Bug Out Bike 

A bug-out bike is an excellent vehicle for any preppers. Be it a bicycle or a motorcycle, it significantly increases your chanses of survival, especially if a fast fleet away from danger is concerned. Alsom you can carry all your gear easier, its own weight is fairly light, you can wear your backpack and ride, untroubled. To find out about bug-out bike options, read our article.

A bug-out bike can be a great vehicle in an SHTF situation. Imagine that you need to get to your bug-out location quickly, and on the roads, there is already a real hell of people and a traffic jam. And if you also need to go to a gas station on your bug-out vehicle, because by a strange coincidence, fuel ran out at the wrong time.

Bug-out vehicles are great, but they have two big complications — clogged roads and a constant need to fill the fuel tank.

You can, of course, go on foot, but this will be the longest option. Getting out of the city quickly is unlikely in this situation. And if this is an emerging threat, then even deadly.

Hiking can be your last backup plan. We advise you to think about a bug-out bike.

They are maneuverable, they can pass even on narrow paths, they do not need a gasoline, they can carry gear, and anyone can handle bikes.

But you need to follow the rules for choosing bicycles to find the right model for yourself.

In this article, we will tell you what nuances you need to consider, the best bike models on the market, and how you can improve your bug-out bike. All in all, everything you need to know to make your bug-out bike a reliable means of transportation in a survival situation.

The Disadvantage of the Bug-Out Bike

We will start with the disadvantages because there are almost none. This is even not a minus, but a difficulty you can think about in advance and overcome. This is your physical form.

Ask yourself if you are fit enough to cycle around? This question, in principle, can be asked for all survival options. People in good physical shape will feel better, run faster, and are more enduring, and their health is usually better (not always, but often).

The bug-out bike is not a pleasant romantic ride around the city. You will have to cover a decent distance while still having a bug-out bag with survival supplies. Perhaps and most likely, you will have to drive off-road, maybe uphill, or maybe in unpleasant weather. All of this will complicate your path and require decent stamina.

The bug-out bike requires good preparation. If at the moment your form wants the best, then you can start preparing. The good physical shape does not appear on its own. It requires constant training. And if you are a healthy person, you can afford it.

Bug-Out Bike Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at why you should think about preparing your own bug-out bike.

No Traffic Jams for a Bike


Americans own millions of bicycles, which seems like a lot until you start to wonder how many cars we also own. Almost every American has a car.

Have you ever seen a traffic jam? I doubt it. But traffic jams are a daily routine for all large cities.

What will people do when there is a danger in the city? They will sit in their cars and try to get out of it. This will inevitably lead to the formation of many miles of traffic jams. Some will try to refuel. Other people will buy necessities. And God forbid, someone breaks down, blocking the road for everyone. But is it for everyone? No, not everyone. Bikes can easily avoid every traffic jam.

Be sure to explore not only all the roads that leave the city but also the bike paths. Many of them will be able to take you to your bug-out location faster.

Stop by your local shop and ask for bike trail maps or search the internet for some enjoyable escape routes. Be sure to check all the paths and drive along with them at least once.

A bug-out vehicle is great if you do not live in a densely populated area or very close to the city exit. Otherwise, you will most likely get stuck in traffic, and nothing will be slower than a stationary car.

Bicycle Is Easy

Almost every American knows how to ride a bicycle. And if you have ever ridden it, the chances you forgot how to do it are almost zero. If suddenly, for some reason, you have never sat on a bike — do it! We are sure that you will master this transport VERY quickly.

The bike mechanism is effortless and straightforward, unlike all modern technologies. Even if you have the most sophisticated bug-out bike, it is still the same two wheels, a frame, gears, and chain. Additional accessories and mechanisms can make the bike more agile or smoother, but the basic principle is always the same.

All parts of the bike are elementary, and even if something breaks, you can fix it, which can not be said about the new machines with many automation, which only a real professional can figure out.

No wonder they say, “just like riding a bike.” You can handle it.

Bicycle Is Available


It is straightforward to buy a bicycle. You do not need a particular driver’s license or large savings. It is enough to do a little research and buy a bike.

At the same time, bicycles surround us all our life. As a child, our parents taught us to ride a bicycle with safety wheels, and approximately 41 to 51 million Americans have cycled in the past year.

Most likely, you have road bikes in the garage, and if you have children or teenagers, they also ride bikes. This is one of the favorite children’s activities.

The bicycle industry brings in about $ 6 billion a year.

You can order a bike on the Internet, or you can go to a bike shop, where experienced consultants will help you make the right choice.

Bicycles are much more affordable than cars and easier to buy so that they will be a profitable part of your bug-out plan.

