Best Fall Essential Oil Blends

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In this article, we will go through some of the best fall essential oil blends that will make your home a magical cozy place and make the cold, rainy autumn days much more exciting. We will discuss essential oil diffuser blends, best fall essential oil blends for relaxing bath salts, skincare essential oil blends, and more.

To the point

Gone are the days of exhausting summer heat and mosquitos. The time has come for the rainy, foggy, pumpkin-flavored season of fall. Autumn has finally arrived, turning tree leaves red and yellow, sending our children back to school, making birds leave their nests and fly someplace more southern. The air is getting colder and crisper, and the spooky season of Halloween is just around the corner. Autumn is the perfect time for apple picking, baking pumpkin pies, or reading next to a warm crackling fire. To make your fall experience even more enjoyable, we suggest that you look into the art of blending essential oils.

Are you getting ready for fall? Do you want to bring your favorite fall scents into your home? If so, you might want to take a look at some fall essential oil blends. Whether you’re already an essential oils fan or a complete rookie, you can diffuse essential oils or add a drop to your soap, body butter, or scented candles.

Not only will your favorite essential oils fill your home with the wonderful scents of pumpkin and cinnamon spice, but they are also thought to be good for your health. Thousands of people who love essential oils claim that diffusing or otherwise incorporating them into your household will make your immune system stronger and help you stay healthy throughout the flu season and during the cold winter months.

Essential Oils: What Are They Good For?

Essential Oils: What Are They Good For? Before we start, let’s take a moment to discuss what essential oils are made of, their uses, and their advantages.

Essential oils are the “essence” of a plant. They are extracted directly from the plants via cold pressing or distillation. They are used in aromatherapy, and some believe that they have certain health benefits: from treating skin conditions to alleviating anxiety symptoms and killing bacteria. You can use them in several ways: you can inhale them, use a diffuser, dilute them with a carrier oil and use them on your skin, etc.

Of course, another reason for the popularity of essential oils is their beautiful natural scents. By blending and mixing the oils and then diffusing them inside your house, you can make your house smell like the woods after a rainy day, lemon pie, or pumpkin spice latte.

Keep reading to find out how you can incorporate essential oils into your life and learn all about different fall diffuser blends, skincare recipes, and more!

Best Fall Essential Oils

Best Fall Essential Oils What does fall smell like? There are certain scents that we usually associate with the season: pumpkin spice, of course, cinnamon, citruses, ginger, etc.

Here are some of the best essential oils that suit the fall vibe:

  • cedarwood
  • nutmeg
  • cinnamon bark
  • cardamom
  • ginger
  • orange
  • tangerine
  • pine
  • sandalwood

Overall, as you can see, the scents that we recognize as autumnal tend to be either woodsy, citrusy, or spicy. You can mix them to achieve a more specific smell. Note that oils from the same group generally go well with each other. However, that is not a universal rule, so don’t worry about it and just combine your oils based on your sense of smell and your likings. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and you’ll find the perfect combination sooner or later.

Another way to create your very own essential oil recipes is by mixing them depending on their notes (top, middle, base). Eucalyptus, lavender, and citrusy scents are examples of top notes. For middle notes, try using cinnamon or pine for the base — sandalwood, vanilla, etc.

In this article, we will talk about different essential oil blends, their recipes, and their characteristics.

Fall Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Recipes

Fall Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Recipes Diffusing essential oils is an alternative to burning scented candles. The difference is that some scented candles emit toxic chemicals while burning, while pure essential oils diffused through a cold diffuser do not.

Another benefit of using a cold diffuser is that the oils do not warm up, so the heat will not damage them. Diffusing essential oils is a great way to make your home a magical place and help you make the best out of the chilly and spooky season of fall. The warm scents will lift your mood as well as improve your health and overall well-being.

Keep reading to learn the best DIY recipes for fall essential oil blends!

How to use a diffuser

Let’s start with the basics: how do you even use a diffuser? Well, using a diffuser is fairly easy:

  1. Decide on the essential oils you want to use and the specific blend. There are dozens of oils and recipes out there (some of which we will be discussing later in the article). Pick your favorite fall essential oils and decide on the blend recipe — you can pick one from our list of fall diffuser blends.
  2. Add water. Pour the required amount of water into your diffuser. Make sure to check the instructions and follow them: don’t add too much or too little.
  3. Add your essential oils, turn the diffuser on, and you’re all set!

