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Carrying a weapon for survival requires a huge amount of skill and knowledge. One should be able to know how to act in a certain situation and have sufficient skills to use their survival gear or tools. These things are essential for emergencies, including the most dramatic events.

TOP 5 Best Concealed Carry Holsters

Now when you know more about holster alternatives and their features, it’s time for us to show you the best options on the market today.

But remember, you should choose the holster only after buying a pistol because only this way can you get the best-concealed carry holsters ​that would fit in size, functionality, and other parameters.

1. Tulster IWB Kydex Holsters

Tulster Iwb Profile Holster In Right Hand Fits

Kydex holsters are nice to touch, they don’t have any sharp edges, and it’s quite multi-functional in general. Regular customers and law enforcement personnel love this leather holster for the strength of the material and its durability, as well as reliable protection against moisture.

Tulster Kydex holsters feature extra clip sizers and belt loops that vary in color, so you can choose the one that would be perfect for you. The holster is right and left-hand oriented, has an excellent adjustable retention point and a unique signal for the user to know when the gun is fully holstered. One of the best holsters for concealed carry is costly, but it’s fair enough. You pay for the quality and durability, your own security worth it.


2. Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 Holster

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 Alien Gear holsters tend to be one of the best on the market. They use high-quality neoprene material to make your experience exceptional. Their holsters also have attachment clips and adjustable retention, which considers as a nice flexible and comfortable use. If we look at the cover, we will see that it is a good-looking, smooth leather holster, but with a nice breathable material underneath.

Not only Alien Gear holsters are water and sweatproof, but they don’t cause any irritations on the user’s skin. Also, Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 holster is provided with an additional outer layer that is convenient for gripping the pistol, ensuring safe and consistent removal.

3. Concealment Express IWB Glock Holster

Glock 19 Concealment Express IWB Glock Holster is very lightweight but at the same time has a high level of security and a Claw Compatibility Mechanism (CCM). If your priority is a holster made of high-quality materials that would serve you reliably for a long time, then this option is for you. The holster is nearly a perfection in terms of price-quality rate. With such features, this Concealment Express holster is quite budget-friendly.






4. Raven Concealment Perun Holster

Raven Concealment Systems Perun Owb New plastic OWB Perun holsters from Raven Concealment Systems, which is named after the Slavic god of war, Perun. The advantage of the new models is that they wrap around the waist so that visibility is insignificant. That is, it provides excellent concealment. Such a holster is not much larger than the pistol itself, and it’s lightweight and durable.

It has three belt loops, right and left-hand orientation, and adjustable retention, and with the OWB hinge kit, you can adjust the angle of the gun location. The slider clip allows you to adjust the tightness, and also, Perun holsters are compatible with pistol optics. This holster has almost no flaws, but some note that the tightness is a little uncomfortable.


5. Defensive Gear Adjustable Belly Band Holsters

Defensive Gear Premium Belly Band Holster This belly band holster is a special holster, which parameters can be modified for a specific handgun model. The Defensive Gear belly band holsters are used for carrying and storing different types of weapons. It is made with nice, technological, high-quality materials, so it doesn’t really matter what size you are, as you can change adjust it.

Defensive Gear provides one of the best belly band holster products. Their belly bands are waterproof, light-resistant, and protect your firearms from rain, snow, and sweat. In addition to the fact that it can be adjusted, using this belly band holster, you can wear it both under and on clothes, on the part of the body most comfortable for you. It fits snugly around the body and is considered the best for belly band carry.

To the point

In other words, the better one is prepared for survival, homestead, self-defense, or camping, the more chances one has to be safe and sound.

Concealed carry holsters are an indispensable item when purchasing a survival firearm. They are necessary not only for carrying your weapon itself but in some cases, and it helps to hide its presence. In this article, we will list the types of concealed carry holsters, what features make them unique, and what the differences between traditional and concealed holsters are.

As we already know, every industry develops over time, and the industry of accessories for firearms is no exception. Therefore, these days there are so many different options for a concealed carry holster, which would be suitable for any person according to certain physical parameters. And the most important thing to pay attention to is the weight of the holster and the materials because you will not be able to walk for a long time with a holster that rubs your sides or back. So, here you will find some of the best-concealed carry holster options on the market and understand what to consider when choosing the holster that works for you.

What are the good holsters for concealed carry?

A concealed carry holster is a special type of holster that allows you to carry firearms or traumatic or even air weapons unnoticed by others. Like any other accessory, you must be able to choose such a thing for yourself correctly. For example, in the wrong holster, the weapon is out of control and is more likely to fall out while moving. Also, when using a bad holster, convenient and quick extraction of the firearm is not guaranteed. Only a properly picked, good holster will allow you to have control over the weapon.

