Water Storage Tank 

 November 10, 2020

By  Mike Millerson

A proper water storage tank is your trump in a survival situation.Face reality: you cannot survive without water for more than 3 days. Hence, a water tank is a must if you plot for long-term survival. Whether you want to have a portable tank or an underground water reservoir, or if you do not bank on collecting rainwater in the conditions of nuclear winter, read our article.

The average person loses about 1 gal a day, and it concerns even those who rest in the shade lose about a liter of liquid. Even breathing expands fluid and its losses through breathing and sweating increase with increasing activity and temperature. Vomiting and diarrhea in diseases further increase fluid loss. To ensure that the water balance does not fall below the critical level, you need to drink around two liters of liquid a day.

All these reasons show that it’s necessary to keep an emergency drinking supply at home. But not all containers are good for it. For example, a plastic bottle begins to release chemicals and poison the water, especially if exposed to sunlight. That’s many peppers have water storage tanks at home. In our review, we will tell you about the best storage tanks and also about the process of keeping potable water, and the reasons to have an emergency water supply on your preppers checklist.

In our review, you’ll learn about the range of different types of water tanks differing not only in volume (to 15 000 gallons) but also in the source of manufacture (steel, plastic), presence of ribs and gallon indicators, weight (light, heavy) position (under or on the ground), its specifications and applications. On our website, all rights reserved. Don’t forget to accept cookies first.

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Water Crisis

The world is sliding down the water crisis.

Water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource around the world due to overuse and pollution. As these issues become more acute, the serious tensions that have already started to grow and continue to increase will affect us. Some compare water to oil in importance. But unlike oil, water is essential for survival.

A deep dive into the situation with water on the planet shows that every nation must develop an attitude towards water as an economic good, a human right, and a dwindling resource in the coming decades. A look at the three regions — the United States, the Middle East, and China — reveals several problems.

By 2025, it is estimated that two-thirds of the world’s population will live in areas with depleted water resources: the Middle East, North Africa, and West Asia, according to the world resources Institute. Water scarcity is now recognized as one of the main causes of the war in Syria and ensures more conflicts and increases refugees’ numbers.

That’s why water tanks are one of the most important things for survival. Many people go to the sale. On sale, they can find water tanks of different applications and by various industries. Some industries offer only black tanks and only for specific applications. But that’s the reason why a sale is a good way to buy water tanks. Tanks there vary from the cheapest to the most expensive. So, you will surely buy tanks with applications that you want to have on your preppers list.

The Amount of Water to Store in a Tank

On average, a person should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, which would increase the daily water requirement by about half a gallon. This figure does not include the water you would use to prepare and clean the associated implements. With this in mind, the minimum amount of water you should store for personal use is about one gallon per day.

Personal hygiene may be part of the consideration, but it should be put on the back burner and then considered when everything has been resolved in emergencies. Keep only an extra amount of water to wash your hands and face, and that’s it. The only downside to personal hygiene is that you stink of dirty hair and muddy footprints, like those you see in movies when actors leave a devastated area or ruins are gone somewhere.

Generally, it is best to store water that lasts two weeks. Given a minimum volume of one gallon per day, the total amount of water you should store would be approximately fourteen gallons of water per person. Going beyond two weeks is up to you, but most government contingency plans guarantee that essential services should be up and running in a week, two at the most.

Best Emergency Water Storage Tanks

Water tanks or storage tanks are often included in autonomous water supply systems, and sometimes in centralized ones as backup. The market today offers a wide variety of tanks that can be used for these purposes, differing not only in volume but also in shape, coloring (black, blue, so on), additional fittings and connections, insulation, size of capacities, wall thickness, the source of manufacture (steel, plastic) – all these features should be taken into account when choosing a tank, depending on what place it will occupy in the water supply system.

In a cottage, the storage tanks are included in the autonomous water supply system if the well from which water is taken has an insufficient flow rate and quickly empties. A backup water supply from the storage tanks is also appropriate where power outages often occur. The water becomes inaccessible to the user of the autonomous water supply system due to the pumping equipment’s inability to work. With a centralized water supply, the storage tank is convenient when water is supplied to the house, not around the clock but for several hours a day.

