Best Mosquito Trap for Indoor & Outdoor 

If you are a fan of outdoor activities and adore staying in nature, you probably have met a problem with tiny flying creatures. Your knowledge and skills can really affect the situation in your favor. There are several ways to get rid of mosquitos, and the most common one is the usage of special repellents. However, there is a more reliable way to avoid being bitten by flying pests, and we will discuss it in this review.

Mosquito traps are a must-have gear for outdoor survival in warm climates. These devices attract mosquitoes before they bite people. The best mosquito traps are popular to use outdoor, but there are some types of them that you can use indoors. We will tell more about the mechanism of these devices, the way you should use them in your survival shelters and beyond, and various models of mosquito traps.

Best Mosquito Killer Trap Picks

Best Mosquito Killer Trap Picks 1. Aspectek 20-watt Electronic Bug Zapper Review

Aspectek Best Mosquito Killer Trap

The Aspectek 20-watt Electronic Bu Zapper is specially designed for both residential as well as commercial use. This is a traditional mosquito light trap that people usually just call a “bug zapper.” It instantly kills flies, mosquitoes, and a variety of other bothersome flying insects.

The Aspectek offers chemical-free pest control, which is ideal for environments such as hospitals, kitchens, homes, and workplaces. This unit covers up to 6000 square feet, features a washable collection tray, and does not require very much maintenance at all.

Other features of this unit include a protective cage to prevent accidental contact with the grid by people or pets, a wire chain for hanging if you do not want to set it on a flat surface, a powerful electronic grid, and a design that makes it perfect for any indoor use.

It works by luring flies, mosquitoes, and other flying pests to the grid, where they will immediately be zapped. It contains two ultraviolet bulbs, which are designed specifically to attract flying insects. No need for continuous maintenance as the bug tray needs only to be emptied when full, washed and returned to the unit.

Bug zappers like these are among the best mosquito killer traps that work. They are some of the most efficient, best mosquito killers, and they are extremely reliable. They can, however, be loud and make a mess if you are in an extremely buggy area.

  • Bug Trap Dimensions: 15×3.2×11 inches
  • Bug Trap Weight: 3.5 pounds

2. Dynatrap Ultralight Insect and Mosquito Trap Review

Best Mosquito Trap Dynatrap Ultralight

First is the Dynatrap Ultralight Insect and Mosquito Trap. This unit is a mosquito vacuum that is pretty cool, actually. It protects up to 300 square feet, is pesticide and odor-free, and has a whisper-quiet operation. There is no bothersome zapping or buzzing and no expensive attractants required.

It is, however, for outdoor use only in covered, protected areas such as a garage, screened-in porch, or sunroom.

This travel-sized trap attracts and kills mosquitoes and other flying insects such as biting flies, wasps, stinkbugs, and Asian beetles. The Dynatrap is engineered for three-way protection. First, a UV bulb generates a warm light, which attracts insects. A second lure, the exclusive Ti02 titanium dioxide-coated surface, produces CO2 that is absolutely irresistible to mosquitoes.

Finally, the powerful yet whisper-quiet vacuum fan sucks the insects into the retaining cage, where they dehydrate and die. It also has a unique twist-to-close feature that ensures that any insects still alive inside the cage will not escape once it is turned off. This Co2 mosquito trap is great for travel and can be hung just about anywhere.

  • Bug Trap Dimensions: 4.7 x 4.7 x 7.7 inches
  • Bug Trap Weight: 1.2 pounds

3. Dynatrap DT1050 Outdoor Insect Trap Review

Best Mosquito Killer Trap Dynatrap Dt 1050

Next is the Dynatrap DT1050 Outdoor Insect Trap. The Dynatrap mosquito catcher has a twist twist-off feature that prevents insects from escaping. It includes a UV light, a cleaning brush, and a ten-foot cord for easy placement just about anywhere. It safely traps mosquitoes and other flying insects within a half-acre radius and also comes with a chain for the convenience of hanging.

