Best Hunting Slingshot For Survivalists 

A slingshot may seem inefficient for serious shooting or hunting; however, there are such slingshots that have perfect accuracy, ergonomic, and velocity features, which make them outstanding tools for hunters around the world. And if you add some laser aim, proper ammo, and a fair price, this weapon can easily compete with the more conventional means. Read the article to discover more about it.

You may associate slingshot with teenagers’ vandalism and naughtiness. However, survivalists use it for many goals because it can save someone’s life from damage and injuries.

The slingshot is a multi-device 172 years old, but its prototypes were created thousands of years ago.

The projectile-flinger was developed when people found vulcanized rubber because this weapon requires robust elastic substances. Vulcanized rubber allowed to transform sling into the slingshot.

Ancient people used slings for various tasks, from hunting to battles with invaders from the Stone Age. You can remember the sling from ancient Greek literature when Homer described Illiad and Troy. Roman soldiers also used the sling. It was a substantial tool in the Valley of Elah for the victory of David over Goliath.

The slingshot is similar to the sling in its design and application, but it is much easier to use.

There are several names for this projectile-flinger tool: “ging”, “hand-catapult”, “bean shooter”, “wrist rocket”.

The slingshot is high-quality equipment for self-defense and hunting despite its developmental delay. Nowadays, you can find modern and advanced models of this weapon in stores or make some survival project yourself.


Read this article if you want to know more details about its usage, creation, and legality to apply in your survival trips.

The content of this report:

  • Advantages of a Slingshot Exploitation in Survival
  • Legal Aspects of a Survival Slingshot Usage
  • Ammunition for Survival with Slingshot
  • Creation of a Custom Survival Slingshot
  • Slingshots for Hunting

Slingshots for Hunting


Hunting using a slingshot is not an easy task. You need to train your skills in target shooting with this weapon before you go to the wild.

We will describe several tips for your successful slingshot hunting.

The first and the most important one is your accuracy in shooting. You should improve your competency to become a sharpshooter with scout hunting slingshot.

The best slingshot ammunition defeats the victim with a blunt object but not the stabbing one. That is why you should be able to get close enough to strike with a deadly force and hit the target — the animal’s head.

It is important to aim for the head because you will not kill even small wild animals with ammo balls. The slingshots do not have enough power to kill someone, and you will just put a ball into the body of an animal and cause internal hemorrhage. This process will ruin animals’ meat, and you will lose your time, ammo, and energy.

Train yourself to hit the target of a golf ball size from approximately 30 feet to be sure of your ability to kill a wild animal. Hunting small game requires accurate and powerful headshots!

Even a professional hunting slingshot will not allow you to hunt for a large game. Rodents, rabbits, wild birds, and other small game will be your main targets.

Usage of the hunting slingshot with arrows makes it possible to hit medium game, but be confident that you can kill a victim by the first shot.

Moral principles of the hunters forbid to do several shots which will cause suffering and bleeding of the animal without any purpose. The game will run away from you and die because of the injuries, but you will not get any profit from this.

Of course, slingshots are not as easy to use in hunting as survival bows, crossbows, firearms, and longbows. However, the hunting slingshot is perfect because of its simplicity. If you are in the middle of the forest and cannot buy food in the grocery, you can find a branch and make a hunting slingshot with your hands. Wrist rocket slingshots are easy to use and to construct. That is why experienced preppers should be ready to survive with a scout hunting slingshot.

Hunting using a slingshot is the best practice for every gamekeeper. It requires high accuracy with the deliberately inaccurate tool. You should feel like wild animals and become a part of nature to be invisible. If you master these skills, you will be an expert in hunting with any weapon!

Advantages of a Slingshot Exploitation in Survival

There are eight of the most obvious benefits of slingshot usage:

  1. Accessibility of ammunition in stores.
  2. Easiness of concealment and transporting in crowded urban settings.
  3. Legal carriage in most locations.
  4. Total invisibility because of the silent action.
  5. Low cost because of a small number of components.
  6. More inconspicuous than a firearm.
  7. Requires development of hunting skills.
  8. More affordable than other hunting gear.

Legal Aspects of a Survival Slingshot Usage

Remember that the usage of a slingshot is not entertainment. It is a meaningful weapon that can cause damages, and even people death. Search for accidents from the slingshots in Google and be aware of its danger.

There are several tips you should know before you implement this tool:

  • Do not aim and shoot at your relatives and friends.
  • Use eye protection to save your vision. There are several options for eye protection, but the best one is sunglasses. The slingshot can ricochet ammunition you use. The projectiles may injure your eyes, and you will lose eyesight for the rest of your life.
  • Do not use it for fun; you can kill someone and be punished for that.
  • Do not aim with a slingshot at animals if you are not confident in the following points:
  1. The animal is not on the endangered list.
  2. It is not a lost pet.
  3. You can kill the animal with headshots.
  4. You kill the animal for food (if it is not a pest).

Also, there are some legal aspects you should follow.

There are some states where hunting with a slingshot is not permitted. You will not found common law for the US. Check the rules in your state before the application of a slingshot. For instance, 32 states do not have special laws forbidding its usage, but others can do.

Explore the map of states with the specific regulation of slingshot usage.


Protect yourself from unnecessary punishment for pranks with a slingshot. It is always better to know the laws and do not burden yourself with an extra-fine. I guess the office of natural resources protection will explain all details about legal slingshot hunting in your state.

Ammunition for Survival with Slingshot

The main advantage of the slingshot for hunting is the availability of ammunition for it. You can purchase slingshot ammo almost in every store.

It is an unsuccessful strategy to use stones, clay balls, or rocks for shooting with a slingshot because they have weird shapes and can violate the trajectory of the shot. Sharp sides of the stones will damage a leather bag, and you will need to repair it. You can use them only in extreme cases when all your supply run out.

