Legacy Emergency Food Items 

 March 16, 2021

By  Mike Millerson

Let’s review the Legacy Emergency Meals and decide if it is a rational money expenditure or not.

When things come to dinner, I am getting nervous. Why? Since I have been trying to keep my expectations under control when my family and I were coming to the table. Of course, our meal did not consist of hot dogs and chips; however, my kids would be pleased to eat such kind of food!

I chose a menu, but I did not really know if children would be eager to eat it or not. I knew that if something went wrong and children wouldn’t like the food – I would have to feed them with ‘something else.

Why was I nervous? That’s all because we were testing the survival food items from Legacy.

As for me, freeze-dried food is nothing compared with homemade meals, although nowadays its packages are so professional looking with ‘perfect’ photos of meals.

Of course, I know that comparing homemade meals and frozen meals is unfair because, as for me, nothing can be more delicious than a home-prepared dish. And freeze-dried meals could never be compared with them. Well, maybe.

To tell you the truth, the food’s flavor should not be the determining factor in buying emergency food. The primary factors are as per the following:

  • Big amount of calories in bulks supply;
  • Long durability;
  • Very safe packages.

Taste is a supporting actor in this process, more like a nice bonus, a nice addition to the previously mentioned factors.

You know, if you really have to eat big amounts of freeze-dried food, you would be so hungry that you would even want to eat an elephant. And it would taste amazing!

And with survival emergency food, food taste is not a primary factor in choosing the meals. The primary ones are packaging, the number of calories, its nutritious features, and its cost.

Overall, I would prefer some durable long-shelf-life emergency food rather than some juicy taste meat. I would rather stock up on emergency foods with all of the needed elements for a healthy body, although it might taste blank.

Why would I do that? Because when one is faced with hunger, the worst-tasting food items turn out as some super delicious meals.

My key point is that I would never buy emergency food to enjoy it. I would buy survival food to survive indeed. And now you would ask me, why am I making a taste test of the food storage products with my wife and children? Why would I not just buy some inexpensive food and high in calories and all of the other crucial criteria?

Because I think that if it tastes more or less nice today – it would taste literally marvelous when I truly need it in emergency preparedness. And for my children and wife, this test at the diner was just a huge part of our complete Legacy Premium freeze-dried survival food review.

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How We Chose Our Premium Meals


A few years ago, we just got the Legacy Emergency Food Bucket with eight dishes in it. In this review, we will discuss the two chosen freeze-dried dishes from eight options. There are several categories, such as soup, pasta, and so on:

  • Alfredo, Primavera, Chili Pasta options;
  • Enchilada (Beans and Rice);
  • Stroganoff;
  • Cheese and Broccoli Bake;
  • Cheese and Broccoli Soup Mix;
  • Classic Chili Mix;

I laid them down on the table, and both my wife and I chose one for the review. My wife gave a preference for Stroganoff, and I chose Alfredo pasta, both of which claimed to be non-GMO.


Legacy Food Bucket Options

We should, first of all, discuss Legacy’s Premium Food bucket before discussing the food preparation and cooking process.

A simple thing: food buckets are very great tools, a great bonus, so to say. They represent a 15-liter #5 bucket made of plastic, so-called food kits in buckets. They also have handles. It is pretty sturdy and, at the same time, very lightweight. It is a fabulous combo for heaping and preserving your food-stocks property.

The bucket arrived with a seal for safety. What exactly got me is that with survival food, you would not think that you would utilize it pretty often. Therefore, one can drop this seal at the moment of the initial stockpiling process, and it will help to protect the bucket from insects and rats.


The coolest thing is that you can leave the seal on until a crisis emergency. The seal can last for more than 10 years!

A nice bonus is a handle, which makes the bucket very comfortable to transfer. Well, there is a question: “how often do you plan to transfer the survival packages around?”. Well, probably never, so it seems a bit out of place.