Since this trap uses a soft UV light to attract the mosquitoes, it is best to place the unit away from other bright lights so as not to be competing with them for the bug’s attention. In addition, you will want to put this as far away from your entry door as possible.

As stated, since it attracts insects, if it is near your door, the few that do not get caught by the fan will find their way in the door. It may also be worth noting that if you can run the unit for at least six weeks, it may be possible to break the breeding cycle of mosquitoes and thus eliminate not only eliminating the mosquitoes but also causing them to decline in number for the next round.

  • Bug Trap Dimensions: 10x10x12 inches
  • Bug Trap Weight: 4 pounds

4. Flowtron BK-80D 80-Watt Electronic Insect Killer Review

Flowtron Bk 80D 80 Watt Electronic Insect Killer
Best Mosquito Trap Flowtron Bk-80D 80-Watt Electronic

The next mosquito machine we will look at is the Flowtron BK-80D 80-Watt Electronic Insect Killer. The Flowtron is effective for up to one and a half acres and has high efficiency, a non-clogging killing grid that features an easy bulb replacement. It is rugged, weatherproof, and will not rust, crack or fade in any way. Operation costs only pennies a day.

If you seem to be burdened with more insects that you are able to swat and you are simply repulsed at smelling citronella, this might just be the unit you are looking for. The Flowtron does not make use of any fogs, sprays, or poisons and comes ready assembled and ready to use. It plugs right into a regular electrical outlet and makes use of a high-intensity black light bulb to lure and eliminate flying insects.

It contains a mosquito-attracting cartridge that is activated when the unit is turned on, which is included with the packaged items. The vertical grid eliminates clogging or flare-ups of the dead insects and is enclosed in a protective outer enclosure that prevents injury to children, pets, birds, and other wildlife.

As you can see, the Flowtron is another example of a “bug zapper.” It works great and is a mosquito-killing machine.

  • Bug Trap Dimensions: 15.5x10x10 inches
  • Bug Trap Weight: 7.9 pounds

5. Mosquito Magnet MM4200 Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap Review

Mosquito Magnet Mm4200 Patriot Plus
Mosquito Magnet Trap Mm4200 Patriot Plus

Finally, we have the Mosquito Magnet MM4200 Patriot Plus Mosquito Trap. This propane mosquito trap releases a cloud of carbon dioxide, heat, and moisture with which to attract and catch mosquitoes. The self-contained, rigid net secures and eliminates interaction with insects and allows for the easy disposal of dead insects.

The technology used here in Patriot Plus is proven to effectively break the breeding cycle of mosquitoes, thus making the job of getting rid of them easier over time.

The 3x larger bug bag means that you don’t have to empty a tray as often as you do with the smaller models, and the 50-foot power cord makes placement super easy. This propane mosquito trap unit, which provides an acre’s worth of coverage, comes with a one-year warranty.

  • Bug Trap Dimensions: 17.2×22.55×16 inches
  • Bug Trap Weight: 22.55 pounds

Mosquito Killer Trap Overview

Mosquito Killer Trap Overview Mosquitoes are one of the most troublesome pests we have to deal with when the weather is right for them. Their bites can cause horribly itchy skin eruptions that sometimes turn into outright sores when we keep scratching them. It is possible for them even to leave scars if sufficient tissue damage is done. Before you go to the forest, do put a couple of mosquito killer traps among your camping gear. In essence, even a minimalist camping fan would want the creatures to leave them alone when in nature.

However, these days, itching and scars aren’t the only things we have to worry about. Mosquitoes are carrying more and more infectious diseases making it even more dangerous to be bitten by them. Taking care to keep them away can really be a battle, especially in places with a lot of still water nearby. It can be almost impossible near these marshy, warm areas.

That is why it is so important to find the most suitable mosquito trap for indoor and outdoor use. In light of this info, we are going to be reviewing five of the best mosquito killer traps that we have found so that you can find one to fit your own needs, no matter where you live.

A note: None of these are really “mosquito repellent machines.” They attract mosquitos and kill them within your home or your yard.