Side note: there are different kinds of essential oil diffusers out there, varying in size and volume. The diffuser recipes below work with the 300ml ones, but you can make them work with other diffusers by adjusting the recipes. If you have a 150ml diffuser, divide the required amount of drops of oil by 2. For a larger, 500+ ml diffuser, use two times more than stated in the recipes.

Now that we’ve figured out the basic instructions let’s move on to the essential oil diffuser blends that will make your home smell like fall!

Happy diffusing and happy autumn!

Pumpkin Pie Diffuser Blend

The sweet and spicy scent of a pumpkin pie screams “fall” — it’s as seasonal as it gets. This essential oil diffuser blend will bring back lovely childhood memories and fill your house with the warm scent of pumpkin spice and cinnamon. This fall diffuser blend is probably one of the most popular diffuser recipes.

You will need:

  • 4 drops of cinnamon bark
  • 1 drop of nutmeg
  • 1 drop of clove


  • antiseptic properties
  • decreases cholesterol
  • immunity booster

Into The Woods Diffuser Blend

This wonderful blend will remind you of a hike in the woods during the fall season when the air is crisp, and the leaves are yellow.

You will need:


  • reduces anxiety
  • works as an antioxidant
  • has an energizing effect

Cold Relief Diffuser Blend

Are you feeling unwell? This diffuser blend will help you manage the flu or the common cold symptoms and lift your mood.

You will need:


  • improves respiratory health
  • works as a disinfectant
  • freshens breath

Pumpkin Spice Latte Diffuser Blend

The Pumpkin Spice Latte Blend is one of the best fall essential oil diffuser blends. Are you a fan of the most autumnal drink there is? With this diffuser blend, you can fill your house with its wonderfully warm, sweet, and spicy scent and make it feel like fall is in the air!

You will need:


  • purifies the air
  • reduces stress
  • supports your immune system

Orange and Lemon Diffuser Blend

Fill your home with the refreshing citrusy smell of the orange and lemon fall essential oil diffuser blend. Citrusy scents and spicy scents work wonderfully together!

You will need:

  • 5 drops of orange or lemon
  • 1 drop of cinnamon bark
  • 1 drop of nutmeg
  • 1 drop of clove


  • relieves cold symptoms
  • freshens up your mind
  • helps you stay energized throughout the day

Wellness Blend

This diffuser blend works wonders to make your body stronger so that you don’t get sick during cold and rainy days. Plus, it has an amazing scent.

You will need:


  • antibacterial properties
  • improves respiratory health
  • relieves cold and flu symptoms

Fresh Cut Wood Fall Diffuser Blend

This essential oil blend will remind you of a nice walk through the woods and fill your house with the lovely refreshing scent of freshly cut wood.

You will need:


  • uplifts your mood
  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • helps you cope with anxiety

Vanilla Diffuser Blend

This recipe contains vanilla oleoresin produced through solvent extraction because “vanilla essential oil” does not exist. Sweet vanilla combined with the spicy scent of cinnamon will make your home smell like fall, impress your guests, and make the cold autumn nights much more cozy and enjoyable.

You will need:


  • has relaxing properties
  • reduces stress, brings comfort
  • helps you sleep better

Air Purifying Diffuser Blend

Not only will this essential oil blend purify the air in your house, but it will also help you calm down and make your home a magical cozy place!

You will need:


  • cleanses the air in the room
  • has a calming and relaxing effect
  • anti-inflammatory properties

Cinnamon Spice Fall Diffuser Blend

This fall diffuser blend and its sweet, spicy scent of cinnamon combined with the citrusy bitterness of orange is among our favorite fall diffuser blends this season.

You will need:


  • highly antibacterial
  • soothes your mind and body
  • improves respiratory health

Essential Oil Recipes For Relaxing Bath Salts

Essential Oil Recipes For Relaxing Bath Salts Who doesn’t love a good bath after a long tiring day? Sitting in your bathtub full of hot water is relaxing on its own, but adding a few drops of essential oil will make the experience even better. In addition, taking a bath is a great way to improve both your mental health and physical condition: it is known to relieve anxiety, improve immunity, help your blood circulate faster, etc.