If there are no available water intake sources, an autonomous water supply from the water tanks may be the only feasible option.

In the autonomous system, the home water storage tank can be placed in the upper position when the water is piped by gravity or at the bottom – in the basement or the underground location (water piping supplied by a pumping station). These placement options will require different storage tank characteristics. It is also possible to place storage tanks with water on the street – to save space in a cottage (in a house with permanent residence, this water supply option is not acceptable), to organize a summer shower or irrigation. All these options differ in the operating conditions of storage tanks for water, and this should be taken into account when choosing a tank.

Different applications of the tanks allow you to choose the most appropriate for you. Some tanks can be used only for keeping a small amount of water. Other tanks can keep more. Some tanks can be situated only on the ground. Other tanks can’t be.

Hard-Sided Plastic Stackables

Such tanks are the most widely available on the market. They are cheaper than the same volume of stainless steel products, lighter, and therefore easier to install. At the same time, such tanks are reliable and durable, resistant to aggressive environments, can withstand temperatures from -40 to + 60 ° C (polyethylene water storage tanks) and up to +90 ° C (polypropylene water tanks), do not require painting and maintenance, are easy to clean using cleaning agents. The water in them does not change its properties.
Water Bricks

We all know about the big water storage tanks that are really good and necessary in the countryside. But if it is a disaster, it will be essential to have a potable drinking water tank. So now we’ll tell you about Water Bricks. This is not a simple water storage tank. It consists of 16 bricks, each of which can hold 3.5 gallons of water. This water construction is also easy to disassemble, so you have two variants – whether to hold water in different places or keep a large amount of water in one place. This product has lots of positive comments on Amazon.
Legacy Premium Stackbarrels

The manufacturer of Legacy Premium Stackbarrels has a large experience in the water tanks’ sphere and deserved hundreds of people’s trust. When you don’t have access to a constant water source, these water tanks will definitely help you. It is also potable drinking water tanks that can make a big water storage system.

There is also a bonus for those who purchase six water containers. In addition to them, you’ll get spigots, a hand wrench, and a water treatment solution absolutely for free.

Drinking-Water Barrels

Light plastic barrels for potable water are made of pure food-grade polyethylene. This material ensures the safety of the chemical composition of water, prevents the reproduction of putrid microbes and bacteria. Polypropylene tanks must be purchased following the direct purpose, so before choosing a container for the country or agricultural needs, you need to decide on the configuration.

All water tanks are classified in different positions. The first of them is from what they are made. More recently, these were steel water barrels with a capacity of 200 liters. They stood on the ground of all cottages’ territories, used them mainly for collecting rain ode, which was used for household needs and watering green spaces.

Steel water tanks finally lost their positions when such water tanks appeared on the market. The fact is that plastic, unlike steel, is not subject to corrosion, the service life of such containers is much longer. And some water tanks do not have a statute of limitations at all. Secondly, such tanks are much cheaper than steel ones.

Eagle Straight Sided Drum Water Barrel (55-gallons)

These are top-rated water storage tanks. Their bottom is smooth, and it ensures the stability of the tanks. These tanks are blue, and their inner surface is white (not black). That’s why these tanks are intended for storing potable water or food. This type of tank is of a horizontal version, so it has planes of the support protrusions. We should immediately recommend you to keep it away from the sun. Plastic under the influence of sunlight heats up, and the polymer elements that make up the plastic begin to show activity. And this affects the quality of the water poured into tanks and its taste properties. Therefore, it is better to keep such essential emergency water barrels in the house.

Water Bladder Storage Tanks

Water is one of the main resources that we need to live, but hard-sided tanks are a bad way to have water for some people. Soft water tanks can be a good alternative to the “classic.” When folded, it takes up almost no space, but at the right time, it can hold a fairly significant supply of liquid (well, or Vice versa — you can take stock from home, and when it is used up, the container is folded). It is only important to make sure that it does not come into contact with sharp corners and edges and is securely fastened.

