Best Tactical Belt Guide 

How important is a tactical belt? Every serious prepper should be ready for anything and well-equipped with life-saving technologies. A survival belt is a must-have item on your survival list. In this article, we will walk you through the features of nylon, leather, and plastic materials used for creating the best belts for survival. You will learn about their weight, price, and more. Find out what makes a perfect holster and a gun belt and duty belt, and get to know where to purchase this piece of gear.

Tactical belts are useful for carrying various items, such as weapons, knives, and other equipment. Men and women who have tried these belts and have left reviews about these products often cannot imagine survival without them anymore. Choosing a tactical belt can be a tricky task even for experienced outdoor enthusiasts and those who read reviews carefully and consider different options. Like many clothing items, you need to check out the reviews and think about comfort, material, and performance. Read further to see our list of well-made belts. Look through our reviews of each specific kind and each product we suggest on our website. You can also have a look at the Complete Preppers List in the article concerned.

TOP 10 Best Tactical Belts

Go through our list of products and select the finest belt.

Cobra D-Ring Rigger’s Buckle Belt

Cobra D Ring Riggers Buckle Belt We are starting our reviews with this amazing heavy-duty Cobra buckle belt. Cobra is a well-known brand with good customer service. Very minimalistic in style, this belt model manufactured by Cobra is stylish and equally functional. This Cobra tactical belt also utilizes a remarkable D-ring.


  • Strong D-ring buckle
  • Cobra is a well-known belt products manufacturer.


  • It Will is not fit regular pants.

Fairwin Tactical Belt With a Heavy-Duty Quick-Release Buckle

Fairwin Tactical Belt The Fairwin eco-friendly quick-release buckle military belt is especially in demand among gun owners. You can use this relatively cheap belt can be used for carrying weapons or heavier gear.

One factor that could make you consider something else is that it can be tricky to put it through normal pants’ loops. Other than this issue, commonly seen in military belts, it is one of the finest options out there.


  • Stylish but durable
  • Great customer service


  • Someone may not want a military-style belt.
  • The buckle will not fit through regular loops.


Blackhawk Cqb Riggers Belt Do you need a capable tactical belt to carry your heavy five-star gear? This light and simple BLACKHAWK Riggers Belt deserves your attention. The belt buckle needs special mentioning as one of the best military-style buckle belts on the market. The belt reviews also confirm that it is one of the best options for a rigger tactical belt.


  • Good for heavy gear
  • Comfortable
  • Parachute-grade buckle


  • Not a very stylish model

Tactical Men’s Alta Belt

Tactical Mens This Alta belt with a metal buckle is one of the most stylish options for a tactical rigger belt. Made of 100% nylon, it can hold heavy items with ease. The manufacturers warn that this tactical belt runs small in size, so consider that when ordering one.


  • Very stylish
  • Parachute-grade metal buckle
  • Can attach a carabiner (with a V-ring)


  • Sizing can be tricky.

Condor Tactical Belt

Condor Tactical Belt This is a tough tactical belt with nice construction that you can get for a very affordable price. It has a quick-release buckle and good durability, according to the belt reviews. This Condor Tactical Belt is not compatible with loops on regular pants. Regular belt loops are not generally designed to be used with tactical duty belts, though.



  • Lightweight
  • Quick-release buckle


  • Some people may not like the heavy style.
  • The regular belt loops will not work with it.

Condor Gen II Battle Belt

Condor Gen Ii Battle Belt Coyote Brown Another Condor belt with good reviews. You will feel comfortable when kneeling or bending with this belt on. It is made of thin materials and perfect for outdoor activities. This survival belt is perfect for its price. It can carry weighty loads. With the Condor Gen II Battle Belt, you can distribute your gear’s weight most comfortably.


  • Can carry heavy gear
  • Flexible
  • Very thin but durable


  • The cost

Tactical Women’s Kella belt

Tactical Womens E1607703529831 Good women’s belts for tactical purposes are rare. This durable tactical women’s belt provides support, having a good construction for a smaller-sized belt. It is cheap and is in no way worse than a similar men’s TDU belt. It does not have many reviews, but the available belt reviews all state that this is a good option for ladies who need to carry some gear. It has a non-metallic buckle, so there will be no issues with metal detectors.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Small women’s sizes


  • Can become wet

A 100%-Nylon 5.11 Tactical Men’s 1.75-Inch TDU Work Belt

5.11 Tactical Mens 1.75 Inch Tdu Work Belt This belt with a non-metallic buckle is a great option for looking for a durable and simple nylon belt.