Check out this fall essential oil recipe and learn how to make your very own bath salts to stay warm and comfortable this autumn.

You will need:

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Firstly, mix the sea salt with the Epsom salt in a glass jar and add baking soda. Epsom salt can help your muscles relax, alleviating muscle pain. Sea salt, too, can work as a pain reliever and an antiseptic, killing bacteria.
  2. Add your drops of essential oils. Both lavender oil and cedarwood oil have a calming and relaxing effect, clearing your mind and soothing your body and soul. These essential oils will help you relax if you’re stressed out and anxious after a long day at work. Roman chamomile essential oil can ease skin conditions such as eczema and relieve pain.
  3. Stir the contains of the jar using a wooden stick or a wooden spoon. Try to distribute the oils as evenly as possible.
  4. Add the salt to your bathwater. Wait for a while to ensure that the salt is dissolved.
  5. Enjoy!

Skincare Essential Oil Recipes

Skincare Essential Oil Recipes During the cold seasons of winter and autumn, our skin is especially vulnerable and needs more attention. You might notice that your skin becomes drier when fall rolls around, and the cold autumn wind does not help with the issue at all.

Try incorporating these easy essential oil recipes into your skincare routine to nurture your skin and help it stay healthy and shiny throughout the colder times of the year!

Lavender Skin Moisturizer

This recipe is very easy and only needs two ingredients that you probably already have in your house.

You will need:


  1. Pour the oil into a glass jar or a bottle.
  2. Add a few drops of lavender oils.
  3. Stir the contains.
  4. Enjoy! You can use this product to moisturize your skin. Plus, it smells amazing and feels great on your face, relieving itchiness and soothing your mind and body.

Lavender Body Butter

As you can see, this recipe also uses lavender oil. That is because lavender essential oil is among the most commonly used and universal essential oils. It is believed to have antifungal properties, treat anxiety, alleviate eczema, itching, etc. However, if for some reason you dislike lavender or if you simply want your products to have a different scent, you can use other essential oils, including the fall essential oil blends that we talked about earlier in the article.

You will need:

Step-by-step guide:

  1. First and foremost, melt the coconut oil and the shea butter together.
  2. Then, after the coconut oil and the butter have cooled down, pour almond oil or another vegetable oil into the mixture.
  3. Let the whole thing sit in the freezer for a while, but keep in mind that it should only be partially solid.
  4. After taking the mixture out of the freezer, add about 20 drops of lavender oil (or essential oil of your choice) and stir it with a metal spoon.
  5. Turn the mixture into butter by whipping it with a mixer.
  6. Enjoy! You can use the butter on your body or your face. However, it is highly recommended that you store it in a glass jar rather than a plastic one to keep the essential oil intact.

Safety Rules When Using Essential Oils

Safety Rules When Using Essential Oils As awesome as they are, essential oils can still be dangerous when used incorrectly. Keep these safety rules when working with your essential oils:

  1. Do not ingest them. We know they smell yummy but just don’t.
  2. Store them in a dark place and keep them away from kids.
  3. Always dilute them and use a carrier oil.
  4. Consult a medical professional before using essential oils as a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.
  5. Do not inhale them for very long periods.

If you follow these rules, essential oils will be an amazing and safe way to spice up your house, care for your skin and hair, etc.

To Sum Up

To Sum Up During the cold and foggy months of autumn, essential oils can be a great way to lift your mood, help relieve certain health conditions, and make your home smell like fall. You can also use essential oils to care for your skin, as it may get itchy and dry due to the seasonal weather and the stress of school or work.

Try these essential oil blends, and your house will be filled with wonderful autumnal scents like that of a freshly baked pumpkin spice, cinnamon rolls, your favorite Starbucks drink, and many more!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you still have any questions left, we will try to answer them in this segment.

What essential oils are good for fall?

The scents that seem to work the best for the autumn vibe are either woodsy, citrusy, or spicy. For example, try using orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, sandalwood, or ginger essential oil.

What essential oils smell good together?

Essential oils from the same group generally smell good together. For example, ginger oil smells good mixed with cardamom. You can also blend your oils depending on their notes (top, middle, or base).

What scents go well with cinnamon?

Here are some examples of scents that go well with cinnamon:

  • clove
  • ginger
  • lemon
  • tea tree
  • cardamom

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