Nevertheless, let’s take a closer look at the details that make the holster for concealed carry great.

  • Deciding what type of holster you want to have to conceal carry in advance is the first step towards finding the perfect concealed holster. Start by analyzing your wardrobe, wearing time, time spent in public places, the speed of removing the pistol from the holster, and other personal characteristics. Further, depending on the data collected, select the type of concealed carry holster and look for a suitable option among the models of this particular type.
  • The material the holster is made of should not cause allergies and be nice to touch. Long-term wearing should not cause discomfort and irritation. Still, at the same time, it should be breathable and waterproof (let’s be honest, people sweat a lot, especially in those parts of the body where something is actively rubbing it).
  • It is also necessary to choose a holster only from the models corresponding to the brand of the gun. Otherwise, there is an increased risk that it would slip out and be lost. Or even worse, it would fire while in a holster (for this, trigger protection is provided in most models).

More features to consider

ExoticcoA properly selected concealed carry holster will allow you to carry a pistol comfortably and safely, without frightening others. Of course, not everything depends on the good-quality holster, and the important thing is how you use it. This includes your lifestyle, tailored clothing (sometimes even a complete wardrobe change), and the type of firearm you want to obtain to make carry concealed.

As we said above, a holster is a convenient accessory that allows you to carry a weapon easily and protected, but like any other equipment, it is important how you know how to use it. If you are a newbie, it is recommended to read more about this topic first and do some research for your own safety.

Depending on the type of construction, the holster can be closed or open type. The first option is the most common, designed to protect firearms from external impacts. The main disadvantage of such a holster is the relatively slow process of removing the pistol, which requires detaching the fastener and lifting the cover. The open-type holster allows you to keep the handle of the gun in free access. This way weapon is fixed with a strap on a clasp or a permanent magnet (Have a look at our article about Faraday Cages to learn more about electromagnet security).

The holster can be the belt, shoulder, tactical, pocket, etc., depends on the place of attachment.

Types of concealed holsters

Before recommending certain holster models to you, you must first familiarize yourself with what types of holsters are for concealed carrying so that you can determine which type will be convenient for you.

1. Shoulder Holsters

The shoulder holster is a perfect solution for people with a sedentary lifestyle. It goes without saying that getting a weapon out of a shoulder holster is much easier than pulling it out of a belt holster when you are sitting. In addition to the quick access to the gun, the comfort of wearing also stands out among the features. We all went to school, and we know how a backpack feels, so the shoulder holster, like a backpack, does not cause discomfort and does not limit the movements.

Shoulder holsters are for those who don’t want to feel something inside their pants or feel more comfortable wearing a backpack (shoulder rigs are quite the same). The shoulder holster is positioned under the arm with a durable harness system. To prevent the holster from dangling, its lower part is attached to the belt clip with a suspender. This holster is usually worn under bulky clothing.

However, a shoulder holster is not for everyone because you need to turn 180 degrees to reach it finally. Many inexperienced people complain that this is not always convenient: first, you must go through some kind of tactical training to get used to it and to learn a full combat grip draw of a firearm not get hurt during the process.

2. Outside Waistband (OWB)

Comfortack-Belly-Band-Gun-Glock The outside-waistband (OWB holsters) is the most common type of holster, can be placed on the waist over and under clothing. The OWB holsters are ideal for carrying larger weapons or when you are not worried about their visibility. The gun belt is commonly used by security, police officers, military, and law enforcement because carrying a firearm this way gives a person quick access to it.

However, an outside waistband holster is not suitable for everyone. For example, if you live in an area where open carrying is prohibited. Also, it is tough to hide it unless you are wearing a large hoodie or thick leather jacket or any waxed canvas jacket.

Of all types of gun holsters, the OWB holster is the most comfortable, as it resembles a regular belt, except it is a gun belt. Thus, the OWB concealed carry gun belt does not put unpleasant pressure on the skin as a pocket holster does.

3. Inside Waistband Holster (IWB)

IWB gun holsters are considered one of the best for open carrying because they are comfortable as they can be placed between your underwear and pants, which gives it an extra layer of protection from any irritations, and especially since IWB holsters are made from completely various materials and have different features ranging from soft to hard belt loops, price, gun belt fabrics, etc.

Inside waistband holsters work perfectly for concealed carrying. Plus, the IWB holster is very comfortable to wear due to its secure belt loops, belt clips, and trigger guard feature (you can find it almost in every IWB holster model on the market).

