up to 1,200 Fahrenheit while wearing it;
  • Has gloves, shoe covers, and a face shield.


  • Its protective features are limited only to fire and heat.

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7. Lakeland Interceptor Plus Level A Protective Suit

Lakeland Interceptor Plus Level A Protective Suit As you can see from the name of this personal protective equipment, Lakeland Interceptor Plus has level A protection tag. This means that it is not limited to only one hazard and will be a supreme hazmat suit for any type of disaster.


  • Protects you from any kind of hazards, including different gazes, vapors, liquids, and radioactive particles;
  • Has a polyester diffusion fabric that will not make you look like you came out of a space-related movie;
  • Come as gas-tight and vapor-tight.


  • Needs a separate respirator for nasal protection from different gasses and chemicals.

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8. DuPont Tychem TK Commander EX

Dupont Tychem Tk Commander Ex A valuable alternative to Lakeland’s body protection suits would be the DuPont Tychem TK Commander EX, which also boasts great level A protection features:


  • Protects from gasses, liquids, radioactive and other chemicals;
  • Has a three-layered construction of Teflon and PVC materials;
  • Features a gas-tight zipper closure and a dual glove system for the comfort of a person in a hazmat suit;
  • Booties are also included.


  • Needs a separate respirator.

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9. DuPont Tyvek TY122SVP Hazmat Coverall Suit

Hazmat Coverall Suit Ty122Svp Tyvek suits have gained recognition among preppers worldwide! Looking for a hazmat suit for a nuclear fallout or any other survival situation? This one is among the most wanted hazmat suits out there. Wearing this suit will provide you with full-body protection against many hazardous substances.


  • Can save you from hazardous particles as small as nearly 1 micron;
  • Comfy for wrists due to elasticity;
  • Comes with protective boots and hood;
  • Longevity and sustainability;
  • Great and convenient packaging.


  • No stretching capacity;
  • Imperfect liquid protection.

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10. DuPont Tyvek suit TY127S coverall suit

Tyvek Suit Ty127S Coverall Suit This piece of protective clothing will make you secure from most hazardous particles, including lead and asbestos as small as 1 micron. It simplifies moving about when wearing it by the great design solutions involved in the creation of this chemical resistance suit.


  • Light weight;
  • Comfy design;
  • Extra attached respirator;
  • Broad range of movements available without compromising safety.


  • Few color options;
  • Does not protect from all kinds of hazards.

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11. DuPont Tychem 9000 suit

Dupont Tychem 9000 Suit As if enclosed in a capsule, the owner of this suit is fully protected from a wide list of chemicals that can harm you, as well as those in liquid form. Its pragmatic but bright design, elasticity, and comfort of the movement led to the suit fairly making up the top-3 consumers’ choice list of suits made out of hazmat materials.


  • Provides encapsulated protection against a wide range of hazardous chemicals, including liquids and gassesTaped seam for complete haz-defense;
  • Offers a comfortable and elastic design for ease of movement;
  • Encapsulated protection;
  • Capable of long-term service of up to five years;
  • Has a bright and pragmatic design for high visibility in low-light situations.


  • Lasts for only 30 minutes (however, this can be more than enough at some point);
  • Non-sterile.

What is Radiation, and How Radiation & Haz-Suit Can Help?

What Is Radiation, And How Radiation &Amp; Hazmat Suit Can Help? Generally, radioactive energy can move about in space in the form of beams or rays, as well as in waveforms or particles.

In order to secure yourself from the threat of radioactive contamination, you should follow certain strict rules. Besides, the means of radiation protection can vary by type of radioactive substance, be it liquid, gas, or whatever. To maintain good health and be safe from chemical radioactive particles, you need a piece of protective clothing that can withstand electrons, protons, and neutrons of different types of radiation.

However, there are kinds of radiation no coveralls can save you from — the ionizing one, for example. Anyhow, some top hazmat suits are there for you to diminish the amount of the intake of ionizing radiation and provide you with excellent chemical resistance from other particles.

Types of Hazmat Protection

Types Of Hazmat Protection

In this part of the article, you will learn about the kinds of toxic environments for which hazmat suits would be helpful.

  • Chemical defense coveralls

There are so many chemicals existing in our world; we ourselves are just a bunch of different chemicals combined, which is why it is quite logical that some of these particles are not very friendly to the human body and the nature surrounding us as well. And for our protection from them, a chemical warfare suit was created.

The best materials used to protect us from chemical substances are Tyvek, PEC, rubber, and Teflon, which is why you should look for garments that have these fabrics in their structure.