Available Bike Spare Parts

If you are traveling by car, you need to think about purchasing spare parts. Bug-out vehicles can break down, and you can hardly find a good craftsman and unique parts in the midst of wilderness or general chaos.

Many modern cars use computer-controlled systems, which makes it virtually impossible to repair them yourself.

The situation with bug-out bikes is quite different. Survival bike is a simple system, and with a small tool kit, you can do the repairs yourself.

The bike does not require a fuel tank. It moves simply by human effort.

Anything can happen during a bug-out situation. Any problem or complication can arise. Being able to fix a bike with a tool kit yourself will make your life a lot easier.

Storage Capacity

Yes, you can hardly take as much gear as traveling by car. But still able to afford pretty much, certainly more than just a bug-out bag. You will be surprised, but with the help of special accessories, you can decently increase your bug out bike’s carrying capacity and take necessary survival supplies, gear, water, and food.

What to Consider When Choosing a Bug-Out Bike

We have decided that a bug-out bike can be a perfect way to get around. Let’s now take a closer look at what to check out and how you can improve your bike.

The two factors you need to pay attention to in the first place are bike weight and strength.

Bicycles can be made of various materials that differ in strength, weight, and durability.

Bug-Out Bike Components


These components include:

  • brakes
  • cables
  • derailleurs
  • wheels
  • pedals
  • handlebars

These parts should be made of durable materials so that you do not have to change them after a short amount of time.

Better to invest in higher quality, more expensive parts so they can last longer. Long distances can damage your bike, and the best option will be to buy immediately durable and upgraded materials.

There is nothing worse than having a cheap plastic broken pedal or a cable cut in the middle of the trip. So investing in bike parts is a good decision.

For the best stuff, we recommend heading to specialized sites like Bike Nashbar. They have a large selection of accessories and additional information.

You can also go to a bike shop and consult with specialists. They will tell you which components are best to choose so that no breakdown will interfere with your ride.

Bug-Out Bike Frames

A bike frame is the basis of a bicycle, its skeleton. The type of your bike depends on the frame. This can be a cargo bike, mountain bike, touring bike, road bike, and others. Each of the bicycles is designed for its own purposes, on some models, it is better to arrange a relaxed walk along city paths, and some are better suited for extreme descents in mountainous areas.

For survival conditions, we recommend choosing a mountain bike. Mountain bike frame contains the optimum balance of comfort and durability. You can also increase the bike’s carrying capacity by adding suitable accessories like baskets or even a bike trailer.

The lighter bike frames are worth looking into so that they do not complicate the bike ride.

Fortunately, modern technology and new inventions allow us to choose from stronger yet highly durable materials for bicycle frames.

Let’s take a closer look at the possible materials.

1. Aluminum

Aluminum frames have many advantages. They are durable and lightweight.

2. Carbon steel

Most often, bicycles are sold with frames made from this material. Yes, it is durable, but unfortunately heavy, we would recommend paying attention to alternatives.

3. Titanium

A good alternative to steel, but also an expensive option. This material is lighter but does not lose its strength. It absorbs vibrations while traveling, which makes the road smoother and the bike responsive.

4. Chromoly steel

By choosing this material, you will get more strength than carbon steel.

You will experience comfort and flexibility while cycling with a Chromoly steel frame.

Inner tubes will be thinner at the nubs at the pipe welds.

5. Carbon Fiber

An expensive material that is quite difficult to repair but very durable and lightweight. It is usually used in expensive racing bikes.

When choosing a bike frame, you must decide on the following points:

  • Your physical fit
  • The terrain on which your path will run
  • The distance to be covered

Based on these parameters, you can choose the best bug-out frame for your aims. We recommend that you read this article if you want to choose a frame yourself without resorting to consultants’ help.

Bug-Out Bike Accessories


The market for bike accessories is very diverse, from water bottle holders and small reflectors to military bags and bike trailers. You can find an accessory in a variety of materials and prices depending on the application.

But if we are talking about a bug-out bike, then the first accessory that you need to get will be equipment for transporting supplies and gear. You should be able to bring water, food, a sleeping bag, and other important survival gear with you.


There are various bike panniers.

You can choose a Velcro bag to attach to the bike frame inside the main triangle.

There are saddlebags. They are bolted to the bike frame and fork.


You can go further and buy a bike trailer. But it will complicate your movement and slow down the bike ride.

If you are confident that you can keep more or less flat roads, you can buy a bike survival trailer. You can put additional gear, water, the food there, but you will have to make more effort to ride.

There are bike trailers that can generate electricity so you can charge your phone or other small electrical devices.

If your ride is off-road, but you want to take additional gear, then you can pay attention to this solution to the problem:


This is a more maneuverable and lighter bike trailer with which you can navigate more difficult terrain.