It is a stylish and cheap belt, perfect for your first belt of this kind. If your size is not available, which happens sometimes, wait until the correct size is available again because this belt is worth it. Just look at the reviews for this 100%-nylon TDU belt!


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • Not the best option for heavy gear

WOLF TACTICAL Heavy-Duty Quick-Release EDC Belt

Wolf Tactical Heavy Duty Quick Release This EDC belt is a good fit for somebody who needs a concealed carry belt for weapons that can also hold gear. Moreover, it is very comfortable and easily-adjustable, which makes it suitable for different military activities. As with many other military-style belts that can carry gear, this WOLF belt will not fit through regular loops, though.


  • Minimalistic style
  • Nice belt buckle


  • The buckle will not fit into regular belt loops.

Relentless Tactical Belt for Concealed Carry

Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Concealed Carry Ccw Gun Belt This leather belt has fantastic reviews and is modern-looking. It will be a perfect option for a fan of stylish belts. Read through the reviews to see the pictures other people post. This belt will make concealed carry easy.



  • The leather does not stretch.

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Why Do I Need to Purchase a Tactical Belt?

Tactical belts are nothing like regular belts. Somebody used to high-quality leather belts from fashionable clothing brands can put a tactical belt on their waist and never come back to a regular belt. These functional belts allow you to carry gear. Such a belt is enough to support several heavy items, so they are often used for heavy-duty gear. A tactical belt is better than a regular military belt. It can be your gun belt for everyday use if you are in law enforcement, but generally, tactical belts are much more versatile than simple duty belts. You can use your tactical belt in any imaginable setting.

Tactical belts can carry different gear items. These are just some of the examples of the gear you can have on your tactical belt:

You can use a tactical belt to attach a holster or a carabiner to it (if you enjoy climbing). If you are dressed properly, the attachments on the belt can be unnoticeable. You may not wear a tactical belt every day.

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What Qualities Does a Good Tactical Belt Have?

We know that websites are filled with millions of reviews of thousands of tactical belt models and belt brands. It is effortless to get lost in all these reviews, especially if you only need one belt! There are many questions you may ask yourself when choosing a belt. Should I get a belt with a quick-release buckle? Will this metal buckle be an issue for metal detectors when I’m wearing this belt? What are the odds of people noticing that I have a tactical belt and a gun attached to the belt? All these questions will be answered in various reviews online, but we offer all the answers on one page. See our list of what you should consider before buying a tactical belt.


Surely, price is something all of us care about, right? So why don’t we start our belt-buying tips with this topic? We understand that there are so many affordable products on the tactical belts market and so many reviews that an inexperienced customer can get lost quickly. For those men who value their money, a tactical belt is a great purchase because usually, they are not expensive at all. Consider the material when choosing a tactical belt that fits your wallet. A belt with nylon webbing can be a bit more expensive than your regular leather belt.


As we have just mentioned, the material can affect the price of the belt, but, more importantly, it affects the usage of the belt. A typical tactical belt is made of either leather or nylon. A leather belt looks great on most pants and makes men look stylish, but a leather belt is a bit tricky to look after. Nylon webbing belts have great rigidity and are perfect for a more challenging job of carrying more items. The rigidity makes a nylon belt a great option for carrying gear on your waist. The only downside is that such a belt is straightforward to spot. A belt like that is not the best option for concealed carry. If this is something you care about when choosing a belt, look for other options.


The material goes hand-to-hand with the size of a belt. You can get a thinner or a thicker tactical belt, according to your preferences and needs. Note that a thin belt can become sagged with time. A thin belt will curl under a heavyweight item, and then you will have to throw the belt away. Even if the reviews suggest that the belt can handle heavy items, better be safe, and get a thicker belt if you need to carry a lot on your pants.