  • Biological protection haz-suit

It is especially important that the durable fabric of your garments implements impermeable heat-sealed outer seams and gas-tight features. And as with a chemical suit, your biological haz-suit should also have air-purifying respirators, or you should buy them separately from the garments.

  • Radioactive safety suit

The main task of radiation clothing is to protect you from having direct contact with, inhaling, or even digesting radioactive particles, especially when working in contaminated facilities.

And as you can guess, a radio frequency protection suit also should defend your respiratory system while you are wearing it, which is why a respirator is a must.

  • High-temperature defense suit

High-temperature suits work using a super reflective material that redirects infrared radiation from the person wearing this piece of clothing to the outer world.  

The same material should have heat-sealed features as well so that the steam created by the heat would not get inside the suits.

Kinds of Hazmat Suits

Kinds Of Hazmat Suits Your hazards protection suits can be classified not only in terms of the types of threats that they can shield you from but also by the way they are made, and in this part of the article, you will learn about this information as well, so that your purchase of a fallout hazmat suit with respiratory protection would be made within the right category of suits.

  • Splash-protective

Splash protection suits are the most basic form of protective clothing, as they have quite limited protection, especially from any airborne hazards, such as dust, radioactive particles, liquid chemicals, gas, and so on, which means that such suits will not give you a full level of safety from particular threats.

  • Gas/vapor-tight

Gas-tight or vapor protective clothing is exactly what you will see in most shops and on the majority of workers that are wearing such materials on their job site.

Gas-tight or vapor-tight suits will give you the highest level of protection against all known hazards, including highly toxic gasses. Anyway, you can consider purchasing an additional SCBA system or piece of clothing to boost your level of protection.

Hazmat Suits To Protect From Radiation — What to Add to Coveralls?

Hazmat Suits To Protect From Radiation — What To Add To Coveralls?

Okay, a hazmat radiation suit is a great purchase, but you won’t get a full radiation or hazmat protection suit without some accessories. We have covered them, too, so that you are fully informed about the technology and how it can provide you with proper personal protective equipment against liquid chemicals, radioactive particles, and what not!

Gas Mask Suits as an Addition to Your Radiation Suit Price

Protection Mask From Mira

Let us consider some extras to purchase in order to maximize the effect of a hazmat suit with gas mask manifold:

  • Well, you can opt for a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA in a short version), but they are way too expensive. Instead, consider getting a good-quality hazmat suit mask with respiratory protection and filter, along with your radiation suit.
  • Without a gas mask and full-face protective clothing, you won’t be able to survive if, say, a nuclear disaster occurs, and your hazmat suit won’t make any sense. A lack of air supply, as all of us know, leads to death almost immediately.
  • Unsurprisingly, we recommend getting the gas mask from MIRA Safety, too. If you want to see other protective clothing options aside from Mira Safety Gas Masks, read our extensive guide on the gas mask suit topic.

Hazmat Suit Health Effectiveness – Levels of Radiation Protection

Hazmat Suit Health Effectiveness – Levels Of Radiation Protection

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States (or US OSHA) regulations have created and issued this system’s description. There are basically three levels of radiation protection: Level A, Level B, and Level C.

Hence, the choice you have revolves around the following types of haz-suits:

  1. Level A suit;
  2. Level B suit;
  3. Level C suit.

Let’s now take a closer look at each level of protection in turn. Stay tuned!

Level A Hazmat Suit

Level A Hazmat Suit

  • The Level A hazmat suit gives you full coverage and protection. Wearing a Level A hazmat suit means you get a sealed, self-contained breathing apparatus, special footwear, a face shield, and radiation protection gloves. Additionally, Level A hazmat suits presume a two-way radio communication system.
  • Because these hazmat radiation suits really give you an ultimate safety level, including breathing without problems, they are huge and extremely wide. You will probably look like a large bubble if you wear one. The reason for such a size is the breathing apparatus we have mentioned above.
  • Anyway, it is a perfect option for those who meet substances or gasses that have uncertain provenance and are unfamiliar with modern science.

Level B Hazmat Suit

Level B Hazmat Suit

  • The only difference between Level B and A hazmat suits is the air supplies that let you breathe. With a Level B suit, you shouldn’t embed an SCBA system into your hazmat suit. You may carry it externally.
  • Level B suits are still way too sophisticated for ordinary survival situations, safety, and protection. You also should complete it with a two-way radio system and certain footwear and gloves to increase the level of protection. That’s why the majority of survivalists prefer wearing the first option we have described.