So, the handle may seem pretty advantageable at first sight, but it turns out completely useless, and I personally wouldn’t want to spend much money on it. But that is only my opinion.

Maybe, for some people, a handle would suit as a super useful tool – however, I can’t imagine HOW to employ it. Because when you are bugging out, you would probably use the handles twice: 1st time to store it and 2nd time to retrieve it. But if you are bugging out by the car, then maybe handles would be suitable. If you are in emergency preparedness, I guess the handle is good as you might end up practicing to use it a few times a year.


Legacy Emergency Meals Pouches

Let’s now review Legacy’s packages.

The front side of all packages has a picture of several food options: pasta with cheese, broccoli soup, and pasta with chili and Alfredo pasta. Fun fact: each picture shows the same items even if the food in it varies from package to package. So, the Stroganoff meal container does not have a picture of the meat that is in the package. It does not really matter, but I thought it would be nice to mention it.

In the upper right corner, you will see what is actually in the package: it is very noticeable. In the lower-left corner, one would be able to see the net weight amount and the 100% quality guarantee on the emblem. Facts about calories and nutrition are on the backside of the package, as well as cooking instructions, a list of ingredients and allergens, and so forth. Actually, some of the meals of Legacy have gluten-free options.

So, everything is pretty standard.

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Guarantee of Meals Shelf Life

The package claims that the product inside has shelf-life properties. Not to mention, some other products from a food storage company that I reviewed earlier did not have the same notion on the package. As of now, on their website, Legacy has a claim that their freeze-dried meals have up to 25-year shelf life. The same information can frequently be found on other packages of freeze-dried food from other companies that provide a food storage supply.


Nonetheless, I partly don’t get it: if the food can last for only one year, how would it meet the 25-year shelf life claim?

The thing is that they use ‘up to’ in this very notion. Technically, one year is actually in the range of ‘up to 25-year shelf life’… therefore, as for me, it is kind of pointless to write such a statement on the website: probably it makes the purchaser feel self-assured and fussy, but in reality, it makes no sense.

But this thing applies not only to Legacy production: almost all of the food storage companies utilize the same notion that is REALLY confusing.

Legacy Foods FAQ: Review

After examining the package, I have decided to search for Legacy Food’s FAQ section on their website.

Speaking about their food’s durability, they say that their freeze-dried foods, if stored properly and in the right conditions described above, can last securely for up to 25 years of shelf life with no need for rotation.

They also mention that the perfect way to store their foods is to store them in a cool, dry, and dark food storage place that has a somewhat consistent temperature. So, it should be stored just like any other product from freeze-dried meal categories.

Best Food Storage Tips

The main thing that they say is that the freeze-dried products they make can possibly last up to 25 years (and maybe longer). However, it solely depends on how exactly YOU stock it.

In case you are not correct and store it in a wet place that floods, then various rats and insects can attack it, or if you store it in an open area – then the summer heat can destroy it, and your products will become rotten in less then 25 years – that is for sure. So, one should get to know how to store the survival emergency food to save the money expenditures for long-term purposes.

Overall, freeze-dried meals are usually long-lasting if stored properly. Moreover, the production of Legacy Emergency Food looks pretty valid and reliable, as it has a sealing pouch around it, and it is very tight.


The material for the pouches they use is called Mylar. Mylar pouches create a vacuum, and the air is unable to get into the package, so the food is secluded from such an external factor. That is exactly the strength of the Mylar bags. So, after you have opened the package, you must fish around the food to get rid of the oxygen absorber.

This square pouch attracts and absorbs oxygen. Thus, paired with the air insulating the Mylar, the oxygen absorber eliminates the entirety of the oxygen inside the food package. Then, another technique that is used by Legacy Foods, as mentioned on their website, is to eliminate the oxygen by flushing the oxygen with some other gas, e.g., nitrogen. So, by using the oxygen absorbers and the nitrogen flush, you will eliminate all of the oxygen that is left in the Mylar bag.