Another essential accessory for your bug-out bike is a night ride flashlight.

So as not to think about batteries, we advise you to choose flashlights that run on electricity generated while you spin the wheels.

Finally, a rigid rack is a good purchase.


There are many more different bicycle accessories. Choose the ones that you think will be necessary, but remember that it is much better not to burden your transport much. Take high-quality things that will make your ride and the path to salvation easier.


Bug-Out Bicycle Repair Skills And Tools

We believe that anyone can learn how to repair a bicycle. It is much easier than repairing other vehicles. Make sure you know the basics and have at least a minimal set of tools, but ideally, you will, of course, purchase both a tire patch kit and a spare inner tube.

But all good preppers already have a basic set of wrench and screwdriver tools.

So that a small problem cannot stop you from reaching the target, the smart way would be to learn how to solve the following breakdowns:

  • Repair or replace a broken chain
  • Replacing bike brakes
  • Setting up additional bike components
  • Patching the inner tube
  • Fixing a flat tire

Watch YouTube videos, practice, in general, be 100 percent ready!

DIY or Buy a Ready-Made Bug Out Bike?

If you want the perfect bug-out bike for a safe place ride that fits your terrain, you will have to modify it anyway.

But it is not that difficult, and most importantly, it is interesting.

If you already own one of the mountain bikes or other quality bikes (but not cheap touring bikes designed for bike paths only), you can quickly upgrade to a real badass bug-out bike.

Step 1

Check the frame. There are five basic materials for bicycle frames, and we talked about them in the article. Each material has both advantages and disadvantages. Read more, consult a specialist, and select the frame that best suits your situation. The frame is the basis and skeleton of the bike. It plays a big role in its operation.

Look for a sturdy, lightweight frame that will give your bike a good ride.

Step 2

If you can improve something — do it. The more reliable and high-quality each part of the bike, the more chances that nothing will break on the ride.

Bike riders should take good care of his or her vehicle and choose the best bike gear. This is the part where it is better not to spare money but invest wisely.

Step 3

Check how much extra gear you plan to take with you and how best to place it on your bike. Bikes can be equipped with panniers, baskets, trailers.

Arcenciel Bike Bag

You should pay attention to military bikes or motorcycle bags. For example, here is a good offer — ArcEnCiel Motorcycle Backpack Tactical Military Bag.

Think about what other accessories can improve your bike — flashlights, light reflectors, and so on. Nothing limits your imagination, except perhaps the final weight of the bike.

Final Word

Action Plan

We advise you to consider purchasing a bug-out bike seriously. We have considered the advantages of bikes, so if this may not be a full way of escape, then a spare way for sure. Attach the bike rack to your car, and you can use bikes where the car will not pass.

Do not forget about special training. So that no problem catches you by surprise, make sure your bike is reliable and has all the gear you need. Learn to repair it and take your tools with you. And of course, get in good physical shape. Cycling workouts will have health benefits, but you need to practice on an ongoing basis.

One day your bike can save your life.


Bug-Out Bike: What You Need To Know To Survive?

Perhaps the most important thing you should check in a bug-out bike is its frame. Mountain bikers in this regard have the most suitable bikes for survival. The frame should work well in the terrain the bike would travel over, cover the distance, and help you conserve your energy.

Knowledge and skills in repairing bikes will also help you to get to a safe place successfully.

Bug-Out Bike: Good Idea or Death Trap?

Bicycles have several advantages over cars:

  • They will not get stuck in traffic.
  • No need for fuel tanks
  • A simple mechanism that you can easily fix
  • Availability of bikes and their parts.

When compared to walking, you can cover a greater distance and be able to take more supplies.

If you still want to take a car, no one bothers you to attach a bike rack and take bikes as a plan B. We tend to believe that the bike would be a solution to the survival problem.

Modify or Buy Your Way Towards Bug-Out Bike Perfection?

We stand for the fact that you can only make the perfect bug out bike yourself. You can take a good bike as a base, but it is best to modify it with the bike gear you need. Replace components with the most durable ones, purchase additional accessories such as military motorcycle bags, flashlights, or water bottle holders. Yes, you can buy a good bug-out bike, but adapting it to your needs will make it the best.

Does a bug-out bike have any uses after SHTF?

When an SHTF situation occurs, you can grab your gear, bug-out backpack, and ride your bike to safety.

Bikes have both advantages and disadvantages. You will have to exert more effort to get to your destination than if you were driving a vehicle, and in case of bad weather, it will be even more difficult for you.

But on the other hand, you do not get tired of thinking about the fuel tank, crowded exits from the city. People in a panic will flood all roads. Citizens can block the highway. But on a bike, you can overcome this and go where the car is powerless.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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