Level C Liquid Saturation Tight Hazmat Suit

Level C Liquid Saturation Tight Hazmat Suit

  • We’ll round out with the radiation suits of the most commonly worn on a basic level: C. It is common for a reason: such hazmat suits are versatile and will defend you from the majority of dangerous biohazardous substances, radioactive materials, gasses, and other chemicals.
  • They let you save money buying a gas mask in addition to the radiation suits, not a self-contained breathing apparatus or other items that might be either more expensive or less protective. Consider getting these hazmat suits for yourself and your family members because Level A protection suits and Level B hazmat suits might be too much and not necessary for your safety.

How Much Radiation can a Hazmat Suit Withstand?

How Much Radiation Can A Hazmat Suit Withstand?

Let us talk now about the amounts of radiation the best hazmat suits can save you from, and what features go into the protective shield:

  • Toxic industrial chemicals to other chemicals (biological, nuclear, and so on) are threats and hazards. Chemical warfare agents are usually included, too.
  • Some radiation hazard hazmat suits may help you survive the highest temperatures: remember that firefighters and other emergency workers use hazmat suits as well.
  • Your organs are as vital as your skin (which already gets protection from a hazmat suit). So, remember about the gas mask as a full face and radiation protection boots for the safety of your feet. You have to supplement a hazmat suit with gas masks and accessories to breathe properly, and footwear to walk with comfort. We have described those suit elements above, too.
  • The fabric is what helps to make a hazmat suit radiation protective and ensures your safety. You won’t exercise in a thermal radiation suit because the fabric won’t let the whole body breathe while you are wearing a suit.
  • Normally, hazmat suits are made from polyvinyl chloride, rubber (rubber hazmat suits may seem too heavy, while it is not), Teflon, Tyvek, or similar material. The type of fabric you should choose depends on the training and tasks you have to undertake as workers or survivalists while wearing a haz-suit.

Hazmat Suit Takeaway

Hazmat Suits Takeaway

Looking for the best hazmat suit, you will definitely come across many expensive suits, with steel-toed boots in the bundle, total protection from all possible biological agents and chemical exposure of high intensity. The level of protection of such suits, as well as their shelf life, is exorbitant: no chemical warfare agents or other hazardous materials could cause you harm in the long run. However, you might not need all that in your particular case. So focus on your individual story and get ready to face troubles in the best-matching hazmat suit. Choose the right suit carefully, and you will have zero risks when an emergency strikes!

Needless to say that If you are a bit more well-off than the others, you can look for more pricey suits to calm yourself with their reliable protection from all hazardous materials. There is also the money-value aspect in picking the right hazmat suit, which we touched upon earlier.

Speaking of the best hazmat suits that ensure adequate protection from anything like toxic spills down to severe biological threats, the more quality additional equipment you have, the higher the chances of survival. Grab a mask or full-face respirators, ensure your suit has multiple layers of protective material, and you will be closer to total protection!

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Which hazmat suit is the best?

We would opt for a hazmat suit from MIRA: we have already explained why we consider it best. However, each person has their own taste and opinion, so defining an ideal case is individual. Also, some options you can find on Dupont.

Again, the most important parameter to define the hazmat suit you need is the obstacles you plan to face, whether you are looking for protection and fighting fires, chemicals, radiation, or other threats. Consider getting a gas mask as a headgear.

Can a hazmat radiation suit protect you from radioactive elements?

From some types of radiation, yes. A hazmat suit will provide protection from several hazardous particles. However, gamma radiation, x-rays, ionizing radiation, and other hazards are still dangerous for everyone, including people in suits.

Hazmat radiation suit – how effective is it?

As we have said before, there are three levels of protection that radiation suits provide. The effectiveness of each hazmat suit depends on its protection type. You should define possible threats and dangerous agents first. Then, relate them with the proper type of hazmat suits: this is the best way to get all the answers and ensure excellent protection.

How much does a radiation hazmat suit cost?

It depends on the hazmat suit type that will become a part of your personal protective set. However, usually, you won’t pay more than a hundred dollars for a hazmat radiation suit price in the United States.

Some add-ons (like a self-containмed breathing apparatus SCBA), gas mask, and items for full-face protection wear) will increase the price. Remember that you also have to take care of your family members and purchase hazmat suits to ensure protection and safety.

Hazmat suit vs. radiation suit: what should I wear?

Basically, these hazmat radiation suits available on the market today are the same. Both suit types make you a protected bubble that won’t destroy or suffer after facing certain radiation types, chemicals, or other precarious agents. These hazmat suits make sure that you will have protection and will be able to get out of any survival challenges at ease.

Don’t forget about the existing radiation protection types and protection capabilities we have defined above. But unfortunately, some biohazard threats are unbearable. Remember the Chernobyl catastrophe with atomic energy that almost caused a nuclear explosion a few decades ago. We hope you will never face such situations (involving gamma rays, hazardous particles, or other dangerous materials and chemicals).


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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