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Hi, everyone! We are the team of, and we are here at your service to help you prepare for and deal with all kinds of emergencies. 

If you want to know more about survival training methods and general preparedness, this is our mission to fill you in. We can help you create your very own survival plan that will protect both you and your family, friends, or loved ones. 

Nature can throw some very unpleasant surprises at you at times. It can be a storm, a blizzard, a heatwave, an earthquake, a flood, and many more. No one of us is ever protected from political upheaval as well. Our main goal is not only to teach you how to survive in these situations, but how to thrive. Our team of skilled survival experts would be happy to share a piece of wisdom about survival, based on their extensive experience.

It doesn’t matter if you are a rookie or a survival expert yourself. Reading this article is a great way to start preparing for a brand new bug-out season. So grab your backpack and let us begin this journey together. 

Get to Know Us a Bit Better

Many of our regular readers and newcomers want to get to know us better. We have received a lot of requests lately to write about our team members. Well, the people have spoken, and now we deliver. We have unanimously decided to tell you about one of the masterminds behind this project and generally a very talented fellow, Mike.

Mike was born and bred in Texas. As many of you might know, Texas is the country’s capital of tornadoes. On average, there are about 140 tornadoes annually. This is more than in any other state. The thing is, Texas, along with several other states, makes up a so-called Tornado Alley. This region is famous around the country for the number of tornadoes and thunderstorms that take place over there. Hurricanes and floods are also very common for that area.

Mike’s family had a farm back then, and he used to help his parents out with the fieldwork. They grew corn, cattle, and chickens. It was pretty much enough to provide the whole family with food and even make supplies. Mike still tells us stories about the time he used to work on the farm and how his father and grandfather taught him how to build and to fix things with his own hands. 

After Mike graduated from high-school and it was finally time to pick a career path, he decided to get a degree in Engineering. He was always very good with electronics and loved creating things with his hands, so one can say it was an easy choice for him. After graduation, he got a job in Oklahoma. He got in on an internship program and decided to move for a change. Besides, the internship was paid, and the company offered good employment benefits and career growth prospects. 

Mike stayed in the company for a couple of years. He managed to master his engineering skills and learned how to manage big teams during the work process. Then he got transferred to Arizona, and this is where his true adventures began. 

Arizona is a proper tourist attraction. We mean, who wouldn’t want to see the legendary Grand Canyon with their own eyes? Exactly. Therefore, Mike spent a lot of weekends just hiking or backpacking through this gorgeous state. The Grand Canyon is by far not the only place to see in Arizona. The state has quite an exciting wildlife with its forests, mountains, lakes, and rivers. One can also bug out and search for the old ruins and remains of the former Native American civilization. 

Mike was several years into his new job when the Great Recession hit. It was a difficult time for most of us, and it is still fresh in people’s memory. That was the time Mike realized that political-economic turmoil could strike you even harder than nature and cause more damage.  Mike decided to take an emergency survival course and joined the local group of supporters. Now our fellow team member is kindly sharing his knowledge with you, guys. He can teach you how to build a survival shelter, make a survival gun, get and cook food, hunt, prepare for a bug out, and many more.

Mike has changed many jobs ever since, but he never missed a chance to travel and explore. He has experienced everything from severe cold to heatwaves. He is now sharing his experiences with us and is a dear member of our writing team. 


We want our blog to be as informative as possible. With every single article, we try to develop something fresh and interesting, but most of all, useful. We sincerely hope that by reading this, you will become a committed survival prepper. Our writing team is currently working on several survival projects that you will get to see soon. We also provide our readers with the ultimate bug-out and survival checklists. Make sure to download them or leave your e-mail address, and we will send them to you right away. 

Now that we got to know each other a bit better, we would like to welcome the newcomers to our website and thank our regulars for sticking with us through all this time. We are working very hard on producing exclusive survival content for you and will continue to do so. 

Do not forget to subscribe to our newsletters and get the latest content first. Check out our newest materials and refreshments on our website. We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can follow us for more exclusive content. Our team is planning to launch Q&A sessions, so soon, you will be able to ask us anything you want about emergency survival. Let us keep in touch!