Mosquito Traps Work Mechanism

Mosquito Traps Work Mechanism So how do the best mosquito traps work? How do they attract mosquitoes? The insect population is too big to kill all of them, but people created special devices that can secure you from them for a while in your area. Annoying and non-beneficial insects—and biting insects, too— bring discomfort to the life of people by the buzzing sound that distracts us from enjoying the atmosphere of nature. Furthermore, mosquitoes are dangerous because their bites cause irritation and infection with some harmful diseases.

To decrease the level of influence of mosquitos, fruit flies, and other insects, you can buy a mosquito trap. Of course, using mosquito traps does not guarantee total protection from pesky insects, but it is a great addition to all the methods of fighting them.

Mosquito and Other Insect Traps Explained

Another kind of this device to attract mosquitoes is a mosquito magnet because it attracts insects by imitating animals. As mosquitos are searching for a blood, this mechanism creates an illusion of a warm-blooded body by spreading chemicals similar to ours. When mosquitos feel these chemicals, they come closer to the trap and are grasped by the device.

The quality of a mosquito trap’s performance is higher when it distributes almost the same chemicals that people have.

Best Mosquito Traps System’ Inside Processes 

The human body spreads two main chemicals that mosquitos are attracted by: octenol and carbon dioxide. The former is produced by our body when we are sweating, and the latter is included in the air we breathe out. Moreover, insects feel the heat of the body and light frequencies radiated by our organism.

Mosquito trap creates all these chemicals and produces an imitation of the warm body. Powerful is its performance with additional attractants. When insects come closer to the device fan allows for pulling mosquitoes into the machine, and they die there. Usually, the reason for the death is starvation on the sticky glue boards, but sometimes they drown in the water inside the trap.

Some upgraded mosquito repellent traps can determine the specificity of insects flying around and adopt the set of spread chemicals to the particular kind of pests.

One of the crucial things you need to know when setting up your mosquito trap is the wind direction. You should always check it and put the mosquito magnet downwind. It is an important thing to note because otherwise, flying creatures will not be able to come close to the trap.

Insect Killer Trap Features to Look For

Insect Killer Trap Features To Look For Specifications of different mosquito traps are suitable for particular conditions. That is why you should carefully explore the characteristics of the mosquito magnet you are going to buy and estimate its appropriateness for your place.

Here are several main features of mosquito traps that you should consider while selecting the model.

Mosquito and Other Bug Species in Your Surrounding

The population of mosquitos is huge, and there are different types of them in different parts of the world. Scientists distinct 3,500 types of mosquitos existing on our planet, and they vary in their sizes, tastes, and behavior.

For instance, mosquitos in Florida are completely different from insects in Georgia or Michigan because of the climate conditions. Pensacola and Jacksonville are popular a place with a rising population of mosquitoes, which makes people there pay more attention to the problem. So, it would help if you considered the specificities of mosquitos in your area to choose an efficient trap for your comfort.

You can learn more about mosquito types from this video:

Insects Threat and Trapping Goals

The tricky thing is that there are different phases of mosquito activity, and even the most potent devices cannot help you during some of them. For example, you should apply other more robust methods if you are at the infestation level. In this case, even the most expensive and modern mosquito magnets will not be able to attract insects.

Regarding the medium level of complexity, it is better to use mosquito magnet traps with carbon dioxide and additional attractants to cover more extensive areas with the device’s work. If you are searching for an indoor mosquito trap, you can buy simpler models that attract insects with light and heat.

Best Mosquito Magnet Price Tag

You should consider not only the original price of the trap but also additional costs. For instance, if the trap requires propane to work, you will spend a lot of money on the running costs of the device. Moreover, you will need to have a permanent connection of the mosquito trap to electricity, especially for models working outside. As outdoor mosquito traps achieve bigger distances, they consume more electricity, and it can affect your electricity bill.

Also, it would help if you changed the propane tank using almost all models of mosquito traps, and it will increase the sum of running costs.

Mosquito Trap Placement

You should think about the location of the mosquito trap on your territory in advance because flying creatures have their preferences. You have to find a location in the shade and consider the direction of the wind there. To change the direction, you can use a fan additionally.

