MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit Review

Being prepared for any hazard scenario has never been more crucial and donning the right protective gear like the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Hazmat Suit can make all the difference. Let’s dive into the specifics of this remarkable suit, including mechanical qualities, method, values, see why it’s trusted by professional operators worldwide, and what makes this suit more than just your average hazmat suit.

For those entrusted with the monumental task of maintaining safety at work or those aiming to keep their guard up amidst heightened threats, this suit is far more than a safety measure—it’s a lifesaver. It’s not merely about its extraordinary puncture resistance or the comprehensive coverage it offers, it’s about the reassuring certainty of being armored in a suit that’s a trusted ally of professional operators globally, offering nothing less than total body protection. Let’s dig up some more details!

Take a look at the table with the product’s overview!

FeaturesMIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective SuitWhy It Matters
ProtectionThe suit guarantees total body protection against CBRN threats, toxic industrial chemicals (TIC), and chemical warfare agents (CWA).This is not your average hazmat suit, it's a lifeline! This safety gear trusted by professional operators worldwide will help shield you from the most toxic threats.
DurabilityFeaturing superior puncture resistance that exceeds most traditional hazmat suits, with the same advanced semipermeable construction found in higher-grade suits.When the situation is dire, this is the suit you need. Even in extreme environments, embedded carbon spheres provide extended protection, ready to brave whatever danger comes your way.
ComfortIts design aims to minimize fatigue, featuring an integrated hood, ventilation, and other components that enable mobility.No more wrestling with restrictive suits. The MOPP-1 CBRN suit allows you to move and breathe with ease, making it an excellent choice for extended periods of use.
StorageComes in a hermetically sealing storage bag, ensuring that the suit's shelf life is maintained under appropriate storage conditions.The suit's shelf life matters, and MIRA Safety understands this! When you're not bracing hazardous environments, your suit stays safe and ready for the next mission.
AestheticsShowcases a digital camouflage pattern.Not only does the MOPP-1 CBRN suit keep you safe, but it also looks sharp! The digital camouflage pattern adds a touch of rugged sophistication to your protective gear.

Why are MIRA Safety Suits so Popular?

Why Are Mira Safety Suits So Popular?

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At the heart of the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit lies a unique feature that sets it apart from most hazmat suits in the market today: its integrated CBRN filter. This is not your average hazmat suit filter. Engineered to perfection, the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit’s filter transcends the functionality of your normal hazmat suit. Its technical specifications indicate a rating for A1 B2 E2 K1 Hg NO CO SX P3 D R, where each letter stands for different types of contaminants, and the number represents the class of filtration. This level of protection is indeed rare in the market of protective CBRN suits.

The filter achieves this high rating through a combined action of embedded carbon spheres and a CBRN filter. This ingenious combination, created using a composition called Hopcalite, enables the filter to convert CO into CO2. This unique characteristic means that even in a CO environment, you can breathe easy for 15 minutes – crucial time to make your exit.

But it doesn’t stop there. MIRA Safety, always pushing the envelope for puncture resistance and protection, offers the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Hazmat Suit as a comprehensive solution. Traditionally, protecting oneself from fire threats along with CBRN threats required multiple purchases – a CBRN gas mask and a smoke escape hood. However, the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit offers both uses in one package, saving not only precious time in critical situations but also money in the long term.

Whether you’re a professional operator in hazardous environments or a civilian anticipating potential exposure to threats, this protective gear is designed to ensure proper protection during active-duty use. It’s the answer to the call for providing total body protection against elevated threat levels and extreme environments, embedded to filter the ambient air, designed to fulfill the promise of next-generation protection in one comprehensive package. 

Opting for the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit is not just choosing a hazmat suit; it’s choosing safety, preparedness, and peace of mind that meets both local regulations and iso specification tolerance.

The Edge Over Traditional Hazmat Suits

The Edge Over Traditional Hazmat Suits

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What sets the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit apart from most hazmat suits? This suit surpasses the protective gear trusted by militaries worldwide. This innovative piece of protective gear is designed with the same advanced semipermeable construction used in higher-grade hazmat suits, surpassing the capabilities of entry level biohazard suits. Its unique composition ensures proper protection against chemical agents, and toxic chemicals, both direct CBRN threats that other protective suits may only provide limited protection against.

  • Unparalleled Protective Abilities and Superior Puncture Resistance

One of the key features of the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit is its puncture resistance. This makes it capable of handling threats, embedded with the resilience to withstand even nuclear threats. Additionally, the suit effectively protects against airborne contaminants, direct exposure to dangerous situations, and more. The first MOPP suits were designed with semipermeable construction to minimize fatigue and allow you to maintain maximum readiness in the face of potential exposure, even in extreme environments.

  • Unbeatable Comfort and Design

Unlike the regular hazmat suit, the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit features an integrated hood that minimizes fatigue. It’s designed to enable mobility even in dangerous environments that require strenuous effort. It comes in a lightweight to minimize fatigue; Integrated hood to accommodate respirators. Furthermore, the MOPP suit boasts a digital camouflage pattern, which not only adds an element of style but also helps to mask any potential stains from the job site.

