Best Karambit Knife 

A karambit knife is a great self-defense weapon. Its karambit blade is sharp and easy to sharpen; it is made of stainless steel and its handle is convenient to the max. Read the article and you will find out all about the karambit knife, its features, and benefits in terms of survival.

An interesting cutter in the shape of a tiger claw is not only a beautiful weapon that is a pleasure to have in your collection. It is also a deadly cutter that can easily cut through skin, flesh, clothing, and even some armor.

Our review will tell you all concerning knives from different brands, when and how to use them. What’s more, here you will find a list of the best karambit knives from different brands available for purchase today. Also, at the end of our review, we will answer frequently asked questions about karambit knives from different brands.

TOP 11 Best Karambit Knives

Below you will find a review of 11 of the best karambit blades. For convenience, we have divided knives into two types: folding knives and fixed blade karambit.

Fixed-Blade Karambit Knives

Their durability and reliability distinguish fixed blade knives from different brands. These karambits are almost impossible to break. That is why they will become good helpers in self-defense.

Cold Steel Steel Tiger Karambit

Steel Tiger This Cold Steel Steel Tiger Karambit is good for beginners. It is also made of steel, so it will be easy to care for it. The rubber grip will help keep the cutter firmly in your hand. And the 4.75-inch blade will cut deep enough while still being safe for the cutter holder in close combat. It is razor-sharp and has free shipping. According to customer reviews and several orders, it can be seen that this cutter has a lot of knife accessories, knife maintenance is effortless.


Schrade SCH111 Karambit Knife

Schrade Sch111 6.3In The Schrade SCH111 Karambit is made from a single piece of steel. The skeleton handle makes the construction almost weightless. Such a cutter is nearly impossible to break or spoil, so it is a great option for storing in a survival cache. This cutter has free shipping and lots of good reviews and orders.

CRKT Du Hoc Karambit Knife

Crkt Du Hoc Fixed Blade This CRKT Du Hoc Karambit cutter is made of high-carbon SK5 steel, which means it will be straightforward to sharpen. The cutter is quite massive, and it has a voluminous handle with a finger-ring. When you buy The Du Hoc knife, you also get a case for it. The review says that such a cutter will become a real decoration of the collection.


Schrade SCH112 Karambit Knife

Schrade Sch112 8.4In This Schrade SCH112 Karambit is a rather unusual version of the cutter, made of stainless steel. What makes it so unusual: it has a sharp blade on both sides. This means that it is illegal to carry a knife in your hands in many states. And don’t forget to pick a protective case to avoid injury. Customer reviews say this knife is razor-sharp.


Ape Survival’s Black Karambit Knife

Black Karambit Knife This Ape Survival’s Black Karambit Knife is just the perfect size. It’s not too short, not too long, has a comfortable blade curve and a secure grip. You can also get it for free. Just enter your email address, pay for shipping, and it’s yours. Agree. Free survival gear is never superfluous. User experience and many reviews, and the number of orders suggest this is a great cutter.


Folding Karambit Knife

If you lack a compact cutter for everyday use, it’s best to look at folding karambits. The folding blade of such karambit can be easily hidden in the handle. This means the folding karambit cutter will fit in your pocket without lacking a sheath. Based on user experience and reviews, this cutter is worth buying, especially since it has free shipping. It is a great self-defense gear: outdoor and indoor.

Spyderco Karahawk Folding Karambit Knife

Spyderco Karahawk Super compact folding 4.5-inch everyday cutter. The blade’s curvature adds a bit of length to the cutter, and the pointed end inflicts serious wounds. The blade is smooth and straight, so sharpening is easy. The back of the blade is equipped with a hook that allows you to unfold the cutter quickly. Reviews on the Spyderco Karahawk Folding Karambit Knife say that such a knife design will go for the neck knife.


CRKT Provoke Karambit Knife

Crkt Provoke Kinematic The main feature of this CRKT Provoke Karambit cutter is the presence of a pocket clip. In general, a pocket clip is rarely used on this type of knife styles, as most often they have a finger-ring. But the creators of The Provoke Karambit managed to combine the best qualities of compact knives. This knife’s feature makes these knives excellent apparel accessories. If you believe the reviews, you can safely add such items to the cart.


Raptor Claw Folding Karambit Knife

Raptor Claw Karambit Knife Another pocket cutter is equipped with a pocket clip. Ideal for self-defense and close combat. Perfect for every day. Note, from the reviews on the Raptor Claw Folding Karambit Knife, that this is one of the few knife brands to accept credit cards.