An IWB holster has a minor disadvantage: it’s extremely inconvenient to sit or do certain activities with your belt holster on. What is more, it may be hard to draw the gun quickly, as it is actually inside the waistband. But along with this, IWB carries (inside the waistband) is quite comfortable and doesn’t make the weight of a firearm something disheartening, as it looks and feels like a regular belt, though it’s a gun belt.

That is, IWB holsters are the best-concealed carry holster option; no one will look at your waist and say there’s a gun you want to hide!

4. Appendix Holster (IWB)

Appendix carry is even better than using the usual IWB or OWB holster because the firearm is positioned near the appendix (well, it is clear if we look at its name) in the front part of your body. It’s useful for deep concealment, as you can wear whatever you like, even a plain shirt can cover it.

Appendix carry is a well-known way of “maintaining” your gun in the most secure way; it’s very comfortable to bend forward or run. What is more, you can easily and quickly draw the weapon and won’t be afraid that it might take you a minute or two in a tense situation.

Appendix holsters are concealed holsters, which are likewise placed inside the waistband, and clings to the belt with a special belt clip or belt loop. So, among other benefits, the appendix carry has the advantage of being more comfortable when you place the firearm in the belt. This, of course, also applies to the ability to draw the pistol quickly. Appendix carry is as convenient as using the seat belt, and you know that it is there but doesn’t make you feel cramped.

The IWB holsters may vary in size and materials used, as well as it depends on your gun model. There are plenty of options nowadays, but professionals prefer hybrid holsters to ordinary leather ones because of their efficient use.

5. Pocket, Ankle, and Other Holsters for Women

Belt-Holster We have discussed the main best-concealed carry holster ideas, and what about the alternatives? Pocket holster options, as well as ankle holsters, are also a great way to carry a gun. Not every proper holster needs to be an IWB or OWB type.

Of course, if we talk about women, it’s okay for them to use different holster options from above. But there are many more designed especially for women and their physical uniqueness:

  1. Pocket carry, for example, is way more comfortable for females because you can wear your regular clothes and have a pocket holster inside. Especially it is a great way to carry a backup gun if you’re already using one of the abovementioned holster types.
  2. A paddle holster is excellent for concealed carry. Using a paddle holster, you can adjust your belt, and belt loops will ease and position the holster exactly where you want it.
  3. The tactical holster has a design in which the pistol is fixed to the thigh using belts and specialized fittings. Such a holster allows you not to worry about losing it during a fast run and other physical activity. In this case, the pistol is located at the level of the hand wrist, and it can be quickly removed from the case. Usually, this type of holster is made in black and camouflage colors, but there are more good-looking hybrid holsters as well. Get a ghillie suit as well if you need it.
  4. Ankle holster, though, is not so convenient if you need to get a weapon quickly. Using this ankle holster, you first need to bend down and pull up your pant leg to pick the pistol from the holster, and it takes some time, you know.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is the most comfortable CCW holster?

In our opinion, the shoulder holster is the most comfortable choice. If you spend a lot of time driving off-road or just sitting, a gun belt can be uncomfortable. The shoulder holster has special loops across each shoulder connected by a rear strap to help distribute the weight of the weapon. Shoulder holsters are good to hide under an open jacket or thin clothing. However, always consider how you will use the holster and when your pistol might come in handy. Regardless of these “preferences,” any holster must protect the trigger area from being unintentionally pressed while still providing a quick grip on the handle.

What is the most accurate concealed carry?

We’ve brought you a list of the very best CCW holster options on the market in 2021. If you want to choose the best holster for yourself, you need to be guided by your own preferences and also the purpose of use. In general, the most appropriate options are Tulster IWB Kydex and Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 holsters since these are multipurpose, but in the end, it’s all the same for you to choose. Please, make sure you’ve read the whole article above.

What is better for concealed carry IWB or OWB?

When you can’t choose between the best OWB holster and the best IWB holster, it’s time for you to think about the efficiency of concealment.

  • Inside waistband holsters (IWB) are the most popular concealed carry alternative. These holsters attach to the belt with a loop or clip and hold the pistol inside the waistband of your pants. This option is great, as only the back of the holster is seen above the waist.
  • Outside waistband holsters (OWB) are the best option if you are carrying a revolver or a larger semi-automatic pistol. But not everyone can secretly wear such a holster by wearing only a thin shirt, and you will need additional loose outerwear.

Based on this, the IWB is better suited for concealed carry, but it is worth considering the size of your weapon. The inside waistband holsters are not always designed for larger sizes.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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