Mosquito Repellent Trap Types

Mosquito Repellent Trap Types We have already discussed in this article that various traps use different mechanisms to lure mosquitoes. That is why there are three main types of mosquito magnets:

Killer Traps with Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is one of the components of people’s exhalation, and traps of this kind produce an imitation of the human breath with special cylinders of propane. Propane is processed inside the trap and generates carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide mosquito traps are more expensive than others, but their efficiency is higher as well.

It would help if you considered that the amount you will spend on running costs of propane mosquito traps is larger than for simpler versions of magnets.

Bug Traps with Light and Heat

The main attractant for insects that are used in the models of traps of this type is light. They create UV and infrared light that is similar to the emission of the human body, and it creates an illusion of a warm mammal. Heat works in the same way for pests, so bugs feel the attraction of a trap and come close to it.

This type of magnet is more universal, and you can use it in both ways, indoor and outdoor, without any doubts about the harm of the gases.

Mosquito Trapping DIY

If the problem with mosquitos and other insects is not critical, you can try to construct a trap by yourself. You should use miz sugar and yeast, and this combination will create carbon dioxide for the attraction of annoying insects. Locate the trap next to the container with water, and you will see dead little critters there in a while.

Remember that this insect trap is not able to save you from mosquitos outside, and sometimes it is not even efficient inside the house.

Best Mosquito Killer Repellent Trap

Mosquito Traps for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Mosquito Traps For Indoor And Outdoor There are basically two major kinds of commercial mosquito traps: for outdoor and indoor use. Let us find out how an outdoor trap may differ in its methods to pull mosquitoes inside from an indoor use trap. Besides, there is the indoor use trap that attracts mosquitos efficiently only indoors,  the glue trap with a sticky glue board where the annoying insects get stuck; others may affect the mosquito larvae population so that the mosquito population drastically recedes. There are also specific mosquito species that will require the trap with a UV light fan. The knowledge of types of mosquito traps can help you eliminate all the mosquitoes and their breeding grounds.

You should determine the purpose of usage of the insect trap before buying it because all the magnets have different systems. For instance, the outdoor mosquito trap covers bigger areas by their work and is water-resistant, while the indoor ones apply another method of mosquito attraction. There are also such tools as the bug zapper, which can be used to diminish mosquito populations both indoors and outdoors.

If you are a keen camper, this knowledge will significantly add up to your camping hacks awareness and help you avoid the mosquito problem in any circumstances.

1. Insect Traps for Outdoor Use

The goal of outdoor traps is to kill female insects and decrease the speed of their reproduction in the closest area. It allows people to get rid of almost all mosquitos around some time.

This type of trap has a huge distance influence on mosquitos and other flying insects, and some of them reach pests 300 feet from the device.  Of course, such traps require big investments and are mostly suitable for people owning large gardens close to water.

Besides, the result of usage of these systems is not instant, and that is why you should be patient until the time when the device kills insects around you. Usually, it takes from six to eight weeks to make the effect noticeable to people. If there are no changes in the pests problem, you should try other strategies and change the location of the trap.

2. Bug Traps for Indoor Use

Indoor mosquito traps are suitable for small and closed areas, and they help to solve the problem with insects in a short time. You should situate an indoor trap inside and go out of the room to not distract insects from the heat of the device. You will see significant results approximately one hour after the device starts working.

Thus, an indoor trap is an insect killer suitable for a small number of mosquitos and closed areas. That is why this type of trap is cheaper and more portable than outdoor ones. By the way, mosquito zappers are an alternative way to get rid of insects inside the house.

Best Mosquito Killer Traps Accessories 

Best Mosquito Killer Traps Accessories Sometimes you will have additional expenditures to the original price of the mosquito trap, but it depends on the type of magnet. For instance, light and heat mosquito and other insect traps require only electricity as a source of energy for work, while carbon dioxide mosquito traps need propane as a fuel for gas production. Moreover, you will need to buy attractants if you want to widen the area of efficiency of your trap.

