Concealed Carry Insurance. Why You Need One? 

Are you thinking about getting concealed carry insurance? Carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) is always safer with firearm liability insurance. Self-defense shooting will often lead to a full-on investigation, and you do not want any liability and spending hours with an attorney, right? Think about all the difficulties and the price of having to go through a trial and prove you have not committed a crime when using your gun. Learn about the perks and benefits of a concealed carry insurance that insurance companies offer, such as bail bond coverage.

What are the functions of concealed carry insurance?

How can it secure you from the problems with the police?

What organizations do supply gun owners with the best-concealed carry insurance?

This article was created for your complete understanding of the goals and reasons to obtain concealed carry insurance.

After the reading of this review, you will be able to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether you want to apply for civil defense coverage or not. We will give you affiliate links where you will get more information about insurance coverage.

To start with, there is a short story describing the main functions of self-defense liability insurance and the reasons to get it. Dark Parking Lot

The Crime in the Night Parking Lot

Imagine a situation when you are leaving the restaurant at night and are going to get in the car and drive away. You notice that there is only your car in the parking. The strange scene is in your head — the only car, you, and three guys coming to you.

At this moment, you are speeding up and cautiously pull out your Smith and Wesson with .357 Magnum. A suspicious-looking gang approaching you, you begin to worry about the safety of your life, your pulse quickens.

You are close to your vehicle and are trying to get out keys from the left pocket. You thought about the plan for such an emergency, and you know that your right hand will hold a firearm. That is the reason to keep keys on the left side.

These odd men are behind you. You just manage to turn as they have already aimed their blades. Once the guy intends to strike you with a sharp knife, you immediately release a bullet into him.

Sharp sound and flash are audible along the street at this point. The rest of the gang is running away because of the fear of losing life as their comrade did.

The injured man does not make any sound — you realize that he is dead. There are only you, a motionless body, a pool of blood, and your pistol.

All your thoughts are mixed up, but the main one is clear — Smith and Wesson have just saved your life.

Then, the manager of the nearest supermarket shouts to you from afar. She is interested in your state, and you assure her that everything is fine, but it will be better to call 911.

After a while, the police car comes. You put a pistol on the ground as you know the consequences of this action.

Let us have a look at two scenarios the situation may continue.

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1 — Offender

Police officers verify that the guy lying here is dead. Of course, the police’s first actions are to lay you down on the ground and aim the gun. They pay all attention to you and begin to ask questions.

They are interested in the information about the gun owner. You confirm that it is your concealed weapon, and one of the officers pack it into a plastic bag. The dialogue proceeds as follows:

Police officers interrogated you. “Who is this man?”

“I have never seen this person earlier. He and his gang followed me all my way from the restaurant. Then he attacked me with this blade.”

“What was the reason for his aggression to you?”

“I don’t know what was in his mind at that moment.”

“Did you say anything to these people?”

“I didn’t have time to say a word.”

“So, you kill this man because of the knife in his hand?”

“He was going to stab me!”

“Did someone see what happens here?”

“I didn’t saw anyone except these strange men.”

“What is your attitude to people of another race?”


“You claim that you killed this man because he had a knife?”

You did not expect such a course of events. You are confused with their questions and want to be protected by the attorney.

Officers raise you and put handcuffs on you. More and more cars are arriving. Police, media, medical care — this area becomes the most crowded place in your town at this night.

The pathologist takes a photo of a corpse and circles the body with chalk. The healthcare crew take away the body and goes to the hospital without sirens.

The officer announced a judgment to you close to cameras and reporters. You are arrested and imprisoned now. The only help you can get is a criminal defense through a lawyer if it is an affordable option.

You are accused of three offenses:

  • Usage of a firearm.
  • Involuntary manslaughter.
  • Endangering people and pupils of the elementary school.

You didn’t know that there is a school near this parking lot, but it will not help you avoid punishment.

The services of an attorney cost about 25,000 US dollars. The circumstances are so bad that you have no idea where to take the money and how you can get out of the cell. Who would expect that you can be arrested for a self-defense incident?

Was there another way to secure your life? How can you prevent this situation?


2 – Hero of Self-Defense

You are in the parking in the neighborhood of Southern city. Police cars are close to you. You are preparing for the questions.

Ensuring the man’s heart stops, they are looking at you and trying to determine what happened.

The police are interested. “How do you feel?”

“Everything is okay,” you answer.

“Does this pistol belong to you?”


One of the officers put the firearm into a plastic bag without leaving his fingerprints.

“How was this person killed, and who is he?”

You ensure the officers that you do not know this man and begin to tell the story. The description begins with the announcement that it was self-defense. You explain that this person with the gang was following you for several minutes and then attacked with knives. You had no choice but to shoot him.

While you were presenting the situation, a lot of police cars and ambulances came. Experts checked the body and transferred it to the hospital.

Police officers ask you to go to the department to perform all paperwork. They confiscate your firearm as evidence but convince you that they will return it later. They offer you to leave the car at the parking lot with the condition that they will help you to get to it tomorrow.

They believe that the crime was reasonable and you remain a victim after the clarification of the circumstances. There are no arguments to start a court case.

Then, you safely get home and think about everything that happened.

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Consequences of the Firearm Shot

You probably hoped that the law should protect you and the carriage of the gun is legal in your state. Of course, it is legal, but the scope of its usage is limited.

You will never know the attitude of the police to your civil defense. It depends on the politics and context of the territory of the incident. It can be an area of the chief, but he does not want to spoil his reputation. The killed person can be a representative of the minority. You may get into such a situation in a carefully guarded location. All of these factors will influence the final of the story and can predetermine your destiny.

