MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN Gloves Review: Your Unmatched Shield in Hazardous Environments

In a world fraught with unseen dangers and silent threats, the need for top-tier protective clothing material resistance has never been more crucial. Introducing the MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN Gloves, an epitome of superior resistance designed to offer absolute safety in high-risk environments. 

These CBRN protective gloves are not just another addition to your personal protective equipment (PPE) kit—they are an absolute necessity!

Below, you can see a comprehensive table with the gloves’ key specs we compiled for you!

SpecificationValueWhat It MeansWhy It Matters
MaterialDurable Butyl Rubber ConstructionThe gloves are made from a sturdy, flexible polymer known for its superior resistance to a broad range of harmful substances.It's not just a glove, it's your fortress against dangerous chemical agents, affording you the peace of mind that your hands are safe.
Shelf LifeSubstantially Longer Shelf LifeThese gloves aren't going to break down in the storeroom. They are there, ready and waiting, when you need them.You're not just buying protective gloves. You're investing in reliable protection that won't let you down, even after extended periods in storage.
ResistanceChemical Resistance, Including Mustard GasThe gloves are not just resistant. They are a bulwark, even against the most hazardous chemical splashes and vaporized chemical warfare agents.You're not just protected, but supremely defended, capable of withstanding direct encounters with dangerous substances without losing chemical resistance.
DecontaminationQuick and Easy DecontaminationThe gloves can be swiftly and thoroughly decontaminated, ready for the next task.These gloves aren't disposable, they're your trusty companions, ready to face another day of challenges with you, post-decontamination.

Superior Filtration: The Cutting-Edge Technology of MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN Gloves

Superior Filtration: The Cutting-Edge Technology Of Mira Safety Nc-11 Protective Cbrn Gloves

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In the world of safety and personal protective equipment, knowledge is power. That’s why MIRA Safety equips you with a comprehensive understanding of the cutting-edge technology within the NC-11 Protective CBRN gloves. Each pair is rated for A1 B2 E2 K1 Hg NO CO SX P3 D R, which may seem like a complex string of codes, but fear not. These letter-number combinations stand for different types of contaminants and their respective class of filtration, a system that applies to all European or CE-compliant respirator filters. Each digit represents a promise, a shield that transforms harmful substances into breathable air.

Within the heart of these NC-11 gloves lies a unique feature – an innovative filter that merges a carbon monoxide oxidizer with a CBRN filter. This is not merely a glove; it’s a lifeline in hazardous situations, designed to let you breathe easy in a world that often doesn’t. The special CBRN filter houses a catalytic converter that uses Hopcalite to convert lethal CO into harmless CO2, a testament to the marvel of science and ingenuity.

Yet, this protection is not infinite. The conversion capability is limited to 15 minutes, a reminder that if you find yourself in a CO-infested environment, your primary goal is to escape as quickly as possible. MIRA Safety stands alone in offering this unique, combined CO and CBRN filtration, an innovation that sets it apart from the competition. Traditional protective gloves measures required separate purchases of a CBRN gas mask and a smoke escape hood, leading to unnecessary expenses. 

With the MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN gloves, both forms of protection are harmoniously combined into one package, offering you unparalleled safety, convenience, and long-term savings.

Unraveling the Unmatched Protection of MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN Gloves

Unraveling The Unmatched Protection Of Mira Safety Nc-11 Protective Cbrn Gloves

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Manufactured by the globally recognized MIRA Safety, these durable butyl hazmat gloves promise unparalleled safety, standing as a steadfast guardian against numerous hazards. They provide an effective defense against vaporized chemical warfare agents, hazardous chemical splashes, and even biological agents. This level of protection makes them an ideal choice for numerous law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Look at the table with some great additional features that the gloves can truly boast!