Furthermore, the performance of the trap will be more productive if you apply insecticides such as foggers or mosquito repellent. This is an optional addition to the mosquito trap, but it will provide better results in the fight against mosquitos.

The Best Mosquito Trap of my Choice

The Best Mosquito Trap Of My Choice My favorite pick of these five mosquito-killing systems is going to be the Aspectek Electronic Bug Zapper. The reason, primarily, is that it is fine to use as an indoor mosquito trap, and it does quick work of getting rid of mosquitoes and other flying insect pests.

With this unit, there is no catching and closing or worrying about live insects getting loose once the unit is turned off. They are lured in and promptly killed, as it should be. Better still, that it can be used anywhere inside, whether it be a living room, bedroom or garage, you can take it with you for a sort of personal protection where ever you happen to be.

The removable tray is a great feature and allows you to see the evidence that it is working well literally. Simply empty it, wash it, and replace it for the next round of dead bugs to drop into. While the zapping noise might be worrisome for some people, it is worth getting used to in order to enjoy this chemical-free alternative to many other mosquito traps on the market today.

Mosquito Killer Traps Takeaway

Mosquito Killer Traps Takeaway Even though there are no methods that will kill all the pesky flying insects on your territory, you can try to reduce their influence on your life. The final result depends on your ability to make flexible strategies, invest money into upgrades of the trap, patience, and desire to change the situation.

Sometimes there is no way to get rid of mosquitos with the trap if breeding grounds are located close to your area. You can explore more sources with information and reviews on traps and bug zappers; for example, this insightful article is about the efficiency of the best mosquito traps.

Using propane traps outside, you will make your land more comfortable for rest, and no mosquitos will bother you in the future. However, the best mosquito traps show results in the long term, and that is why you may be disappointed by the work of the trap in the beginning. All you need to do is to find the best location for the trap according to the strength and direction of the wind, choose a suitable mosquito attractant, and wat for 3-4 weeks.

As regards the best mosquito traps for indoor use, they can be effective for those who know how to use them. For example, it is important to turn indoor mosquito traps with a warm light only when there are no people in the room. Also, you need to close all the windows before using them to avoid the attraction of a bigger number of mosquitoes.

Read more about other methods of mosquito control (mosquito repellent and foggers) that can become additional to the setting of the trap.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What mosquito trapping techniques do professionals use to kill mosquitoes?

The most common method to kill mosquitoes is an application of mosquito repellent and fogger. These products contain a special element that is toxic for insects and kills adult mosquitoes during contact with them. Usually, professionals use pyrethrins for these goals as it is a legal and fast way to get rid of bites.

What is the best way to trap mosquitoes and other insects?

The best mosquito traps offered on the market are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and they allow people to attract bugs inside the trap and kill them there. Also, you can find manuals on the construction of DIY traps on the Internet, but their efficiency is lower than the productivity of professional mosquito magnets.

How to catch mosquitoes and bugs alive?

There are more primitive strategies for catching mosquitoes, such as glue traps or DIY snap traps, that are more affordable. The easiest way to catch and kill insects is to buy a propane mosquito trap and use it outside or indoors. The choice between these options should be based on your purposes and the level of difficulty of the problem.

What liquid attracts mosquitoes and other insects?

You can create a liquid from vinegar and baking soda, which produced carbon dioxide attractive to mosquitoes. Moreover, there are some liquids such as lemon-eucalyptus oil and picaridin recommended by official centers that are included in repellents and allow to stop the rise of the mosquito population.

What is the best mosquito pest control?

The best mosquito control strategy is to use a complex of several methods. Still, even one trap can prevent undesired mosquito bites and decrease the population of female mosquitoes in your area. If you are ready to invest in your safety and want to make your stay as comfortable as it is possible, we recommend you buy one of the best mosquito traps described above.

Besides, you can consult with the specialists and learn more details about different mosquito species presented in your territory and breeding cycle. It will allow you to select the fastest method of mosquito control for your particular case.


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