The most reliable ammo for professional hunting slingshots is made of lead or stainless steel.

Stainless steel shots are light, but they have magnetic properties. This feature allows ammo to rebuild after the firing. Lead shots are more weighty, but this allows you to shoot for long distances with high velocity.

Additionally, you can use nails or small spears as slingshot ammunition.

To adopt a slingshot for firing with arrows, you can append a shaft cradle. It will make it possible to line up arrows for shots and produce reliable target shooting.

Watch the video to learn more about shooting with arrows.

Creation of a Custom Survival Slingshot

There is a simple guide you can use to make a customized slingshot for survival. Just imagine that you will make a tool able to save your life!

The contents and equipment you will need to create a hunting slingshot:

  • Leather strips.
  • Thin thread (e.g., dental floss).
  • 0.25″ latex surgical pipe (rubber).
  • Twig of “Y” shape with a fork of 30-degrees.
  • Two lamps of 40-watt (additional).
  • Four tine pieces of plywood (additional).
  • Knife.
  • Chainsaw.
  • Awl (additional).
  • Time!

How to Find Proper Slingshot Twig?

There are many slingshots with a steel frame in the stores, but the original slingshot should be made of wood. Choose Hickory, Oak, or Dogwood to get the best hunting slingshots. One more type of wood can be in a “Y” shape and is elastic enough for the slingshot — Buckhorn.

It is not obligatory to use a 30-degrees shaped twig as you will rarely find such a slingshot fork. Also, the hunting slingshot requires a bulging 45-degrees twig. It is almost unreal to find this one in nature.

Search for a similar branch and cut it. Set it aside for a period from three weeks to one year to make a durable slingshot.

The duration of the drying process depends on the way you will dry it. The longest way will be to keep it on a shelf for a year, but you can speed up the drying. Create a box of plywood and install lamps at each end of the construction. This box will accelerate the drying of the fork by an internal heating source.

Besides, you can keep the frame near the campfire for one or two days. This step of preprocessing will end when the firewood stops sizzling.

The fastest approach is to heat a frame using a microwave. Make sure you prevent its firing by wrapping it in the towel. Otherwise, it will cause a fire in your microwave oven. Take into account that it should be heated for six intervals by 30 seconds. Do not leave it for full two minutes because it will burn.

Nicks on the Slingshot Frame

This step is important for the prevention of bands sliding. Take a knife and cut notches on each side of the fork. Be careful about the depth of the notches. The small ones will not keep bands properly, but the big ones will cause slices on the fork during intensive usage.

Do it step by step to not overdo it — cut small ones and proceed to do it until you get the perfect depth of the nicks.

Selection and Fastening of Bands

You will need to maintain your hunting slingshot’s simple maintenance because the rubber bands are prone to wear and tear. Do not be afraid of this fact — it is easy to change bands on scout hunting slingshot.

I recommend making rubber bands with your own hands to prolong the lifetime of the tool. Using a slingshot is not a popular activity. That is why there are old and precarious bands in stores. Probably, shops keep it in the back of storage for months, and dust has already covered the rubber bands.

The creation of your own rubber bands is not a complicated task. You should buy a rubber tube sold in almost all hardware stores in America. The best option for a lasting slingshot will be the Theraband Gold.

Pay attention to the destruction of your rubber bands (drying out or cracking) and replace them immediately, as it can be helpful at unexpected moments.

To fasten a band, roll up the rubber around the frame at the places of notches. Bend the rest length of the band back over and attach it with a zipper or grid.

Designing a Slingshot Bag

This is the step you will need to use leather strips. Cut out a 2-by-4-inch rectangle and then cut corners to make an octagon.

Then stab holes in each side of the bag and hold ends of rubber bands on these holes. Fold tailings of the bands around themselves and fix them with thin thread.

Remember that you can regulate the strength of the tool by the length of bands, but be sure that they are not too short to be broken. Keep the balance in their length to make a high-quality hunting tool.

Best Hunting Slingshot Summary

Survival is not possible without a slingshot. It can be used for any purpose you want. It is a multi-tool that will help you to find a supply or to protect yourself. People apply slingshots for DIY hankering, target shooting, hunting, or warfare. Do you know that the army uses slingshots for drone driving nowadays? Fishermans rarely use it for spreading lure over the lake.

There are so many ways you can use it! You definitely need to put it in your bug out bag, survival bag, or everyday bag to be confident in your life protection.

Construct your own hunting slingshot or find the best one in the stores and adopt it any goal you need. Get more information about the ways you can apply it in the following articles:

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Can you hunt with slingshots?

A slingshot is an essential element of the hunting equipment. It is not reliable and robust enough for killing a large game, but it is one of the best tools for small animals. It has a blunt shooting style that allows hunters to hit the target with one headshot. Also, the price of the best hunting slingshots is lower than the costs for other hunting tools.

Can a hunting slingshot damage a human?

A slingshot uses ammo that can hurt anyone. That is why you should be careful using a slingshot. As we stated earlier, do not use a wrist rocket slingshot for tomfoolery, and beware of crowded places when you apply a slingshot. Use eye protection, and do not aim at your friends to avoid an accident.

Are hunting slingshots legal in the USA?

Usage of hunting slingshots is permitted in almost all states. However, there are some locations where you will face a challenge to legalize hunting with a slingshot. Check the map we added earlier and learn the laws in your state on the Internet.

Can I buy a slingshot if I am under 18 years old?

According to the laws of the US, the stores can sell a slingshot only to people over 18 years old. I do not recommend you to use a hunting slingshot if you are under 18 years old to protect parents from unnecessary responsibility.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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