Why is it important to get rid of the oxygen? That’s because oxygen may lead to the formation of mold. Thus, if you get rid of all of the oxygen, you will get rid of the mold, or to say more precisely, you will get rid of the POSSIBILITY of getting mold. This is very much needed for long-term survival emergency food supply.


Now you know that one must get rid of the oxygen absorbers before cooking the meal, as it is terrible to accidentally eat them.

So, my advice is to eliminate the absorber before dumping the foods into the hot water. Just believe me, that is the problem I have experienced myself. Once I failed to found the absorber in my food package, I thoughts it was left out… and then I put all of the foods into the boiling water and found it. Afterward, of course, I had to very carefully get the oxygen absorber out of the boiling water without getting scolded. And then, I had to explain to my 3.5-year-old child why this is a work for Daddy and children should never mess with boiling water. Huh, she is just a kid!

My lesson was learned, and I beg you not to make the same mistake as I did: next time you plan to boil the freeze-dried meal, first of all, remove the oxygen absorber.

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The Comparison of the Price

The following point of my review will be dedicated to another crucial aspect: price. Legacy Emergency Food storage declares to be the most perfect value food supply organization.

Not to mention, the process of price comparison is not as easy as you may think at first. This is all because some companies are zeroing on cost per serving. On the other hand, some manipulate with such notion as ‘cost per pound.’ Besides, sometimes there are seasonal sales and discounts for buying the product in mass, and so forth. My key point is that it is tough to decide on the absolute best price among all of the products.

Below one can find Legacy Food Storage’s useful table of comparison. If you use this table, you will have an idea of the value you are getting.


It is pretty noticeable that Legacy Emergency Food supply is much valuable, especially if compared on a calorie basis rather than on a cost per pound basis.

So, what should you do next? My suggestion is to, first of all, determine the priorities of your survival coalition concerning the survival food. The possible factors are as per the following:

  • Cost and Fillers;
  • Artificial Preservatives;
  • Free Shipping and Shipping Timeline;
  • Customizable Orders;
  • Gluten-Free Options;
  • Hydrogenated Oils, non-GMO, MSG;
  • TOP-quality Mylar Pouches;
  • Shelf Life Guarantee;
  • Buckets or Storage Bins;
  • The country of production (maybe it should be in the USA).

One will have to carefully examine all of the above-listed factors before purchasing the emergency food storage. Once you are ready with it, you should decide on the food stock company that fits all of the most crucial priorities of yours. To my mind, you will pretty much be satisfied with Legacy Food Storage as your supplier of emergency food.

I should be honest with you: my current choice for survival food stockpilings is Valley Food Storage. Previously my best choice was a Mountain House for my bug-out-bag trips; nonetheless, Legacy Food Storage might be a very suitable option for you, your family, and your TOP priorities in terms of food. When I pack my freeze-dried food in the future, I would probably take on Legacy Foods as well.

action plan

How to Cook Freeze-Dried Meals

The easiest thing to do is to cook freeze-dried meals. Here are some quick instructions:

  • Pour the measured water into the pot;
  • Boil the water and add the meals;
  • Whisk and decrease the heat to medium level;
  • Occasionally stir the meal and let it heat for 14 more minutes, approximately;
  • Get the pot out of the heat and let it cool down for roughly 5 minutes, then just serve the dishes.

That’s literally the easiest thing in the world!

It was effortless, and I had my 3.5 y.o. The daughter helps me (she’s very proud of the 0.5).

Nonetheless, during an emergency, it would not be so easy, and I guess you know why: no electricity or natural gas, no your beloved kitchen stove, no easy-cooking. Instead, one will have to come up with some other survival cooking approach, e.g., purchasing a portable stove. But of course, this all depends solely on the nature of the emergency.


Let’s Test the Food Flavor

My little son, who is roughly 1 year old, was shoveling it in his small uncoordinated hands – as much as they allowed it.