  • MOPP-1 Extended Protection and Shelf Life

The MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit comes in a hermetically sealed storage bag. This MOPP suit storage extends the suit’s shelf life by ensuring appropriate storage conditions. Just ensure to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions included with the suit, and it can be stored away for future use without any worry of degradation. MOPP suit cleaning is also important, so ensure that the MOPP Suit is disinfected appropriately before use.

A valuable and comprehensive table of the product’s key specs is at your service below!

ProtectionProvides total body protection against CBRN threats, toxic industrial chemicals, and chemical warfare agents.Not just limited protection but comprehensive coverage against potentially lethal hazards. Stay safe and focused on the task at hand.
DesignThe suit uses the same advanced semipermeable construction found in higher-grade hazmat suits.Enjoy the robust protection usually reserved for professional hazmat responders. This suit effectively blurs the line between entry-level and professional protective suits.
DurabilityFeatures superior puncture resistance, exceeding the standards set by most hazmat suits.The toughness you can rely on! When it comes to braving the unknown, every layer of protection counts.
MobilityDesigned to minimize fatigue, with an integrated hood and enhanced ventilation.Comfort and safety can coexist! The suit allows for maximum readiness, even in situations that require strenuous effort.
StorageDelivered in a hermetically sealed bag to ensure a prolonged shelf life.Rest easy knowing your protective suit is ready when you need it, even after prolonged storage.

MIRA Safety MOPP-1 Pros & Cons

Mira Safety Mopp-1 Pros &Amp; Cons

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Now, let us consider the best features of the suit, as well as some minor disadvantages so that you could make a well-weighted decision.


  1. Extended Protection

The MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit helps to provide protection against a range of threats, from toxic industrial chemicals (TIC), Chemical warfare agents (CWA) to direct exposure and other threats.

  1. Superior Puncture Resistance

The suit features puncture resistance, making it capable of functioning in any environment.

  1. Extended Shelf Life

The suit comes in a hermetically sealed bag, ensuring it maintains its mechanical qualities and protective abilities for an extended period.

  1. Compatibility

This MOPP suit has an integrated hood to fit respirators; compatible with all MIRA safety gas masks featuring superior puncture resistance.


  1. Requires Strenuous Effort

While the suit is designed to minimize fatigue, operating in all environments still requires considerable effort.

  1. May Be Overkill for Some Situations

For individuals requiring protection against less severe threats, the advanced protective qualities of this suit might be excessive.

Born out of exigent demands and threats, the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit is not just a protective gear—it’s a safeguarding masterpiece. Engineered with a groundbreaking semipermeable construction, this suit stands as a fortified sentinel, an impenetrable barrier against airborne contaminants, nuclear dangers, and hazardous encounters. 

Its outstanding puncture resistance, alongside an integrated hood, are integral parts of an ingenious design that lessens fatigue while boosting your operational efficiency.

What sets the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit apart from traditional hazmat suits?

What Sets The Mira Safety Mopp-1 Cbrn Protective Suit Apart From Traditional Hazmat Suits?

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The MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit is not just another piece of protective equipment—it’s an engineering marvel. Unlike normal hazmat suits, it is delicately designed with advanced semipermeable construction, an integrated hood, and puncture resistance—features born out of next-generation technological advancements. 

But what really stands out is its unique CBRN filter, a guardian rated to fend off an extensive spectrum of contaminants. This suit offers a shield that braves the harshest environments, ensuring your safety remains uncompromised.

Take a look at the great benefits of the MO-1 CBRN protective suit by MIRA.

Integrated HoodMinimizes fatigue and increases mobility during active duty use.Makes it easy to maintain focus and mobility in a crisis, rather than wrestling with your protective gear.
Enhanced VentilationHelps prevent overheating and contributes to reducing fatigue.Ensures your comfort during prolonged use, allowing you to keep going when it counts.
Superior Puncture ResistanceIncreases the suit's protective abilities, going beyond most hazmat suits on the civilian market today.Provides a level of durability that gives you confidence in your gear, no matter the environment.
Advanced Semipermeable ConstructionOffers a higher level of protection compared to most traditional hazmat suits.This isn't just a suit, it's next-generation protection, providing coverage even against nuclear threats.
Hermetically Sealing Storage BagPreserves the suit's shelf life under appropriate storage conditions.Ensures your suit is ready to protect you when you need it, whether it's tomorrow or years down the line.

When do I need the MOPP-1 Suit?

When Do I Need The Mopp-1 Suit?

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Here’s when!

ScenarioDescriptionWhy It's Perfect
Hazardous EnvironmentsWhen you're in the trenches dealing with the invisible enemy: airborne contaminants, chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear threats.The MOPP-1 CBRN suit is like your personal fortress, shielding you from the onslaught of toxic industrial chemicals and chemical warfare agents. You can step into danger with the assurance of safety.
Job SiteWherever your job site might be – in a lab with unpredictable substances, at a scene of an accident with unknown chemicals, or in a containment zone – places where potential exposure to hazardous substances is part of the job.Your safety is no joke! With the MOPP-1 CBRN suit providing total body protection, you can focus on getting the job done, knowing you're safely ensconced in your protective gear.
High-Risk OperationsFor those special assignments in elevated threat levels, where direct CBRN threats are not just possibilities, but expected.Rely on the protection trusted by professional operators worldwide! With this suit, you can take on any mission, confidently striding into danger, knowing you're armed with the best.
Emergency PreparednessIf disaster strikes and there's a risk of exposure to CBRN threats, you need to be ready at a moment's notice.With the quick-donning feature of the MOPP-1 CBRN suit, you can gear up in no time, offering immediate protection when every second counts.