Aquatank2 Water Storage Bladder (60 to 300-gallon tanks)

Aquatank2 Water Storage Bladder is a universal thing. Many people use such soft tanks for fuel storage only, but the plastic inside is also safe for food, so the tanks are also suitable for transporting potable water. This water bladder will be especially useful for travelers in Central Asia and similar regions where drinking water is strained. But even in our middle lane, the presence of water in the car will help you save time searching for a suitable watering hole.

AQUATANK2 Water By the way, there is another, rather unexpected area of use of soft tanks. A protected surface and tightness can be useful when crossing ATVs over water barriers. Can you imagine how buoyant even 50 liters of air is? And if you take three of these tanks?

Such water storage solutions may be of interest to owners of pickups. After all, with an empty body, “trucks” do not behave quite adequately, and when transporting luggage, the ballast will be superfluous. And here everything is simple: if there is no cargo, you pour water into the “water tank,” if there is a cargo, you drain the water.

Hard-Sided Enclosed Plastic Water Storage Tanks and Cisterns

These water storage tanks are perfect for those who have enough free space. The advantage of such storage tanks is that it can hold a gigantic amount of water and be a part of the rain water-collecting system.

Norwesco Horizontal Water Tank (35-gallon tank)

Norwesco 45223 35

This horizontal tank is one of the most popular water tanks of this kind. You can use it for different liquids, but it also has polyethylene resin, and thanks to it, you can use it as a water storage tank for drinking. We don’t want you to waste much money, so after buying this horizontal water container, you can get other items for low prices and construct a good water system for everything, including farm irrigation and so on.

RomoTech Horizontal Water Tank (65-gallons)

Such storage tanks have larger capacities than Norwesco Horizontal Water Tank, which is why it can’t be held at home. Due to its sizes and resistance to impacts such as rust and other kinds of corrosion, this horizontal water reservoir is a great choice for many survivalists.



Poly mart Rain Harvest Collection Tank (100-gallons)

This water collection tank for potable water has one of the biggest sizes in this section, and the FDA also approved it. You can easily include this tank in your rainwater collection. Even though its size is impressive, there are usually no problems with placement – the potable water tank can be installed in the yard, in the portable garage, or the shed.

Emergency Water Storage Tank (260-gallon)

There are two types of water supply systems for a private house: a storage tank with an upper and lower tank. Emergency Water Storage Tank belongs to the second type. But it has an unusual form among the ones that we have already discussed. This emergency water storage tank won’t take much space on the ground, but you should have appropriate horizontal dimensions.



RomoTech Vertical Polyethylene Reservoir (550-gallon)

RomoTech Vertical Polyethylene Reservoir, This vertical storage tank for potable water is of the biggest size in this section, and the price of it the highest of all. But it worth to be bought because it is FDA approved and has a polyethylene resin. The users will also notice that it prevents algae growth. You should also have enough free space because its dimensions are pretty big.


Connecting a Raon Collection System

The use of precipitation will provide significant savings in water extracted from a well. It will also help reduce power consumption, as it allows you to turn on the pumping equipment less often. However, you do not know how to collect a free “gift” of nature for further use? Along with solar panels and homemade windmills, survivalists create universal rainwater collection systems that produce a positive result on dry days or during periods when water runs out in the well. Due to rainwater use, the depreciation of pumping and cleaning equipment is reduced, and the personal budget is saved. The system is so simple that you can always assemble it yourself in the absence of a fully finished factory model. The main purpose of a catchment system is to collect the maximum amount of rainwater and move it to a storage tank. Next, the liquid is used for various household needs: washing, washing, cleaning, watering. No additional cleaning is necessary for watering, but the water must be filtered out for showering or washing dishes. For this purpose, several filters are embedded in the water supply wiring, and both coarse and fine cleaning is required.