This factor in choosing a belt interlinked with all the others. Usage is what probably defines the choice of a belt the most. A tactical belt is meant to carry items. A good-grade nylon belt with a strong buckle is the belt you want if you need a lifetime-living tactical belt. You need to think if you want the belt to be stylish (then go for a leather belt). The type of material, the kind of buckle, the ability to put bags on the belt, and many other factors will bring you to different options. Check the reviews and consider all your options before buying the belt of your dreams. See if you need belt keepers in addition to your belt. Belt keepers are essential if you need a patrol belt.


Surprisingly, comfort is something that many men forget to consider when choosing a belt! You want something comfortable on your pants, right? There are so many products to choose from! But do not worry. The ones we will consider are all as comfortable as they can be and will serve you a lifetime.

What Tactical Belt Should I Get?

There are many different types of belts to choose from. Your preferences may depend on the job you have, on your hobby, and on whether concealed carry is allowed in your state. Check out the different kinds of belts and see what kind of belt you want. We are sure you may end up buying more than one belt after you see how many offers there are.

Web Belts

A web belt is a cheaper option for a customer deciding if they need a tactical belt. Unlike other tactical belt kinds, web belts are very lightweight, although they are still reliable enough to support some gear. This kind of belt has a quick release system with a simple-release buckle. Individuals who need a belt for concealed carry should look into web belts. A web belt is barely noticeable on anyone’s pants. This type of belt is almost indistinguishable from a regular belt. In our opinion, they make perfect gun belts for concealed carry.

Gun Belts

Tactical gun belts are designed specifically for carrying a sidearm. They fit various holster attachments and always receive great reviews. They last for a lifetime and successfully keep the holstered guns on the waist.

Duty Belts

If you are a law enforcement officer, you will need to have a patrol belt. Officers have to carry tactical flashlights, handcuffs, tasers, guns, and various other devices when they are on duty. Any tactical duty belt will have an option to attach a holster but, unlike a regular gun belt, a tactical duty belt will have more options for different attachment placements.

Battle Belts

Tactical battle belts are designed to combine the easiness of using a tactical duty belt and a proper carry system’s versatility. Tactical battle belts can carry much more than a regular duty belt, mostly because they can be attached to your pants differently. One of the options is to connect the battle belt to a plate carrier vest.

Rigger and Instructor Belts

These belts are designed not for heavy-duty but would be perfect for a customer who needs to hold their pants during various activities, such as emergency rescue or climbing. A rigger belt usually has a quick-release belt buckle. There could be small differences in how the belt is made between the rigger and instructor belts, but both get good reviews. These are nylon webbing belts that are great for providing support and can hold items that weigh a lot.

How to Set Up Your Belt

Setting up a tactical belt is not an easy task, especially if you have never done it before. Luckily, there are many videos online that explain how to set up a tactical belt. Depending on the tactical belt you have, and what you need, the set up can look differently. We suggest several videos about how to set up a tactical belt so that you can see with your own eyes how a properly-adjusted tactical belt looks like.

Best Tactical Belt Summary

A tactical belt is an item that everyone who cares about survival should purchase. I would even suggest that a single tactical belt would not be enough, especially for an active person. Look through several options. Some people need a tactical belt every day. Others only need it for specific days, for example, during a bug out. You can find a lot of affordable products. Simply click on the model that has attracted your eye, and after going through several easy steps, such as entering your email address and banking details, the belt is on the way!

On a different note, as a survival geek, you should know that nuclear shelters in the US exist. There must be one free shelter near your location too!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How to Wear a Tactical Belt?

The best way to find out how to wear a tactical belt properly is to check out videos that you can find online. Watch the ones we have mentioned on this page first.

Why Do I Need a Tactical Belt?

A good tactical belt can have many applications, from attaching various gear to carrying a holstered gun.

How Heavy Is the Tactical Belt?

Tactical belts are not particularly heavy by themselves. The actual weight of each belt will depend on how much gear you attach to it.

Top-5 Tactical Belts

We could not choose only five and have provided a list of 10 options. Check each of them out to choose the best one for you.

Where to Buy the Best Tactical Belts?

Probably all of the best tactical belts can be found on Amazon. See the links we have included for the belts we suggest.


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