Useful Accessories to Keep You Safe

Useful Accessories To Keep You Safe

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Here are some accessories that can be vital in an emergency situation. Consider purchasing some or all of them!

ProductFunctionWhy It Complements the MOPP-1 CBRN Suit
MIRA Safety Gas MasksNot just a mask, but a guardian of your precious breath, these functioning full-face respirators are compatible and ensure your face and respiratory system are safe from harmful agents.A gas mask and a protective suit go hand in hand. It's a formidable duo, providing comprehensive protection against airborne threats and giving you the courage to confront the unknown.
MIRA Safety MOLLE Pouch for MB-90 PAPRThis pouch is more than just a carrying case. It allows you to securely carry a powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) unit, integrating it seamlessly with your suit.The MOPP-1 CBRN suit and the MB-90 PAPR become an invincible pair with this pouch. You're not just protected; you're comfortable, making it easier to perform your duties with the confidence that your protective system won't fail.
Clothing Storage BagsThese bags are more than just storage. They provide a clean and safe haven for your suit when it's not in use, preserving its pristine condition.Proper storage is key to extending your suit's shelf life and maintaining its protective abilities. With these dedicated storage solutions, you're not just storing your suit; you're ensuring it's ready to protect you when duty calls.

MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit Takeaway

Mopp-1 Cbrn Protective Suit Takeaway

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Tracing the lineage of MOPP suits, from their rudimentary beginnings to today’s advanced incarnations, one can witness a remarkable evolution. The MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit stands tall as the crowning achievement of this progression, offering unprecedented protection to both professionals and the civilian market today.

For those bracing for potential exposure, the lightweight protective suit from MIRA Safety is far more than a hazmat suit. It’s a stalwart defender, a faithful companion in the teeth of adversity. So, don’t merely prepare—assure your safety with the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit. Because in the end, you deserve more than just adequacy—you deserve the pinnacle of protective gear.

We recommend procuring hermetically sealed clothing storage bags equipped with a hand pump. These bags come with a double zip and a triple seal valve to guarantee a perfect hermetic seal, thereby reducing the size of the suit  and facilitating its long-term storage. Storage conditions between -30 °C to +50 °C with a relative humidity of 80% without direct contact with daylight or warming appliances to safeguard product integrity.

The MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit is engineered to guard against Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear hazards. It’s an essential asset for professionals in industrial safety, emergency response, and military operations. The suit blends robust materials with practical features with MIRA Safety NC-11 Protective CBRN Gloves and a MIRA Safety VPU-1 Respirator Voice Projection Unit as a great addition, offering reliable protection while facilitating efficient task execution.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

How does the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit protect the entire body against hazardous industrial chemicals and chemical warfare agents? 

Imagine walking through a storm and not feeling a single drop of rain. The MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit makes this possible in the face of toxic industrial chemicals and chemical agents. Its heart lies in the unique combination of a carbon monoxide oxidizer and a CBRN filter—an innovative system that can convert lethal CO into breathable CO2. This remarkable capability makes the suit a guardian, shielding you against toxic threats and making it a top choice for professionals and civilians alike.

Can the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit withstand nuclear threats? 

Absolutely. The MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit is built for resilience and protection. It offers a comprehensive defense against CBRN threats—Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and even Nuclear hazards. No matter what the threat, its integrated hood, puncture resistance, and advanced semipermeable construction ensure a whole-body shield. The MIRA Safety suit protects, and it protects without fail.

How does the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit help in minimizing fatigue? 

Wearing a protective suit with a functioning full-face respirator should never be a burden, and the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit ensures that. Crafted with lightweight materials and fitted with an integrated hood, the suit is designed to fight fatigue. It enables ease of movement and a comforting fit, allowing you to navigate hazardous environments without the unnecessary heaviness that comes with most traditional hazmat suits.

What measures does the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit take to maintain maximum readiness? 

The MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit is a vigilant guardian that’s always prepared. With a long shelf life, a sealed storage bag, and zero end-user maintenance requirements, the suit stands ready to protect at any moment’s notice. It’s like having a safety vault that’s always accessible under the right storage conditions.

Is the MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit suitable for the civilian market?

Indeed, it is. The MIRA Safety MOPP-1 CBRN Protective Suit is a testament to protective gear that caters to everyone—professional operators worldwide and civilians at home. With its innovative protective features, it’s a reliable choice not just for hazardous work sites, but also for anyone seeking potent protection against possible exposure to direct CBRN threats. This suit is a symbol of safety, trust, and readiness—a guardian that stands between you and the dangers of the world.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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