Emerson Super Karambit Knives

Emerson Knives This folding Emerson Super Karambit knife has special G10 grip scales on the handle design. Such a cutter will definitely not let you down in close combat and when surviving in the wild. Compactness and reliability are the two main qualities of this cutter. Customers and their reviews on the website and the number of orders say that this is one item that will suit soldiers.

Fox Knives – Karambit

Fox 479 G10 A unique Fox Knives – Karambit cutter that is suitable for both right-handers and left-handers. The special shape of the handle allows the Fox Knives Karambit to be used ambidextrously. The blades of these knives are dipped in a black Teflon coating to help prevent corrosion. Read some reviews to find out the place where they are sold.

Smith & Wesson ExtremeOps CK33 Karambit

Smith &Amp; Wesson Extremeops Ck33 7.9In S.s.Such items as this Smith & Wesson ExtremeOps CK33 Karambit are proof that well-known brands create truly quality products, and numerous reviews confirm this. It also has a pocket clip and a finger recess to make using and storing the cutter even easier. Review court is a decent gear for self-defense outdoor.


A Brief History of the Karambit Knife


You may have noticed that sooner or later, weapons appeared in any culture. A person requires a weapon for survival, hunting, housekeeping, and protecting his territory.

If you look closely at the cutter, you can easily see the shape of a tiger’s claw in it. The reason for picking this shape for the cutter was that wild cats are the main and most dangerous predators in Southeast Asia. And the Karambit knives have become both a demonstration of reverence for these majestic predators and a weapon for self-defense.

What is Karambit Knife


It is believed this cutter is an improved tool for farmers. A similar but simpler tool was used for chopping plant roots and harvesting rice.

A lot of popular brands produce them. The cutter also has a special ring with which you can securely fix it in your hand. In this case, using a ring, you can attach the cutter to any finger. This allows you to experiment with fighting styles.


Using the Karambit Knife


It should be understood that this cutter is primarily a weapon, not a tool of labor. Such a cutter will become your assistant in close combat with the enemy and self-defense situations. The blade HQ’s special shape inflicts deadly wounds, and all attempts to escape lead to even deeper wounds.

How to Fight Using a Karambit Knife


Even if you already have experience with knife fighting, we recommend that you practice well before using this cutter. The sharp blade HHQ’s unusual shape, various options for gripping the handle, and many other nuances make fighting with karambit knives(knife) a difficult and dangerous occupation.

Over time, you will achieve such a high skill that you can fight using two karambit knives in both hands—one Cutter in the right hand, another one in the left hand.

How To Sharpen A Knife


To sharpen such a cutter, you require either a pocket knife sharpener or a diamond honing cone, or a gouge sharpener. Ensure you are proficient enough with the knife sharpening technique so that you don’t ruin the blade. And always remember safety.

Main Features of a Quality Karambit Knife

First of all, when picking a karambit, you should pay attention to what material the blade is produced. The two best material options are stainless steel and High-carbon. Stainless steel is easy to care for, and High-carbon easy to sharpen.

Also, pay attention to the quality of the handle. It must be strong enough to withstand the most severe blows. Try to grab the cutter with front and back grips before buying. This will help determine if the location of the finger hole is right for you.

Decide how long you want the blade HQ. The shorter cutter can be easily hidden or carried in your pocket. Longer bladed knives inflict more dangerous wounds on the enemy. Also, think about whether you need a folding karambit knife or a fixed blade knife.

Best Karambit Knife Summary

The karambit knife is a great aid in self-defense. But it should be borne in mind that it is not as versatile as a survival knife, or bowie knife, or utility multi-tools, or utility knife. The shape of the blade, blade length, and the handle’s special design make this cutter a truly deadly weapon. Read a few reviews or some newsletter resources content to find out which cutter you want to add to your collection. Always check specials on products to buy cheaper products from popular brands. Customers in their reviews say that such products can be obtained almost free of charge if they find specials. It is better to contact some brands. The knife can be out of stock.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Is Karambits illegal in America?

The legality of these knives in America varies from state to state. Plus, it all depends on the cutter itself. Some knives are legal in almost all states (short blade pocket folding blades), and some knives are illegal almost everywhere (double-edged knives).

Where are karambit knives illegal?

Again, it all depends on the cutter itself. But there are some places where no melee weapons are allowed.

What is a karambit knife used for?

Such knives are used for self-defense in close combat and survival situations.

What is the best karambit knife?

There is no one ideal karambit knife. It all depends on your preference. Ensure you have a comfortable grip and decide what material you want the blade from, whether you want a folding karambit or a fixed blade karambit.


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