FeatureDescriptionBenefitHow It Empowers You
Superior ResistanceThe gloves offer exceptional resistance to chemicals, not just meeting but surpassing the protective clothing material resistance.You're not just safe, you're super safe.These gloves go beyond just doing their job, they excel at it, providing you superior protection and comfort.
Mobility Enhancing FeaturesCorrugated joints for enhanced dexterity and comfort.You don't just wear these gloves, you wield them.Your movements aren't restricted, but enhanced, allowing you to perform tasks with ease and precision.
Extended Shelf LifeThese gloves have a substantially longer shelf life than conventional vulcanized rubber gloves.You're not just storing gloves, you're preserving them.The gloves will be ready and reliable, even if they've been waiting in the wings for a while, ensuring your protection whenever required.
Trustworthy ProtectionTrusted by numerous law enforcement agencies worldwide.You're not just using gloves, you're using professional-grade protective gear.When you slip on these gloves, you join a community of professionals who trust MIRA Safety NC-11 for their protective needs.

The superior capacity of these protective gloves comes from their durable butyl rubber construction, a material known for its substantial chemical resistance. This construction allows these protective gloves to outperform conventional vulcanized rubber gloves, shielding you effectively from potential threats and mechanical risks.

NC-11 CBRN Gloves Pros and Cons: Balancing the Scale

Nc-11 Cbrn Gloves Pros And Cons: Balancing The Scale

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Take a look at the MIRA NC-11 Gloves’ pros and cons before you make a decision!


  • Remarkable Chemical Resistance

These durable butyl hazmat gloves offer the best-in-class resistance against a variety of chemical and biological agents. Whether you’re dealing with mustard gas decontamination or facing a deluge of hazardous chemical splashes, an ambidextrous glove won’t let you down. You can wear these gloves for a month without losing chemical resistance.

  • Uncompromised Durability

Unlike other hazmat gloves that often compromise durability for flexibility, the MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN Gloves provide a seamless blend of both. The robust construction ensures they hold up in even the most challenging situations.

  • Enhanced Mobility

Thanks to their well-thought-out design, these butyl rubber gloves significantly improve mobility. The flexible polymers used in the manufacturing process, along with the unique corrugated joints, ensure the user can effortlessly run a machine without the typical restrictions of wearing full body PPE.

  • Extended Shelf Life

Unlike many protective materials which degrade over time, these gloves boast a substantially longer shelf life. This makes them a cost-effective choice for those requiring protective clothing on a regular basis.


  • Limited Cut Resistance

While measuring cut resistance is not the primary purpose of this ambidextrous glove, users should be aware that the MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN gloves may not offer as much cut resistance as some other hazmat gloves.

  • Potential for Reduced Grip

Due to their smooth exterior finish, the gloves might offer less grip than gloves with textured surfaces, especially in wet or slippery conditions.

Remember, safety should never be compromised. So, trust the brand that’s trusted by the professionals—choose MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN Gloves. Because when it comes to your safety, good isn’t good enough—you deserve the best!

When to Use MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN Gloves

When To Use Mira Safety Nc-11 Protective Cbrn Gloves

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To save you time, we provide you with this valuable information in the form of a comprehensive table!

ScenarioSituationWhy MIRA Safety NC-11 Is PerfectHow It Helps You
Hazardous EnvironmentsWhen dealing with potentially hazardous chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear threats.These aren't just gloves. They're the fortress for your hands, a defense against the invisible enemy.Step into danger with confidence, knowing your hands are safe and secure.
High-Risk OperationsFor tasks that involve handling potentially dangerous substances or hazardous equipment.This is not ordinary personal protective equipment, it's a trusted shield worn by professionals worldwide.Perform your tasks with ease and precision, assured that your hands are protected.
Emergency SituationsIn situations of exposure to harmful substances or immediate threat from CBRN agents.It's not just quick donning; it's immediate protection when every second counts.Respond swiftly and efficiently to emergencies, your hands cloaked in protective armor.
Everyday ProtectionWhenever you need to ensure your hands are protected from potential harm while performing tasks.They're not just protective gloves; they're your everyday heroes, ready to serve.Go about your tasks confidently, knowing you are shielded by the MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN Gloves.