However, to tell you the truth, he would eat literally anything that you would give him.

The one who was really going to examine the freeze-dried foods is my 3.5-year-old daughter. If she doesn’t like some food – the game is over. She is extra picky and stubborn in terms of food consumption. She gets the ‘extremely picky’ part from her mother and the ‘stubborn’ part from me, huh.

Therefore, I was really excited that she really did like the survival Legacy Emergency Food dinner, and she said that it was ‘too good and yummy in the tummy!’


So, my congratz to Legacy: it did pass the test with my children. Now, it is time for an adult’s review.

We had two meal options, and both my spouse and I got to the conclusion that the Stroganoff meat was of a much better taste out of two of them. The Pasta Alfredo was kind of unseasoned, as for me, so I had to use a huge amount of salt and pepper to add some more flavor to it. Our overall conclusion is that the Stroganoff meal package is far better and more full of flavor than the Alfredo one, and we both indeed enjoyed eating it.

Of course, it wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever had in my life, but what is really crucial for me is that it indeed satisfied my family’s desire to eat. Everyone was full, loaded with lots of calories, and that’s the key feature of the survival emergency food.


By the way, after dinner, our chocolate labrador Luther wiped out the entirety from the plates, so he was satisfied as well.

So far, everything has been great with Legacy Premium Freezed Meals.

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Start Doing Something Today

Now let us briefly sum up the Legacy Food Storage advantages:

  • Lowest cost per pound and compatible cost per serving;
  • Claims to have a very, very long shelf life for the emergency foods, up to 25-year shelf-life;
  • They have Free Shipping in the United States, and they deliver food storage products within 2-5 business days;
  • Their items are easy to prepare;
  • Big serving sizes of the food kits;
  • Voted the best tasting;
  • They have non-GMO and gluten-free options;
  • Made in the USA.

My most crucial point is that you should start doing something right now. If an emergency happens right there, you will be blaming yourself for not buying some survival food kits. Probably, if you would buy foods in advance, it would be one of the best money expenditures you have ever made. Snap right there to look at Legacy Food’s current prices and deals.

Legacy Food's current prices and deals


How Do You Buy The Best Legacy Emergency Food?

Legacy Food provides emergency food supplies that are made in the USA. It can be purchased online via their official website or via Amazon.

What’s Included in the Legacy’s 183 Serving Combo?

Legacy Premium has several survival food kits. One of those is Legacy Premium 183 Serving combination. It consists of four various breakfasts (16 servings total), 12 various appetizers (76 servings total), 6 snacks (24 servings total), 1 drink mix (32 servings total), and coffee (35 servings total). Legacy Food provides emergency food supplies that claim to have gluten-free options, the lowest cost per pound, long-term durability, and best-tasting food kits.

How much food do you need?

A great approach is to count the number of calories one has to consume. For example, a healthy grown-up active man should consume roughly 2500+ calories a day to remain to be healthy and full of energy. In case you are camping or bugging out with someone else, e.g., your children, you will have to count the calorie norm for them and sum it all up. So, you should plan out serving sizes in advance and get enough of the food supply. Make sure to include external factors while purchasing the foods: if your children, for example, need gluten-free products or if someone requires non-allergenic food kits.

How do you store survival food?

Survival emergency food place has to have such features: cool, dry, and dark. Various rodents, bugs, and mold can pretty much spoil the food if the food is exhibited to light, excessive moisture, excessive warmness. Make sure to get some freeze-dried emergency food as it is easy to prepare and, at the same time, it is long-lasting. It can last up to 25 years if stored properly.

Who owns Legacy Food Storage?

Legacy Premium Food Storage was founded by the same people who founded Bear Creek and Sawyer’s Premium soup and chili mixes. The head office of Legacy Premium is located in Salt Lake City.

Mike Millerson

A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively. In the core of his principal mission is a desire to be a helpful guide into the world of survival for all those who seek practical advice in the rapidly changing world.

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