Excellent practical experience exists in Germany, Holland, Belgium, and other European countries. Considering that it is simply impractical to spend tap water on flushing in the toilet tank, Europeans have many schemes for using absolutely free but no less useful natural water. A backup water tank can help out when there is a shortage of water from the main source and when force majeure occurs. If you decide to clean the well, then the volume tank will allow you to wash, wash, and water the dacha crops. Instead of one container, you can install several, so you don’t have to save money.

The rainwater collection organization for the house installation of equipment for collecting rainwater does not require permits or compliance with any strict standards. At its core, this is a variant of the usual drainage system, but more rational. To make water storage and transportation more efficient, you need to consider some nuances – the condition of the roof, the types of storage tanks, and the ability to pump water into the house quickly.

Tarp Rainwater Collection

If you have a survival tarp, awning, or piece of film, you can use them to collect water. We take four sticks, stick them in the ground, tie the tent’s ends, or film to the sticks. On the one hand, you need to make the sticks a little closer to each other so that the tent turns out to be a groove through which water will flow. This way, you will increase the area where rainwater is collected.

Maintaining a Drinking Water Storage Tank

The water in the tank must not stagnate. Otherwise, it will deteriorate and be unusable. The water in the tank should be circulated as often as possible. When leaving the cottage for the winter, do not leave the container filled. The water will freeze, and under pressure, the reservoir will likely burst. If the water purification supplies were stored in the attic, water would flood the room when thawing. The container needs periodic cleaning. A tank heater can also be a way out. Before buying a storage tank, calculate how much water your family uses per day. The resulting figure will be the approximate volume of the tank that will suit you.

Final Word

Water storage tanks are one of the most important survival things that survivalists should have. People shouldn’t believe that municipal water supplies keep working without problems. That’s why some people make their own water systems with water cisterns with their own hands. People should understand what the applications and specifications of the water tank must be. Either it should hold more than 1. 000 gallons of water, or it should be light. But remember that tanks shouldn’t be black. The black will make the water inside the tanks’ heat.

Our website’s editors often refer to different sites. Clicking on the orange URL, you’ll learn more about tanks that are interesting to you. Amazon is one of them (here, cookies also should be accepted). This site is very friendly to its visitors, so you must click on “Customer Service” and leave an application to the support team if you have any problem. All applications are considered in no time, and you’ll surely get a response. A user can also leave a review on this website.


How much is a water tank?

Water tank prices differ. Firstly, you need to decide what water tank you want. It depends on their color (beige, black, blue), fittings, shapes, ribs, gallon indicators, and whether particular tanks have fire suppression, sight gauges. On Amazon, you can search your one from the variety of water storage tanks that are here. You can easily buy online any item you want on this website, giving your address, email, and other necessary information. After adding your purchase to your shopping cart and leaving a request (an application), you can calmly wait for the call or the email letter (because you are already on the mailing list). Of course, if you want to get a water tank for a low price, you can wait for the sale.

What are the water tanks used for?

Water storage tanks are used for keeping potable water for a long time. Before buying it, you should carefully study the description of the item, for example, whether it has ladders, and is suitable for chemical storage too, from what source is used (steel, plastic), what colors it has (black, blue, white), search in your browser for the most suitable tanks for you.

How to make water tanks?

You can find different ways to make water storage tanks on our website, but you should accept cookies before it. After finding a particular scheme, you should go to stores to buy different water tank parts. For example, FDA approved resin (for preventing bacteria penetration), water pumps, water cisterns.

What is an overhead tank?

Overhead water storage tanks are those that are to be placed not in the ground but on it. Their advantages are:

  • You can easily fix their damages.
  • They have UV inhibitors.
  • You can find thousands of them differed in coloring (black, blue, etc.). Do not forget to accept cookies there.
  • On sale, you can find a variety of overhead tanks for a good price.
  • Also good for chemical storage

On our website, after accepting cookies, you’ll learn about the range of different overhead tanks that carry NSF approval.

How are underground water storage tanks called?

Underground water tanks are often called in-ground. They are perfect for their security features (guests will find it only after a careful search), and in winter, the water won’t freeze in it. My friend uses one such water tank, and he is glad.

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