Accessory Products to Enhance Safety with MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN Gloves

Look at the list carefully if you don’t want to compromise your safety!

AccessoryFunctionHow It Complements the NC-11 GlovesHow It Adds Value
MIRA Safety CBRN SuitsFull-body protection from hazardous materials.The suits provide comprehensive protection, creating a complete PPE kit when paired with the NC-11 gloves.Enjoy head-to-toe protection, knowing every part of your body is safe from threats.
MIRA Safety Gas MasksProvides full-face protection against airborne contaminants.Combined with the NC-11 gloves, you're not just protected; you're encased in a protective bubble.Your face and hands are covered, ensuring a high level of safety in high-risk situations.
MIRA Safety Boot CoversProtects your feet and prevents the entry of contaminants.Together with the NC-11 gloves, they provide you with an extra layer of security against ground-level threats.Walk with confidence, knowing that from your hands to your feet, you're protected.

MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN Gloves Takeaway

Mira Safety Nc-11 Protective Cbrn Gloves Takeaway

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These CBRN gloves by MIRA Safety have undergone extensive testing to validate their robustness and reliability. Test methods include aerosol system level testing and penetration testing, confirming their ability to stand up to a range of chemical threats.

The MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN Gloves have a quick and easy decontamination process thanks to their smooth exterior finish. This allows for fast removal of any harmful substances, which is an absolute necessity when dealing with hazardous material handling.

One of the standout features of these butyl rubber gloves is their ambidextrous design. This allows for a comfortable and snug fit, regardless of hand orientation—providing the wearer with both comfort and safety. Plus, the smooth butyl rubber construction ensures these protective gloves can withstand the harshest chemical and mechanical risks.

But it’s not just about protective clothing material resistance. These protective CBRN gloves also offer mobility-enhancing features which are rarely seen in protective clothing. The flexible polymers and corrugated joints offer a level of mobility that allows you to work effectively and efficiently, even when wearing full body PPE.

These CBRN protective gloves are a key part of any complete PPE kit. With their unique combination of protection and mobility, they offer a level of safety that is difficult to match. So, whether you’re dealing with mustard gas decontamination, hazardous environments, or just want the peace of mind that comes with top-notch protective gear, the MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN Gloves are the perfect choice for your hazmat suit.

The MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN Gloves provide robust protection against Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear hazards. Designed for durability and comfort, these gloves resist various harmful substances without compromising dexterity. Suitable for a variety of applications, they are an indispensable complement to the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Are MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN Gloves resistant to all types of chemical agents?

While the gloves offer a quick and easy decontamination and superior resistance to a wide range of chemical agents, they are not 100% impervious to every kind of chemical. The gloves are designed primarily to resist common hazardous chemical threats.

Can I operate machinery while wearing these gloves?

Yes. One of the key features of these protective CBRN gloves is their flexibility, which makes it easy to handle and operate machinery without compromising on safety. It can be worn for a whole month without losing chemical resistance.

How are these gloves different from regular hazmat gloves?

The MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN Gloves stand out due to their durable butyl rubber construction, and mobility-enhancing features. They offer a blend of protection and comfort not typically found in regular hazmat gloves. They can be used by numerous law enforcement agencies, and even civilians.

What testing methods are used to validate the quality of these gloves?

These gloves have been extensively tested to meet several standards. The gloves undergo a variety of test methods. One test method is chemical vapor and aerosol system level testing for chemical/ biological protective hazmat suits. The second test method is penetration testing, to validate their ability to protect against a wide range of threats, including vaporized chemical warfare agents.

Another test method has been used is the test of electrostatic properties for protective clothing, top 8-2-501 for material testing. They also have been tested for conventional vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, polymers, coated fabrics, rubber property, and more.

How long is the shelf life of these gloves?

These gloves boast a substantially longer shelf life compared to other protective gloves, making them a cost-effective choice for your hazmat suit.

Are these gloves part of a full body PPE kit?

While these gloves can be purchased separately, they can also form an integral part of a complete PPE kit.


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