I guess no one wants to be in this position. How can you prevent it? The simplest decision will be to expect the authorities and laws’ adequacy, but it is not the most beneficial choice.

Let’s figure out the most favorable action you can take.

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Concealed Carry Insurance

The decision is in the insurance. Plenty of organizations provide CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) licenses nowadays — CCW Safe, USCCA, U. S. Law Shield, Second Call Defense, NRA Carry Guard, Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, and others. The United States Concealed Carry Association offers one of the best-concealed carry insurance. USCCA gives armed citizens legal defense for a holder of a firearm for self-defense.

The insurance provides an ability to avoid punishment for self-defense shooting with a legal weapon and cover all defense costs associated with an attorney retainer, bail bond, investigator fees, and expert witness expenditures in such circumstances. Guards will not have a right to keep you in a cell if you have this document.

Remember that the Constitution’s Second Amendment will not be a reliable reference for you in the court. Even if the court finds you not guilty, you will lose a significant part of your budget, energy, and reputation. You will need to have additional legal protection via an insurance policy if you choose to buy legal weapons.

Do not hope that you will be defended in the dark street, be smarter and equip yourself with the insurance.

Obtain CCW Insurance

The only reason you have a firearm in your pocket is protection. How cool and prestigious it would be, the only person able to guarantee home defense is you. The police and government will not stop criminality in your city.

Americans used to fight the criminal activity themselves. The increasing tendency to organize meetings, break-ins, and street attacks makes civil people fear for their lives every day. You have no idea when the terrorist attack and violence will happen. The only thing you can do is to know that your security is under threat.

Guard organization will investigate the case after the fact. They probably will find offenders and examine the corpse, but it may cost you life.

The US is one of the most dangerous countries nowadays, where the population has no choice but to purchase a concealed carry gun. It does not mean that you will search for a problem having it. You will just be confident in your safety.

Perhaps you thought about the situations you can apply your pocket pistol and produced a defense plan. The first thing you did after the purchase of the concealed firearm was to explore the websites with recommendations on ammunition and combat techniques you would use. You selected the case for your weapon and chose the place you will store it.

This plan can help you to prepare your mind for the battle waiting for your skills. However, once you push the trigger, your life will split into two parts.

Have you ever search for information about the consequences of the shot? Your naive ideas about it will disappoint you if you face the real world rules. Unfortunately, most gun owners do not pay attention to this question.

Everyone wants to become a hero in civil defense, but who knows how the police will treat you.

The authorities must make the expertise of the crime or self-defense to establish the personality of victim and criminal. They are not able to believe everyone claiming a defense. That is a trouble you can get into.

It is important to collect data about the actions you need to make and phrases you need to say in the situation of unexpected shooting. You have to obtain a concealed carry insurance.


Insurance for Self-Defense User

Now you know that being a self-defender is not always the same as being a victim. Protection with concealed carry gun is as risky as protection without it. Once you shoot in America, you cannot avoid problems with the law.

There were plenty of cases when victims of violence became criminals, especially when they were not defenseless.

Make sure you know your rights and restrictions of your actions while you are buying a pistol. Your chance to not be arrested relies on your understanding of events that await you.

You are not able to confirm your rightness without the help of the law specialists. It will cost you much fewer efforts to provide safety in advance than to solve the incoming problems at the moment.

Every word and performance may turn over the proceeding — you may become a criminal in few minutes. It isn’t easy to control your emotions in extreme situations, but you have to do it! Otherwise, you may be sent to jail and destroy your life.

The only way out of this position is to receive help from the insurance company. The teams of insurance providers will help you to manage this process and turn the situation in your favor.

The goal of these companies is to support civil Americans from police attacks. Make sure you can secure yourself not only from the offenders but also from the law and court. It will provide you successful getting back to your home and meeting your family without any delays.

The USCCA includes a critical response team available within 24 hours through the special platform — Self-Defense Shield. Moreover, concealed carry insurance companies will provide you with psychological assistance, nationwide attorney network access and will help at every step of the investigation.

Learn more on the website of the USCCA and insure yourself with reliable multi-state legal protection.



Is concealed carry insurance worth it?

CCW insurance is the best way to provide yourself stability and criminal defense in modern America. It helps you to avoid punishment for the criminal and civil defense before you will be delivered to the department of law enforcement. Carrying a pistol is not the only thing you should think about while trying to save your family. You will manage the investigation quicker with this defense coverage.

How much does CCW insurance cost?

The price for CCW insurance depends on the insurance company providing it. The cheapest option is to receive this service from the US Law Shield — 11 US dollars per month. As regards other popular concealed carry insurance companies, CCW Safe offers insurance with a monthly cost of 16 US dollars per month. The USCCA price is equal to 25 US dollars per month. However, the difference is not only in numbers but in the coverage options.

How does CCW coverage work?

Once you obtain a concealed carry insurance, you can be confident in your safety after self-defense. Insurance organizations support their clients during the investigation process in law enforcement. With the liability coverage, you will receive legal representation, bond coverage, and protection from false accusations and unforeseen expenses that you can meet using legal weapons.

Does NRA have CCW insurance?

NRA Carry Guard has offered this type of criminal defense since 2017. The monthly cost for their service is approximately 14 US dollars per month. It is one of the cheapest offers among all insurance providers. The price may vary because of the amount of civil defense coverage and other types of protection you will get. Explore their website to know insurance policies.



A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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